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Best Tattoo Places In Nyc

Sexy Tattoo Design Ideas

Best Tattoo Shops In NYC

It is sometimes the simplest tattoo designs for men which are the most beautiful. On occasion, yes. On other occasions, no. Browse these tattoo designs to make your own decision.

In ancient Egypt and Japan, tattoos were common. Ta Mko tattooing has been practiced by the Mori of New Zealand for centuries as a way to express who they are as individuals as well as who they are as a community.

Sena Tattoo New York City Ny

Step into the functional space at Sena Tattoo and youll immediately see the specialty of the tattoo artists heretraditional Japanese. Dragons feature prominently in the designs created by David Sena and the other tattoo artists at Sena Tattoo, but youll also find that the artists do beautiful lettering work with steady lines, intricate shaded portraits, and pieces with vibrant, striking color. Sena Tattoo also offers microblading.

Weekly R/tattoos Question/freetalk Thread January 01 2022

***Its question time!*** Part of our subreddits recent transformation includes a new weekly discussion thread! Ask any question youd like, and people from our community will give you their most honest opinions/answers. Please remember that most usual rules apply. Important rules: * No **aftercare/medical questions/advice** * No **pricing questions/advice** * Please be kind More

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Shocker Tattoo Co Albany Ny

Shocker Tattoo offers a traditional tattooing experience with highly professional staff capable of creating new tattoos, cover ups, or scar work. Any line work is clean and well placed on the body, colors and highlights add depth to unique designs, and tattoos are done with care and pride. Three artists are available in-house, with their portfolios predominately displayed online so you can schedule an appointment with the artist of your choosing.

How Can I Get A Tattoo


To get a tattoo in New York you have to be at least 18 years old and you have to show ID. Parents or legal guardians cannot vouch for minors. When you are ready to get tattooed you can either walk into the shop or set up an appointment by calling 917-261-7028 or using the Schedule An Appointment button at the bottom of this webpage. For larger pieces your first appointment may only be a consultation with the artist, .

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Looking To Remove Your Nyc Tattoo Lets Talk

The list above has just a sampling of all the incredible tattoo studios and artists that NYC has to offer. Of course, not every NYC tattoo can be a winner. Have a tattoo that reminds you of a decision youd rather forget, or just want to clear some space for your new piece of New York art? Book a consultation with the tattoo removal specialists at Removery today.

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Choosing The Best Tattooer

Regardless of the reason why you want to get tattooed, you should always have a realistic expectation in terms of the outcome. However, if you want the best results possible, you have to look for a talented and experienced tattooist. Some of the steps that can help you find the best tattooers in New York City are:

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Gristle Tattoo Brooklyn Ny

Get your next tattoo at a shop with a social conscienceGristle Tattoo uses only vegan ink and holds regular pet adoption fundraisers and events. At Gristle, youll find several very experienced tattoo artists with their own personal design flair, but with the overall focus of vibrant, strong colors, careful line work, watercolor, and custom microtattoos. Art shows are also held at Gristle, with scheduled openings listed on their Facebook page.

Why Was Tattooing Illegal In New York

Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woos Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ

Tattooing was banned in 1961 and got legalized again in 1997. The official reason for the ban was an hepatitis B outbreak, but some historians think that it was because of the preparations for the 1964 New York Worlds Fair. Ther are also theories about a vendetta from a policeman who fell in love with a tattoo artists wife.

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Best Tattoo Shops In Nyc

Apart from a means of expressing oneself, tattoos have symbolized freedom and individuality. Some people, however, are enamored with the art and the way tattoos should appear on ones skin.

This is how the best tattooers in top New York tattoo shops come into play. These tattooists use their creativity and skill in rendering wondrous images or minimal, yet catchy texts on an individuals skin.

A Good Nyc Tattoo Shop

I’m off to NYC in June and want to visit a good tattoo shop while visiting. I’m well aware of Wooster St Social club that is the shop used in the tv show NY INK but they are very good but also very pricey due to the shows popularity. I wondered if anybody knows of any other decent shops in the city?


Good tattoos cost money. Bad tattoos are cheap.

I appreciate that and don’t mind paying a good artist a good price because he or she are talented rather than because they’re on tv!

Thing is, all the great and good artists will do custom work, and you book appointments. For someone who doesn’t live in NYC, and what you’re probably wanting is more flash work, than custom work, then you’re not going to get the TV/Famous tattoo artist.

There is a great artist in London that I’d love him to do a half sleeve that I’ve got an idea of, and his waiting list to get an appointment is around 18 months. This is quite normal for the best of the best.

I’d personally find a good artist locally to yourself at home, if you’re going to get anything done, at least you can always go back somewhere, and get it touched up, and expanded upon, and eventually you’ll become a regular…. 😀

I had one the first time in LA. And Hawaii. Wish I had found a good studio in NYC. But not enough time.There are different. Reasons to get tattoo,s but getting a good one that you like is most important,not where you got it

Saying that you got a tattoo in NYC really doesn’t have any cachet…

Removed on

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Tattoo Shops In Nyc: More Faq

I have selected the most frequently asked questions about tattoo shops in NYC. You should give them a look to see if you find something of interest.

