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Does Getting A Tattoo Removed Hurt

Can You Help Me Revise This Tattoo


Every tattoo removal practitioner will encounter patients that don’t want their tattoos removed completely, but rather revised. Yes, you can provide support to patients looking for tattoo revision.

Anyone that is a candidate for tattoo removal liked tattoos enough to get inked at one point in their lives. As a practitioner, you’ll want to be sensitive to this and not assume which tattoo a patient wants removed or whether they want complete removal at all.

Numbing Options For Tattoo Removal

We recognize everyone has different pain tolerance levels. Delete offers a number of affordable numbing options: Topical or local anesthetic . Our trained, certified medical professionals and doctors will design a treatment plan that works for you. In addition to the topical or local anesthetic, Delete utilizes Zimmer cooling equipment to cool the skin before, during, and immediately following laser tattoo removal treatments.

Am I A Candidate For Laser Tattoo Removal

If you want to remove your tattoo quickly and as pain-free as possible, you will most likely be a suitable candidate for the PiQo4 laser system. It is one of the safest and most effective laser tattoo removals in the U.S. thanks to the multiple wavelengths and spot size control. As a result, it is suitable and safe for most skin types. We can also help remove facial tattoos around the eyes or the lips safely with this laser technology.

If you still have concerns about laser tattoo removal or want to know when to book your first treatment, dont hesitate to get in touch with our Englewood, CO team.

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A Passion For What We Do

We are so passionate about our craft and believe so much in our abilities that we offer clients a price match guarantee.

If you can find the same level of treatment that we offer elsewhere at a lower price, we will beat that tattoo removal cost.

We are so dedicated to our clients that if complete tattoo removal is not achieved in the sessions prescribed, we will sponsor your remaining sessions.

Picoway Tattoo Removal Laser

Do getting tattoos removed hurt.How painful is getting a ...

PicoWay® by Syneron Candela is the latest FDA approved tattoo removal laser. Removing a tattoo with the PicoWay® laser is the best way to remove any color tattoo and every skin type. This triple wavelength laser fires in trillionths vs. billionths of a second allowing us to photo-acoustically shatter your ink for the fastest removal possible.

At Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon, your tattoo removal experience is as comfortable and painless as possible.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Pain

At our laser salon you will receive the most technologically advanced laser tattoo removal treatment possible with a focus on managing your pain. To put the importance of pain management in perspective, ask yourself, Would you go to a dentist who was unable to administer local anesthetic? If not, why would you want to have your tattoo removed without local anesthetic? It is a painful process that can and should be managed.

Theres No Ink That The Procedure Cant Remove

One of the most common myths surrounding laser tattoo removal is that some ink just wont come out. While its true that some colors and shades take longer to remove, they will eventually fade. Once the removal is complete, all traces of the dyes will be gone, too.

Its just a matter of time.

If you have a brightly colored tattoo that you no longer want to look at, youll still be able to get rid of the ink. If your tattoo is a simple dark outline, youll be able to get the design removed in full.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftermath

For laser tattoo removal, the majority of the pain is felt during the sessions themselves. Afterwards, it may feel as though you have a sunburn, but the intensity of this goes away in 36 to 48 hours.

The spot where you had the treatment may experience:

  • Blistering
  • Scabbing
  • Redness

These are all normal side effects of the procedure. It is recommended that you drink lots of water following your treatment, keep your hands off the area, do not pick or pull at scabs or blisters, avoid direct sun exposure on the area, and use a vitamin E ointment to help with the inflammation and restore the skin. You should also avoid baths, pools, or hot tubs during your healing period.

It takes around 30 to 40 days between sessions for your skin to be fully healed and ready to sit through another procedure. Usually, less aftercare is required for any subsequent tattoo removal sessions, as your body has less ink reacting to the laser and gets used to the procedure.

You should also know that sometimes laser tattoo removal may leave scarring where your tattoo once was, or may leave a lightened pigment in place of your tattoo. Some tattoos can be completely removed with sessions, but some may leave an imperfect spot in its place. Talk to a tattoo removal specialist to better understand how your tattoo may look following your procedures.

It Feels Like Someone Snapping A Rubber Band Against Your Skin

Laser Tattoo Removal PAIN: How Much Does It Hurt?

Bulls**t. Complete and utter bulls**t.

I dont even think most laser technicians believe this, even if its the answer they give when you ask them how much tattoo removal hurts.

This might be true if you can imagine someone snapping a rubber band against your skin several times per second, and sustaining that pace for 30-60 seconds at a time. But even that doesnt account for the heat.

Tattoo removal feels like exactly what it is a high-powered laser shooting deep into your skin and breaking up the pigment of your tattoo. Thats not going to be a comfortable thing, no matter how you cut it.

