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What Sunscreen Is Best For Tattoos

H2ocean Surfers Choice Tattoo Sunscreen Spf 50 Uva/uvb Sunscreen

10 Best Sunscreens for Tattoos 2022 | Which Sunscreen Is Best To Safe Your Tattoos From Fading!

H2Ocean Surfers Choice Tattoo Sunscreen SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sunscreens is the first ever tinted sunscreen for surfers, made with pure zinc oxide. H2Ocean has 10 years of experience in the surf industry developing products that offer pure protection from sun damage whilst allowing surfers to express their personality and creativity through their tattoos.

Surfers Choice Tattoo Sunscreen is a water-resistant & non-greasy lotion that doesnt leave behind any slippery residue. The SPF 50 protects skin from UVA & UVB rays by blocking the suns harmful rays. This will help to shield your tattoo and ensure protection against fading, blemishes, and premature aging. This will keep your ink looking vibrant and healthy throughout the day.

This product has many advantages over other tattoo products. It is not greasy or sticky and it contains no parabens or chemicals that can irritate the skin. It leaves no greasy or shiny residue behind and is 100% recyclable, which means that you don t have to throw it out as long as you don t use it every single day.

H2ocean Surfers Choice Tattoo Care Sunscreen

From the brand H2Ocean, we have their spray of good SPF 50. This formula is water-proof and protects the body and face skin well. It leaves the skin glowing and looking healthy and fresh. It is hypoallergenic as well because its fit for all skin types. You will enjoy its waterproof effect for at least 80 minutes, and your skin will be softened due to the aloe vera extract.

Package total weight is 6 ounces.


  • For face and body both
  • All skin types
  • Effect at least 80 minutes
  • Glowing, fresh feeling of the skin
  • Enriched with aloe vera
  • It could require reapplying / respraying if you need the effect for a longer time

The Best For Sensitive Skin: Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Spf 30


Aveeno products are well known worldwide for their quality and are endorsed by many dermatologists. I thought Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen is the best choice if you have sensitive skin.

It has prebiotic oat, which helps the skin be healthy and supple while it protects skin from sun damage. I personally thought it is excellent for fresh tattoo protection!

This tattoo sunscreen lotion has SPF 30 and has UVA/UVB rays protection. I found it is also water-resistant, non-allergenic, and chemical-free. It has a thin formula which I found to be easily absorbed by the skin, preventing clogged pores.


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Best Sunscreen For Tattoos 2021

Sunlight is one of the worse things for your expensive tattoo. In just a matter of hours, the ultraviolet rays can deeply dull the vibrancy of the ink colors, and age a tattoo quickly. Many people dont realize that sun exposure doesnt just happen at the beach or summer festivities. For instance, you can overexpose the tattoos on your left arm or shoulder while driving.

Luckily, several affordable sunscreen products specifically made to increase your tattoos life are easily available. Keeping one in your car, purse, or pocket is a good idea to avoid the sun-related oversight.

But all sunscreens are not made equal, some work better than others. And with such an overabundance of brands and products, choosing the best sunscreen for tattoos can be confusing and time-consuming. To solve this issue, we have a put together list of the most popular, highest rated sunscreens that are ideal for use on your tattooed skin.

Using Sunscreen On Tattooed Skin

Best Sunscreen for Tattoos

When applying sunscreen on the tattooed area, make sure that you rub it in evenly to absorb the right amount into your skin. It shouldn’t leave white spots all over your tattoos. Make sure you cover every bit of ink on your body . Sunscreen for tattoos should be applied about every four hours. It is important to reapply it after swimming or getting wet, as well as when you sweat excessively .

The best sunscreen for new tattoos is no sunscreen at all. You shouldn’t use sunscreen on new or just healing tattoos, as this could stop the tattoo from healing normally.

Another thing to consider is sunscreen sprays. These are easy to apply on tattoos without getting your hands greasy but they may not be the best option. The sprays are not as effective as the lotions with the same sunscreen ingredients.

Many sunscreens can leave a white residue that will clog your pores or change the look of your tattoos. It also needs to feel good against the skin, so check how it feels on your skin before purchasing.

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Do I Need To Protect My Tattoo From The Sun

Now that we know you can, in fact, wear a sunscreen over the top of the tattoo, heres another question which you may not know the answer to: do I need to protect my tattoo from the Sun? While many people worry about the effects of sunscreen itself on their tattoos, not many consider the potential damage cause by the Sun, and this is something worth looking at, too.

The truth is that yes, over time and repeated sun exposure whilst your skin is unprotected, your tattoo can fade much faster than it otherwise would. The reason for this is to do with the fact that, whenever you go outside, your skin absorbs the ultraviolet rays emitted by the Sun, and this is what causes all the problems associated with sun damage. As well as this damage, the UV rays can also interfere with the pigments in your ink, as they will basically break up the bonds holding it together.

