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Where Can You Have Tattoos In The Air Force

What Color Can Your Nails Be In The Air Force

Can I have Tattoos in The Air Force? / United States Air Force


. Simply so, can you paint your nails in the Air Force?

Air Force nail polish regulation allows one color for female members. It must not distinctly contrast with the skin complexion or detract from the uniform. Like lipstick, extreme colornail polishes are not permitted. Two-tone or multi-tone nail polishes are also not allowed.

Likewise, can you have fake nails in the military? Nail Polish: Females may only wear clear polish when in uniform, or while in civilian clothes on duty. Clear, acrylic nails are also allowed so long as they have a natural appearance and conform to Army standards.

Also asked, what color can your nails be in the military?

Nail polish is authorized, but only using colors that the Navy calls conservative and inconspicuous. Wearing white, black, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, grey, glitter, striped or any sort of pattern/decorative nail polish is not allowed. The long-championed color of blue remains unaddressed.

When can you not wear your Air Force uniform?

1 – You have to wear it when you are performing military duties, unless authorized to wear civilian clothes. This means when you show up for your normal 0730 – 1630 shift, or if you’re working in the middle of the night.

Piercing While Not In Uniform

Members are prohibited from attaching, affixing or displaying objects, articles, jewelry or ornamentation to or through the ear, nose, tongue, or any exposed body part .

There is an exception women are authorized to wear one small spherical, conservative, diamond, gold, white pearl, silver pierced, or clip earring per earlobe and the earring worn in each earlobe must match. Earrings should fit tightly without extending below the earlobe. If the earring is a clip, the band can show.

Tattoos And The Military: The Dos And Donts If You Want To Join The Service

A lot of people have tattoos, and our reasons for getting them range from acknowledging meaningful, life-changing moments to a weekend bender in L.A., New York, or Miami that ends up at an ink shop. Its your body and you can put whatever you want wherever you want. Right? Well, that depends on your future plans. Pay attention to what comes next if you plan to join the military after high school or college or if youre already in the armed services.

This next line is tough for me to get out, but your mama was right: Think before you ink. Each of the armed services has different regulations that change on a continuing basis. If youre already in the service, your existing tattoos are grandfathered in, but the doesnt mean they cant hurt your chances at a promotion. Also, new tattoos have to meet the stricter requirements, which leads to my next point.

If you tend to make rash decisions after drinking, make sure at least one of your buddies has your back. You might want to pick someone big enough to deter you from making stupid things that involve a tattoo shop. Anything thats going to follow you to the grave deserves deliberate intention, so if you hanker for body art, plan it out and go to a reputable place that understands military regulations. Dont drink then ink.

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Air Force To Review Its Tattoo Policy

Like its sister services, the Air Force is getting in line to update its tattoo policy in the next few months.

“The Air Force has recently formed a working group to review the tattoo policy,” Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Brooke Brzozowske told Air Force Times on Tuesday. “Depending on the working group’s findings, we anticipate any policy change proposals to be ready for Air Force leadership consideration in the fall of 2016.”

Brzozowske did not say specifically what senior leadership is looking to change, but that its been in discussion for some time.

The news comes just a week after the Navy overhauled its tattoo policy, allowing sailors to sport neck tattoos, sleeves and even markings behind their ears, the most lenient policy of any military service.

And airmen, like sailors, may be able to cheer on new reforms if the outcome is favorable.

The Air Force hasn’t updated its policy on tattoos since 2010, when there was a change to which changed how the chain of command could determineview, or even measure, a tattoo to be “excessive.” If airmen have excessive tattoos anything defined as covering 25 percent of an exposed body part or readily visible when wearing any uniform other than PT gear they also need to fill out a form for their commander to document that an excessive tattoo has been waived and the individual has been authorized to cover the tattoo with his or her uniform.

Questions About Tattoos And Tattoo Removal

Just found the most savage Air Force tattoo. Have fun with this, boys ...

It is common to have questions about your tattoos, or about the tattoo removal process. If you are not sure whether one of your tattoos will keep you from enlisting, be sure to talk with your recruiter and review the applicable regulations. If you have questions about laser tattoo removal, feel free to contact us. We are happy to sit down with you, assess your tattoos, and give you a realistic idea of the amount of time, cost, and the number of treatment sessions that it will take to remove them.

We are thrilled that you are considering making a career out of serving our great country. And we are here to do whatever we can to help make your dream a reality. Contact us today for a consultation, and lets get started!

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Your Simple Guide To Military Tattoo Policies For 2021

No military regulation has been more closely watchedand more frequently changedthan the dos and donts of tattoos. Last week, the Marine Corps revised its policy, allowing the sleeve tattoo and also permitting officers more than four tattoos visible in uniform. Both officers and enlisted can now tat themselves up as much as they want, as long as its not on the face or neck. And hands may sport only one finger ring tattoo. The reason for the change is simple: recruiting and retention. Nearly half of young adults have tattoos, and many have several. The new Marine Corps Bulletin 1020 emphasizes balance between decorum and practicality: The American people expect Marines to be disciplined, physically fit, and ready to accomplish any mission. They also expect Marines to represent the nation they are sworn to protect.

