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Reinventing The Tattoo Book For Sale

Let’s Take A Peek And Show You Specifically What Reinventing The Tattoo Has To Offer

Reinventing the Tattoo – 2nd Edition

This isn’t like any tattoo seminar/webinar/book that you’ve experienced. No fluff, no filler, just battle-tested strategies and tactics that you can put to work right away. You will pick up some “low hanging fruit” at first skim, and as you focus, dive deeper and attend the weekly exercises, the lessons will crystalize with time and multiple readings.

350+ pages

Massive written portion places equal emphasis on design and execution. Guest writers include Nick Baxter, Russ Abbott, Megan Jean Morris, Don McDonald, Halo Jankowski, Steve Butcher, Phil Garcia & others.

Videos & Webinars

Instant access to all supporting video material

Including Guy’s Technique tutorial, a massive video seminar showing a number of different tattoo effects up close, hours of coverup webinars, four Photoshop tutorial videos, and so much more. From apprentice workshops to master tattoo classes.


Tried and True learning exercises. Are you doing your art pushups?

A section of the curriculum is dedicated to working in other mediums as part of your overall improvement as an artist and includes video tutorials in both acrylic and oil paint

Group Activities

Join live from your devices

Reinventing is also a system for constant improvement, providing access to feedback, critiques and continuing discussion of core ideas. It’s a community of like-minded artists to work with a few times a month on group projects. Think of it like your tattoo workout group…

The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist

The most authentic traditional mambabatok artist in the world, a Catherine Lefebvre story

03/2020Escapevisual culture

Whang-od Oggay is the last traditional tattoo artist from the old Kalinga generation. This internationally acclaimed tattooist has single-handedly ensured the survival of her generations art for the next.

Whang-od Oggay has seen some changes in her time. The last of the mambabatok kind, an elder tattoo generation of the Butbut tribe in the Kalinga region of northern Philippines. Believed to be more than 100 years old , Oggay first started tattooing when the warriors of her tribe were still at war with neighboring tribes and returning with the heads of opponents theyd killed. Today, shes one of the most venerated tattoo artists on the planet, and hundreds of people from all over the world swarm to her tiny mountaintop village every day, in the hopes of getting inked by a living legend.

Oggay marks out the design for a tattoo using a straw and a mixture of soot and water.
Nothing lavish or romantic, Oggay welcomes visitors into her small village where the tattooing takes place. A simple hand-painted sign informs visitors they have come to the right place.
Her success has been fundamental to the village’s survival in modern society, the tourism trade allows the community to have a constant source of income while also respecting their centuries-old traditions. Here Oggay plays with local village children.

Phil Garcia: Attention To Detail

Nobody tattoos roses like Phil Garcia. His execution is not only highly realistic but is also exaggerated in just the right ways to make each rose extra crisp, deep, and high contrast. Everything about his tattooing technique is carefully considered and well practiced, which shows clearly in the quality of his work, especially when seen healed and settled in the skin. We feel fortunate that an artist with Phil’s amazing technical abilities is available to share some of his specialized knowledge in a chapter that goes into both the philosophy and the nuts and bolts of how to create bold, crisp, realistic effects in almost any style of tattooing. We are also working with Phil to complete a video tutorial that promises to go far deeper into his toolkit.

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Nick Baxter: Working In Layers

Nick has been a standard bearer in tattooing for a while, being one of those artists who has consistently raised the bar in terms of what effects are possible on skin. He’s worked in both skin and paint for the length of his career, cultivating a careful balance between hyperrealism and graphic strength. Part of what makes his impressively nuanced tattoo work possible is his process of working in layers- that is, in a large piece, instead of finishing a different part in each session, the whole design gets a light coat each sighting and is built up like a classic oil painting, making possible a whole range of new visual effects.

Reinventing The Tattoo: Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What topics are covered in Reinventing The Tattoo?

A) Reinventing The Tattoo aims to improve your skills as an overall artist as a foundation for becoming the best tattooist you can possibly be. In this spirit, the first parts of the book are focused almost entirely on design, starting with some fundamental basics that Guy focuses on with every critique he does: Flow and fit on the body, Positive, negative relationships, Contrast, Priority, Reserve, Lines and edges, Depth, Lighting & luminosity, and the design needs of the tattoo client. Then the idea of stronger art skills is expanded with detailed sections on working in a second artistic medium, using references, and taking advantage of digital tools. The material then moves into the technical end of tattooing, building on everything mentioned in the design parts of the book, starting with stenciling and moving to needles, tubes and cartridges along with several chapters on machines. Then some technique rudiments: Stretching, tightening & softening, starting magnum first, then some important words on ergonomics. This is followed by a long section showing some step-by-step tattooing processes, including detailed videos referring directly to the written content.

