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What Kind Of Ointment Do You Put On Tattoos

Gently Wash The Tattoo

Can You Put Vaseline , Vitamin A& D ointment on New Tattoo? Ep-82 | Ft.Suresh Machu

After a few hours, you can remove the covering.

First wash your hands with water and soap. Then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Pat your skin dry with a soft cloth.

Apply a small amount of fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer to the tattoo. You can keep the covering off at this point to let your skin breathe.


How quickly you heal depends on the size of your tattoo and how intricate it is. Bigger tattoos will stay red and swollen longer because they cause more trauma to your skin.

Drawbacks Of Using Aquaphor For Tattoos

The reason many people go back and forth with using aquaphor for tattoos is simply due to the thickness and greasiness of the substance. For some people, this does not disturb their tattoo healing process but for others it is almost too much and will suffocate the pores when there is too much on the skin.

Ive used aquaphor to heal my tattoos in the past and I noticed that I was developing small zit like bumps on the applied area which was essentially my body saying I was applying too much. Knowing what was going on to adjust this I:

  • Cleaned the area thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap.
  • Allowed the area to air dry.
  • Re-applied with a much thinner layer and smaller amount.
  • Wiping away over applied aquaphor on your tattoo sometimes will not work because it simply pushes it into the pores more and so Ive found the outlined process above to be the best process for re-application.

    I tried many more times to use aquaphor lowering the applied amount over and over again and I noticed these zit like bumps would form regardless.

    Please keep in mind that everyones skin is different I have very sensitive skin that tends to break out based on diet, exercise, and substances put on the skin.

    I will reiterate once again that once again it will depend for the person. I do know people that do use aquaphor for tattoos successfully and their tattoos heal just fine. Meanwhile I had to go out into the market and test our various other forms of tattoo ointments.

    La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Spf50

    Another high street brand that is known for its kind-to-skin formulations, La Roche Posay can be trusted when it comes to taking care of a new tat. One of the biggest draws of this balm , is the fact is has an SPF 50. Just like beauty insiders recommend wearing SPF on your face every day , its vital you treat your tattoo and the skin around it with the same treatment.

    £8 | Escentual

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    Hours Later/the Next Day

    Once your tattoo is dry, the skin around the area will begin to feel tight. This happens as your tattoo dries out, and its a good indicator that its time to apply moisturizer. Once again, we use and recommend Sanibalm for this. Rub it in gently until its absorbed by the skin be sure to apply a very thin layer. Its important not to apply too much ointment, or you can suffocate the tattoo. Continue applying your aftercare of choice each time you gently wash the tattoo for 3 to 5 days, or until your tattoo starts to peel.

    When using Saniderm, we recommend that you use 2-3 bandages total to allow ample time for healing. Use your first Saniderm bandage for 8-24 hours, and then keep the next two pieces on for between 1-6 days each . If you believe that your tattoo needs more time to heal beyond that, you may continue applying additional Saniderm bandages. However, most customers report complete healing after 2-3 applications.

    What You Need To Do

    10 Best Tattoo Ointments Reviews in 2020

    Your tattoo artist will generally give you an idea of how long you should keep your tattoo covered. This will generally be somewhere between 2 – 12 hours. Don’t leave it on longer than 12 hours, as your tattoo needs air in order to start healing. When you do uncover it, gently wash your tattoo with warm water and whatever soap you bought, being careful to only use your hands and not to soak your tattoo in water for an extended period of time. Be gentle with the tattoo, it’s still fresh and probably a bit sore, and the idea here is to just get whatever cream your tattoo artist used off, as well as any bits of blood and ink.

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    Best Ointments For Tattoos 2020

    If its your first time getting a tattoo, you might be surprised how that stinging sensation can linger around even long after youve left the chair. If this isnt your first, then you probably already know better than to leave yourself without a good ointment.

