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Learning how to become a tattoo artist is an important step in beginning your journey, but it can also be pretty eye-opening to how difficult tattooing can be. Without the right knowledge, its impossible to level up your skills and become a professional tattoo artist.

However, finding the straight-forward information you need to progress is difficult. And with so much out there online, its hard to avoid picking up bad habits from incorrect and outdated resources.

This is one of the biggest struggles new tattooers face, and too many talented artists have given up their goal of getting into tattooing because of the years it would take to unlearn their bad habits.

Thats why aspiring artists are learning to tattoo with the Artist Accelerator Programs structured course. As a student, you learn every step of the tattooing process from professional artists with the experience and advice you need to build your skills and create incredible tattoos.

With the Artist Accelerator, you can stop wasting time searching through incorrect information. You just get the clear, easy-to-understand lessons you need to start improving fast along with support and personalized feedback from professional artists in our online Mastermind group.

Over 2500 students have already gone through the course, with many of them opening up their own studios. If you want to join them and learn the skills you need to start tattooing full time faster

How To Draw Tattoo Designs

If you want to be a tattoo artist the first thing you need to learn is how to draw. Your ability to draw is the ceiling of your potential as a tattoo artist. The better you are able to draw, the better you will be able to tattoo.

For some people, this is a natural skill. Others have to invest time into developing their drawing skills. Luckily, its possible to speed up the learning process if you follow these steps:


What Are The Online Tattooing Courses

An Online Tattoo Course is a training program designed to train professional tattooists. This training covers all the theoretical and practical aspects that every good tattooist should have. This training is offered to the students in virtual platforms in the Online modality.

The course teaches about what a tattoo means, how you can become a tattooist, the different techniques available and, most importantly, how you can quickly become an expert. It also highlights the skills, equipment and area needed for a business in the tattoo industry.

The course will teach you about the different styles experts have chosen to tattoo and discuss the various techniques available while focusing on their characteristics.

An Online Tattooing Course gives you an understanding of what it takes to get started in this industry, including the anatomy and physiology of the skin, and the health and safety codes of practice that come with tattoos.

The course covers various topics such as sanitation review, sterilization, infection control, complications, emergency procedures, statutory regulations, and medical/legal issues affecting the tattoo industry.

These courses can include in their learning methods resources such as: video conferences, online classes, material to print or download, interactive platforms, quizzes, applications, slides, among other resources.

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Florida Tattoo Artists And Guest Tattoo Artists

We give you all the information you need to apply for your tattoo license. Simply register, complete 3 hours of easy course material, pass the final exam and you can instantly download your proof of completion for free! This is what you will need to apply for a license or show that you have met state requirements.

Free Test Access To My Online Tattoo Tutorial For Beginner

Customized Portrait Tattoo for Beginners
  • as well as
  • and

Please check out my new video tutorial, which will guide you through all tattoo techniques and build up your tattooing skills.

Tattoo Artist – A modern Profession for Entrepreurs

Tattos have become socially accepted and are nowadays considered an expression of personal style. Becoming a tattoo artist is an option for many to use their artistical skills to set out in business.

How to become a tattoo artist?

In a tattoo school online everybody can learn today how to start tattooing. The tattoo school online can provide the knowledge you need in a 60 day intensive training course. In Tattoo artist classes you learn how to develop your talent and you can obtain a tattoo certification that will able you to easily find employment. Thus the tattoo school online is an easy way that shows you how to get into tattooing, even if you do not have any previous knowledge. The tattoo school online provides you with a step by step program that makes it easy to learn how to make your own tattoo. The tattoo school online is a true tattoo artist school where you will learn the different techniques of designing and applying different forms of tattoos. In special tattoo drawing classes you can develop your own style and learn how to draw different motives. Tattoo art classes can help you to learn about the fascinating world of tattoos and to provide a wide selection of different design options for your customers.

Tattoo artist license

Online tattoo school training

Tattoo workshops

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The Tattoo Trainings Seminars And Course

I have held tattoo courses and seminars in many countries, but I have realized that in this way I can answer the questions more easily. Unfortunately, experts belonged to this profession usually keep inside their techniques, or they do not have time to teach students. Those experts holding courses in some cases would need courses as well, so a lot of people cannot go higher or further than a certain level.

The whole website is translated into 8 languages, but it is planned to increase this number as well as the continuous updating of the content.

As for the structure, the training material includes two main parts: the theory of tattooing and the practice of tattooing. The chapters and units are built on each other so to understand everything it is necessary to learn them in order from the beginning of the theory to the end of the practice. The theoretical material of the art of tattooing is based on the texts, and the images and the videos explain the theory.

