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The Best Ointment For Tattoos

Best Ointment For Tattoo

How to APPLY Healing Ointment & Moisturizer on a NEW tattoo | THE BEST NEW METHOD I ALWAYS USE

Looking good on your new tattoo? All you have to do now is to give some extra care by using the best ointment for a tattoo during the healing process.

Taking care of your fresh ink with the help of a good ointment can go a long way. It locks the ink under your skin and helps prevent fading, flacking and nasty infection. If healed properly, your ink will stay vibrant forever.

After Inked Tattoo Oniment & Aftercare Lotion

After Inked is the exclusive tattoo aftercare product of INK MASTER, it is a vegan, non-petroleum-based lotion that is paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. It has been clinically tested, and dermatologist tested. It is safe on all skin types and is non-allergenic and non-irritant. After Inked is a premium brand that is used and recommended by world-renowned tattoo artists, it has a patented formula enriched with grape seed oil.

Apply a thin layer of After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion over the entire tattooed area 3 to 4 times a day, or as needed, for the first 2 weeks. Then, gently massage into the skin until fully absorbed. For best results, use after cleansing with After Inked Tattoo Wash.

Inked Tattoo Aftercare ornament is a premium, vegan product safe for all skin types. The patented formula is enriched with grape seed oil and clinically tested to be non-allergenic and non-irritant. It is also dermatologist tested. World-renowned tattoo artists recommend the ornament for its ability to heal tattoos quickly and prevent scabbing and scarring.

Moreover, It is also effective at preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. The lotion can be used on all body parts, including the face, neck, chest, and hands. It is also safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Simply apply a generous amount of lotion to the tattooed area 3-4 times per day.

Inkredible Tattoo Aftercare Healing Ointment

ll tattoo lovers need aftercare balm. INKredible lotion helps to heal warm fast and keeps tattoos ultra-moisturizing. If your skin becomes red or sore from a new tattoo, you can use it after acre tattoo balm. This market-leading formulation contains skin-soothing ingredients like almond oil and lanolin that penetrate deep into your tattooed skin to keep it soft and moist.

When you made a new tattoo, you must apply the balm on the tattoo to remove bacteria. This is an antibacterial ointment that eliminates bacteria from the tattoo. It is used to promote faster healing by keeping tattooed tour skin clean and hydrated. It is thereby reducing the chance of skin irritation and infections.

Tattoo artist specially formulates this tattoo ointment. This cream was designed to enhance the pigmentation and help to make your tattoo shine. So you can keep them always looking fresh. It is easy to apply to tattoos without irritation. While applying this lotion, avoid direct sunlight and keep the area clean. Apply a thin layer of this moisturizing cream to allow your skin to breathe. Use this tattoo aftercare 3 to 4 times a day for the first month of the new tattoo.

INKredible after tattoo slave is manufactured under dermatological test. So, It is safe and easy to use. This ointment is suitable for all tattoos and is paraben or fragrance-free. It does not build with petroleum, and it moisturizes your skin without clogging pores. Its environment is friendly. Please dont test it on animals.

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A Guide To Choosing The Right Tattoo Ointment

Lots of different tattoo ointments and tattoo care products can make it a little bit of a challenge to choose the best one for your needs. Considering the fact that a fresh tattoo can also be very sensitive, its imperative that you take the time to make sure your tattoo ointment wont cause further irritation or pain.

If youre not quite sure which tattoo ointment you should spend on, try to look for these qualities to pinpoint a worthy choice.

  • Gentle, Mild, or Hypoallergenic. The process of creating a tattoo involves using a fine needle to embed ink underneath the surface of the skin. The tip of the tool breaks the topmost layer of skin and injects pigment into deeper yet still superficial layers to preserve the ink and to create the desired image.

Its because of this process of breaking through the skin that you might tend to feel a stinging, burning, or painful sensation across the affected area immediately and several days after you get a tattoo. Treat this wound with the wrong products and you risk infection and further irritation.

For that reason, its best that you keep an eye out for tattoo ointments and aftercare products that promise to give your skin sufficient care without the risk of complications.

  • Convenient Use. We dont all have the convenience to choose whatever time we want to take care of a fresh tattoo. So really understanding how to use a product will give you a better idea of whether or not its something you can truly get the best of.
  • Petrolatum

How To Select The Ointment For Tattoos Aftercare

The 6 Best Tattoo Lotions &  Creams For Aftercare

Making your final decision can pose to be a challenge. But worry not. We have a few suggestions to make your selection process easier.

Before that, we would recommend you opt for sites like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy for your purchase.

So the factors you should consider while selecting your ointment for tattoos aftercare would be:

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Top 7 Best Tattoo Ointments In 2022

There are many brands in the market that are making tattoo ointments. Here we are also going to discuss some branded ointments which help us to keep tattoos or warm moisturized. Listed below:

  • Tattoo Aftercare Ointment with Natural Ingredients
  • Tattoo Aftercare Oras Amazing Herbal
  • INKredible Tattoo Aftercare Healing Ointment
  • INK-EEZE Purple Glide Non-Petroleum Tattoo Ointment
  • Advanced Numb Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream
  • Tattoo Ointment Oras Amazing Herbal
  • After Inked Tattoo Oniment & Aftercare Lotion
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    Tubes Or Dispensable Packaging

    When it comes to how your aftercare product is packaged, Olive recommends reaching for products that come with a dispenser . Something you have to continuously dip your hand into may harbor bacteria from the hands. That doesnt mean balms and creams that come in a pot are a no-go, just be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water before scooping out any product.

