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Put Sunscreen On New Tattoo

Should You Put Sun Lotion On A New Tattoo

Freckles, Sunscreen, and Tanning. Tattoo Talk Tuesday.

The easiest answer for this question that requires the least amount of research is no, you should not put sun lotion on a new tattoo.

There are far too many dangerous components in sunscreen these days that its better not to risk putting anything on your new tattoo that may compromise the healing process.

The reason it can be detrimental to put sun lotion on a new tattoo is due to a few factors.

Why Does A Tattoo Bubble After Its Been In The Sun

If you come back home after a day at the pool or beach and notice your tattoo bubbling, this isnt from sun exposure its from too much moisture.

Fresh tattoos require washing twice a day, but you need to pat them dry completely before applying your light layer of Aquaphor or unscented lotion.

The key is making sure the tattoo is dry, and keeping your layer of moisturizer very light.

This is because too much moisture can cause bubbling on your tattoo, which will prevent the scabs from healing properly and can lead to ink spreading.

This bubbling is another reason that its recommended to avoid beaches, pools, lakes, and other bodies of water with a fresh tattoo.

Soaking your new tattoo in a body of water while swimming can cause too much moisture to soak into the open wound and lead to the bubbling.

This bubbling is often a precursor to a bacterial infection.

If you notice bubbling on your new tattoo, you should consult your tattoo artist and/or a doctor to see if you should begin taking antibiotics.

What Is The Best Sunscreen For Tattoos

Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen. Broad spectrum sunscreens protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. You should also choose sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

  • UVA rays penetrate more deeply than UVB rays. This can lead to long-lasting damage, contributing to premature aging of the skin. These rays also fade many tattoo inks especially white and pastel inks. However, all inks will fade over time if not protected, even black and gray ink.
  • UVB rays tend to damage the top layers of your skin, contributing to sunburned skin. Again, this can significantly damage your tattoos. New tattoos that are not fully healed are especially vulnerable to damage. Chronic exposure will negatively affect any tattoo, regardless of how old it is.

To protect your tattoos and skin, its recommended that you invest in sunscreen that contains non-toxic and effective ingredients. Mineral sunscreens are highly effective at protecting tattoos. They are thought of as being better for your skin and the environment! The FDA recognizes both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as non-toxic ingredients.

For example, zinc oxide-based sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection, and is the least likely to irritate your skin. If your skin is extremely sensitive after your tattoo has healed, a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen formulated for kids is a great choice!

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A Mineral Sunscreen You Can Stand Behind

The best sunscreen for tattoos is one that protects your skin and the environment. All Good is proud to offer a line of mineral sunscreen products that are perfect for the entire family.

In addition to non-greasy sunscreen lotion and spray, All Good offers SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen butter sticks. Toss one in your beach, gym, or diaper bag! It will be there when you need it, allowing you to give your tattoos a little TLC, whenever and wherever.

Can You Put Sunscreen On New Tattoos

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Sunscreen for Tattoos

All new tattoos need lots of TLC . Whether you had it done at an upscale tattoo parlouror at your friends house, you need to take care of it the right way. Thatincludes protecting it when you go out during the day. So, the question is, isit safe to put sunscreen on new tattoos? Scroll down to find out.

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The sun doesnt need to be shining brightfor it to do some damage to your skin. It doesnt matter if its cloudy, foggy,or rainy if the suns out, its harmful ultraviolet rays are out, too.

The only sure-fire way to protect yourself and your brand-new tattoo from the sun is by staying indoors. But who wantsto get cooped up 24/7, right? We all need to go to work/school, buy groceries, takethe kids and the dogs to the park, chill out with friends at the beach, and soon.

There are only so many things you can do indoors, while out in the sun, the whole world is literally waiting for you to explore it!

The only problem is you cant go out forlonger than a few hours before getting sunburnt. And if youve ever had asunburn before, you know its no fun. Unfortunately, sun-related dangers dontstop at sunburn, either. In addition to skin damage, you can also potentiallyget eye damage AND skin cancer. Scary stuff!

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Sunscreen For Tattoos: How To Keep Your Tattoo Looking Its Best

A tattoo is art that goes on your body and like any piece of art, it must be protected from certain elements. Unfortunately, one of the biggest culprits of ruining tattoo ink is the sun. The sun emits UV rays which can damage your tattoo.

A new tattoo is an open wound, and exposing it to UV rays can lead to swelling, blisters, redness, itchiness, and peeling of the skin. On the other hand, tattoos can also fade when exposed to the sunlight. This is why you need to protect them with the help of sunscreen.

However, instead of going for a cheaper option from your nearby drugstore, invest in a good sunscreen product to protect yourself from skin cancer and multiple skin problems.

So, what are the best sunscreens for tattoos? This article will discuss the best types of sunscreen you should use for your tattoos and how you can protect them from the sun.

