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Best Laser Tattoo Removal Pen

Picosure Tattoo Removal Laser By Cynosure

Best 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Pen With Price | Best Laser Tattoo Removal In The World
  • Price Range: $$$$$
  • Best For: tattoos and stubborn skin conditions
  • Home Use: No, commercial buyers only

We couldnt write this guide without including the PicoSure, which is one of the few aesthetic picosecond lasers with an amazing track record. According to Cynosure, clinical data shows better tattoo clearance in fewer treatments.

The PicoSure uses a Focus Lens Array to treat a range of pigmentary conditions, including tattoos. The 755nm wavelength tackles blacks, blues and greens, while the 532nm wavelength will work on reds, oranges and yellows.

Unfortunately, you need to be a professional with a clinic to buy this machine. You also need up to $100,000 spare to buy it second hand. Yep, thats crazy expensive! But this does make sense, as its designed for professionals to use regularly on their clients, not just one-off use at home.

Important Note: you cannot buy this laser tattoo removal machine unless youre a professional with a clinic but you can still find those professional who do own it and book sessions with them! This will give you the assurance that the machine is top-quality, even if it does cost more for you that way.

Home Massager Fda Plasma Skin Tag Pen/mole Removal

The home Massager from Neatcell is a reputable machine for tattoo removal. The device is approved by FDA that makes it highly trustable to use. This machine is not a single pen laser. Instead, it comes with a laser machine and a pen along with it. Professional used it several times. The outcome was un-expectable. They find it for professional use as it offers you professional-grade tattoo removal.

This device also promotes skin metabolism. It is because it efficiently eliminates all the melanin deposits keeping your skin glowing. You can use this device without any risk. The device does no damage to the skin, neither does it affects the skin tissues at any level. This tattoo removal machine also works effectively to reduce dark spots on your skin.

Know The Tattoo You Have To Choose The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

As mentioned before, tattoos take different duration to get removed depending on their size and color.

If you have a light, colorful, and huge tattoo, it will take more time as compared to a dark and small tattoo.

Trying yourself might prove successful for you with most inks.

But there are certain deep inks that you wont be able to remove at home.

Hence, you might have to go to the doctor to get the treatment.

In addition to this, before ordering the machine, determine whether you can reach the tattoos location to use the machine over it.

If it is at someplace where you cant easily reach i.e. your back, then go to the doctor for proper removal of the tattoo.

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Why Opt For Laser Technology

Older tattoo removal methods like certain creams, surgery, or natural methods yielded unsatisfactory and skin-damaging results. The realization that removal of tattoo ink from the skin should be done very carefully to not cause damage to skin cells, has led to the advent of modern techniques like laser technology. Hence, administering laser technology using modern tattoo removal machines to remove a tattoo is a highly effective and safe way of going about things.

A tattoo of any color, size, and density can be removed without leaving a scar behind by using laser technology. The secret lies in the energy emitted by the laser that goes to the core of the tattoo to dissipate the tattoos color pigments. This is an extremely safe procedure since the laser pulses get absorbed by the color pigments of the tattoo leaving the neighboring cells and tissues completely undamaged. Finally, as the colored particles exit from the lymphatic system, the tattoo disappears.

Advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal Quick Summary:

  • The treatment is quick and easy to administer, as long as the operator is experienced.
  • Not an invasive method.
  • The process ends after a few treatments only.
  • The risks of infection or scarring are bottomed out.
  • No risk to the neighboring region of your skin either.

Red Light Picosecond Pen

Portable Home Picosecond Laser Pen Professional Digital ...

This is another great tattoo removal laser that you can usually find the tattoo studios and salons. This is a preeminent device that has no harmful effect on the skin. It is rather created to offer seamless tattoo removal with almost no pain. The device is great for all the normal skins. You can use it on tissues at any level.

The pen removes all the inks pigment effectively without leaving any scar or mark on your skin. Most of the lasers you may find heat up quickly. But this machine here doesnt heat up that easier. It has three combined cooling functions that rapidly cool the device. The laser can offer better penetration that helps in pigment removal from the deeper dermis of your body.

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Should I Do The Tattoo Removal Myself

Below, weve counted down the top 5 best machines for removing tattoos at home. But that might not be the path you should follow. Before we dig in, you need to decide if removing your tattoo is something you should leave to a professional or do yourself.

Professional laser tattoo removal machine operators have seen it all. So, embarrassment shouldnt be a deciding factor! Even if your tattoo is an embarrassing design or in an embarrassing location, you shouldnt be afraid of booking a session at a tattoo removal clinic.

Trust us, theyve probably seen a lot worse.

Here are the basic pros and cons you should consider.

Based On Its Spa Scale

Determine how big or small your spa is to choose the right cosmetic equipment for you. With a small spa, you should choose models with compact size and small quantity, the cost will also be lower. As for spas with large spaces, you can choose from larger sizes, high technology, and more quantity to serve more customers.

