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How To Become A Licensed Eyebrow Tattoo

How To Become A Certified And Licensed Microblading Artist

Eyebrow Tattoo Update & Second Treatment Results!

Thick natural-looking brows have been all the rage for a number of years. The 2010s displaced the thin brow fad with a more natural, fuller brow.

Microblading may be the solution sparse brows. It can even create natural-looking brows for people who suffered hair loss from diseases like alopecia or treatments such as chemotherapy.

Microblading popped off in recent years as an answer to thin or thinning brows.

Microblading technicians are a rapidly growing career field. As a skilled microblading technician, you will be in charge of your schedule and make an excellent salary. The average salary for a microblading artist is between 50,000 and 80,000 a year.

Currently, microblading is a several billion-dollar industry worldwide with an anticipated 40 % growth in the next year. Are you ready for an exciting a lucrative new career in beauty?

Keep reading to learn how you can pursue a career in microblading.

How To Get Certified To Do Permanent Makeup

Around 36% of American adults have at least one tattoo.

Permanent makeup, a form of tattooing, has soared in popularity as its perfect for those allergic to makeup and saves time if you have a hectic schedule.

If you want to learn how to get certified to do permanent makeup, youve come to the right place. Heres everything you need to know.

Get Licensed By Your State

Licensing requirements vary by location and may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to do your homework and comply with all applicable laws governing your area.

These laws exist to protect the consumer from damages due to unskilled microblading practitioners. Licensing may seem like a bit of a hassle, but it protects you too. Licensing requirements mean that you are less likely to be faced with competition from those who are unqualified. Your clients will have peace of mind, and you will too, with less concerns about liability, knowing that you have done everything properly.

Remember, in learning and becoming certified, you not only set yourself up to make beautiful brows, but you are growing yourself as a successful business. It is very important to do everything right, and legally, from the very beginning.

You wont need to be licensed before you become trained, but you can start investigating the requirements now. Keep in mind that you need to follow up thoroughly about the information that you may find online. Because microblading is still relatively new compared to other beauty related services, the laws governing microblading are still developing and changing.

The links in the section here can get you started, but even if you believe you found all answers online, it is best to call the licensing authority and actually speak with someone to ensure that you have the most current information and requirements.

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What Are The Education Requirements For Permanent Makeup Artists

Being able to use tattoo needles is a very specialized skill that may make you an in-demand beauty and body art professional. Tattooing and permanent makeup application are very similar careers. They use the same tools, the same pigments, and often have overlapping clientele. Given the equipment you work with in this field and the fact that body art is permanent, it should come as no surprise that you have to meet some very strict education requirements before you start your career.

Sanitation and hygiene are extremely important subjects in any cosmetology career, but they are of particular focus in these fields. Tattoo needles can spread infection and pathogens extremely easily if they are not sanitized and stored properly. Your education will likely spend quite a bit of time on the subject.

Properly using tools and pigments for different looks and designs should be the focus of the rest of your program. Of course, the techniques you cover will depend on whether you want to study tattooing or permanent makeup. Overall training requirements differ quite a bit between states. Some only require you to complete a sanitation and hygiene program, while others require hundreds of hours in an approved tattooing program.

Social Media Is Hugely Important And Shouldnt Be Underestimated In Growing Your Reputation And The Excitement Around Your Brand


Social media is hugely important and shouldnt be underestimated in growing your reputation and the excitement around your brand. Use your twitter and facebook accounts to share approved client photos and industry news and trends.

Find your niche and follow celebrities and influencers in it. For example, Lou Teasdale , Anastasia Beverly Hills and Charlotte Tilbury , as well as tattooist Bang Bang on Instagram .

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What Is The Structure Of The Course

The course runs over a period of 7 weeks.

In the first 5 days of the 5 weeks , you will be taught by our tutors who are experts in the beauty industry who will go through the theory of microblading and practical elements of performing the procedure. This allows you to gain full knowledge and have hands-on experience practicing on fake skin to perfect the art of microblading.

The final 2 days over the last 2 weeks are for the practical assessment and written test. This is where you will be tested to see how well you have learned during the course and how well you perform before we qualify you to get out there and perform on your clients.

The class hours are from 10 am to 4 pm and the class size is up to 8 students in one class so you will be able to receive more support and guidance during tutorials.

We structure our course to be manageable and worth your money so you get the best training. You can find out more information on our course here and register to get on your way to becoming a microblading technician by getting in touch with us today on 02074866291 or by emailing us at

Look For An Apprenticeship

Its always excellent if you could start as an apprentice immediately after obtaining your microblading certification. There is a big list of places that you can look for a job, and a bit of extra exercise and experience is a great thing to have. Unless you obtained a certificate from prestigious academies such as the PhiBrows certificate, you should consider taking an exam powered by the AAM or SPCP. You can do this via their online shop, and the prices go between $252 and $310.