Get Access To My Premium Tattoo Courses Today

During the last 5 years, I have trained roundabout 95 people in my Tattoo parlor in Germany.

Because of this experience I know what beginners need to train the hand-eye-coordination and how to explain the techniques in a way that a beginner can understand and apply them.

Unlike other online tutorials, You are getting not only very comprehensive step-by-step instructions

You will also get my unique training programs, that I developed specifically to build your tattooing skills from scratch.

Take your chance and see for yourself how easy it can be to learn how to tattoo.

Hurry to take advantage of my $0 7-Day TRIAL , so it´s 100% risk-free for you.

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How To Become A Tattoo Artist

If you have a sense of drawing and you are hard-working, the materials I am offering on my site can help you to become a successful tattoo artist.

This website contains the commonly used techniques of tattoos in full with texts, images and videos. I offer my subscribers to the online tattoo course and training a chance to ask me in the form of a private forum.

A Message From Nathan


Thanks for visiting our Tattoo Learning Center. We hope our guides provide you with important skills and knowledge on your journey to learn to be a tattoo artist.

For people ready to take the next step, Id strongly recommend joining the Tattooing 101 Facebook Group and signing up for our newsletter. Theyre the best places to get new content and tips on a daily basis so you can learn to tattoo faster.

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Tattoo Collecting 101 Ep #97

Join us each week as we blast off through the tattoo universe! Well talk about our own thoughts and inspiration, as tattoo collectors, as well as the journey of our guests. Well delve into everything from first tattoos, to full body suits, and everything in between. In this podcast, we will not be talking about how to tattoo, or any technical tricks of the trade. There are thousands of other platforms just for that. Here, we talk about tattoos from the collectors point of view. Well share advice for collectors, as well as our specific experiences from our own tattoo journeys. We want to prepare, and inspire other collectors.

Tuesday Feelings with Ricardo Sturdivant Ep #56

“I am looking forward to having everyone who wants to join to come in open minded and ready to hang out and go over and share some ways that I have learned to perceive shapes, value, light and shadow. We will also be going over some motivational aspects of life and art and where I see them merging in this moment we’re in. -Ricardo Sturdivant

Bring any art you’re working on for the day, whether its a tattoo appointment, prep for an upcoming tattoo or just doodling and having a good time.

Let’s Talk About Feelings with Robbie Ripoll Ep #7

Drawing for Tattooers with James Wisdom Ep #12

Use 3 Points Of Contact

Like a tripod balances a camera, having three points of contact will keep your tattoo machine steady, which is especially important when pulling smoother lines..

Here is how to establish 3 points of contact:

  • Put the pinkie finger of your tattooing hand against the thumb of the stretching hand
  • Lock elbow in against your ribs or on massage table
  • Plant your wrist against table or tattoo chair

In this position, rather than move your hand to tattoo a line you want to keep your hand stiff, hinge at your elbow, and move your entire arm. This will help keep wobbles out of your lines.

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How To Market Yourself As A Tattoo Artist

Here are 3 cheap, easy marketing tactics to get more tattoo business:

1. Build an Email List

Building an email list usually means giving something away for free in exchange for a persons email address. For example, you could give away sketchbooks or digital prints for free in return for a potential clients email address. Now that you have a long list of people you can contact whenever you want, you can simply send out an email when you have time open in your schedule for more clients.

Note: An email list is more reliable than only having social media. If your Instagram gets deleted or you get locked out, all of your contacts are lost. An email list, however, you can keep forever.

2. Build a Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook group allows you to build a brand and community of people who are constantly looking at your work and seeing your growth as a tattoo artist. Theres no competition in this space because youre the only artist there, and you have a chance to build a relationship with the people in the group. You can continue to build trust by posting valuable content about how to care for their tattoos, beginner tips for members who are interested in tattooing, etc. The more your audience trusts you, the easier it will be to sell tattoos to them.

3. Building a Personal Website

Learn more about growing a tattoo business with our Tattoo Business Marketing Guide.


Should You Start Off Using Thick Or Thin Lines In Your Tattoos

Finally free wrist tattoo

When picking the thickness of your liner needle , youll want to remember that the thicker the line, the easier it is to get straight. This is why many beginner tattoo artists practice tattooing the thick outlines of traditional-style tattoos first.

However, its harder to get the ink in the skin with a bigger needle. While this means fewer blowouts, it can also mean that its difficult to get a larger line into the skin with a single pass.

