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Can You Get Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo

Consult With A Reputable Medical Professional

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Tattoos ?

When it comes to laser hair removal treatments on a tattoo, there are more questions to be answered than just does laser hair removal hurt? When you consult with a reputable medical professional, they will take into consideration many different factors to determine the long-term effectiveness of the treatment and whether there are any other potential side effects.

Skin Deep Laser Services evaluates every client in Washington DC, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA thoroughly before recommending any treatment. Your safety is our number one priority, and if we do not feel comfortable administering the treatment for any reason, then we will not proceed with the procedure. We want you to feel comfortable as well, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation and alleviate any concerns you may have.


Get Laser Hair Removal Before Tattoos

If you do not have a tattoo yet, but are thinking about getting one, and it is going to be in an area where you are concerned about hair growth, the best thing to do would be to be prepared, have laser hair removal before you have your tattoo if you want to keep the area smooth and hair free after the tattoo.

Some areas are naturally hair free so there is no need to worry. If you are planning your next tattoo on your forearms or legs, which are hairier, then plan ahead and get laser hair removal before you get the tattoo done.

A Lot Of Cosmetic Procedures These Days Use Laser Technology So Its Common To Have Questions About Whether The Same Laser Can Be Used For Different Treatments Or Whether You Can Have Laser Hair Removal And Laser Tattoo Removal On Top Of Each Other

But first, lets look at what each procedure involves, because there is a difference between laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal.

What is laser tattoo removal?Laser tattoo removal is a procedure that uses a laser to directly target the ink in your skin, breaking it down so your body can flush away the particles.What is laser hair removal?Whilst laser hair removal also uses a laser in the procedure, it targets hair follicles at the root. This makes it difficult for the hair to grow.

Every person and every tattoo is unique, so everyone reacts differently to treatment.

Laser tattoo removal at NAAMAAt NAAMA, we use a unique laser technology that is pinpoint accurate, gentle and skin-safe, so you can be confident about your results. Our revolutionary treatment means there is less downtime between removal sessions, unlike older technologies, leading to a complete removal in months, not years.

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Why Cant One Get Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo

The short answer is: its not safe. But theres a longer explanation, too.

The way laser hair removal works is the lasers energy is attracted to pigment. The pigment in ones hair and hair follicles attracts and absorbs the lasers energy to impede its ability to make more hair. This is great for laser hair removal but not so great in the presence of tattoos. Tattoos are nothing but pigment, so the laser would be attracted to the ink in the tattooed skin.

Regardless of the type of laser being used for laser hair removalwhether an Alexandrite, YAG, etc.if these lasers hit the ink in a tattoo, the skin would be very reactive. In fact, the process would be very painful, and the resulting wound would blister and possibly distort the tattoo once it healed.

How Long After Youve Had A Tattoo Removed Can You Get It Covered With Another

tattoo supplies tattoo removal company

Just as your mind and soul need time to recover after a bad breakup or divorce, your body requires the same.

A minimum of 6-8 weeks is recommended but always make sure your removed tattoo has healed properly. Your laser tattoo removal specialist can verify this at your last treatment or during a follow-up visit. There should be no signs of blistering, scarring or bleeding.

Once you have the official clearing, its time to visit a few tattoo shops and begin the search for a reputable artist who can work on your new skin. Be sure to find the RIGHT design this time. Insist upon not settling. Find your dream artist as well, so you can wear this new design, at last, foreveras tattooing was intended.

Even slight scar tissue can pose a few challenges for your tattooist. The skin surface will be uneven, and the ink will not distribute itself in the same manner. This is why its crucial to find a skilled tattooist, and follow the advice of your tattoo removal specialist before jumping the gun and getting back in the tattoo chair.

Bear in mind scar tissue may rest on your nerve endings, which means tattoos performed on scar tissues are often times more painful. Either way you may experience a differentiating feeling from a new tattoo.

Once your tattooist completes the project, youll want to follow all of their aftercare instructions diligently. Lack of proper tattoo aftercare can cause a shoddy tattoo, one that may warrant removal down the road. And who wants to do that again?

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Will Laser Hair Removal Damage A Tattoo

Laser hair removal can damage a tattoo and cannot be performed directly onto tattooed skin.

As laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal fall under the same treatment umbrella, having LHR can have very damaging consequences, which can result in the distortion and fading of body art and, in severe cases, skin burns and blistering. If you want to treat the surrounding areas near your tattoo, or an untattooed area, you may be suitable for treatment â with confirmation from your practitioner.

In some rarer instances, electrolysis can be a possible option if you are adamant about hair removal. Electrolysis differs from laser hair removal and endorses an alternative, individualised approach. The treatment works by emitting an ultra-fine electrical current through a probe.

