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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine

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Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Tattoo Machine | Review & Setup

Welcome to the official Cheyenne online shop, where you can buy tattoo equipment for professional tattoo artists. We offer a wide range of high quality Cheyenne tattoo products like tattoo machines, tattoo needles and tattoo power supplies. Just have a look at our assortment and buy the tattoo equipment, which fits you best.

Robust Liner And Colour

. The Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo machine features a precision DC motor capable of operating between the voltages of 5 to 12V. Cheyenne Hawk Pen Tattoo. Not a Cheyenne manufactured product.

Power unit 1 with equiliser proton mx cheyenne tattoo machine. Cheyenne tattoo machine. Cheyenne Hawk 10th Anniversary Edition Tattoo Machine.

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Cheyenne Replacement Battery SOL Nova Unlimited Panasonic NCR18500A 2040mAh 18500 Li-Ion Battery 2-Pack. Sol Nova Cheyenne Tattoo. Ready to ship today Delivery time appr.

Ad One-Stop Shop for Professional Tattoo Medical Piercing Supplies. Tattoo Kits Needles Machines. The introduction of the original HAWK to.

Add to Wish List Add to Compare. With the name HAWK Cheyenne made tattoo history. Cheyenne Machines Sold Out.

Expert advice best customer service every time. The Sol Nova Rotary Tattoo Pen by Cheyenne is designed to deliver tattooing experiences unlike anything youve experienced before. Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine.

Tattoo Ink World Famous Allegory Dynamic Ink Eternal Ink Nocturnal Tattoo Ink Paint thinners Ink – Sets Gray Wash Expired ink at a special price Tattoo Machines Cheyenne Bishop FK Irons Ink. Regular price 53900 Save -53900. Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Machine with Grip 25mm.

Pin On Tattoo Cartridge Pen 纹身ç¬

Pin On Tattoo Body Art

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Utiliser pour Pratique, Stable, Sécurité!Description: Carton, une machine àmoteur rotative, une ligne RCA, une aiguille.

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder + Grip

  • Operating Voltage: 5-12 V DC
  • Power Input: 2,5 W
  • Connection: 3,5 mm jack connection
  • Drive: Precision DC motor
  • Dimensions :110 x 75 x 28 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 95 g
  • HAWK Thunder machine available in 5 colors
  • 4 mm stroke for utmost precision
  • Concentrated power for dots and lines
  • Strain-free work with minimal vibration, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Great handling and less fatigue with a choice of two GRIPs
  • Anodized aluminum: sturdy and hygienic
  • Easy to cover
  • Protected cable jack connection

Hawk grip is made of special material, which can be sterilize. Special mechanism allows to precisely set position of needles. After instaling the grip and module with needles, it can be precisely set from 0-3mm. Needle depth is max. 2.5 mm.NOTE ! The tube can be sterilized in autoclaves only by temperature. Do not use the fluid.

About Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black + grip

Cheyenne is the leading tattoo equipment manufacturer, who stands for quality, safety and innovation. Since 2006, Cheyenne has been producing professional tattoo equipment in Germany, according to the highest medical standards. Our goal is to create innovative tattoo equipment with intuitive handling, which accelerates the work of tattoo artists and simplifies single steps of the working process. That is why Made For Artists is our slogan. Our tattoo equipment is very versatile and flexible, so that you will find the right tool for any tattoo style. Today we offer you a wide range of powerful and reliable tattoo machines, safe tattoo cartridges in numerous configurations, robust and ergonomic tattoo grips and practical tattoo accessories.

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The Perfect Tattoo Machine For Lines And Dots

With the name Hawk, Cheyenne made tattoo history. The low weight, good ergonomic attributes and excellent workmanship of the Hawk tattoo machines guarantee safe, clean and gentle work. The 4mm stroke of the Hawk Thunder guarantees strong pigmentation while drawing the lines.In 2007, Cheyenne gave the rotary machine a new face and revolutionised the tattoo machine market with the introduction of the Hawk. The low weight and barely noticeable vibrations allow long tattoo sessions with the highest precision minus the fatigue. The focus on power combined with smooth running, ergonomics and quality has taken rotary machines to a new level.Today, Hawk Spirit and Hawk Thunder are probably the most frequently used tattoo machines worldwide. Their users know why: You get a robust machine with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Due to its stroke of 4mm, the Hawk Thunder is the perfect choice for strong powered lining and colour packing.


  • Responsive Mode for reactive hit and stitch frequency
  • Perfect for lines
  • Can be customised with 2 Hawk grips of different sizes
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Connection via movable jack connection ensures maximum freedom of movement, innovative jack cage guarantees optimum protection of the plug connection
  • Manufactured according to medical standard
  • Made in Germany

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Avec Grip

*N’oubliez pas d’indiquer dans les observations le modèle de poignée que vous souhaitez, 21 ou 25mm d’épaisseur, en cas de non indication ce sera celui qui est disponible en stock.

Le robuste HAWK Thunder est doté d’une puissance que vous n’aviez jamais imaginée. Sa puissance exceptionnelle, le moteur à courant continu de précision et la longueur de course étendue vous permettent de travailler de longues heures sans vous fatiguer et vous garantissent une précision maximale.

Avec le HAWK Thunder, vous pouvez choisir entre deux types de HAWK GRIP , ce qui rend votre travail encore plus confortable. La machine est également disponible en cinq couleurs différentes, ce qui vous permet de personnaliser votre HAWK Thunder selon vos souhaits.

Cette machine à tatouer n’a pas seulement une finition de haute qualité : elle a aussi une construction ergonomique. Cela permet de garantir une bonne manipulation et de prendre soin de votre poignet. Le Thunder est facile à nettoyer et à emballer de plus, en recouvrant les tatouages précédents, il garantit un travail absolument sûr et hygiénique.

Le Cheyenne HAWK THUNDER est excellent pour réaliser des lignes ou des points et permet simultanément d’utiliser d’autres techniques de travail, sans sacrifier la moindre qualité. Qu’il s’agisse de faire des lignes, des ombres ou des remplissages, avec Cheyenne HAWK THUNDER, les tatouages sont toujours du plus haut niveau.

– La machine HAWK Thunder est disponible en 5 couleurs.

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Buy Your Tattoo Equipment Directly From Manufacturer

If you want to buy tattoo equipment of the highest quality, the Cheyenne online shop is the right choice for you. Just choose the tattoo machine, which fits your technique , add the best fitting tattoo grip and of course get the power you need with the right tattoo power supply. Dont forget to only use Cheyenne tattoo needles, as all of our cartridges are equipped with a Safety Membrane, which prevents blood and tattoo ink from entering the tattoo grip and the associated cross-contamination. Just place your order and get your tattoo equipment delivered with UPS within Europe for free. We do our best to offer you the greatest customer service, so do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or want to give us feedback about the shop.

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