    Tattoo ointments are an essential aftercare product that helps fresh tattoos heal faster and cleaner. These products are specifically designed to provide the skin enough nourishment and support so that you can proudly display or comfortably hide away your tattoos sooner rather than later. Are you itching to get the healing process over and done with? Find the best ointment for tattoos by following this all-around buyers guide.

    Dealing With Tattoo Pain

    Your tattoo will likely be sore for anywhere between 3 and 7 days after receiving it. The exact number depends on your aftercare routine and the placement of your tattoo.

    To minimize pain and itching, try to reduce friction around the tattoo. This can involve wearing loose clothing that wont restrict or constantly brush against the affected skin.

    Be careful when you walk and try not to bump into anything. If your tattoo gets hit or scraped against hard enough, there could be some lasting damage, so the best thing you can do is be especially cautious during the first few weeks of healing.

    Choose a lotion with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Aveeno Sheer Hydration or Oras Herbal Tattoo Salve to get extra relief every time you moisturize.

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    Vaniply Ointment For Dry Skin Care

    While its not explicitly advertised as a tattoo aftercare product, the ingredients in Vaniply Ointment for Dry Skin Care & Skin Protectant make it one of the best ointment for tattoos available on the market today. This potent skin protectant prevents dryness and supplies ample nourishment to encourage skin healing and regeneration.

    The main active ingredient in the formulation is dimethicone, which is a highly effective skin protectant that prevents further damage to sensitive, weakened skin. It also contains several other ingredients that work to seal in moisture to prevent itching, flaking, and dryness.

    Although it isnt the cheapest option, it definitely is one of the most reliable. So if youre looking for a product that wont fail your newly inked skin, Vaniply Ointment for Dry Skin Care & Skin Protectant is definitely worth a try.

    How Often Should I Clean My Tattoo What Kind Of Soap Should I Use

    How to APPLY Healing Ointment & Moisturizer on a NEW tattoo | THE BEST NEW METHOD I ALWAYS USE

    The tattoo should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after removing the bandage, and cleaned daily from there on out. We recommend cleaning it multiple times on the first day. Pat the tattoo dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel to avoid irritation, and let the tattoo air out for 20-30 minutes before applying moisturizer. We recommend using a gentle, liquid antibacterial soap, such as Dial Antibacterial Soap, though other hand or body soaps can be used as long as they are thoroughly rinsed from the tattoo. You want to avoid excess absorption of water by the tattoo, so washings should be efficient and deliberate to minimize time. You can use antibacterial soap for the first 3-5 days and then regular soap or body wash is fine.

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    Tattoo Aftercare: 4 Important Tips

    Lets start first with the most essential recommendations for tattoo aftercare. The following 4 steps are important for everyone who just got a tattoo, regardless of its size or style. With new tattoos, it is crucial to be patient and refrain from all sorts of scratching, touching, and picking.

    Lets see how you can take care of the tattoo and mitigate the changes on the skin

    Benefits Of Using Aquaphor For Tattoos

    This type of heal ointment is great for chapped and dry skin. Its primary usage is for that as well as healing ecsema and other forms of rashes. Many users generally will use it to seal little cuts or bruises to assist in the healing process. The seal aids in protecting against germs or anything else that may come into contact with the broken/affected skin.

    Because of the thickness and greasiness of aquaphor, its best usage facilitates in creating a barrier between skin/affected area and bacteria/irritation which in theory would allow your tattoo to heal in a quick/undisturbed condition.

    • Great for dry/chapped skin
    • Creates barrier between skin and bacteria
    • Effective for tattoos through proper application

    Another perk to using Aquaphor is that you can get a lot of product for a very cheap price and once your tattoo is healed you will be able to use the product as time goes on for many other skin issues.

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    What Lotion Should You Use On A New Tattoo

    Congrats! You searched forever for the perfect, meaningful tattoo and you finally got some fresh ink. This is a bigger commitment than a kitten, and guys, that’s saying something. Your tattoo is forever, so you want to give it some extra TLC, and we found what lotion you should use on a new tattoo.