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How To Become A Microblading Artist In Texas In : Your Ultimate Guide To Success

Whether youre a newbie in the world of cosmetics or youre planning to kick-start a career in microblading, you are on the right page. In this article, well let you in on the secrets of how to become a microblading artist in Texas. Well also discuss the ins and outs of the industry and how you can make your name as a microblading artist!

Diploma And Certification Programs And Classes

Eyebrow Tattoo Microblading! Korean freehand process, experience, cost… worth it?

Whether or not a program in permanent makeup is required for registration/licensure purposes, all individuals with aspirations of becoming a permanent makeup artist can benefit from the completion of a diploma or certificate program through an accredited school.

A permanent makeup artist training program teaches students through both theory and practical classes, which often include hands-on training in student clinic environments. Although specific classes and curriculum structure vary from one program to the next, classes in a permanent makeup artistry program likely include study in:

  • Safety, sterilization, and sanitation
  • Procedure room/station setup
  • Topical anesthesia
  • Technical application of permanent cosmetics
  • Permanent makeup tools
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Color theory and color mixing
  • Skin types and colors

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Why Should You Start A Career In The Permanent Makeup Industry

I love being a permanent makeup artist. Though it can be a high stakes job with no room for mistakes, if you work well under pressure like I do, you can change lives.

There are many benefits to choosing this very unique profession. First of all, the fact that its a highly specialized profession means there is less competition, and I mean real competition. For example, there are far fewer permanent makeup artists than there are hair stylists. As a result, permanent makeup artists can charge more for their services and as a result have higher incomes. The demand for permanent cosmetics is increasing year after year as the technology and pigments become more and more advanced and the social appeal towards the techniques are growing in popularity.

Also, this job gives you the freedom to be your own boss when youre ready. According to a 2016 survey from the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, 87.1% of permanent makeup professionals who took the survey are self-employed and almost another 20% are independent contractors. In the last 4 years, as we enter into 2020 we have only seen these statistics increase.

The following estimates in the linked survey are moderate, and unfortunately in 2016 not many people were using Nanoneedling so most of the numbers are reflecting

Why Is Microblading A Sought

Women and even men inside and outside the United States are going crazy about eyebrow makeovers because of the benefits they get from microblading, like:

  • They save time doing their eyebrow routine.
  • They dont have to worry about their brows being wet when swimming, going to the spa, or the gym.
  • Besides saving time, they also save money in buying brow pencils, gels, or tints.
  • No more overplucking, over tweezing, waxing, or threading of eyebrows.
  • They get eyebrows that are always camera-ready.

Therefore attending training and workshops on how to become a microblading artist would definitely be an excellent career game-changer.

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How Long Will It Take To Qualify As A Permanent Makeup Artist

The answer is different for each person, but the average time required to become a qualified permanent Makeup artist is 2-3 years. The first year of training is spent learning about the industry and developing your skills. Its important that you learn how to work with clients in order to build rapport and trust. During this time youll also be practicing on models and doing trial runs on real people.

Take The Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Eyebrow Tattooing

The process of microblading involves breaking the client’s skin in small, shallow scratching movements to allow the tattooing process. This means that it is vital for microblading professionals to understand the risks involved with cross contamination and the transmission of bloodbourne pathogens like Hepatitis B and HIV. That is why both AMM and SPCP require students to complete a bloodbourne pathogens course. The purpose is to create a healthier public through shared knowledge and training. This course costs approximately $25 and takes an hour, on average, to complete.

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What Can I Earn As A Full Face Permanent Makeup Artist

The cosmetics and cosmetics industry is a valuable and expanding market. Many technicians work as solo traders, which provides them more flexibility in their schedules and thus a wide range of earnings.

Depending on their marketability, customer base, reputation, qualifications and experience, and whether they work individually or for a company, a successful technician can earn tens of thousands of dollars. Services can cost anything from $75 to $800, with some elite consultants costing as much as $1,000 for labour, indicating how lucrative the business can be.

While a competent technician may earn more than $100,000 per year, the typical annual pay is considered to be between $30,000 and $50,000. This is much more than a typical makeup artist in the United States, who earns $20,158 per year. This reflects the perception that cosmetic tattooing is a specialised field.

Us State Regulatory Information

In order to become a microblading artist and work legally in your state, you have to get informed about laws and regulations in the permanent makeup business. To become certified, you will need to complete microblading training, but in most states, you also need to become licensed.

Since permanent makeup is still new, most states require a tattoo license for those who plan to practice microblading legally. Some states require you to obtain an establishment license, while in others you need to complete an apprenticeship program. Microblading license requirements are different in every state.

