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How To Become A Medical Tattoo Artist

Whats Required To Become A Tattoo Artist

What Do You Need To Start Tattooing?

If the first thought on your mind is whether you can become a tattoo artist if youre not great at drawing, the answer is yes! Many tattoo artists that have professional careers began their journey learning how to draw and focusing primarily on tracing designs. Its been said that with consistent practice, you can have a more skilled artists hand in around six months.

While no formal education is needed for tattooing, you need to have dedication to the field and passion for the industry. You can teach yourself to tattoo, but its always recommended that you seek out an apprenticeship as that will allow you more career opportunities when youre complete, making you more respected in the industry. Remember that an apprenticeship does require a monetary commitment.

The experience of watching another artist hone their practice and the learning that comes from working one-on-one with a mentor is incomparable and is truly the fast-track to becoming a working, professional artist. For more information, have a look at our article, How To Become A Tattoo Artist – A Guide To Starting Your Career In Ink.

Tattoo Artist Job Description

A Tattoo Artist does more than create drawings.

They must also use their listening skills and customer service to determine exactly what a client wants from their tattoo.

After all, it is permanent.

Sometimes using verbal instructions, Tattoo Artists will interpret a clients message and meaning to draft a drawing on a special tracing paper.

After getting approval from their client and giving any necessary feedback or advice, they set up the tattoo machine and inks needed to begin their artwork.

They will also prep the clients skin including washing it to remove any residue from the skin.

Tattoo Artists will then begin tattooing making sure their client is comfortable and not in much pain.

Because piercing of the skin is required, Tattoo Artist must also make sure that a client is not bleeding too much because it may obstruct any skin.

Training On Skin Diseases Communicable Diseases And Disease Prevention

Many blood borne pathogen certification programs require you to go through classes or seminars on disease management before you can become certified, while others simply require you to pass a test that demonstrates your knowledge. As a tattoo artist, you should have a robust knowledge of the types of diseases that can be spread through tattooing and how to prevent them.

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Buy Your Tattoo Equipment

You will need to purchase your tattoo equipment before you can start practicing on the skin. This includes a tattoo machine, needles, inks, power supply, and clip cord. You can find tattoo kits for sale online or at your local tattoo shop.

Do your research before purchasing any equipment, as you want to be sure you are getting high-quality products.

Once you have your equipment, you must set up a workspace. This should be in a well-ventilated area so that the fumes from the inks do not build up. You will also need to sterilize your equipment before each use.

Become A Tattoo Artist: Find A Traditional Apprenticeship

Meet the Heavily Tattooed Doctor Taking Over the Medical Field

If you are in a city where Body Art & Soul Tattoos Tattoo School does not exist, and there is no way to relocate to us for your training, then seeking a traditional apprenticeship to become a Tattoo Artist is your second best approach. If you can secure a local tattoo apprenticeship, you will gain real-world experience in a shop and can become a Tattoo Artist in a much more responsible way, compared to trying to learn on your own. Just like an internship, once your apprenticeship is over you can usually transition to working at the same shop, assuming your apprenticeship went well. However, apprenticeships are coveted positions that are difficult to get, and most artists take on one apprentice at time, if that. Of course, you will need to purchase your own equipment and most tattoo apprenticeships cost money. You are never paid for the apprenticeship, rather in reality, you have to pay for the apprenticeship. Even if it cost you $15,000, when you compare it to the cost of a college degree, its a steal!

Looking for an apprenticeship right now? Call/Text 1-310-413-0709

Make sure when choosing a mentor that they are at a reputable shop and have experience guiding people through an apprenticeship. Spend time familiarizing yourself with the shop and the artists there. If some are hostile no bueno.



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Scalp Micropigmentation Master Training

Scalp Micropigmentation aka SMP is a safe cosmetic tattoo method that creates the illusion of a full head of hair by adding thousands of micro dots to the scalp using organic pigment and micro needles, simulating the appearance of tens of thousands of tiny hair follicles.

Joe will be teaching his Full Micro technique on creating the most natural and realistic hairlines possible. You will learn the art vs science of SMP as well as advanced techniques in building through multiple sessions, layering, hairline types, depth into the skin, scar camouflage, blending, inks/needles used, density treatments for men and women with hair, business/marketing concepts, and much more. We will cover lots of theory on the first day along with practice on melons. The 2nd day of training will allow us to practice more, but actually applying what we’ve learned on live models!

Do Medical Tattoos Fade

Unlike harsher colored body tattoos, the skin tone micropigments we use do fade over a number of years and will need to be touched up over time to maintain their appearance. Medical tattooing can successfully improve the appearance of modest-sized scars that cut through eyebrows or the hair on your scalp.

