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Best Lotion After A Tattoo

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Tattoo Product Review: After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer & Aftercare Lotion | INKADEMIC

Recommended by Rose herself, Bepanthen is a great starting point for new tattoos, particularly in the very first few days after youve had your ink done. Its gentle enough for a babys bum, therefore you can trust it wont bother any type of tattoo, no matter how large it is or where youve had it done. With a soothing and breathable formula, and packed full of Vitamin B5 , this is a no-brainer buy.

£3.35 | Superdrug

What Lotions Are Bad For Tattoos

Generally, lotions that are petroleum-based or have excessive perfumes and fragrances. Your favorite warm vanilla sugar body lotion should stay in the cupboard for this one. Wed recommend avoiding anything that is not moisturization-focused, has excessive fragrances, or a lot of ingredients you cant pronounce.

Lotions that are too thick or come with a petroleum base can clog pores. Excessive fragrances in lotions like a candy apple or Japanese cherry blossom can irritate the tattoo and dont provide enough moisture. Youll also likely feel an intense burning sensation if you try this. Look for simple ingredients and nourishing butter and oils.

Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Lotion

Nourish you dry, healing skin with a burst of hydration thanks to Cetaphils long-lasting moisturizing lotion. With four key ingredients, this lotion is clinically proven to not only bind water to your skin, but also prevent it from leaving in the first place!

Extra-strength emollients and humectants work their magic too smooth and soften skin upon applying. Speaking of applying, the formula is exceptionally light-weight and non-greasy. It wont leave any residue or unwanted gunk behind. Nor fragrance, as its completely fragrance free in addition to parabens too.

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What Is The Best Brand Of Body Lotion

The 23 Best Body Lotions To Soothe Dry Skin Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Delicious Glow Body Lotion. Glow Body Cream Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream. Cetaphil Sheer Hydration Regenerating Body Lotion. “Summer Friday” body lotion. Kiehl’s Body Cream. Epara soothing body cream. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. Cocokind Sake body lotion. Dove whipped body cream.

What Is The Best Tattoo Brightener To Use

The Best Tattoo Lotion to Keep Your Tattoos Vibrant in 2020

Overview of the best tattoo polishes . 1 Kiwi Glow – tattoo brightener. Consider lightening your tattoos naturally with Kiwi Glow Tattoo Oil. Kiwi Glow specializes in Premium 2 INKEEZE Lotion – Ink Enhance. 3 Color Oil – Tattoo Polish. 4 Piper Cove color preserving lotion. 5 dr Pickles – tattoo balm.

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After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer

Dont be afraid to apply this vegan moisturizer on new or old tattoos. It has no artificial fragrance, gluten, petroleum, or parabens.

Moreover, its been clinically tested to be safe for all skin types. Feel free to use it on your face after cosmetic procedures like permanent makeup. It also helps heal the skin after tattoo removal.

The formula is blended and packaged in an FDA-registered facility in the USA.

How Long Should I Wait To Work Out After Getting A New Tattoo

If you recently got a new tattoo and wonder how long you need to wait after a new tattoo before going to the gym to work out, the answer is 48 hours 72 hours. Working out and lifting weights after getting a new tattoo isn’t the best idea because you can sweat, leading to infection on a new tattoo. It doesn’t matter what part of the body your tattoo is on! If you are working out after a tattoo on the bicep or working out after getting a tattoo on your forearm, or leg, anywhere wait it out to avoid potential infection!

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Is Aquaphor Good For New Tattoos

Aquaphora for Kids for a Tattoo Whether you use Baby Aquaphor for tattoos or any other specialty ointment, Aquaphor for New Tattoos helps your skin recover quickly. It works by sealing your tattoo with a moisturizer. This moisturizer draws water to the area and locks it in, instantly hydrating the skin.

Tattoo Aftercare Contradictions: Methods And Advice

Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream (After Tattoo Care Instructions)

Tattoo aftercare contradictions are an industry norm. In fact, each studio has its own best practices for healing body art. Some tattoo aftercare sheets recommend washing with an antibacterial soap, treating with antibacterial ointment for three to five days, and then following it up with a moisturizing body lotion. Others will tell you that antibacterial ointment is a “no-no” and to just keep the tattoo clean and use a little cream. And then the old-school artists advise against using any ointments or lotions at all, saying they may be vehicles for bacteria and can cause infection and scabbing. Admittedly, it can be quite confusing. So with all the varying opinions out there, how do you really know who’s giving the best advice?

