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How Do You Become A Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

The Most Common Tattoo Removal Regulation

“What Does A Laser Actually Do?” | Laser Tattoo Removal 101: Part 2

The vast majority of states do not require tattoo removal clinic owners or laser operators to have medical credentials, whether as a physician, nurse, or something similar. In fact, non-medical personnel make up the bulk of individuals active in the laser tattoo removal industry.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule, but the most common regulations include some combination of the following requirements:

  • Use of an FDA cleared device for the removal of tattoos.

  • A physician medical director affiliated with the practice.

  • A certified laser operator with at least 16 hours of hands-on training.

  • A laser operator with laser safety training and certification.

For entrepreneurs seasoned or otherwise these tasks should not be daunting. Any reputable laser company will sell you a device that is cleared for use in the U.S., well-known training organizations will provide the training needed for certification, and medical directors are surprisingly easy to come by when you look in the right places.

Astanza has helped many hundreds of entrepreneurs in variously sized markets across the U.S. find a medical director by providing the resources to do so. A medical director is an off-site physician licensed in your state that supervises the laser operations at your clinic practice. This role generally requires only periodic check-ins and availability at the discretion of the physician ultimately, a limited responsibility position for the doctor.

Training: Which Laser Tattoo Removal Course

Both government radiological authorities recognise that laser tattoo removal procedures carry additional risk to patient and operator hence the more stringent licensing criteria. Laser tattoo removal operators need to have knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Laser and light physics
  • Wound care post procedures
  • Laser safety

It is your duty of care to your patients to ensure you have adequate training to meet state laser regulations and to secure medical malpractice insurance to perform laser tattoo removal.

The laser supplier will offer training on the laser device youve purchased. This is a crucial part of your training but should not be the only training you receive. You firstly need the underpinning theoretical knowledge before switching on the laser. This will make your initial hands-on training safe and effective. For candidates who dont have any Q-switched laser experience and/or need supervised hours to meet state laser licensing requirements, its recommended you complete a course with both a theory and hands-on component. Training options include:


Choi, M. S., Seo, H. S., Kim, J. G., Choe, S. J., Park, B. C., Kim, M. H., & Hong, S. P. . Effects of picosecond laser on the multi-colored tattoo removal using Hartley guinea pig: A preliminary study. PloS one, 13, e0203370.

Will Tattoo Removal Hurt

Some people say tattoo removal feels like a rubber band snap. Others say its like a static electric shock. Everyones a little different so thats no surprise. The best part is, its over fast! Like really fast. Most sessions last less than 5 minutes. Plus if you need a break, just ask! Our awesome team can help you space it out if its too difficult.

We recommend taking the edge off and provide all clients with ice and utilize a cooling system during treatment to keep skin nice and cool. We have detailed post-session instructions to help minimize pain throughout the whole process.

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Tattoo Removal Training Requirements

There has been a lot written recently about dodgy operators in the tattoo removal business with newspapers screaming headlines such as Tattoo removal lasers seized after skin burns and Tattoo removal warning after man is burnt and Its a burning issue. However lets take a look at the real situation. Everyday hundreds of Australians undergo tattoo removal and the treatment they choose is laser tattoo removal with a Q Switch Nd: YAG laser. WHY? Because world wide it is recognised as the gold standard for tattoo removal as it has been researched in clinical trials to prove that it is the optimal treatment for removing tattoos of all colours.

There are claims for other systems using skin abrasion and injections of proprietary ingredients espousing Laser Free, Pain Free tattoo removal but with no clinical trials referenced for these claims. It is also claimed that laser tattoo removal breaks down pigment ingredients and deposits them in critical organs of the body scary stuff if it were true. The truth is that YES the laser does break the ink into smaller particles. That is its purpose. The smaller ink particles are then eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system much like the body eliminates infection from the body.

How Much Is It Going To Cost

Pin on Tattoo Removal

Expect to invest more than you did on that new pair of jeans or your last Botox® treatment. For a complete removal, most clients pay between $59-$377 per session.

Huge disclaimer: No two tattoos are exactly the same. The size of the tattoo contributes to cost. So, if you come in with a sleeve or a huge back piece, expect to pay more.

Real talk: Were not going to be the cheapest in town, because you get what you pay for25% of our clients started somewhere else and came to us because they want the best. And we tell people to shop around its a big decision and theres lots of emotion involved. We get that.

Integrity is our most important value as a company, so we promise to shoot straight and take good care of you.

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Join An Apprenticeship Program

Technicians who remove tattoos professionally must first undergo an apprenticeship. Any mentors you have had can serve as your first employers, or any clinic offering apprenticeships.

Researching the practice you wish to apprentice at is essential. This entails spending time reviewing each technicians portfolio and crucial information on their clinic. Apprenticeships provide invaluable knowledge about hygienic procedures, using laser equipment, operating laser machines, and removing tattoos.

Additionally, they might give you a better idea of the business side of running and owning a tattoo removal service.

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In Which States Of Australia Can I Legally Perform Laser Tattoo Removal

You can perform laser tattoo removal using a class 4, Q-switched laser without any qualification in the states of NSW, NT, VIC, SA and ACT. However, not holding a valid qualification may impact on your ability to secure adequate medical malpractice insurance.