The new policy, the bulletin goes on to say, ensures that the Marine Corps maintains its ties to the society it represents and removes all barriers to entry for those members of society wishing to join its ranks.

With the new Marine Corps policy, the service branches regulations on tattoos are now nearly identical. If youre curious about these rulesand the slight variations among themheres an updated comprehensive guide:

All five major branches of service agree that there must be no tattoos on these body parts:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands

All other branches prohibit neck tattoos visible above a crew neck shirt.

  • Racist

What Are The Differences In The Piercing Policy For Women And Men

The only difference is the wear of earrings. Males may not wear earrings on duty, whether in or out of uniform. They also cannot wear them off duty on base.

Females performing official duty in civilian attire are limited to the same wear criteria when in uniform: i.e., a single small spherical, conservative, diamond, gold, white pearl, or silver pierced or clip earring per earlobe. The earrings must match and should fit tightly without extending below the earlobe.

Above Information Derived from AFI 36-2903 and the Air Force News Service

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Understand The Regulations Before You Sign Up

All five military branches restrict tattoo content. Youre going to have to remove any tattoos based on drugs, sex, violence, or gang affiliation. Similarly, your ink cannot discriminate against sex, religion, or race. If your tattoo ticks people off, chances are its going to keep you out of the service, unless you get rid of it. Theres no point in whining over this. If you want to serve your country, youll be facing much bigger decisions, so get it done. Having offensive tattoos covered or removed is a small price to pay.

Disciplinary Actions For Unauthorized Tattoos In The Air Force

Air Force Tattoo Policy!!! Watch BEFORE you get new ink!

Service members who have unauthorized tattoos, brands, or body markings are required to remove them.

Airmen must perform the removal of tattoos at a medical treatment center on their own.

Airmen who refuse to remove the tattoo within the specified time are subject to a range of consequences, including, but not limited to:

  • Reprimand

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What Are The Disciplinary Actions For Having An Unauthorized Tattoo In The Air Force

According to the Air Force tattoo policy, service members who have or receive unauthorized tattoos, brands, or body markings are required to initiate removal or alteration.

Airmen may have the opportunity to receive tattoo removal at a medical treatment facility or must do so on their own accord.

Airmen that refuse to remove or alter unauthorized body art in a timely manner are subject to a variety of appropriate quality force actions.

It includes but not limited to reprimand, UIF, control roster, referral EPRs/OPRs, military justice action, ineligibility for schools and assignments, or administrative discharge.

Who Has The Final Say On Appropriateness

Commanders and first sergeants are the first line of authority for making this determination. Body piercing is relatively straightforwarddon’t display it while in uniform, while performing official duty in civilian attire or on a military installation at any time. Tattoos are a bit more subjective, but this policy provides commanders guidelines to make the calls.

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Space Force Unveils Uniform Tweaks Oks Neck Tattoos And More

The Space Force released updates to its appearance and uniform policies May 24, detailing more permissive regulations governing tattoos, facial hair, and makeup.

Among the various changes the Space Force is making from the Air Forces policies, the new Guidance Memorandum allows Guardians to have a single neck tattooas long as it is authorized, does not exceed one inch, and does not pass a vertical line drawn from the beginning of the ear, essentially keeping it to the back of the neck.

Like the Air Force, the Space Force will also allow one tattoo per hand in the shape of a ring, no more than 3/8 of an inch wide.

There are no other size or placement limitations on tattoos as long as they comply with Department of the Air Force regulations, the memo adds.

The Space Force will also allow male Guardians to have longer mustaches, extending 1/4 of an inch horizontally from the corners of the mouth. Thats in line with proposed changes from the Air Force, which currently limits Airmen to mustaches that dont extend beyond the corners of the mouth. A leaked Air Force memo detailing the same standards as the Space Force circulated on social media recently, but no official changes have been announced for the older service.

On top of that, the Space Force will allow male Guardians to wear cosmetics such as foundation and concealer, though only to cover scars or blemishes.

Tattoos Brands And Piercings

Can You Sign Up For Military With A Tattoo? Air Force Changes Ink ...

Airmen are subject to strict requirements and restrictions pertaining to body modifications. If you plan to get a tattoo or other body modifications, carefully consider placement, size and content before you proceed.

Tattoos, brands or piercings anywhere on the body that are prejudicial to good order and discipline, or of a nature that may bring discredit upon the Air Force, are prohibited both in and out of uniform. This includes modifications that are obscene or advocate sexual, racial, ethnic or religious discrimination. Even if rectified, excessive scarring resulting from tattoo removal may also be disqualifying.