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Day 2 And Day 3 After Getting A Tattoo:

On your second day, you will see the color of your tattoo becoming dull. Don’t worry about the gloss. This looks dull because your skin is gradually recovering. Once the skin is fully healed, you will see that the tattoo with its normal color. in all its glory. However, you may also see scabs forming around the area of the tattooed skin. Washing in the morning and evening speeds up your recovery process. Remember to gently pat dry your skin thoroughly after washing, as this is essential. ApplyTattoo Aftercare Cream three to four times a day. Do not apply excessive cream as the scab will become thick, and you will suffocate the wound. This is why it’s especially important to use a specific tattoo aftercare oil or cream to help ensure you don’t clog your pores and create an overly moist area primed for infection. Apply your tattoo aftercare cream in a small amount three to four times a day. Make sure that you don’t over-moisturize your tattoo, but if you do, here are instructions onhow to fix an over moisturized tattoo.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion

This rich, yet fragrance-free triple acting formula goes to work by moisturizing, exfoliating and conditioning your newly inked skin. Its at the top of Eucerins lotion line for a good reason. Aside from being backed by clinically proven results and dermatologist recommendations, it contains alpha hydroxy and extra-enriched moisturizers.

Now, while the word exfoliating may sound scary on your healing skin, dont worry. Its extremely gentle and all part of the intensive hydrating process. Best of all, it wont clog your pores and the formula itself is non-greasy and soaks right into the skin without making you wait.

Just remember, while its important to avoid the sun with a new tattoo, AHA or alpha hydroxy acid in this lotion makes it even more critical. It will often make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight while its healing.

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Dealing With Tattoo Pain

Your tattoo will likely be sore for anywhere between 3 and 7 days after receiving it. The exact number depends on your aftercare routine and the placement of your tattoo.

To minimize pain and itching, try to reduce friction around the tattoo. This can involve wearing loose clothing that wont restrict or constantly brush against the affected skin.

Be careful when you walk and try not to bump into anything. If your tattoo gets hit or scraped against hard enough, there could be some lasting damage, so the best thing you can do is be especially cautious during the first few weeks of healing.

Choose a lotion with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Aveeno Sheer Hydration or Oras Herbal Tattoo Salve to get extra relief every time you moisturize.

Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer &  Aftercare Lotion


Although its technically not a lotion, this tattoo balm is a tried and true go-to when it comes to tattoo treatment. Its a great moisturizing tool to heal skin and prepare yourself for the needle that will also work way after to brighten and replenish older tattoos you might have forgotten about. Trust us, it happens. The balm is completely natural, and unlike other tattoo care options, this one is actually scented. Dont let that stray you away, though. This balm really works like a charm.

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Tattoo Aftercare Myths And Facts

Some common myths and facts about new tattoo aftercare are:

  • Common soap is good for you NO! Make sure to use a tattoo aftercare soap and avoid bar soaps.
  • Avoid chemical products, and avoid using Neosporin and Vaseline! Make sure you’re using proper tattoo aftercare products that are specifically designed to give your tattoo the moisture and nutrients needed to help your tattoo recover!
  • “I can stop doing tattoo aftercare once my tattoo is healed” FALSE! If you’d like your tattoo to stay vibrant for years to come, take care of it! Use a tattoo aftercare cream to keep the colors bright and keep it moisturized. If you have a good tattoo aftercare regimen, your tattoo will stay healthy and vibrant for years to come.

How Often To Moisturize

Generally, a tattoo artist will tell you to wash your tattoo two to three times a day. You should moisturize after each washing. Though it may seem odd, timing when you wash and moisturize your tattoo can be very important.

You should generally wash your tattoo in the morning. Sleeping dehydrates your body, so when you wake up the tattooed skin can feel particularly uncomfortable, so moisturizing early can be beneficial.

It is also important to clean and moisturize before you go to sleep at night. This can help counteract morning dryness, and in general it is important that you go to bed with a clean tattoo.

You can also moisturize midday. Your tattoo may dry out from the morning and to keep you comfortable it can help to throw in an extra bout of moisturizing. However, you have to clean your tattoo again before adding any more moisturizer. A second layer of moisturizer can clog pores, trap in dirt, and cause infection.

You should continue this regime for at least two weeks or until your tattoo is fully healed.

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Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil

Dont let your tattoos fade into obscurity. Instead bring some life back into your ink with Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil. This all-natural oil is intended to help renew tattoos by moisturizing deep into the skin helping tattoos appear more rich and vibrant. Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil is hand made in Barcelona, Spain and is full of premium essential oils that nourish and hydrate the skin and even help protect tattoos from fading. Heres whats inside: argan oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, and bergamot orange oil. When it comes to performance and quality, Urban Nomads is simply one of the best tattoo brightening oils on the market. Highly recommended.

What I like about Urban Nomads Tattoo Oil:

Moisturizing ingredients

Tattoo brighteners work by delivering moisture deep into the skin, and by eliminating dead skin cells that can cause tattoos to appear dull and faded. Thats why Urban Nomads is formulated with ingredients that are able to penetrate deep delivering moisture and hydration right where its needed most. Heres a closer look at some of its key ingredients:

Awesome scent

Aside from this oils awesome tattoo brightening performance, my favorite thing about it has to be the awesome orange bergamot scent. It smells very fresh, clean, and citrusy. Its definitely a unique fragrance when it comes to tattoo-care related products.