    Tattoos and millennials go together like peas and carrots. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, nearly four-in-ten millennials have a tattoo. And it doesn’t stop there: about half of those with tattoos have two to five and 18 percent have six or more. So whether this is your first or your fifth, the healing process is important as ever.

    While the health and longevity of your tattoo depends greatly on the quality of the artist and ink, another huge factor is how you care for it in the healing process. Poor care can mean infections, flaking, or fading: all recipes for a tattoo you’ll regret later. Each tattoo artist may give you slightly different after-care guidelines. Follow them!

    After your skin is newly inked but burning up a storm, your first instinct is to slather it in thick ointment. Don’t! The tattoo needs to breathe so the skin can regenerate. When applying lotion, apply a thin layer throughout the day.

    You’ll need two key lotions for a beautiful, healed tattoo.

    Aftercare For Your Tattoo

    Can You Put Lotion On A New Tattoo

    So, how can you make sure that new tattoo is something you donât end up regretting? Follow these steps while your new tattoo heals.

  • Be sure your artist covers your new tattoo in a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage.
  • Remove the bandage after 24 hours. Gently wash the tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water and be sure to pat dry.
  • Apply a layer of antibacterial/Vaseline ointment twice a day, but donât put on another bandage.
  • Gently wash your tattoo area twice a day with soap and water and gently pat dry before reapplying the antibacterial/Vaseline ointment.
  • Keep applying a moisturizer or ointment after you clean it to keep it moist.
  • You should repeat this process for 2 to 4 weeks. Also try not to wear clothes that will stick to your tattoo, and avoid swimming and the sun for about 2 weeks. And take cool showers. Scalding hot water will not only hurt, but it can also fade the ink. Wear a physical blocker sunscreen with at least 7% zinc oxide sunscreen during the daylight hours and/or cover it up .

    If your tattoo scabs a bit or develops hard layers, donât worry. Itâs normal. But never pick, scratch, or peel it. You could get an infection or remove the color. If you think your tattoo is infected, or isnât healing properly, go see your doctor.

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    Concluding Tips On Tattoo Care

    In the end, you want to protect your tattoo from the sun and avoid using Neosporin on it. The best products to use on a tattoo are probablyTattoo Goo andcoconut oil . Other alternatives are Aquaphor, Vitamin A or D, or Bepanthen. Its best to use these twice a day, as you dont want the tattoo to be perpetually saturated, but you do want it to be moisturized with time.

    You also want to allow oxygen to get to the tattoo, so its best to avoid petroleum products that could create a thick, hard-to-remove barrier. Its also essential to remember that with tattoo care, less product is more, as over-saturation could lead to bleeding of the ink as the color rises to the surfaces and washes off.

    More Must-Read Articles

    Only Touch The Tattoo With Clean Hands

    One of the most essential pieces of advice you can get is to never touch your fresh tattoo without washing the hands first. Cleaning your hands will prevent all kinds of bacteria to transfer to the irritated and tattooed skin, which would otherwise cause infections and health issues. So, when you want to touch the tattoo or apply ointment on it, wash your hands for 20 seconds at least, using lukewarm water and soap.

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    Natural Alternatives To Lotion

    The best alternative to a store-bought tattoo lotion is coconut oil. It is moisturizing and has antimicrobial properties, meaning it fights off bacteria and infection. Coconut oil has also been known to help wounds heal faster, which in the case of a new tattoo couldnt be more perfect.

    You could also use natural oils like vitamin E oil or grapeseed oil. These products moisturize the skin while still letting it breathe.

    Always remember to check with your tattoo artist or doctor before putting a natural lotion alternative on your skin.

    Tattoo Goo Complete Tattoo Aftercare Kit

    Pain Free Tattoo Cream ð± Does it actually work?! – Tattoo Numbing Cream Co.

