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Fragrance Free Moisturizer For Tattoo

The Best Lotion For You

The Best Lotion For A New Tattoo (Gold Bond Ultimate: Diabetic Lotion)

The best lotion for you is the one that moisturizes your skin while helping to soothe any irritation or itching. Today, there are a number of lotions available with varying formulas that can help you achieve these goals. Keep in mind which ingredients and lotion benefits you prefer when selecting, and you will be well on your way to the perfect lotion and later, a wonderfully healed tattoo!

What Moisturizer Should I Use For My Tattoo

We recommend you always go for tattoo-friendly, fragrance-free, non-irritating, and organic lotions and ointments. Here are some of our favorite tattoo moisturizers

  • Bepanthen Diaper Care Ointment this ointment has a gentle formulation made to soothe a tattoo during its healing process. The ointment helps with the soreness and itching since it is an antiseptic cream. Professional tattoo artists recommend the Bepanthene ointment to speed up the recovery and nourish the tattoed skin with vitamin B5.
  • Brooklyn Grooming Tattoo Balm this balm is specifically made for tattoo aftercare, and it is designed by professional tattoo artists. The balm has a rich, regenerative formula that can promote faster healing. It contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter, hemp, and sesame seed oil, as well as organic vitamin E. The balm is organic, unscented, and vegan.
  • Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion the Aveeno lotion is perfect when you want to increase the hydration of the tattoo. It is perfect for cases where the tattoo is dry and under moisturized. The lotion formula is rich in glycerin, caprylyl glycol, and citric acid, which keep the skin hydrated for 24 hours. It is also fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Tattoos On The Foot And Wrist:

Tattoos on the feet and wrist are notoriously hard to heal. These areas also have a higher chance of becoming infected because of exposure to germs and bacteria due to door knobs, keyboards, computer mice, dirty shoes, carpet, etc. It is EXTREMELY important to keep these areas clean and to NEVER touch your tattoo with dirty hands. It is advisable to buy a new pair of cheap shoes that can be easily cleaned in the washing machine after you get your foot tattooed. Wash the shoes in the washing machine before wearing them. Make sure they are loose fitting and all socks should be smooth and fuzz free on the inside.

Above all, if you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us or stop by. Thats what we are here for! We know what looks normal and what does not and well assist you in any way that we can. We put a lot of hard work into your new tattoo and care about it just as much as you do.

Again, our number is 573-442-8287.

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So Can You Put Lotion On A New Tattoo

Let me break the answer down for you:

If youre wondering if you can put lotion on a freshtattoo, the answer is no. By fresh, Im referring to the icky-and-gooey kind of fresh, which is what your tattoo is right after you leave the studio.

If youre referring to tattoo thats at least 2-3 days old, and is now starting to heal and dry up, then the answer is a resounding yes! At this point, your tattoo is still considered new.

Pick #: Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion


Main benefits:

  • Fast-Absorbing formula
  • Contains Vitamin B5

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion is a favorite in the tattoo world as a hydrating lotion and tattoo moisturizer that goes a long way. It comes in a generous size at an affordable price point. You can apply it without worrying about an oily mess afterward as the fast-absorbing formula is optimized to be absorbed by your skin. It will keep your skin soft and tattoo hydrated.

LK mentions in their Amazon review:

My go to when Im healing tattoos. I hate unscented lotions, because they have a weird smell to me, but this one works so well! Especially when healing large pieces. This keeps your skin moisturized for quite awhile without a mess!

If youre on a budget and need a bottle that will probably last you even after your tattoo is healed, this one might be the best option! It doesnt get much better than this.

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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

When you need super gentle moisturize relief and protection for your new tattoo, dont be afraid to try a baby lotion. Just because it has the word baby, doesnt mean adults cant enjoy or benefit from it. Thats far from truth!

In reality, what makes this Aveeno lotion an excellent choice is that its blended up natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients. If you take a glance at the J Drugs Dermatol. 2015 14:43-48 study, youll discover the anti-inflammatory activities of colloidal oatmeal. Not only does it help with dryness and scaling but it also cuts back on the itch intensity too. Though, the true active ingredient is Dimethicone, 1.2%.

Upon applying, youll help moisturize your new ink for a full 24 hours without dealing with any unwanted grease. It wont clog your pores, and its also fragrance-free. Not to mention, its hypoallergenic!

  • Good for people who dislike lotion
  • Creates a barrier that promotes oxygen flow
  • Restores moisture to the skin
  • Preservative and fragrance-free

If youre not a fan of lotions, perhaps youd prefer an ointment. Specifically, Aquaphor Healing Ointment. We rate it as the best ointment for tattoos, but thats for you to decide. Just like lotions, it aims to hydrate your skin and assist with repair and recovery. It has a slightly thicker texture than location and creates a protective barrier to keep your skin hydrated.