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    Billy Jealousy Tattoo Salve

    The Tattoo Salve makes tattoos look defined as advertised. It is enriched with soybean, castor seed, olive, and lavender oils that promote healing, enhance color, and prevent any discoloration and infection. Soothing to use with existing tattoo.

    What To Do When Your Tattoo Isnt Healing

    Best Ointment for NEW Tattoos | Tattoo Skin Silk vs. A D

    If you notice your tattoo isnt healing properly, you need to immediately seek out the advice of your tattoo artist or doctor. Tattoo infections are less common these days thanks to more sterile practices, but they are still dangerous when they do occur and can cause unsightly complications.

    Signs of Infection

    Excessive redness or itchiness, swelling, or discoloration around the tattooed skin may be an indication of infection. There could also be discharge from the area. If any of these symptoms are accompanied by a fever or chills, you need to seek medical attention immediately.

    Washing and proper aftercare can prevent the possibility of infection. Using a sterile lotion like the options of our list can drastically reduce the likelihood of infection.

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    What Should You Look For In A Tattoo Moisturizer

    Look for fragrance- and allergen-free moisturizers, Dr. Love says. He recommends avoiding any topical antibiotics because they can trigger an allergic reaction on freshly tattooed skin.

    Its also important to take extra precautions when your tattoo will be exposed to the sun. Repeated and excessive sun exposure will cause the loss of tattoo pigment and result in fading, Dr. Love says. Using sunscreen with a SPF of 30 to 50 and applying every two hours during sun exposure will help prevent fading. He recommends the Mad Rabbit Defend Tattoo Sunscreen, which has SPF 30 and antioxidants to provide additional protection against free radicals. For our editors favorite formulas to apply on tattoos, keep reading.

    What Aftercare To Choose For A New Tattoo

    Ointment, gel, cream for tattoo aftercare contain a balanced complex of active ingredients, among which:

    • Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that kills most known bacteria. Unlike alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, it does not distort the color of dyes.
    • Shea butter is extracted from the seeds of the shea tree and has anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter tattoo aftercare accelerates the healing of skin punctures, reduces itching and irritation, softens peeling.
    • Vitamin B5 is an active ingredient that enhances cell metabolism. It quickly eliminates irritation, accelerates metabolism, stimulates the replacement of old and dead cells of the epidermis.
    • Cosmetic emollients are softening, moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidant components. They make the moisturizer for tattoo aftercare as effective and comfortable as possible.
    • Extracts of medicinal plants are rosemary, arnica, succession, chamomile, mint, sage. All of them are used to treat and improve the condition of the skin and provide natural care for the tattoo.

    The lotions are designed to gently clean and moisturize tattooed areas. With menthol, thymol and witch hazel extract they have a refreshing and cooling effect, relieve irritation and inflammation. Lotus extract with vitamins A, D, E and C restores skin turgor. Tattoo care lotion protects the pigment color, and after the skin heals, maintains and restores it.

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    Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion

    Lubriderm was specifically developed by a dermatologist to address some of the many skin issues they saw in their practices. The Advanced Therapy Lotion is clinically shown to moisturize for up to 24 hours after application and is the most recommended brand by tattoo artists.

    Its fragrance-free, non-greasy, and uses Vitamin B5 to help speed up the healing process. It does contain glycerin, which some men may avoid, but is extremely effective at delivering moisture. The emphasis on the non-greasy residue makes the Lubriderm a great option, especially at such a low price.


    • No SPF

    What You Need To Know

    Lubriderm brings its many years of dermatologically proven science to keep your tattoo looking fresh and new and protecting it when you first receive it.

    After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer And Aftercare Lotion

    Best Ointment For Tattoos

    This one of the best tattoo aftercare products ever. The product is specially designed for new tattoos to keep them fresh and vibrant. This can be used on daily basis and is super safe to use. After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion is well-constructed and perfect designed.

    The product is super effective and provide the most amazing performance of all time. Besides, it helps to keep the tattoo healthy and fresh.

    This item is super gentle to the skin and is extremely reliable. Moreover, the product is cruelty free and super durable. It is clinically tested, dermatologically tested and verified.

    You can use without any worries because it wont stick on your cloths. Lastly, you can use this mosturize for both new and the existing tattoos.

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    Inked Oil Tattoo Brightener

    If youre looking for a very safe and convenient way of keeping your tattoos bright and vibrant, you might want to check out this all-natural tattoo oil from Inked Oil. Formulated with all-natural essential oils, Inked Oil is designed to keep new tattoos bright and enhance the color of older tattoos. It also provides some natural SPF protection from the damaging and fading effects of the sun. Its definitely worth a try if you want to keep your tattoos looking their best, and also like the idea of using a product that contains only natural ingredients.