On the other hand, thinner lines are harder to keep straight. Any wobbles of the hand or machine are much more noticeable. But because there is less surface area on the tip of the needle, it is much easier to get into the skin to do a solid line. However, this is a double edged sword, because it makes it easier for you to go too deep in the skin, causing blowouts.

When stretching the skin, stretch in the same direction of the line. If you stretch the skin in the opposite way, the skin will stretch unevenly and the line will come out looking wavy.

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Weekly Discussion & Explanation Of Different Tattoo Styles

Online Self Paced

Every week, I discuss and explain a recent tattoo work of mine. I pick as many different tattoo styles as possible, for you to maximize your learning results.

In this part, I focus on how I prepared the design, what needles and inks I use, and how I proceeded during the tattooing process.

What Free Tattoo Courses Can I Study

Reed Courses advertises a large variety of Tattoo courses which are delivered by a range of learning providers. The Tattoo courses on offer vary in time duration and study method, with many offering tutor support. Whether you want to study for a regulated qualification, or take a Tattoo course which provides CPD points/hours or qualifications, there are a number of learning options available.

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What Makes Wots Different

Many professional tattoo artists will tell beginners looking to get into the industry that the only way to learn how to tattoo is through a 2-year apprenticeship. But that idea is outdated and impractical in todays tattoo industry.

As the tattoo industry continues to grow, modern tattoo artists expect and demand a higher standard of education. The Worlds Only Tattoo School was originally established by Dr. Bill Pogue in 1968 to offer a creative new way to learn how to tattoo.

W.O.T.S. became the worlds FIRST licensed trade school for professional tattoo artists in 1995 and we are truly pioneers in this new standard for tattoo training. Over the years we have seen some other tattoo schools come and go. However, year after year The Worlds Only Tattoo School remains the ORIGINAL & the BEST

Why train anywhere else? We are the most respected and highest ranked tattoo school in the WORLD!

If you are interested in becoming a professional tattoo artist maybe you asked around at your local tattoo shops but cant find a good artist to apprentice you. Maybe you bought a tattoo Kit on Ebay & watched some YouTube videos. If you did your research and put some time and effort into practicing, maybe you were able to teach yourself the basics. Probably just enough to realize that you love tattooing and need some professional training ASAP to get to the next level.

Mixing Your Own Gray Wash


Black and gray tattoos are easier than color tattoos because they rely only on shading . However, without the gray wash mixed at the right solutions, you cant achieve those different values. If you want to make your own gray wash in individual caps, you can learn how in our Tattoo Shading Guide.

Note: Mixing your own gray wash will save you a ton of money. Just make sure that you wear gloves while mixing, your area is sterile, and that you do it over a sink.

If you want to make your own gray wash in large batches, you will need four sterile 50ml bottles, one in each of the following concentrations:

  • 50mls black
  • 5 mls black, 45 mls witch hazel
  • 2.5 mls black, 47.5 mls of witch hazel
  • 1.25mls black, 48.75 mls of witch hazel
  • If you want to buy premixed gray wash, all you have to do is put the ink in your ink caps, and youre ready to go.

    Note: Keep in mind gray wash heals 30% lighter. While shading tattoos, always do black and gray tattoos just a little darker than you think they should be.

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    Video Lessons On How To Create Tattoo Designs

    Online Self Paced

    As you get better and better with regard to the tattoo techniques, it´s time to focus on building an also very important skill: being able to create beautiful tattoo designs.

    In this part, I will show you how I create different sorts of designs with my pc as well as on the I pad pro and with a pencil and a lightboard.

    Practicing On Fake Skin

    You should not practice tattooing on people. Thats what fake skin is for. Learning on practice skin massively reduces the amount of bad tattoos that you do in the beginning of your career. When you can do a smooth shade, pack color, and pull a clean line in a single pass without any blowouts then you are ready for real skin.

    Practicing on fake skin also offers these additional benefits:

    • No consequence for failure. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter
    • No risk of contaminating a person or yourself with AIDS or another blood-borne disease.
    • No bad reviews on Google from angry clients .
    • No messed up tattoos that you have to fix later.
    • No pressure .
    • You can try different techniques and see what works for you.
    • You can tattoo more frequently.

    That last point is one of the most important parts of learning to tattoo. Friends and family, if theyre willing to get a tattoo, will not be available every day for you to practice. Additionally, when you first start, youll be giving them free tattoos, since most people will be doing you a favor by letting you practice on them. Because they wont be placing deposits, theyll often cancel/ reschedule, giving you fewer opportunities to improve.

    However, if youre tattooing on practice skin several hours a day, youll improve quickly and form good habits. If youre looking for a brand recommendation, Reelskin has high-quality practice skin.

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