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Growing Your Career As A Tattoo Artist

It is a requirement of all tattoo artists to receive industry-specific training before they can begin their careers. This will typically take the form of an apprenticeship. The legal requirements of upcoming tattoo artists may vary from state to state, so it is best to conduct research specific to your own personal needs. Networking communities and associations are a fantastic place to begin your journey for answers and are a great method in which to grow as an artist. Industry-specific communities such as these offer insight into trade secrets, as well as provide opportunities to grow ones business opportunities. These types of groups exist to allow industry-specific professionals to build one another up in a competitive world, creating a sense of community that comes together to support one another in your day to day work and share in celebrating each others successes as industry professionals within the tattoo industry.

Why You Should Become A Tattoo Artist Career Insight

How to tattoo: Becoming a Tattoo Artist
  • You do not need a degree
  • You can make up to $500 per hour sometime more
  • You have more flexibility than a 9-to-5
  • You can be creative and develop artistic abilities
  • You can work with interesting people and help them commemorate moments in their lives

Becoming a Tattoo Artist does not require a degree, and yet you can make as much as people who get into mountains of debt going to college. The average Tattoo Artist makes just over $60,000 a year and it can go up from there.

Tattoo Artists can choose where and when to work and have more freedom and flexibility than in a 9-to-5 job. Plus, as you make progress as a professional, you can define and create your own style, allowing you to express yourself creatively and raise your prices.

Looking for an apprenticeship right now? Call/Text 1-310-413-0709

There is a lot of room for growth in the tattoo industry. As long as we keep making people, and those people see other people who have tattoos, which makes them want tattoos, there will always be demand.

After becoming a Tattoo Artist, you can always continue to grow and refine your skills throughout your career. As a Tattoo Artist, you will have the opportunity to work with tons of diverse people and hear their stories, while commemorating milestones in their lives with permanent art. Beware though you will need good people skills as a Tattoo Artist because sometimes your shop will turn into storytelling or therapy sessions!

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Learn The Basic Elements Of Design

Learning basic artistic rules can provide you with a solid understanding about various design elements and how they impact each other. This is especially helpful to know when creating intricate designs and tattooing someone who already has tattoos. The art of tattooing encompasses design elements of many varying levels, so being knowledgeable about as many design components as possible can help you apply these theories to elevate your skill set and ability to create high-quality tattoos. Important elements of design include:

Things You Should Know

  • There are no standardized rules when it comes to medical tattoos, so its possible that a medical professional wont see it if you dont get the tattoo in a highly visible area.
  • Medical tattoos make the most sense when you have conditions where you wont be able to communicate key information during an emergency.
  • Consider putting the tattoo on/near your wrist where an EMT or doctor would see it when they go to take your pulse.
  • Its okay to take cosmetics into account and get a medical tattoo that looks good, but if it isnt legible, it wont do anyone any good in an emergency.
  • Do not get a medical tattoo for any kind of radiotherapy those markers need to be applied by a medical professional, and regular tattoo artists wont use medical-grade tattoo ink.

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My Permanent Makeup And Medical Tattooing Work Ethos

I have been performing permanent makeup, scar camouflage and areola tattooing for 8 years now and I can honestly say that I still work to my original aim of perfection and ethos, which is never to rush myself or my clients, to make sure Im fully prepared for my next client to give them the treatment and service that I would be pleased and expect to receive myself.

The Tattoo World Needs You

30 Stethoscope Tattoo Ideas For Men

If youre a great artist who enjoys working with people and is open to learning the technical sides of tattooing, you might just find your calling as a tattooist. As a tattoo artist, you can make your mark on a persons life. Jobs for tattoo artists are available just about anywhere. Get started today!

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Complete An Apprenticeship And Learn The Trade

The best way to learn how to tattoo is by completing an apprenticeship with a licensed tattoo artist. During your apprenticeship, you will shadow experienced artists, help set up and break down equipment, and eventually start practicing on skin.

Most apprenticeships last between one and three years during that time, you will be expected to complete several tasks and responsibilities. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you will be a fully licensed tattoo artist and can start working in a shop or setting up your studio.

Dermace Medical Micropigmentation Training

Teresa Fletcher, the Head Trainer and Director of Dermace, has trained many surgeons, nurses and medical professionals through out the UK and Ireland. She is considered to provide unrivalled skills and training within this part of the industry.Medical Tattooing typically involves:

Medical Micropigmentation comes in 2 or 3 modules:The standard offering is:

  • 3d Areola Tattooing

  • MCA Scar Treatment

The extra module you can add on is Scalp Training. This includes Densification for thinning hair , as well as full scalp mapping for whole-head treatments.