    What I like about Inked Oil:

    All-natural oils with SPF protection

    Protecting your tattoos from the sun is one of the most important things you can do to keep it bright and vibrant. Another one of the things I like about Inked Oil is that it provides natural SPF protection built right in to help prevent tattoo fading. Heres a closer look at the essential oils found in Ink Oil:

    Convenient spray bottle

    Nobody wants their tattoos to look dull and faded. But at the same time many people with tattoos wont make the effort to apply a product that will keep their ink protected. Laziness maybe? Either way, one of the things that I like about Inked Oil is how quick and easy it is to apply. Just 1 or 2 quick squirts from the convenient spray bottle is enough to make tattoos appear brighter and more vibrant.

    Gently Wash The Tattoo

    After a few hours, you can remove the covering.

    First wash your hands with water and soap. Then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Pat your skin dry with a soft cloth.

    Apply a small amount of fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer to the tattoo. You can keep the covering off at this point to let your skin breathe.


    How quickly you heal depends on the size of your tattoo and how intricate it is. Bigger tattoos will stay red and swollen longer because they cause more trauma to your skin.

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    Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm

    Recommended by Marmur, Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm is a gentler alternative to petroleum products. This plant-based balm speeds up the healing process for tattoos and piercings, as well. It boasts glycerin and castor seed oil, which also reduce inflammation, hydrate, and restore the skin barrier.

    Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment: Our Top Choice

    10 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products 2022 | Best Aquaphor Healing Ointment for New or Old Tattoos

    The chances are that your tattoo artist has already recommended this product, so lets do it a second time. Bepanthen is the go-to recommendation for many tattooists for one reason: its a simple, effective formula that always gets the job done.


    Most tattooists recommend applying Bepanthen to your new tattoos twice daily.

    With Bepanthen, you get a gentle formulation that works to soothe the soreness and enhance your skins natural healing properties. This soothing antiseptic cream contains Vitamins like Vitamin B5 that help ease irritation and speeds up recovery.

    However, one key reason why Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is a top recommended product is the mildness of its formulation that makes it one of the forgiving options on the market for dealing with sensitive skin. Bepanthens original intended use case is for dealing with baby diaper rash, and as such, the formula is super-mild and entirely devoid of any fragrances, preservatives, or colors.

    Here, you get a mixture of mild oils that are guaranteed to go easy on your sensitive tattooed skin. Plus, if it is light enough for a babys bum, you can rest assured that Bepanthen wont be too harsh on your newly tattooed skin.

    Grab a tube of Bepanthen and begin applying it within 24 hours of getting your tattoo for total protection and comprehensive tattoo aftercare.

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    Benefits Of Using Ointments For Tattoos

    There are a lot of available ointments in the market that are now widely used for tattoo aftercare. Throughout the years, many of these products have replaced those that were once considered the best aftercare practices and here are some of the reasons.

    Some ointments contain ingredients that have active skin protection properties. So, compared to natural healing, they provide an additional barrier against possible infectious agents and foreign material like germs and dust.

    Aside from this added layer of protection, ointments may contain medicated components that could speed up the healing process of the tattooed skin area. A common example would be ointments containing vitamin B5.

    For tattooed women who have a history of dry skin, ointments are commonly formulated to maintain hydration of the tattooed skin whenever it feels dry and stiff.

    Most ointment preparations today are colorless and odorless unlike other tattoo aftercare products before. Such properties are not advisable as they are deemed unnecessary and could affect the color of the tattoo during healing.

    The best ointments can prolong the tattoos look and color and maintain its appearance as compared with traditional aftercare practices. You just need to know what is most applicable for you, starting by asking your tattoo artist or any tattoo expert.

    Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Ointment

    If youre in search of the best tattoo aftercare ointment, I highly recommend you check out Hustle Butter Deluxe. This hydrating, do-it-all tattoo ointment is designed for every stage of the tattoo process. That means it can be applied before, during, and after getting tattooed to make skin more soft and supple, and even help speed up the healing process. Formulated using only safe, all-natural ingredients, Hustle Butter Deluxe is simply one of the absolute best tattoo aftercare ointments available on the market. Highly recommended.

    What I like about Hustle Butter Deluxe:

    All-natural ingredients

    When it comes to products that I put on my skin I prefer to avoid synthetic chemicals and ingredients whenever possible. Especially if the product is going on my brand new tattoo. One of the great things about Hustle Butter Deluxe is that it contains only safe, all-natural ingredients that are designed to nourish, moisturize, hydrate, soothe, and heal. Whats inside:

    Smooth and easy to apply

    A healing tattoo can be painful to touch, the last thing you want to do is apply an ointment thats sticky or difficult to spread. One of the great things about Hustle Butter is that it has a very smooth, non-sticky texture and consistency. It spreads very easily and evenly, and greatly reduces the uncomfortable feeling of applying ointment to a fresh tattoo.

    Reduces healing time

    A little goes a long way

    Smells good

    What I dont like:

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