Nature By Canus Creamy Body Lotion


For some, its gross. For others, its just what theyve been looking for. Nature By Canus creamy body lotions main ingredient is none other than fresh Canadian goat milk. Goat milk is naturally anti-aging, and some people believe it can diminish wrinkles and discoloration on your tattoos. Additionally, its naturally unscented and packed with fatty acids, vitamins A and B , potassium, zinc and selenium. These qualities make this lotion exceptionally gentle for varying skin types.

Right now, were on a huge Nature By Canus kick. In our experience, this is a fantastic body lotion for everyday use, and it can do double-duty as your aftercare tattoo lotion. Its a bit out of the ordinary, but this goat milk lotion comes highly recommended by SPYs tattooed team members.

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What Should You Look For In A Tattoo Lotion

1. Packaging: While choosing a tattoo aftercare lotion, the packaging of the product plays an integral role. Go for a tube or a pump dispenser as it prevents dipping your hand repeatedly into the product. However, if you choose a salve or a balm that comes in a pot, then make sure to wash your hands before using the same to avoid infection and contamination.

2. Fragrance-Free: Avoid products that contain artificial fragrances as they cause irritation and delay the healing process. Always go for products that are marked unscented or fragrance-free.

3. Vegan Or Naturally Derived Ingredients: If you are concerned about your sensitive skin, opt for a product that is either vegan or contains natural ingredients. They tend to have anti-inflammatory properties and are much healthier for your skin than chemical-based products.

Tattoos are one of the most common and artistic ways of expressing yourself. After getting a tattoo, it is important to moisturize the skin as it tends to dry once it is done. Tattoo care creams or lotions are required to heal the freshly punctured skin. These products moisturize the skin and put the infections at bay. These are vegan, non-comedogenic, and paraben-free. It is always advisable to choose tattoo creams that are skin-friendly and hydrating. However, some might have greasy textures and require frequent reapplication. Avoid fragranced lotions as they can cause a burning sensation.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion With Pro

Our Point of View on Lubriderm Hydrating Body Lotion From Amazon
  • 16-fluid ounce bottle with pump of Lubriderm Daily Moisture Fragrance-Free Lotion is our solution to replenish and moisturize dry skin thats suitable for the whole family
  • Clinically proven to moisturize normal-to-dry skin for 24 hours, the fragrance-free lotion is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and skin essential moisturizers found naturally in healthy skin to help improve your skins moisture barrier
  • Achieve healthy-looking skin with the use of the fragrance-free and non-greasy formula of this daily body lotion which leaves a pleasant, soft, clean and smooth feel to the skin
  • The fast-absorbing, fragrance-free formula of this body lotion helps keep tattooed skin looking its best. Plus, this dermatologist-developed brand is the #1 recommended brand by tattoo artists for tattoo care and aftercare
  • For external use only, smooth this daily lotion intended for normal-to-dry skincare on hands and body for everyday moisture and hydration

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Can I Use Vaseline To Moisturize My Tattoo

Contrary to the popular belief, Vaseline doesnt provide any moisturizing effects. It is made of petroleum jelly which doesnt soak into the skin. Instead, it stays on top of the skin creating a protective barrier.

However, when the tattoo is healing, Vaseline can keep it over moisturized and even lead to a tattoo infection. Because the protective barrier doesnt allow the tattoo to breathe, it doesnt dry and the healing process is significantly longer than it should be.

The only time it is acceptable to apply of Vaseline onto a healing tattoo is when you shower. A layer of Vaseline will protect the tattoo from the water and keep it safe and dry. However, once youre done showering, make sure to remove Vaseline, wash the tattoo, and moisturize with a thin layer of lotion.

Once the tattoo is fully healed, youre free to apply Vaseline as a form of tattoo care, but even then, try not to overdo it. Vaseline can clog pores and promote skin breakout.

Over Moisturizing Tattoo: Everything You Need To Know

Tattoo aftercare is probably the most important step towards a healed, healthy tattoo. However, because aftercare, or rather lack of it, can easily make things go wrong with the tattoo, some people go overboard with some aftercare steps, like tattoo moisturizing for example.

Keeping the tattoo hydrated and moisturized is pretty important, but overdoing it can be counterproductive and lead to some healing issues.

So, if youre guilty of over-moisturizing your tattoo, youre at the right place. In the following paragraphs, well discuss tattoo moisturizing, the risks of overdoing it, and how to fix the issues resulting from over-moisturizing. Lets get started!

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Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment

Easy to find and use, Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment protects and soothes dry skin. It’s recommended by both dermatologists and tattoo artists, and with a fragrance and preservative-free formula, this ointment is perfect for anyone and everyone getting a new tattoo including those with sensitive skin.

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Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion

10 Best Lotions For New Tattoos To Keep Your Ink Healthy

Gold Bonds Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion comes packed with Vitamin A, C and E to help heal dry skin without the grease. Just twist the top, give it a pump and apply once for 24 hours of clinically tested moisturize.