A little goes a long way

Its not greasy or oily

Skinfix Eczema+ Extra Strength Body Cream

The 6 Best Tattoo Lotions & Creams For Aftercare

I often give the advice that if you’re looking for sensitive-skin-safe cream, those that are formulated to deal with eczema will be an easy indicator that it will work for you. This body lotion helps calm skin and even reduces tightness and itchiness, two common complaints associated with newly tattooed skin.

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When Is My Tattoo Fully Healed

Many factors decide the time that is needed for healing your tattoo. Usually, it takes three to four weeks to get the upper layer of your skin healed after you get your tattoo done. In this stage, the scabs start peeling off and you are in your process to recover the layer that is being traumatized the most. However, it is essential to be patient because the underneath layer is not yet healed. The layer underneath your skin will take a much longer time to heal and usually, it takes up to six months to be completely healed. Read more about When is a tattoo fully healed?

What Does A Lotion Do To A Tattoo

Lotions or healing ointments nourish and moisturize a tattoo. Similar to when you scrape yourself, your body forms a scab to protect the open wound your tattoo will attempt to do this too. Keeping your tattoo moisturized keeps it from scabbing and keeps it healthy.

Skin-Nourishing and hydrating ingredients can keep your skin healthy as well as speed up your tattoo healing process. The less your tattoo scabs, the less it will itch, and the less youll be tempted to scratch or pick at it!

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Platinum Rose Tattoo Butter

This tattoo aftercare balm claims to radically accelerate healing time for new tattoos. Then, you can continue to use it to treat sunburn, cuts, and dry skin.

As a moisturizer, it keeps tattoos vibrant by moisturizing the skin. Healthy skin retains ink better.

If youre an artist and use it as glide, it wont remove stencils or clog tubes. It also prevents redness and swelling. This helps avoid overworking the skin.

Whats in it? Theres definitely no petrolatum or parabens. Instead, it has shea and cocoa butter, aloe, and avocado oil. The natural floral scent comes from genuine English Rose oil.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion With Soothing Oat

The best lotion for a new tattoo

We love Aveeno. Its a safe, fragrance-free, dermatologist tested lotion that can be found almost anywhere you look at a very affordable price. The added colloidal oatmeal is especially beneficial to a fresh tattoo because it helps restore the skin’s normal pH balance, while simultaneously soothing irritation and locking in moisture to protect the skin. With a non-greasy formula that glides on gently, its a perfect addition to your tattoo aftercare routine.

Aveeno is also non-comedogenic, which means it will not block pores when applied. Blocked pores can result in breakouts or your tattoo having difficulty breathing. This can cause distortions in your art and could lead to infection.

If your tattoo is extra itchy or dry, you can try Aveenos Skin Relief Lotion which has a triple oat complex and a higher dimethicone percentage for an extra dose of hydration.

One reviewer wrote, I first started using Aveeno based on the recommendation of the head of a University Medical School burn unit where I was being treated for a severe scorching that required extensive skin grafts and a long stretch of therapy. That was almost twenty years ago and I still find Aveeno to be the best thing available. I think other folks might find it a great product for treating dry, sensitive skin. Let me recommend that you not go to extremes to discover its benefits. A tattoo is a wound and requires the best and safest hydration Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion will do the trick.



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Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm

Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm is specifically designed to speed up the healing process. Its chemical-free, vegan, and smells fantastic. Its called a balm but goes on clean and clear with no greasy residue. The balm also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Relying on a mixture of all-natural ingredients including grape seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil it will be effective at keeping tattoos, both old and new, fresh and protected. A regular here on Tools of Men, Viking Revolution makes a full line of mens grooming products such as their award-winning beard shampoo.


  • Small package requiring replacement more frequently

What You Need To Know

Wicked cool packaging combined with a product that works well for protecting tattoos, the Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm is a great option for both new tattoo wearers and those who have older ink.

Pick #: Curel Fragrance

Main benefits:

  • Ideal for sensitive skin types
  • Non-greasy
  • Quick absorption

The Curel Fragrance-Free Lotion is clinically proven to provide 24 hours of hydration thanks to Curels time-released formula.

It contains safe, non-irritating ingredients that help to restore the skins natural moisture barrier when used daily. Hydrating your skin can severely reduce itchiness and help combat tattoo peeling as it occurs.

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How To Sleep After Getting A New Tattoo

If you’re curious how to sleep with a new tattoo, we’ve got you covered! Proper tattoo aftercare and sleeping with your new tattoo go hand in hand. You’ll want to keep the film on your tattoo for the first night and most likely sleep on a towel under the newly tattooed area not to harm your sheets. Make sure the towel is CLEAN, so no bacteria form. You’ll want to check out our Ink Guard Spray and Ink Guard Film, which tattoo artists typically highly recommend. When sleeping with a new tattoo, make sure you do your best to avoid applying pressure to the newly tattooed area. Sometimes this is impossible but do your best. We advise not sleeping with pets for the first few nights because stuff happens, and if hair finds its way into your new tattooed area, it can cause bacteria and infections. Most importantly, get some good rest and stay hydrated! If you practice proper tattoo aftercare for sleeping with a new tattoo, you’ll be happy with how your recovery process unfolds.

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