Q) Can I browse my Reinventing The Tattoo content on any device?

Q) Once I’ve subscribed, will I have to continue paying every year?

Q) If I purchased a subscription at the introductory rate, will I be able to renew it for the same price?

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This Is Not Tattoo School

To be clear, this is not a “learn how to tattoo at home” course. If you are looking for quick tricks and shortcuts around learning responsibly, this is not the place for you.

For over 2 decades, the Reinventing the Tattoo curriculum has helped countless tattooers find their path, prepare for the journey, and hit the ground running ! The book was first released in a three-ring binder way back in the nineties, and has blossomed into an interactive online course featuring hundreds of pages of in-depth chapters by artists working in a variety of styles, along with dozens of immersive tutorials and video workshops. This is further supported by the weekly live workshops and group critiques we have on our exclusive Reinventing Live channel where members of all skill levels can brush up on their fundamental drawing skills.

Megan Jean Morris: Process And Mindset

One of the new additions in the electronic edition of Reinventing is the chapter on the design needs of the client. Megan Jean Morris is known for her lush narrative imagery, which she conceives through a creative consultation process with her clients. Although her tattoo work is done in a realist style, the imagery is carefully customized to make every tattoo as unique and specific to the client as possible. One of her main goals is to come up with a concept that is not only right for the client but ideal for the artist as well.

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Tattoo Supplies And Equipment

Although our central focus is on promoting educational material for tattoo artists, we are also interested in carrying tattoo supplies and equipment that are not strictly educational but reflect an innovative attitude in helping to move the industry forward in terms of improving ergonomics and providing artists with more options in the way they do their work.

Don Mcdonald: Working With Large Stencils

Reinventing The Tattoo – seminars & education for tattooers & apprentices

Don McDonald is at a point in his career where he is laying out lots of sleeves and back pieces, which he likes to have drawn at full size and stenciled before each client arrives. Making a stencil fit perfectly based on a tracing is an art unto itself, which Don covers in detail along with practical steps for printing and assembling large machine-made stencils, then he demonstrates his smooth-as-silk method for getting the design flawlessly and reliably onto the skin.

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Free Sample Group Exercise

Reinventing the Tattoo members meet 2-4 times a month for group exercises. These live activities are a way for everyone to work together on a problem or project, and get direct feedback from their peers as well as Guy Aitchison. New exercises are created every week focused on design problems such as contrast, readability, line weight, etc. which can be drawn either digitally or in analog media by participants. Finished pieces are posted so that members can share and compare. We are also hosting regular group critiques and paint jams. Can you think of a better way to stay engaged with the tattoo community?

The 37 Best Tattoo Books

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, we may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases.

Are you eager to learn more about tattooing?

Then take a look at this list of the best tattoo books that will inspire you.

We found tattoo artist-recommended flash books filled with stunning tattoo designs and vintage tattoo stencils.

There are also autobiographies of top artists and books about the history of tattooing.

Plus, you can educate yourself about cultural tattoos around the world.

Any of these top tattoo books will look right at home in your studio, too.

Lets dive right into the reviews now.


  • Featuring the Best Tattoo Artists in the World!
  • 83 Artists 25 Interviews and over 800 Photos!
  • Tattoo Inspiration

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Halo: Taking The Digital Leap

From the first looseleaf edition of Reinventing in the late 1990’s, digital tools have been emphasized as a way of empowering artists to do more with their art, their portfolios and their careers. Adobe Photoshop has long been central to many artists working in the tattoo field, yet some artists feel intimidated by its apparent complexity and hesitate to take that leap. Guest writer Halo works to demystify Photoshop and show some of the most useful tools for a tattooist’s workflow in a way that is simple and easy to grasp. His chapter compliments and acts as a great introduction to the rest of the Photoshop chapters which follow.

Russ Abbott: Color Theory For Tattooists

Russ Got the tattoo industry’s attention last year with his innovative Abbott Color Wheel, which matches the Eternal pigment palette to a detailed color wheel, which has a number of moveable gamut masks for helping select pigments to compliment any color you want. The chapter he wrote for Reinventing The Tattoo takes this understanding of color down to the foundation, making it possible to think of color in a whole new light. He then demonstrates some very useful ways of auditioning different color schemes during the tattoo design process.

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