Ideally, we like our Medical students to have a solid grounding in Semi Permanent Makeup before taking on these courses. If you already work in a Medical setting, such as Dentistry or Nursing, and youâd like to enrol in Medical training we can help.

We would undertake a day of intensive general Micropigmentation Training before moving onto the Medical work.

We have a really solid knowledge-base for you to draw from, and our work within the NHS keeps us at the forefront of the Medical Micropigmentation arena. We also cover pigment science and machinery during the course – which is an essential part of the training.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Good Tattoo Artist

You probably have many questions about how to break into the tattooing industry and what it takes to become a good, respected professional. Lucky for you, were here to answer everything thats on your mind. Remember that like any professional creative career, this path will take hundreds of hours of dedication and practicing your skills, and it will take a financial investment as well.

Five: Start Your Professional Career

Daydreaming about becoming a tattoo artist? Customize an apprenticeship that’s right for you!

After youve completed your two year apprentice, you can begin to apply for beginner tattooing positions. Applying at a tattoo shop usually means that you rent the open chair in the room and take your own clients. Some shops offer guest artists if you wish to try it out and see if youre a good fit for the atmosphere of a certain shop. Or you could look into opening up your own studio with some of your favorite colleagues. Evaluate your decision based on your comfort level, your financial abilities, and your career goals.

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Never Become Greedy Or Blas About Working With Permanent Makeup On Peoples Faces

I always ensure I work with the best products in the industry, update my skills and product knowledge. I concentrate only on permanent makeup and anti ageing needling treatments. I think the worse thing anyone in the profession can do is become greedy, try to train in too many different services and become blasé about working on peoples faces.

Jo Bregazzi

About Jo Bregazzi

Want To Become A Tattoo Artist You Need Less Than You Think To Get Started

If you want to learn how to become a tattoo artist, you really need a lot less than you think to take the first step. In all honesty, all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil to start drawing. Then, the rest can come piece by piece over a few years. You can consistently hone your skills in your free time, no matter where you are in the process of becoming a tattoo artist!

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How To Become A Tattoo Artist

Becoming a tattoo artist is no easy feat, and like every other professional craft, it requires patience, determination, and commitment to the trade. Whether youve thought about it in passing or are looking to make your next steps, our thorough beginners guide will help you better understand how to become a tattoo artist.

Two: Invest In Quality Equipment

Pin on Shige tattoo

Like all trades and craft work, you are creating with your hands and with tattooing equipment. Investing in quality equipment not only demonstrates your commitment to the profession, but it means they will move with you as you transition into professional tattooing.

Most mentors will not let you use their equipment as it is too much of a financial risk for them. Costs for equipment may vary but could go into a few thousand dollars, very easily. Some of the equipment you will need to purchase are:

  • Two or more tattoo machines
  • Sanitary equipment such as gloves and wipes
  • Stencil equipment

When youve established a mentor, they will be able to provide you with recommendations as to what equipment and materials they prefer for their work. While you dont need to use the same products as them, it may be helpful to learn with their recommendations.

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Is Becoming A Permanent Makeup Artist Right For Me

Now that you know permanent makeup artistry is an exciting, far-reaching, and potentially lucrative career, only you can decide if its the right path for you. The first consideration is the up-front investmentyou’ll have to decide if youre able to part with the time and the money needed to complete a training program. There are, however, other considerations to think about.

The work itself deals with the nitty-gritty of the human body. Your daily life will involve intimate contact with people, their skin, hair, and blood. If youre squeamish about the stuff that makes a person a person, this is likely not the right career for you.

Also, consider that youll be under intense pressure to perform perfect work 100% of the time. When cosmetologists give a bad haircut or a botched nail job, they can work to fix the problem and, if all else fails, give a coupon for a free appointment to smooth things over. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, is, well, permanent.

Practice Drawing On Your Own

The first thing you can do to get started is to begin drawing on your own. Keep a sketchbook and a pencil handy to draw in your free time you dont need anything else to take that initial step. Draw things you see, things you think, and things other people describe. Get a feel for whether you truly enjoy drawing and creating art, especially art for other people. Since youll be drawing requests most of the time, its important that youre comfortable creating art that meets the specifications of others.

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Learn The Principles Of Graphic Design

Other essential skills to master are the principles of graphic design, such as balance, alignment, repetition, proximity, contrast, and space. These principles help to build the foundation of art itself and no drawing is complete without them. How each manifests differs greatly from piece to piece, so its crucial to develop a strong ability to manipulate these principles in a wide variety of ways.

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