    If you’re looking for a complete set to see you through your aftercare, Tattoo Goo’s Aftercare Kit is one we’d recommend for budget and healing peace of mind. It soaks deep into skin, ensuring all around hyrdation.

    The set compromises of the Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap, Tattoo Goo Healing Balm, Tattoo Goo Quick Penetrating Lotion, Tattoo Goo Renew SPF30 Lotion.

    Another brand that’s vegan-friendly and made from 100% natural and nourishing ingredients to care for your ink.

    The active formula reduces inflammation whilst soothing and hydrating skin and aiding in the repairing process. It’s enriched with a blend of vitamin E and a mixture of botanicals.

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    What Kind Of Lotion To Use On New Tattoo

    It sounds exciting to get a tattoo, but you have to pay attention to several things once you have yourself a meaningful tattoo. While you can go to a tattoo artist and get some fresh ink, the result usually depends on how you take care of it. What you should or should not do soon after getting a tattoo makes it a bigger commitment than a kitten. Remember that your tattoo is going to stay with you forever, so it makes great sense to pay some extra attention to keep it in a perfect shape. You can always use ointments and lotions to help your tattoo heal properly. Unfortunately, most people have no clue about what kind of lotion to use on new tattoo. Let’s find out more about some interesting options.

    Aquaphor Healing Ointment Skin Protectant

    This healing, hydrating formulation is ideal for people who want a versatile product that they can use for more than just tattoos. The Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment Skin Protectant is an all-around formulation able to bring skin back to perfect health and balance.

    The formula is mainly composed of petrolatum a thick pasty substance that neutralizes the skins surface, nourishing it and protecting it from harmful elements. This thick coat effectively prevents any contaminants and environmental substances from making contact with the skin, thus preventing further damage and irritation.

    Although its label doesnt readily identify it as a tattoo aftercare product, it definitely has the right stuff to be able to speed up the tattoo healing process.

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    Why Is Tattoo Aftercare So Important

    After weve seen the basic aftercare recommendations, we have to explain why the aftercare matters so much. Here are some reasons why taking care of the tattoo is essential

    • Tattooing is a medical procedure the process comprises a needle being inserted underneath your skin, so naturally, we can conclude that every medical procedure, as well as tattooing, requires aftercare.
    • Because tattooing is a medical procedure, it can cause infections and scarring unless the tattooed region isnt taken care of.
    • Tattoo aftercare prevents skin complications and health issues.
    • Tattoo aftercare promotes faster healing and lowers the chances of infection.
    • Even though many tattoo artists dont provide aftercare instructions, it is essential you as a client are informed about it before and after you get a tattoo.

    Ingredients To Look Out For

    Properly healing tattoos

    When shopping for tattoo lotions, always be sure to read the ingredients list. Not only does it let you find ingredients you may be allergic to, but it will also help you understand the exact benefits each lotion can provide to your skin.

    Things to Consider

    Moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and vitamin E are all great things to have in a lotion. You may also want to select a lotion that has shea butter or soothing plant extracts, like chamomile, as part of its formula.

    Be sure to select a lotion that is non-comedogenic. This means the lotion will work to moisturize without clogging pores, an especially important consideration for a new tattoo. Lotions without the non-comedogenic label can impede healing and cause breakouts.

    Things to Avoid

    Colorants, alcohols, and strong preservatives should all be avoided. These ingredients can irritate skin or lead to an infection in someone with very sensitive skin completely avoiding them will help ensure your tattoo heals healthily.

    Strong fragrances are another ingredient to steer clear of. Fragrances are often the cause of allergic reactions, and your tattoo runs the risk of becoming infected due to overly perfumed lotions. Light, naturally scented lotions may be ok for some people, but especially if you have sensitive skin, fragrance-free is the best way to go.

    Now that weve discussed the basics of tattoo lotions, lets head straight into our list!

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