Tattoos are not completely disqualifying, however. There are no size or area limitations for authorized tattoos on the chest , back, arms, and legs. Tattoos, brands, and body markings are prohibited on the head, neck, face, tongue, lips, and scalp. Hand tattoos are limited to one single-band ring tattoo, on one finger, on one hand.

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What Tattoos Are Not Allowed In The Coast Guard

Location. Location. Location.

Similar to other branches of the military, the Coast Guard has very specific rules regarding the placement or location of tattoos.

No tattoos or brands are authorized anywhere on the head, scalp, face, and neck.

Otherwise, as far as location of tattoos go, your body is your canvas.

As for content of individual or groups of tattoos, the Coast Guard is particular about what they authorize and what is non-negotiable.

A Coast Guardsman cannot wear any tattoo that promotes:

  • Racism/discrimination
  • Violence
  • Sexual explicitness

You can read all about how the Coast Guard defines the above terms in their official memo announcing the new tattoo policy change.

But before we move on, the Coast Guard does offer guidance in the form of an image collage as to what type of tattoo designs are not authorized .

Coasties are also not authorized to have any body mutilations, also known as intentional alterations and / or modifications to a members body .

Body Piercings are also prohibited, with the exception of women who may have small studded earrings.

As described in the Coast Guards latest uniform regulations, no piercing shall be made through the ear, nose, tongue, chin, eyebrow, or any other body part that would be visible while in any uniform.

This prohibition applies to male and female members alike and is specifically intended to limit the less than military appearance associated with vacant holes in the face and other exposed areas of the body.

Can You Have A Tattoo On Your Wrist In The Air Force

The Air Force does not allow tattoos that are very visible such as on your face, neck, hands, wrists, and head. The rules have changed in recent years to include a little more allowance for tattoos, such as allowing tattoos when they cover less than 25% of the body and the removal of size stipulations.

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Air Force Tattoo Regulations

What your tattoo means

The content of the airmans tattoo is still regulated, and no tattoos or brands that are racist, vulgar, anti-government, graphically violent, or affiliated with any gangs or outlaw organizations are allowed. If there is a question of whether a tattoo violates Air Force policy, the final decision is made by the soldiers commanding officer. If you think that your tattoo does not represent the US Air Force values find a location and book a time to speak with one of our laser specialists.

Unauthorized Tattoos and Brands

Tattoos or brands on the head, neck, face, scalp, and inside of the mouth are still prohibited under the new Air Force tattoo regulations for enlisted servicemen and officers.

Those in the Air Force are also not allowed to have any visible piercing while in uniform. This includes piercings of the ears, nose, tongue or any other body part that is not covered by or can be seen through clothing. The only exception is one small conservative earring per earlobe of gold, white pearl, or silver for women. The earring must fit tightly and not extend below the earlobe. If your tattoo is on the hands, neck or facefind a location and book a time to speak with one of our laser specialists.

Hand Tattoos

Laser Removal For Tattoos That Violate Air Force Policy

Tattoos in the Air Force (NEW!)

The Air Force Tattoo Policy is now one of the most lenient in all the armed forces. However, it still has some restrictions. Removery offers a 10% discount to those who are in the process of enlisting or already enlisted in the USAF contact a Removery tattoo removal expert to learn more about your options.

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Will The Air Force Pay To Remove Tattoos

The Department of Defense recently passed rules that stipulate the military will not cover expenses related to tattoo removal.

The only exception is if a commanding officer orders the removal, in which the soldier may potentially receive compensation if he or she is struggling to finance the operation.

Your best bet to get a tattoo removed the right way is laser surgery from a qualified laser tattoo removal treatment facility.

With that said, we have reviewed alternative Laser Pen Kit Removal options in the past, with limited success.

Can You Have A Tattoo Behind Your Ear In The Air Force

No, you will not be able to have a tattoo behind your ear in the Air Force. Whilst it is covered by an ear and possibly hair, there is still a chance that the tattoo may be seen, and therefore against regulations.

As it stands, any tattoo on the head or face is banned, and, seeing as a tattoo behind the ear is still technically on the head, it will not be allowed in the Air Force.

As well as a ban on tattoos behind the ear, the Air Force also has rules regarding piercings of any kind, especially visible piercings on the face or ears.

Of course, piercings can be taken out, but tattoos cannot be as easily removed unless you want to fork out for expensive laser removal .

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Perception Of Tattoos In The Workplace

In a perfect world, people would only be judged based on the quality of their work, but according to studies and trends, this isnt always the case.

People with visible tattoos have reported facing problems with work and job interviews. Studies show that tattoos and piercings impede candidates chances of being recruited. Others claim employees with visible tattoos might affect the companys reputation and affect other coworkers.

According to the same studies, they found that only 4 percent of surveyed people said they faced discrimination because of their tattoo. This indicates this is all just an attitude or perception thing there seems to be a lack of action and firing someone because of their tattoo.

If this is the case in the corporate world, what do you think is the case with those looking to work in the US Air Force?

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