For this reason, its actually important to wear a sunscreen all over your body to protect your skin from the Sun but preserving your tattoo should also be an incentive. Here are some of the best sunscreens for your tattoos.

Best Sunscreens For Tattoos In 2022 Recommended By Experts

Sunscreens are considered a staple when people are concerned with their skin health. For those who spend most of the time outdoors always have to apply a good quality sunscreen to stay away from skin damages caused by the direct sunlight.

Though most of us know the level of SPF that is necessary for our skin depending on the outdoor conditions and our skin type, the matter becomes a bit tricky if you have tattooed skin. To keep your skin as well as your tattoos safe from getting affected by sun rays, the best sunscreens for tattoos must be selected carefully.The sunscreens which are suitable for tattooed skin are usually safe to use on tattoos without affecting the color and features of tattoos whether you have lots of shading or just lines, the skin and the tattoo ink would not be affected when you have the best possible sunscreen applied carefully.

For our readers who need to know which sunscreens are the best- here is our complete guide that will leave you with the most suitable options to get acquainted, for protecting your tattooed skin.

These are the best Japanese sunscreens weve found so far. Check them out now!

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The Importance Of Sun Care With Tattoos

You must take sun safety seriously. Exposure to the sun can create serious damage to your skin including premature aging and of course, cancer.

If you have a tattoo, wearing a sunblock for tattoos is even more important.

The UV rays can easily cause your tattoo to fade over time at a much quicker rate than those not spending time outdoors.

If your tattoos are light in color, it will fade quicker than those of darker colors, but all colors can and will eventually fade with time.

You could use any sunscreen that contains an SPF of at least 30 if you want the maximum protection for your tats.

Be sure you also choose a brand that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

What Are The Hazardous Ingredients That I Should Be Vary Of In Sunscreen For Tattoos

Tattoo Product Review: After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion | INKADEMIC

Some substandard sunscreens might come with hazardous ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate. The oxybenzone ingredient has the potential to get absorbed well into the bloodstream and more than the FDA approved threshold. Para-aminobenzoic is also not desirable as it can cause allergic dermatitis.

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Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

sunscreens are the most important thing to protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. These days, many people suffer from skin cancer. Thats why, we offer this BLUE LIZARD Australian Sunscreen, which is an Australian company that can provide very high quality and effective sunscreens. With these sunscreens, you can make sure your skin will be protected from dangerous UVA and UVB radiation. And this sunscreen is also perfect for kids, pregnant women, and people with sensitive skin.

This sunscreen is a must-have item for all travelers regardless of where they are going or what time of year they are traveling. Its a simple form of protection that feels great on the skin and has virtually no odor. Protection from harmful UV rays while enjoying your travels.

How To Protect Your Tattoo From The Sun


Wear sunscreen: Sunblock is the number one form of protection for your tattoo. Applying sunblock will help prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, blotchy complexions, and other skin-caused damage. Any sunblock is better than no sunblock when it comes to preparing your ink for the sun, but most artists will suggest using a fragrance-free sunscreen with 30-50 SPF . Whatever sunscreen you would normally use without a tattoo is fine whether chemical or physical. According to Nussbaum, SPF is a critical part of protecting your tattoo against UV rays. “The most important thing when choosing a sunscreen is to make sure it is broad-spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVA, which penetrates deeper than UVB rays, causing free radical damage, and UVB rays, which damage the cell’s DNA and burn the skin,” she says. “Sunburns and chronic UV exposure can damage the appearance of tattoos over time and lead to fading, wrinkles, and dullness/dryness.” Nussbaum also says it’s safe to put sunscreen on a healed tattoo, but fresh ink will need to heal first . Be sure to reapply your sunblock every two hours to ensure a continuous and solid layer of protection.

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Tattoo Care Sunscreen Spf 30

Here is another sunscreen formula that offers UVB and UVA protection to all types of skin. Its the right sunscreen and tattoo tanning lotion for sensitive skin because its formulated with natural ingredients.The natural ingredients help you maintain moisturized skin and help your tattooed skin heal faster.Some of the natural ingredients include Vitamin E and Calendula, which helps to prevent the tattoo from fading easily.This sunscreen is not only meant to prevent the skin from damage from the sun, but it also serves as a tattoo protecting ointment. It helps the tattoo retain its ink for a very long time. Moreover, its water-resistant, which makes it safe to apply anytime. If you are looking for the best sunscreen for a tattoo, this one is certainly up there as one of the best.

Kiss My Face Tattoo Shade Sunscreen Spf 30 Sunblock Lotion

Best Sunscreen for Tattoos

If you want to protect your tattoos with a natural formulation, this is a great option.

Its cruelty-free blended with Vitamin E, green tea, and carrot extracts.

Youll enjoy a water resistance of 40 minutes and it contains no fragrance.

Its also free of Oxybenzone, Parabens, Phthalates, Glutens and artificial fragrances.