Care For Tattoos In The Sun

If you have a new tattoo, your tattoo artist probably explained how to clean a tattoo and stressed the importance of tattoo aftercare so your ink can heal properly. However, you may or may not be sure about new tattoos and sunlight

  • How long can you leave tattoos in the sun?
  • What happens if you get a sunburn?
  • Will sunscreen work?

These are just a few questions we hear around this time of year, so we wanted to provide a few tips so you can make more informed decisions regarding your tattoos in the sun during the fun summer months. Dont worry, you dont have to live a vampiric existence in order to protect your ink just be careful and mindful!

When it comes to tattoos in the sun and enjoying a little summer fun, its all about awareness.

For new tattoos and sunlight protection, we recommend staying out of the sun altogether. While you may assume you can just apply sunscreen for protection, this is not a good idea. Sunscreens contain harsh ingredients and may increase the healing time and cause irritating side-effects.

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Artificial Colours And Scents

Plenty of sunscreen manufacturers add artificialcolours and scents to their products. They do this to offer a more appealingexperience to customers. However, the downside is that these additives can negativelyaffect your tattoos natural healing process.

Choose tattoo aftercare products that are unscented, non-artificially coloured, and as ink-friendly as possible.

Also Can I Go In The Sun With A New Tattoo

Doctors warn of ‘sunburn tattoo’ trend

At the very least, make sure not to expose a new tattoo to direct sunlight for the first month of having it especially the first two weeks. Not only will sun exposure during this time cause the tattoos colors to fade, but it could actually burn your skin and scar it from sun damage.

The Absolute Best Sunscreens to Protect Your Tattoos From Fading

  • Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion SPF 30.
  • Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50.
  • CeraVe Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Face Lotion SPF 50.
  • Banana Boat SunComfort Clear UltraMist Spray SPF 50+
  • Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30.
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    When Can You Use Sunscreen On A New Tattoo

    Once your tattoo is all healed up, you can use whatever sunscreen you like! Now, as to when your tattoos going to finally heal, that depends on a lot of factors. For example, the size of the tattoo, the tattooists skill, your immune system, your overall health, and how well you followed tattoo aftercare instructions.

    Why Is My Tattoo Fading After A Month

    Sun Protection for New Tattoos New tattoos fade very quickly when exposed to sunlight. In addition, if your tattoo has not completely healed yet, exposing the area to sunlight could result in blistering. In general, you should keep a new tattoo completely protected from the sun for at least three to four weeks.

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    What Causes Tattoo Blowout

    The fresh ink needs to stay moisturized to protect it from cracking and bleeding. So how often should you be moisturizing your new tattoo? As a general rule, it is recommended that you moisturize your tattoo 2-3 times a day, which is every 8 12 hours a day.

    How Often Should Sunscreen Be Applied To My Tattoo

    Just put sunscreen where you want your tattoo to be and It will be ...

    Put sunblock on before you find yourself in glaring sunlight, ideally in your house or in the shade. This way youre not fighting time or your own sweat when layering on that sweet SPF protection. Once youre out and about, reapply sunscreen every two hours to keep a sunburn and consequently a tattoo damage away. Its easy to apply sunscreen to your tattoo once and then decide that youre done with it after all, what a hassle but its really better for the long term to make several repetitions.

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    When Can I Put Sunscreen On My Tattoo

    Just like your skin, the tattoo also requires proper protection against UV light, especially if youre planning to show it off, proudly as you should. But, things may not be as smooth as youd expect them to be. Putting sunscreen on a new tattoo could either make it or break it, depending on the tattoos healing process and whether it is fully healed or not.

    So, because were nearing the tattoo show-off time in spring and summer, weve decided to tackle this important topic on time. So, if youre wondering about sunscreens and tattoos, then youre at the right place. In the following paragraphs, well talk about when and how you can put sunscreen on your fresh ink. Therefore lets get right into it!

    Can I Go For A Swim With My New Tattoo

    Its going to be so, so tempting, but you have to wait. Youve got a healing wound on your body salt water, chlorine, babbling brooks are all filled with different factors that can lead to infection and distortion of your beloved new tattoo. Wait until your skin is done flaking completely, no scabbing and no roughness, and then youre good to go. It is always a good idea to get your tattoo artists approval before diving in even if you think your skin has healed completely after being tattooed.

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    Can You Put Sunblock On A New Tattoo

    • Written By Dan Hunter on July 19, 2017Last Updated: December 31, 2020

    Most people know that the sun can be extremely harmful to all tattoos no matter how new or old they are. However, many are still unsure about the effects that sunscreen may also have on a new tattoo, and what problems they may cause during the tattoo healing process.

    Heres What You Can Do To Protect Your Tattoo From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun:

    Getting A Tattoo In The Summer | How to Protect Your Tattoo From The Sun

    1. Stay in the shade

    Please stay out of the sun, especially from late morning to mid-afternoon . Generally, this timeframe is when the sun is at its brightest and most harmful.