If I had to compare it directly to tattoo application, Id say it hurts 1.5x 2x more than the most painful application spot during my tattoo my sternum. So if youve ever had a sensitive, bony part of your body tattooed like your ribcage or sternum, multiply that by 1.5 or 2x, and I think youll have a pretty accurate expectation going into your first removal session.

But even though tattoo removal is considerably more painful than application, its important to note that its MUCH faster than tattoo application.

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Caring For Your Skin After The Treatment

Just as tattoos can be applied to any part of the body, they can also be removed. Regardless of where it is located, though, you need to follow the post-treatment instructions to a tee.

The skin should be covered in a layer of antibiotic healing ointment and bandaged with sterile gauze for at least a few days, but preferably the first week. Do not apply any other creams or cover the area with makeup for no less than a week.

Following this, you can remove the bandage, but be sure to keep the area dry and clean. In the event of the skin experiencing itching, swelling, or irritation, you may wish to apply hydrocortisone cream. This also helps moisturize the area while it heals. In the event of unwanted side effects, stop use immediately.

Vitamin E ointment is also worth getting and applying to the affected area, regardless of whether you are suffering from irritation, as it aids in the restoration of damaged skin cells.

If you experience severe itchiness or notice that the skin is secreting discharge, this indicates that there is likely an infection, and you should consult a doctor. You should also book an appointment if overall discomfort persists for more than 2 weeks, as this is potentially a cause for concern.

The Process Takes Time

Unfortunately, tattoo removal is a complicated process. It takes time for even the most experienced specialists to fully remove the image etched in your skin.

Be ready for the process to take several sessions before you even see significant results. The larger your tattoo is and the more ink it has, the longer it will take to remove.

Dont worry. The specialist should be able to give you an estimated treatment duration during your initial consultation. If they dont, consider working with someone else who can better help you manage your time.

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Prepare For Your Tattoo After Care In Advance

You’ll need things like Aquaphor, bandages, and even clothes that don’t rest on your tattoo. Yes, I actually bought shirts that didn’t have material where my neck/back tattoo is. At first, I was cutting tags out, but when tagless cotton tees still made the spot hurt and itch, I figured keyhole backs were a good investment. If you have tattoos on your ribs or feet it might be best to plan your sessions accordingly.

It also helps to apply a thin coating of antibiotic ointment or healing moisturizer three times a day, like from Aquaphor or Kiehl’s, for the first three days of the healing process.

What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Feel Like

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Whilst some people say that the discomfort of laser tattoo removal is far less than that of getting the tattoo in the first place, others, especially those who have the tattoo on a particularly sensitive area of the body, have reported similar levels of pain when comparing the two.

Most clients describe the feeling as getting snapped repeatedly with a small rubber band, while others have reported the sensation to be more like scratching an area of skin that has bad sunburn.

Whatever your tolerance for pain, if you are wanting to remove an unwanted tattoo, it can be reasonably expected that the treatment wont be entirely without discomfort.

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Scarring From Tattoo Removal Is Highly Unusual

Reassure your patients that you use proper protocols and a professional-grade system that is safe for their skin. Ultimately, as a practitioner, you’ll still want the patient to sign a consent form addressing the risks of the procedure and promote a strong emphasis on personal aftercare outside your practice.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt Laser Tattoo Removal Pain Explained

Regret getting that tattoo and dont want it anymore? Youve obviously looked into your options, but does tattoo removal hurt?

Rest assured, laser tattoo removal is not an overly painful procedure. It might hurt a little, but the pain can be easily managed. Pain levels also depend on how old your tattoo is, how dark the tattoo ink is and the part of the body where the tattoo is located. If you dont feel confident about medical tattoo removal procedures, you can also opt for a natural tattoo removal.

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How Will Vanishing Ink Manage My Comfort

Weve performed many thousands of treatments since opening in 2011 and we have successfully treated many people with all types of tattoos, skin tones and pain thresholds. We ensure that all clients are as comfortable as possible during treatments by:

  • Applying cold air from our cryogenic chiller to the tattoo before, during and after treatment to ensure that the skin is as numb as safely possible. This process is paramount to not only managing your comfort, but also to commencing the aftercare process by helping to remove the excess heat from the treated area
  • Offering the use of numbing cream, if required or desired. We have a compounded numbing cream that has been specifically designed for use in the tattoo and tattoo removal industry, which needs to be applied at least 90 minutes before treatment. A good numbing cream is effective if used properly, but needs to be applied in line with the instructions provided with it. In those cases where clients are unsure of their need for numbing cream, we always offer a test patch for help in making that decision and
  • Using our experience to ensure that the size and speed of treatment is tolerable to the client. The speed and nature of our treatment approach will be completely guided by the comfort of the client.

Length Of The Session


When determining how much a back ink hurts, one of the most important elements to consider is the length of the session.