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Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen On Your Tattoos

You may not think tattoos have anything to do with sunscreen, but its so important to wear sunscreen on your tattoos, especially when youre out in the sun. Keep reading to find out why and what kind of sunscreen works perfectly with ink.

Getting a new tattoo is a usually an exciting experience that can also be pretty expensive, so youll want to protect that beautiful investment as much as possible. While its important to apply sunscreen every day whether you have tattoos or not protecting your tattoo from the sun is extra important.

When Can You Put Sunscreen On A New Tattoo

Experts advise waiting 4 to 6 weeks before applying any sunscreen on your tattoo. This time is given for the tattoo to heal fully, so that the epidermis recovers to protect the much more sensitive dermis layer of the skin. Once the tattoo is fully healed, you should apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

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What Happens If You Get A Sunburn On Your Tattoo

Depending on the type of ink used for your tattoo, prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage your tattoo permanently. In addition, sunburnt tattoos can cause several complications if they are not taken care of.

All types of tattoo ink fade from sun exposure. However, some inks fade more quickly than others. For example, light-colored inks tend to fade faster than dark-colored inks. White pastel ink is regarded to fade the fastest, but black and gray ink can also fade over time if not adequately protected. Furthermore, sunburn on old tattoos causes them to change, scarring your skin permanently. This is why tattoo aftercare is essential.

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen

Getting A Tattoo In The Summer | How to Protect Your Tattoo From The Sun

The Sun Bum brand has produced a sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 that is also vegan and eco-friendly. There are no harmful ingredients here like oxybenzone and octinoxate, as the manufacturer labeled, so your skin will get good ingredients as nourishment. The formula is enriched with vitamin E, and it is suitable for everyday skincare too. The scent is refreshing and pleasant, and its a non-greasy formula good for all skin types.

Package dimensions are 4 x 6 x 2 inches, with a total weight of 9.6 ounces.


  • Needs more amount and reapplying for ultimate protection

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Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Spf 30

Drunk Elephants broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen goes on sheer and also combats against radical and oxidative skin damage. Its formula is packed full of antioxidants and it’s infused with natural oils that not only provide nutrients to your tattooed skin but also give this a soft and pleasant scent with no added fragrances.

Drunk Elephant prides itself on having formulated a sunscreen without chemicals or silicones, and ensures that its sunscreen is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. It is non-irritating, cruelty-free, and also combats natural skin aging through its ultra moisturizing properties.

People love this sunscreen, saying, Great product! At last, after trying many physical sunscreens I have found the best! ! After searching and searching for a physical sunscreen that contains 20% zinc, leaves NO white cast, blends in lovely like a rich moisturiser Doesn’t feel heavy at all.


  • 30 SPF is the lowest recommended amount for tattoo sun protection

Waxhead Huge Zinc Stick Sunscreen Reef Safe

The unscented sunscreen for the tattoo is safe for all users. It is 3.7 ounces and comes with 25% non-nano Zinc Oxide. The item is not only suitable for adults you can usually apply it to your kids skin. Oily, sensitive, dry, or average, you can try it on any skin type if you want. The product is worth it for any skin tone or age.

Safe to use

The product has natural ingredients and has 25 % non-nano zinc oxide. That means the sunscreen is safe for adults. There is no oxybenzone. You will also not get any petrochemicals. So it is clear that sunscreen is safe to use for any skin type, even in sensitive skin.

Best for tattoo protection

If you want to get the UVA and UVBs full coverage, you need to apply the item regularly on the skin. It is also gluten-free and cruelty-free. The sunscreen is not sticky and stays on the skin so easily. Get the best-moisturized skin with the help of sunscreen for tattoos.


Kids also need protection from the sun. As a careful parent, you should buy sunscreen for your children and apply the item to their skin. It is very smooth and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. So your children will not feel any itchiness. Give your babies the best summertime by using sunscreen.


  • 30 SPF factors protect your skin from sunburn.
  • Easy to apply with the stick.
  • Water resistance and non-toxic.
  • Give the best result for all skin tones.


  • Consumers may find it thick to apply on the face.
  • Sometimes it remains visible even after rubbing much.

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Shop The Best Sunscreens For Tattoos

In a hurry? Here are the best sunscreens for tattoos:

A tattoo doesn’t make you immune to sunburn, Dr. Fenton warns. If you’re not able to see any red skin through the tattoo, “Often the first sign is when you put it under warm water in the shower â it will feel hot and burn,” he explains. For a new tattoo or a burn that’s so bad it blisters or starts to scab, Dr. Fenton recommends treating the skin with Aquaphor Healing Ointment. The fragrance-free ointment soothes irritation while creating a protective barrier to help your skin retain moisture. If your sunburn isnât on a newer tattoo, Dr. Fenton says you can treat it as you would a sunburn on non-tattooed skin, using an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or aloe gel.

Relevant Review:“I’ve used Aquaphor for every tattoo I’ve ever gotten, and I swear by it for getting past the peeling, itchy, dry stage.”


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