The current targets the individual hair and works by destroying the hair follicles, where electrolysis is usually used as a way to treat fine hair that cannot be detected by laser treatments. Eligibility will be confirmed during your free consultation.

Consider Laser Hair Removal Before Getting Tattoos

Lets get right down to it: nobody wants a hairy tattoo! So whether youre planning an amazing, huge back tat or something a little less dramatic, we have some very important advice for you: take care of the hair first!

You might be looking forward to endlessly shaving or otherwise removing hair from your tatted area for the rest of your days, but we think not. It makes more sense to get rid of that unwanted hair, virtually permanently, with laser hair removal. That way, your tattoo will always look its detailed best, never stubbled or furry. Unfortunately, once that ink is in place, laser hair removal is no longer an option nor is intense-pulsed light .

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Can You Get A Tattoo After Laser Hair Removal

Yes, for sure. There are no issues with laser hair removal before getting a tattoo. Bear in mind, your laser hair removal treatment takes 6-8 sessions, with a week or two between each session. Therefore, its best to wait, or not, to get a tattoo in the same area as your hair removal treatment, until your course of hair removal is completed.

Where Is Your Tattoo

Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo Safe or Unsafe?

If you have a tattoo on your ribs and are targeting the body hair on your underarms, you likely wont have a problem. You can expect an issue if you have a full sleeve and want to get rid of the hair on your arms, or if you have a tattoo on your thigh and want laser hair removal on your legs. Unfortunately, laser hair removal cannot be done over the tattoo and must work around it, so keep that in mind if youre planning to get any more tattoos in the future.

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Can You Get A Tattoo After Laser Tattoo Removal

Can you get a new tattoo after laser tattoo removal?Can you get a new tattoo over a removed one?Can you get a new tattoo over an old one?

The short answer is yes, but with caution.

While it may seem redundant to ink a body area that was once occupied with a different design, some people find that placement suitable, and a traditional cover-up design would sacrifice the style or concept of the new tattoo piece. In this case, out with the old and in with the new may suffice, and the road of action may very well start in a laser tattoo removal specialists chair.

How Do Tattoos And Laser Hair Removal Treatments Interact

Laser hair removal works by firing a specific wavelength of concentrated light at a location on your body. This light targets and weakens the pigment found in your hair follicle, which weakens its structure and removes it from the skin. There are different medical lasers that cosmetic treatments can use, which are tailored to specific types of hair and skin color.

Since most cosmetic lasers remove hair by targeting pigments, they cannot tell apart the pigments found in your skin and the ones used in your tattoo. If a medical laser is applied on a location that has a tattoo, it will remove both the hair and the tattoo, damage the tattoo, or cause serious skin conditions depending on the type of laser used.

Most dermatologists will usually dissuade patients from getting laser hair removal if they have tattoos in the same location. The closest that most cosmetic practices can do is to laser the skin around the tattoo. This can be a problem for people who have tattoos on areas like the arm or leg since these locations often have the most hair on the body.

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So What Are My Other Options

If you are eager to remove the hair on a tattoo, dont fret as there is a process that can be used as a substitute. Electrolysis treatments avoid the risk of scarring and damage to the tattoo itself.

Professional treatment is advised and the results are highly effective and can ease your concerns about excessive hair. You will not get the same results as having laser hair removal but it is the next best thing.

Of course, if you are genuinely concerned about the hair on your body then you could also decide what is more important: a tattoo or hair-free skin? If it is the latter, you could look at having the tattoo removed then waiting for a period of time, before undertaking the laser hair removal. At Premier Laser we do offer tattoo removal and laser hair removal.

Why not book a free consultation so we can have a look at your tattoo and hair growth and discuss any treatment plans along with performing a patch test to check your suitability.

Alternatively epilation could be the way forward although not as effective as laser hair removal it is still an option for you to be hair free. Then there are always the traditionally ways of shavingor waxing. Yes, they are a hassle and need to be constantly done but they are the options so you can enjoy hair free skin.

Electrolysis As An Alternative To Laser Treatments

Can you tattoo over a laser removed tattoo?

People with tattoos arent completely locked out of hair removal options: electrolysis, or permanent hair removal, is the best option to remove any hair on a location that also has a tattoo.

Electrolysis works by sending electrical currents straight to the center of your hair follicle, which destroys the growth center via chemical reactions and heat. Since this method doesnt affect pigments, tattoos wont fade or blister.

And unlike laser treatments, electrolysis is a more permanent solution for removing hair. Its the only permanent solution to hair removal thats recognized by the FDA and the American Medical Association, with a 100% efficacy rate with repeated treatments. Not only does this allow you to keep your tattoos, but it also improves their appearance once the hair is removed.