Most people prefer shorter ink sessions since they are more bearable. Its easier to tolerate an hour or less than four to five hours. In contrast, some people have a high perception of hurt and can bear it within 12 hours, but a shorter period is recommended for those receiving their first body art.

If youre getting a full back ink with a large size, you have to choose the longer periods. In other words, large inks are often divided up into many sessions. These time chunks might vary depending on the sitters pain tolerance. Plus, they usually last a few hours at a time for complicated designs.

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Are Certain Areas Of The Body More Painful Than Others

Areas of the body where a tattoo is less painful, such as well-padded areas like the arms or buttocks, similarly are less painful than areas that are close to bone, such as the fingers or back of the neck, or areas with highly sensitive skin, such as the face or inner elbows or knees. The length of treatment also plays a factor, so larger tattoos overall tend to be more painful than smaller line work.

All Patients Should Expect Some Level Of Side Effects

We encourage practitioners to not gloss over side effects during the initial consultation explain the various side effects in full detail. This way, when your patients commit to the tattoo removal process, they’re informed and aren’t shocked the next day when their skin is sensitive and they are potentially limited from their normal activities or clothing.

The most common side effects are:

  • Redness
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation

If all of the proper protocols are used based on the tattoo and the patient’s skin tone, all of these side effects are temporary. Redness, tenderness, and swelling typically subside within a day or two following treatment. Blisters usually appear within 24 hours of treatment sometimes the blisters are very large and may look alarming this is completely normal. Scabs, bruising, and blistering may take up to a week or longer to heal.

For patients with pigmentation issues, do not treat at the regular treatment intervals wait until the area has returned to its normal skin tone before treating again. The main risk for permanent pigmentation changes is if the practitioner continues to treat an affected area too aggressively. Even from the start, it is important to treat darker skin tones conservatively using wavelengths that have less absorption by melanin and reduced fluence levels.

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Advice For Reducing Tattoo Pain

  • Do go early in the day, or when youre not tired.
  • Dont drink alcohol.
  • Do eat a proper, filling meal 1 to 2 hours before your session.
  • However, dont eat if youre getting your stomach tattooed!
  • Do choose someone with experience!
  • Do ask tattoo artists for breaks if needed.
  • Stay hydrated before and after!

Start drinking more water a couple of weeks before getting tattooed for best results. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before your tattoo appointment . Alcohol thins the blood, which can cause excess bleeding, making tattooing more challenging and delaying healing.

Bring a snack with you if youll be sitting for a long session, so you can keep your blood sugar levels up. Eating well will help your body to naturally reduce the sensation of pain . Taking breaks during a long session will help make pain feel more tolerable, too.

If getting your stomach tattooed, ask your tattoo artist for guidance about what and when to eat before your session.

Improper Aftercare Or Incorrect Protocols Pose A Risk

How much does it cost to get a tattoo removed.How much ...

While it is uncommon to cause scarring from the laser tattoo removal sessions themselves, it is still possible. For example, if you use excessive fluence when treating a tattoo and cause unwanted side effects , scarring may occur.

Another risk for scarring, even if the treatment is performed properly, happens when patients fail to follow aftercare instructions. Blisters and scabs are common side effects that are important in the tattoo removal healing process. However, picking scabs or not caring properly for blisters can allow scarring to happen. When discussing aftercare with your patients, make sure to emphasize their role in the outcome of their tattoo removal.

There are also some patients that may have a history of keloids and may be predisposed to scarring, which is why it’s important to take a detailed medical history of each patient.

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What A Session Is Like And Things To Ask Your Artist

If youve made it this far into our guide, its safe to say that you have all your bases covered.

To wrap things up, heres how your interaction with your artist and getting your tattoo done will likely unfold:

  • Reach out to the artist or shop to talk about rates and set up a consultation.
  • Meet the artist to talk about your design and expectations.
  • Agree upon the final design with the artist and confirm the rate. If revisions are needed, this may involve setting up a follow-up appointment to look over the final design before locking in your tattoo date.
  • Aspirin and ibuprofen are off limits in the 24 hours leading up to your appointment, as they can thin your blood. This applies to the consumption of alcohol as well. You may be able to take acetaminophen , but confirm this with your artist beforehand.
  • Plan to wear something that will keep the area to be tattooed exposed. If you cant do this, wear something you can easily slip in and out of.
  • Show up to your appointment 10 minutes early. Dont forget to bring cash for tips!
  • Fill out any paperwork and, if needed, finalize any details of your design.
  • Your artist will take you to their station. You may need to roll up or remove any clothing that may be in the way of your tattoo placement.
  • Your artist will disinfect the area and use a disposable razor to remove any hair.
  • Then your artist will place the tattoo stencil onto your skin. Move this around as much as you like until youre happy with the placement!
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