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Single And Multipurpose Lasers

The first thing that you should consider is the purpose of the lasers. You may have come across many ads that show you the multiple functions of a laser. In such cases, you should not think of it as a fake machine. In reality, many machines have different functions, and that works as per the skin type. Thus, you should always choose a tattoo removal laser based on its design and purpose of use.

Tagband Mole/skin Tag Removal Pen/device

NEATCELL | At Home Laser Tattoo Removal | 2nd Session | Picosecond Handheld Laser Pen Tattoo Removal

Device Name: TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device


Tagband mole removal Pen/device is a smart, tiny device that is perfectly helpful for removing and eliminating skin tags and moles. The Tagband Skin tag removal device works efficiently and quickly without any pain and leaving any scar behind.

It stops the skin tags and moles blood supply so that the tag cant survive for excess days. The Tagband device is specially made for killing those ugly and stubborn skin moles properly and without any hassle.

One can eliminate any size of skin mole via this mole removal tool and you can see the positive results in a few days for sure. The Tagband tool is suitable for vanishing 4mm to 6mm skin tags and moles.

How does it work?

Video Credit: UK Innovations GP Ltd

  • First of all clean the area with the cleansing swabs that you will get with the device. Then, adjust the rubber band at the down point, now take another device and make sure that it touches the rubber band and fix it well.
  • Now place the device on the skin tags surface and push the other device out. This is not a rocket science one you read or watch the technique, you can do it easily.
  • Do the process on a routine basis and get the appropriate results.
  • Features



    • Some people complain that it doesnt work well with small-sized moles because the tool was unable to fit well in the mole.
    • This Tagband mole removal device is not suitable for children.

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    Wavelength Pulses And Energy

    This is the most vital factor that you should consider is the wavelength. Without considering this factor, you cannot make a perfect buying decision. The wavelengths are the main factor that decides the removal of your tattoo. The less is your wavelength number, the more precision you will get in the ink removal.

    For example, you would require a laser with 1064 NM if you want to remove normal black ink. And if your tattoo contains hybrid colors and complex inks, then you would need a laser with 532 NM. For blue and green colors, you would need 755 NM wavelengths.

    Now coming to the pulses of the lasers, the pulses are the shots of laser light. If your laser machine is coming with a three pulse setting, that means it will fire up to three shots of laser at once. The pulses get measured with Hz that implies the speed of the laser shots.

    Lastly, what you should consider is energy. The more is energy the laser has, the more aggressive it will be. The higher energy will also increase the spot size. Thus, it is also an important factor that you should consider.

    Komwell Newest Professional Picosecond Laser Pen

    The Komwell Picosecond Laser Pen refers to a fast and efficient working system. When we talk about picosecond laser light, the lasers pulse width is reaching seconds. However, shorter pulses allow you to work more concentrated.

    Likewise, The better the energy and effect a machine contains, the better it performs efficiently and in a secure manner. By pressing the position button, you can locate the skin. The functions are much more efficient and reliable to use. Likewise, if you are a beginner, follow the instruction guide to know how to operate a machine.

    This machine is designed for all users. No matter if you are working professionally and looking for easy to carry a product or want to use it at home. The best thing is that it is available at an affordable price, so you dont need to spend extra costs on surgeries or any other lotions.

    Moreover, your skin heel pretty fast, and your immune system will become better with a healthy diet. Take the instruction incredibly before using the laser.

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    Angvin Red Light Picosecond Pen

    Quick Features of AngVin Red Light Tattoo Removal Machines

    • Advanced skin tag removal laser technology.
    • Adjustable 9-gears frequency and 4-gears energy intensity picosecond laser to meet your needs.
    • LCD display.
    • Package includes 1-point freckle pen, 1-charging cable, 1-protective paper, 1-black eye-shield, and operational manual.

    AngVin Red Light Picosecond Pen is an advanced skin label remover with the 9-adjustable mode that can be used for the safe operation of freckle tattoo, skin tag, dark spot removal without bleeding.

    This is the advanced skin label tattoo removal laser device, which can be used for the removal of freckle tattoos, dark spot, skin tag, blemishes. It has adjustable 9-modes that can be used for all skin types. It can show the battery level as well as the working progress through the LCD screen.

    This tattoo removal laser device ensures successful skin tag removal treatment without bleeding with the help of carbonized electric-ion functions. It has no side effects after the treatment because of its improved chip voltage constancy.

    This is a rechargeable skin cleansing device that you can have at your beauty salon.


    • Suitable for beauty treatment of all skin types.
    • Successful skin tag removal operation with no bleeding and side effects.
    • Adjustable 9-gears frequency and 4-gears energy intensity to meet your needs.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dr Numb Maximum Topical Anesthetic

    Portable Home Picosecond Laser Pen Professional Digital ...

    Another option is Dr Numb. It claims to work a little faster and last a little longer than Ebanel. In as little as 15 minutes, youll be pain-free. Then the effects last up to four hours .

    Since its not oily, many tattoo artists wont mind if you prep your skin with it before getting inked.

    This cream with a 5% concentration of lidocaine is used by professionals across North America. The brand is FDA-certified and also approved by Health Canada.