    2. Wear UV-protective clothing

    If you do need to go out into the hot sun, make sure your clothes offer UV protection.

    But how would you know if your clothes are UV-resistant?

    Well, you can put your clothes up against the sun. If it doesnt allow the sunlight through, then it will protect you from the sun. However, if it does let the light in, then best wear it during the night .

    3. Put on a wide-brimmed hat

    Aside from being awesome, wide-brim hats also offer physical protection from the sun. It will shade your face, neck, and ears. And depending on the suns angle, may even offer full body protection !

    4. Wear sunglasses with UV protection

    Most modern sunglasses offer UV protection.Its either coated or embedded in the lens. Look for a label that says 100% UVprotection. If youre not sure whether your sunglasses have this feature, visitan optician so they can check on a photometer.

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    Sunscreens That Will Keep Your Tattoos From Fading

    As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

    Wearing sunscreen protects your skin from the sun and harmful UV rays, and it’s also beneficial for tattoo protection. Applying sunscreen on tattoos helps slow the fading and dulling of the vibrant colors. When we’re basking in warm weather for a longer time and our skin is more exposed, it’s imperative to stay protected from head to toe. Luckily, there’s no special sunscreen you need to keep your ink protected you can use whatever your favorite face and body sunscreens on your tattoos. If you’re not sure which ones to get, we rounded up the best sunscreens for tattoos and beyond.

    Can I Put Sunscreen On My Tattoo After It Has Healed

    Certainly and it is completely recommended. The sun is your tattoos worst enemy, and prolonged sun exposure can massively increase the rate in which your tattoo begins to discolor and fade.

    You should always aim to apply a layer of sun cream to your tattoo each and every time you plan to go out into strong daylight.

    You should preferably choose a cream/lotion that is at least SPF 30 that is chemical-free and only contains zinc oxide. There are higher SPF products available but the further benefits of an SPF higher than 30 are negligible.

    You should also try to ensure the product is water-resistant, moisturizing, and kind to sensitive skin to make sure your tattoo remains in the best condition possible for the longest amount of time. If you want to seriously protect your tattoo, clothing will work better than sunscreen 100% of the time.

    My favorite and most recommended sunscreen for using on tattoos is EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen Lotion.

    This broad-spectrum sunscreen has all of the attributes required for not only protecting your tattoo amazingly well, but also for helping to keep it bright and vibrant. Its suitably strong at SPF 50 and is water and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

    Most importantly, EltaMD is extremely tattoo-friendly and doesnt contain any fragrances, oils, or parabens.

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    Can You Put Sunscreen On New Tattoo

    Can You Put Sunscreen On New Tattoo? When Can You Put Sunscreen on a New Tattoo. Experts advise waiting 4 to 6 weeks before applying any sunscreen on your tattoo. This time is given for the tattoo to heal fully, so that the epidermis recovers to protect the much more sensitive dermis layer of the skin.

    How Long After A Tattoo Can You Put Sunscreen On It? 4 to 6 weeks

    Can I Go In The Sun 2 Weeks After A Tattoo? If you have a new tattoo, you cant apply sunscreen to it until its fully healed. Instead, cover your tattoo with loose clothing to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Remember, new tattoos are open wounds. Sunscreens contain chemicals and minerals.

    Does Sunblock Fade Tattoos? At the very least, make sure not to expose a new tattoo to direct sunlight for the first month of having itespecially the first two weeks. Not only will sun exposure cause the tattoos colors to fade, as previously mentioned, but it may also burn your skin and scar it from sun damage.

    Can I Drink After Tattoo

    5 Best Sunscreen for Tattoos in India

    The truth is that most people with tattoos can donate blood, as long as they do not have certain diseases. Sometimes, a person may need to wait up to 12 months after getting a tattoo before donating blood. This is to ensure that they have not developed a disease as a result of getting the tattoo.

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    I Have Dark Skin Do I Still Need To Apply Sunscreen

    Sunscreen use isnt predicated on skin colour. Everyone needs protection against the sun. While it is true that darker skin offers more protection against UV rays, skin cancer is still a possibility amongst those with coloured skin. So, whatever your skin colour is and whether or not youve got a tattoo do apply sunscreen or wear UV-protective clothing when you go out during the day.

    Is There A Sunscreen Specially Formulated For Tattoos

    As you know, you should not apply any sunscreen on the new tattoos, but what sunscreen should you apply on the tattoos after 2-3 weeks?

    You can use a sunscreen like Australian Gold SPF 50 Tattoo or INK Tattoo Brightener Sunscreen Spray. Do not use any normal sunscreen, as the special sunscreen contains

    However, do not apply these sunscreens directly after getting the tattoo. Use them after 2-3 weeks.

    You can even choose a SPF 30 sunscreen, which will not be too strong on the tattoos.

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