Find your state on the list and check if you need a license to practice microblading. Bear in mind that these laws vary by county, so you will also have to check with local offices to get informed about the laws in your area.

Cosmetology or esthetician license for microblading NO Bloodborne Pathogen Training YESTattoo License YES

Alabama regulates permanent makeup as body art, so for microblading business, you need to have a tattoo license and a body art license for the facility where you work. Also, it is up to each countys health department to issue licenses and permits.

Find out more about microblading license and regulations in Alabama by following these links:

Cosmetology or esthetician license for microblading NOBloodborne Pathogen Training YESTattoo License YES

Cosmetology or esthetician license for microblading NOBloodborne Pathogen Training YES

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How To Do The Procedure

As mentioned, a microblader or microblading expert performs the procedure by using small handheld tools. The microblading expert implants pigmentunderneath the topmost layer of the epidermis as they make tiny cuts on the eyebrow skin. After that, the microblader creates hair-like strokes that mimic the brow hair and make the sparse eyebrows thicker and natural-looking.

Unlike the traditional tattooing wherein the tattoo artist inserts the ink deep into the skin, a microblading expert implants the pigment under the outermost layer of the skin. The pigment implantation is crucial because if its too deep, it will become a permanent tattoo. On the other hand, if its too shallow, the pigment fades out and wont last long, failing to achieve the 3D brow effect.

How Much Money Can You Make

REVIEW: Eyebrow Tattoo/ Permanent Makeup Experience

Newly trained eyebrow techs in the United States currently make about $11.30 an hour, however, if you choose to become a licensed esthetician in addition to brow tech training, you can just about double your hourly rate. See Chapter 1 for in-depth information on becoming an esthetician.You can check average brow technician salaries for your state with EstheticianEdu.orgs searchable web page.

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Everything You Have Always Wanted To Know About Training In Permanent Makeup

These classes are for newcomers to the field of Permanent Makeup, including those with no prior experience or a background in the beauty industry, as well as those new to a specific Permanent Makeup procedure. Our core beginning training courses cover theory, technique, and practical skill sets, giving you the information and tools you need to jumpstart your career as a Permanent Makeup or Microblading Artist.

Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Courses

Do you want to get in on the hottest semi-permanent eyebrow treatment by training as a microblading artist, but don’t know where to start?

Let’s begin by explaining that microblading, microstroking or eyebrow embroidery, as it’s sometimes known, is an artistic treatment. You’ll need patience, skill and a lot of practice to become a really good microblading artist. The best microblading course can help to speed the process but there is no substitute for dedication to your craft and time spent refining the skills that you learn in the microblading class.

Once qualified though, the rewards can be substantial. Treatments by accredited and insured technicians are charged at between £300 and £1000, depending upon reputation and area. There’s no huge investment in equipment or materials other than preparing your treatment area. It’s also a treatment that can make a lasting difference to clients with damaged, over-plucked or badly shaped brows and it can bring a huge amount of job satisfaction.

In theory, you don’t need to be qualified to perform microblading but, in practice, you won’t be able to get a licence for your premises or treatment insurance if you do not have proper training. Performing the treatment while unlicensed and uninsured leaves you exposed to legal action and it is, at the least, irresponsible, to carry out any invasive treatment with lasting effects, if you have not had the proper training.

How is Microblading different to Machine Tattooing?

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Is Microblading A Good Business

Yes, a microblading business can be a highly profitable career.

From a business point of view, what makes microblading such a good career opportunity is the fact that the demand exceeds the supply, so with a good business plan and a lot of hard work, constant evolving and dedication, each newly trained artist can succeed.

Anybody whos willing to put an effort into learning the skill can get training and become a microblading artist, regardless of your current profession or previous education.

Starting any business from scratch requires an initial investment, but with microblading, it is relatively small and pays off. It implies paying for a quality training course at a certified academy or trainer.

An average price of a live training course is around $3000. There are also online courses priced at around $1600. With the current price of a microblading session at anywhere from $200 to $1000+ , this investment can be reimbursed relatively quickly.

How Do I Renew My Tattoo/ Permanent Makeup License

Eyebrow Tattooing

If your state requires licensure, it is likely that it also expects you to renew your license if you want to keep working as a permanent makeup artist or a tattoo artist. States that do license permanent makeup artists typically require renewal every two years. However, some states require renewal as rarely as every three years or as often as every one year.

You should find that this process is a lot easier than the one you go through to get your first license. The renewal application is generally shorter than the initial licensing application, and fees tend to be lower as well.

Quite a few states require continuing education for beauty professionals who use tattoo needles. Depending on the state you live in, you may be expected to take courses in sanitation and hygiene or in the proper use of tattooing equipment. To get your license renewed, you may have to supply proof of these hours.

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