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    Picosecond Pen Portable Mole Remover Pen

    Device Name: Dot Mole Removal Picosecond Pen Portable Hand-held Instrument Picosecond Tattoo and Melanin Scar Dark Spot Skin Pigment Remover Device With Eyeglass

    Product ID: B07FNPH1SZ

    Why we love it:

    • 60 days unconditional refund guarantee the mole evacuation packs sold by LIGE DIRECT in this posting have a full discount ensured.
    • Expulsion of a spot is done without consuming the ordinary skin/without bleeding under simple operation Using innovative, electric particle carbonation capacities to immediately clear spots, the process of mole removal is actualized hence the process is accomplished rapidly without getting harmed in the process
    • It utilizes a new age of plasma miniaturized scale area release innovation with low temperature and high recurrence
    • Just like the others, it has 3 sorts of intensities for various treatments. The lower level is utilized on spots. The solid level is utilized on moles and skin labels.

    Vibes Tattoo Eyebrow Hair Removal Machine

    This is one of the most powerful laser tattoo removal machines. It offers you the most desirable results without really harming your skin. The complete pack comes with a machine and a pen attached to it to remove the dark pigment of the tattoo. The pulse width that you get in this professional-grade device is shorter, and a shorter width pulse doesnt affect or hurt your skin. So, the heat and light effect protects your skin from all the harm.

    The light energy coming from this laser gets precisely penetrated to the skin. This, as a result, also helps you in the reduction of skin melanin. The operations of the machine are quite easy to achieve. However, you need to read the instruction manual carefully. You also get a protective pair of eyeglasses that protects your eyes from the laser.

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    Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Certifications

    The FDA does regulate laser tattoo removal machines. According to their guide to tattoo removal, when a laser tattoo removal machine acquires FDA approval that means that the FDA has checked its equivalent to an existing legal machine on the market.

    Youre also encouraged to contact the FDAs MedWatch if you have any problems or severe negative reactions to tattoo removal. Its important to report these things so that others can avoid those faulty laser tattoo removal machines and stay safe.

    Extra Note: the FDA has not approved ANY creams or ointments designed to remove tattoos at home. So, if you see those online, avoid them at all costs!

    Besides the FDA, there isnt a single authority body that regulates and certifies these machines. Its a good idea to check for clinical studies, however. These will help you understand a bit more about how the machines have been tested before released to the public. They also give you a chance to see how they actually perform, if you read between the lines of the study and ignore all the marketing talk from the company.

    Buwiz Picosecond Pen For Tattoo Removal

    Best 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Pen | Best Laser Freckle Removal For Face

    Another blue laser picosecond pen offers two wavelengths with four levels of intensity.

    It comes with a one-year warranty and a six-month refund policy. Theres also an English manual and a pair of protective eyeglasses that appear to be blackout goggles.

    This model is somewhat bulkier, and it isnt rechargeable as it requires you to plug it in to operate it. It comes with a power cord.

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    Accessories For Laser Tattoo Removal

    Please protect your eyes when performing laser tattoo removal.

    Those pulses of light may look pretty, but they can burn your retina, and youll go blind. Obviously, you should never look directly at the laser light even with safety glasses on.

    Besides eye protection, invest in the materials you need to keep your skin healthy.

    The Top 5 Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machines 2021

    To select these 5 best laser tattoo removal machines, we spent a long time researching! It wasnt feasible to use and test each laser tattoo removal machine ourselves so we consulted experts instead. We spoke to professionals who use laser tattoo removal machines to find out their recommendations.

    We also dug deeper into the tattoo removal machines on our shortlist, checking the companies behind them to ensure they are reliable and genuine.

    As for customer reviews, we reached out to genuine users of each laser tattoo removal machine to find out what they thought. You cant always trust those suspiciously positive reviews on Amazon anymore!

    If youre planning to find your own laser tattoo removal machine that isnt on our list, we highly recommend that you follow our buying guide above. Do your research and turn over every stone before you settle on your chosen machine. Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of money and potentially putting yourself in danger with a faulty or outdated laser.

    Be safe!

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    Biotechnique Avance Personal & Facial Hair Removal Tattoo Removal

    Are you a professional person? Probably, your work starts with beauty and ends with beauty. The individual hair and tattooing Biotechnique Avance removal speed machine is for you.

    Afraid of pain? This machine is best for removing a tattoo without any pain. Easy to use functions fast up your work. Also, allow you to attract more customers to your spa.

    Doctors and professionals used laser systems for fast and reliable work. If you believe in a professionals sayings, you are good to go with this machine.

    All-in-one systems give you the best and efficient working. Not only do you need a fast processing system, but also you need the best quality laser for permanent removal.

    Before you consider any laser machine, safety information is the first thing you need to know. For this purpose, an information guide is provided to you with the device. Reading helps you to use the machine in a better way.

    In the end, this machine has been designed to help you get rid of unwanted facial areas as well as a tattoo. Worrying about too much hair on the face will probably affect your beauty. Enhance your beauty with the smart, fast-speed removal machine. Be the one you want to be.

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