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Laser Hair Removal And Tattoos

Traditional methods of hair removal can often be time-consuming. Waxing, shaving, threading, and using depilatory creams take up much time and energy, and many only end up with temporary results.

The technology of today, however, offers a better alternative that allows permanently smooth, hair-free skin and less pain laser hair removal.

But what about your beloved Tattoo?

People who get tattoos often take great pride in them and want to keep the colour as vibrant as it was in the first weeks.

If you are a tattooed individual, then understandably, you might be wary of getting a laser hair removal procedure.

As you know, typically tattoos are removed via laser, so its reasonable to assume that laser hair removal treatments may also damage your tattoo.

Were here to help answer your questions about laser hair removal and tattoos!

Can You Use Ipl On Tattoos

IPL are not classified as lasers. They are essentially full-spectrum flashlamps. Like a flash on a camera. They are good for treating certain skin conditions like sunspots and rosacea. Not as effective for laser for hair removal. We would not recommend IPL for laser hair removal and you encounter the same issues with your tattoos that you have with IPL.

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Does Laser Hair Removal Remove Tattoos

Some patients who are planning to remove their tattoos often ask whether or not laser hair removal will kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as the technologies used for laser hair removal and tattoo removal are very different. The expert team at Med Spa at Seena One is dedicated to offering the latest, most cutting-edge, most effective laser treatments on the market and currently utilizes the Lumenis® LightSheer Duet laser for hair removal and the Lutronic Spectra system for laser tattoo removal. Both lasers are powerful and effective, though they have distinctly unique applications.

Patients considering both tattoo removal and laser hair removal are encouraged to pursue tattoo removal first. This will allow a greater area to be ultimately treated with laser hair removal. During your initial consultation, Dr. Anees and the knowledgeable laser team will customize a treatment schedule that helps you best achieve your ideal results.

What Your Options Are

Getting my tattoo removed at 18!! Tattoo removal & my laser hair experience! (vlog)

If youre trying to keep your tattoo but get rid of the surrounding hair, you licensed medical laser technician will likely create a template to place over your ink. This will ensure that the laser doesnt affect the skin around your tattoo and allow you to get hair removal everywhere else. Typically your laser technician will ensure there are at least 2 to 3 centimeters between your tattoo and the treated area. As long as your tattoo is protected, theres no risk of it being ruined by laser hair removal.

For those who are looking into getting rid of an unwanted tattoo as well as laser hair removal, its best to focus on getting rid of the tattoo first. You will likely have to wait until you laser tattoo removal is complete before you can start the hair elimination process, but each case is different. It really depends on where your tattoo is located and how much overlap there is between your ink and the hair you want to be removed.

The best solution, when faced with a problem like this, is to speak to a licensed medical laser technician during your free consultation and explain to him or her what your goal isand then allow them to come up with the best plan for you. Most laser clinics will customize your treatment to best suit your skin, hair, and overall objective. Dont hesitate to call and schedule your free consultation appointment today!

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Professional Hair Removal At Igbeauty

At IGBeauty, in-house professionals provide expert hair removal in a safe, supervised clinic environment. We dont promote laser hair removal over a tattoo, and can offer a number of alternatives that will be effective and long lasting.

We have the latest technologies, along with some of the best skin care products on the market. Find out more about professional hair removal, by calling one of our specialists at 647-764-7490 or by visiting our services at .

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Answer: Tattoo Over Hair Laser Removal

Your skin should be OK for the tattoo 8 days later. The area should be inspected first by the tattoo artist. if you are still worried confirm with the physician at the laser center on how long you should wait before a tattoo on the laser area.

Everything you need to know about Laser Hair Removal

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Can I Still Get Laser Treatment If I Have Tattoos

You can still undergo laser hair removal if you have tattoos. However, the treatments success depends on your tattoos location. For instance, a tattoo on your rib will not have any impact if you decide to get laser hair removal on your upper lip.

On the other hand, undergoing laser hair removal on your tattooed body part can be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to have at least two to three centimeters between the treated area and your tattoo.

Laser Hair Removal & Tattoos

Tattoo removal albany ny.Laser tattoo removal reviews.Does laser remove ...

Laser hair removal and tattoos have a complicated relationship. Tattoos are an amazing means of self-expression a literal way of turning your skin into art! We love every little way that our clients express their creativity and celebrate their bodies. But how does laser hair removal affect tattoos?

If you already have a few tattoos and youre thinking of trying laser hair removal, this post is for you. Well explain exactly what happens if a laser comes in contact with your tattoo and whether you can still get laser hair removal.

Then, well go over what we do at SEV Laser when an inked beauty wants to come in for a laser hair removal treatment.

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