Q: If I am in NYC, can I just walk into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo?

A: This depends on the shop. Some of them are extremely busy and function only with appointments, but you might be lucky and find a free spot. However, since tattoos are forever, you might consider some research before going to get one.

Q: How much does a small tattoo in NYC cost?

A: The price is given by the complexity of the design. Even so, dont expect to pay less than $100.

Q: Are tattoos illegal in New York?

A: They are legal. However, it is illegal for an artist to tattoo a minor.

W West 46th Street New York

Best Tattoo In NYC

Humor is not always apparent among realistic tattooers, which is why its refreshing to see Zlata Kolomoyskaya inscribe wit into her seemingly flawless fine-line work. One of her recent pieces portrays a small boy in overalls, his hands on his hips, facing down a lion. Another shows a schnauzer dressed up in business attire. And her portraits of Malcolm X, Angelina Jolie and other famous folk are spot on.

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Best New York Tattoo Artists

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It shouldnt be a surprise to learn that many of the worlds best tattoo artists are New York tattoo artists. It is New York, after all. But when you take a good, hard look and see the sheer quality and beauty of the artwork on show amongst all of these great artists, the mind truly boggles.

New York City is a dream travel destination for many all around the world, and when you see just how high the quality of tattoo art is in NYC, it only fuels the fires more.

If You’re In The Mood To Elevate Your Look With Some Personal Body Art New York Is Ripe With Options

Tattoo parlors are back in action with the beginning of Phase Three in NYC. Whether you’d like to get inked to remember this time or move on from it, we’ve compiled a list of the top spots around the city to make your vision a reality. Find shops with experienced, creative artists, clean and comfortable spaces that adhere to social distancing guidelines and unique atmospheres that make each place stand out.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Vicki at Studio 28 is the REAL DEAL, y’all. I made a spontaneous, last-minute appointment to get a daith piercing and it truly couldn’t have been a better experience. COVID procedures were followed to the letter, and Vicki is a trauma-informed piercer so she did an amazing job

K. Ramsey

Amazing shop. Super clean and modern space. Everyone is super accommodating and friendly. I honestly can’t wait to go back and get more work done with Bo. They have everything you need from the first inquiry to the aftercare supplies. Highly recommend.”

Matthew R.

It was my first piercing so they were happy to explain things multiple times and answer all of my questions. My appointment was with Kirsten who was very kind and super informative. Best of all, they were extremely thorough with their safety protocols pertaining to COVID…

Chris G.

After a couple reschedules due to the COVID 19 pandemic I finally got my piece and couldnt be more ecstatic about it! Its better than I wanted . Rafael was more than professional and does astounding work. To tell the truth every artist in this shop does great work. Will definitely be going back soon !!…

Hollis K.

“Very clean place, very professional and the artists are great! Its worth taking a trip from the Bronx to get work here”

Johnny M.

Kailyn E.

Last Rites Tattoo Theatre

Clash City Tattoo Shop in New York NY offering Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Hells KitchenOf course this ode to the macabre would be in Hells Kitchen. Here, memento mori abounds across three floors and 5,000 square feet of space. Gothic candelabras illuminate blood-red drapery, cemetery-style decorative gates, and all manner of skeleton detritus. Founder Paul Booth has a four-and-a-half year wait list, but each of the four artists who share the space also specialize in the dark arts.Appointment only. Cash or credit. $400 deposit for appointments, no religious icons.

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Bowery New York 844 North Broadway Massapequa Ny

Kings Avenue is the reigning place in New York City for Japanese sleeves. To get an appointment with Mike Rubendall, the owner, youll probably have to add your name to a wait list. But the roughly 20 artists working with him are skilled at a variety of styles and may be easier to book. For neo-traditional florals, felines or undersea creatures, Becca Genne Bacon can deliver.

+ Lovely Leg Tattoos For Girls

30+ Lovely Leg Tattoos For Girls | Simple Leg Tattoo Designs | Tattoos Designs 2021 For Girls Cute and Simple Leg Tattoos For Girls Beautiful Leg Tattoos For Women 2021 Check out the latest video of Lovely Leg Tattoos For Girls 2021. Thanks For Watching. Do Share & Subscribe For More Videos Follow More

  • Snakes thigh tattoo by Olie Siiz, founder of Siiz Atelier in Warsaw, Poland. The post Snakes first appeared on Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women, 7000+ Designs. More

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    Expert Tattoos & Piercings

    Uncharted Tattoo opened its doors in 2017 in Bryant Park, Manhattan, NYC. The shop owner, Yang Lee, has over ten years of experience as a tattoo artist, tattoo shop owner, and piercer. All artists at this studio are seasoned professionals who consistently create clean custom tattoos. The artists specialize in American and Asian traditional, illustrative and micro-style tattoos.

    Walk-ins and appointments are both welcome.

    Hours: 7 days a week from 12 pm – 10 pm.

    Location: 1024 6th Ave., Fl 3, New York, NY 10018.