One of the pluses about this lotion is the fact that it has aloe inside for a cool, soothing relief and comfort that comes natural. When it comes to the vitamins, A helps to improve the elasticity of your skin, while vitamin C promotes healthy development and collagen formation. Finally, vitamin E lends a helping hand by protecting the function of your skin and reducing lipid loss.

All said and done, the trio of vitamins and the addition of aloe work wonders for any new tattoo. Even though its a bit thicker, it still doesnt leave behind any sticky residue which is great for keeping your skin off your clothes.

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How To Clean Tattoo Without Ruining It

  • Gently remove the wrap from the tattooed skin.
  • Use warm water to wash off the plasma or dry blood.
  • Take your best tattoo soap and nicely clean the skin with rubbing.
  • Do not use a towel to dry or rub the skin. Instead, you can use a paper towel or tissue.
  • You can use moisture to prevent dryness.
  • Avoid direct sunshine for up to 14 days.
  • You can wash your tattoo 2-3 times in a single day for about three weeks.

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Hustle Butter Deluxe Luxury Tattoo Care & Maintenance Cream


Hustle Butter is the all-natural healing cream of your dreams. Meant to replace petroleum-based tattoo lotions, this cream is designed to soothe irritated skin after getting new ink. It is the top-rated tattoo aftercare product from artists and clients for good reason, and swelling and skin inflammation are no match for this cream. Like Aquaphor, you can even use this stuff after healing your fresh tattoo as your daily moisturizing option for tattoo upkeep. The only issue? Its solely made for tattoo aftercare, so if you prefer your tattoo creams to be formulated for multi-use purposes like daily body moisturization, then try one of the other tattoo lotions featured here.

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Should I Moisturize My Tattoo After Its Fully Healed

If you want to keep your tattoo looking vibrant and radiant even years after youve got it, then you should keep moisturizing it even after its fully healed. The aftercare routine doesnt simply apply to the healing process. Even after your tattoo is healed, you still need to take care of it.

So, make sure to apply high-quality, fragrance-free, non-irritating lotion or ointment, and do not even think about going anywhere without applying proper sunscreen. This will help your tattoo stay fresh-looking for years. Moreover, proper care will prevent premature tattoo fading or other issues.

Marlowe No 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion

Tattoo Balm Recipe DIY | Aftercare | With Essential Oils | Lotion Care


If you have sensitive skin, finding a tattoo lotion could get tricky. But theres no need to overthink it Marlowe. No. 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion is perfect for you. This lotion was created specifically for people with sensitive skin and works well for tattoo upkeep. This lotion will keep your tats smooth and vibrant for years and never irritate your skin. This USA-made product also contains a unique blend of green tea, willow bark extract, passionflower fruit and botanicals, resulting in a lotion that repairs, restores and reduces inflammation.

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How Moisturizers Should You Use For Tattoo

You can moisturise the skin and shield it from UV radiation, which are the two greatest methods to keep old tattoo ink vivid.

Because the ink lies beneath the skin, it does not peel off. However, immune system cells will break it down and disseminate it gradually.

If the epidermis is dry, it has the appearance of dusty glass. It makes it more difficult to view the tattoo. It makes it more difficult to view the tattoo.

As a result, use moisturiser at least once, ideally twice, every day. Consider it like polishing your windows. The moisturiser stops the skin from becoming dull and obscuring the inks visibility.

It also doesnt hurt to exfoliate because you wont be rubbing off the tattoo after its healed.

Thats why you need to apply sunscreen as well as water based moisturizer for tattoo. Also you can save yourself the trouble by purchasing a body lotion with SPF protection. So you can bring it from

It is good to drink plenty of water so that your skin stays healthy and your tattoo will looks glow.

Is Lotion For Tattoos Worth It

For anyone with a new tattoo, the healing process is of paramount importance. Not only does it determine how well the tattoo will hold up over time, but it can also affect the overall appearance of the ink.

While there are a number of lotions and ointments on the market that claim to speed up healing and prevent fading, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth using.

In general, lotions that are specifically marketed for tattoos are a good bet. These products often contain ingredients that help to soothe irritation and promote healing. Whats more, theyre typically non-greasy and wont interfere with the tattooed area.

Of course, its always best to consult with your artist before using any new product on your tattoo. But if youre looking for a lotion that can help keep your tattoo looking its best, lotion specifically designed for tattoos is a good place to start.

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Can I Put Vaseline On My Tattoo

Were going to recommend you dont do this. Vaseline is petroleum jelly, and while it has many powerful applications, tattoo healing isnt one of them. Weve mentioned this above, but you should avoid petroleum products.

Petroleum-based products like Vaseline coat your tattoo in a thick layer of moisture that clogs the pores and suffocates them. This trapped moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi not things you want in your new tattoo.

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How To Take Care Of A Tattoo: Common Questions Answered


So you just got tattooed for the first time and you love your new tattoo, but you still have a ton of questions. Or maybe youre a tattoo veteran and just need a refresher on how to care for your tattoos. Whatever your situation is, weve compiled a comprehensive list of tattoo aftercare instructions thats sure to give you all the answers you need.

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