    The 5 Best Tattoo Parlors In New York City

    Best Tattoo Shops In NYC: Enjoy The Best Body Art In The ...

    Believe it or not, there was a time in the Big Apple when running a tattoo shop was as illicit an endeavor as operating a brothel thanks to a 36-year ban on the trade which finally came to an end in 1997 when the City Council brought the art form out of dingy and poorly-lit backrooms and into the well-maintained and professional studios people have come to expect today.

    With the legality of getting tattooed no longer a problem, the next hurdle for those wanting to add flourishes to their skin involves not only choosing something that they can live with for a lifetime, but also finding both an artist and a tattoo shop capable of providing a safe, trustworthy and as pain-free a process as humanly possible.

    Inked Magazine noted in 2015 that there were 277 tattoo parlors operating in New York City’s five boroughs. With each individual shop then having several artists on hand, people have been forced to consider thousands of different variables and techniques for one single tattoo.

    Have no fear. We’ve sifted through the imagery, artists, and aesthetics of the shops themselves and settled on a list of five places that should be on your radar should you find yourself in New York City and become inspired to add a little ink to your skin.

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    How Much Does It Cost

    We have a minimum of $100 for any tattoo. This is to cover the cost of the supplies involved in the procedure, overhead and the tattoo artist’s time. If the tattoo takes longer than an hour an hourly rate will apply. Piercings are $50, which includes basic jewelry. We accept cash and credit cards for payments and tips.

    The Best New York Tattoo Artists

    So, who are some of the best tattoo artists in New York? Where can they be found, and what kind of art do they specialise in?

    Weve put together here a list of ten of the best tattoo artists in New York City for you to browse and enjoy. Next time you visit New York, give them a call . Here are ten of the best tattoo artists in New York.

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    St Marks Place New York

    Calling Fun City Tattoo the best tattoo parlor on St. Marks Place is a little unfair. Its the only really good tattoo parlor on St. Marks Place, and one of the best in the city. The owner and lead tattooer is Big Steve, whose sexy roses, fear-stoking snakes and big birds blend elements of black-and-gray realism and American traditional tattooing. His wait list is growing, but two associates Preston Taylor and Simone Sorbi are also excellent.

    Allied Tattoo Brooklyn Ny

    No Idols Tattoo – Chinatown NYC – Seeking quality tattooers for guests and residencies.

    If an American traditional design is what youre looking for, then Allied Tattoo is the top choice in New York. The artists portfolios at Allied Tattoo include old school pinups, recognizable cartoon characters, and brightly colored animals. Work with the professional artists and staff to create your ideal tattoo, and dont forget to bring cash as cards are not accepted.

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    Mischief Tattoo Staten Island Ny

    When checking out Mischief Tattoos portfolio, youll notice the theme of black and greyscale tattoos with precise lines and careful shading providing depth. Predominant styles are feminine, fine line, and realism. In addition to the several very experienced tattoo artists on staff, Mischief Tattoo frequently hosts guest tattoo artists, which they announce via Instagram.

    Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

    Specialty: American traditional

    Bert Krak opened up Smith Street Tatoo Parlour in Brooklyn in 2008 alongside fellow artist/owners Steve Boltz and Eli Quinters – with artist Dan Santoro coming on board shortly after.

    Unlike other shops where artists are insulated and only focus on their own work, the foursome is very much invested in the techniques and executions of their shopmates.

    “Almost every tattoo that gets done – good or bad – we show off to each other,” Santoro says. “I think it’s a really good thing. I’ve worked in shops where I couldn’t even tell you the last tattoo that I saw of an artist for months. You kind of work in your corner of the shop, finish the tattoo, put a bandage on it, ‘see ya’ later.’ There’s no fun in that. I wanna see it. I wanna see what you’re doing. I wanna see if you did something that I should have been thinking about.”

    When asked what makes a good tattoo, Krak said, “Clean outline, proper amount of black, proper amount of skin highlights. Something that you can tell what it looks like from five feet away, so you dont have to get right on top of it to see what it is.”

    For those wanting something that harken back to the days when tattoos truly represented the counter-culture, look not further than Smith St.

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    Smith Street Tattoo Parlor

    Address: 411 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Source: Smith Street Tattoo Parlour. See more on .

    Signs out front of this Carroll Gardens studio state Look no Further, Youve Found It! and that is definitely the case if youre looking for a high-quality NYC tattoo. The no-frills front reveals a gem once you step inside Smith Street Tattoo Parlour is one of the most renowned tattoo parlors in the city.

    And Artist, Bert Krak, and Steve Boltz founded SSTP in 2008. The dedicated team has served the highest-quality traditional tattoos since. The artist roster also includes Eli Quinters and Frank William. Fans come from all over the world for their old-fashioned traditional American tattoos.

    Whether youre looking for color-saturated designs or simple black and grey, the tattoos here stand out. The shop commits to tattoos that look good from the moment you get them to 20 years later, which often means simple designs with intense attention to detail.

    In the same neighborhood as Smith Street, Removery has a tattoo removal studio. You can get your old tattoo faded for a cover up down the road. Book a free consultation with Removery today.

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