The situation is different however in the states of WA, QLD and TAS. The Radiological Council of WA regulates class 3B and 4 lasers categorising license exemptions into Superficial Cosmetic , Hair Reduction and Laser Tattoo Removal. The criteria to apply for a WA laser licence exemption in laser tattoo removal includes the following:

  • Five years-experience as a Div. 1 Registered Nurse
  • Current AHPRA registration as a Div. 1 Registered Nurse.

QLD Radiation Health regulates class 3B and 4 lasers in QLD. They too have a similar licensing criterion to WA with categories for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Tattoo Removal. The licencing criteria for laser tattoo removal involves the following:

  • Recognised laser safety course
  • Nationally recognised unit in infection control
  • Trainee licence
  • 100 hours of direct supervision by a supervisor holding a QLD laser licence in laser tattoo removal.

The Department of Health regulates class 3B and 4 lasers and lntense Pulsed Light devices in Tasmania. They do not have licence categories but do require the licence applicant to hold the following:

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California State Laser Tattoo Removal Regulations

The state of California has specific laws in place to govern laser tattoo removal procedures and who can perform them. In California, laser treatments for removal of unwanted tattoos is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and is subject to the same regulations. This means that only approved medical personnel can perform the procedure, and consequently, laser tattoo removal treatments can be quite expensive in California. This is unfortunate for the customer, but good for business, as facilities have more freedom to set their own prices due to less competition. No matter if you are using a powerful Q-Switched laser from PicoSure, the Quanta Q plus C laser or the Q-Switched Nd YAG laser from Cynosure, its important to ensure that you follow the local Department of Health guidelines and California state requirements before opening your doors.

Who is authorized to perform a cosmetic treatment?

As with laser hair removal or any other cosmetic laser procedure in California, laser tattoo removal treatments can only be performed by a licensed medical doctor or under a physicians direct supervision. Even under supervision, only the following approved personnel may perform the procedure:

  • Physicians assistants

Personnel not approved to perform laser tattoo removal treatments, even under supervision, include:

  • Unlicensed medical assistants

Violation of these rules opens the facility to state investigation and disciplinary action.

What constitutes professional misconduct?

How Can I Get A Job In Tattoo Removal

“We’re Here. We Can Do This.” | Removery Laser Specialist Ana Talks Tattoo Removal

The qualifications to get a job in tattoo removal vary depending on your area of focus and the state in which you work. You need state certification and licensing to work as a laser technician or esthetician. You can become a licensed esthetician or laser technician by completing a postsecondary certificate program, meeting any supervised experience requirements in your state, and passing an exam. Some professionals in this specialty are registered nurses who become Certified Aesthetics Nurse Specialists or gain equivalent experience and skills at a cosmetic clinic before applying for tattoo removal roles.

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Salary And Employment Forecast For Tattoo Removal

In the United States, a laser tattoo removal technician makes an average yearly pay of $54,534.

The tattoo removal market is expanding quickly to keep up with demand. As more people accept laser tattoo removal as a practical way to regain control over skin look, the market for this service grows yearly. Young girls with black tattoos that are small and simple to erase make up the majority of tattoo removal patients.

Moreover, there is a large overlap between tattoo removal patients and people seeking other cosmetic treatments.

Training And Certifications Available Through New Look Laser College

Each New Look Laser College student should understand their states laws regarding laser tattoo removal practitioners before attending a course. NLLC students earn three certifications upon completing our training course: Certified Laser Specialist Certification, Laser Safety Officer Certifications, and Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Certification. Our team of tattoo removal training experts is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding laser regulations in your state. To learn more about finding laser laws in your area, or below to watch the pre-recorded webinar, Tips for Researching Laser Regulations in Your State!

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How Much Does It Cost To Become A Laser Technician

Cost of the program will depend upon the choice of school and the length and type of training program:

  • 2-3 days seminar and workshops can cost as low as $1,000.
  • Programs that cover 40-60 hours of training might cost anything between $2500 to $5000.
  • 90-120 hours courses may cost as much as $6,000 or more.
  • Examination fees for certification may be around $200-$300.
  • Renewal of certification generally costs around $90-$100 .

Many training programs/schools also offer financial aid and grants.

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Laser Treatment For Skin Shade

How To Become A Tattoo Removal Specialist / What Qualifications Do I ...

A whitewash can be a affordable, fast alternative for disguising the tattoo you currently have. If you dont like your current design but are open to another tattoo in its place, this method is best.

How Do I Become A Laser Tattoo Removal Technician

Tattoo artists state that smaller tattoos frequently range from about $50-$ 150 while larger ones might only be inexpensive if your moms and dads have a lot of cash money lying around.

A cover-up may appear as well easy at very first glance nevertheless, isnt covering an unwanted mark simply painting over it? But what numerous individuals fail to realize is that this process can actually produce something totally new: A gorgeous work of art on top of an older item. How Do I Become A Laser Tattoo Removal Technician

The most effective way to fade your tattoo is by getting more sessions. We advise 2-4 depending on the artist as well as coverup artwork that they supply if you are looking for a cover up.

How Do I Become A Laser Tattoo Removal Technician

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Trust Your Removery Specialist To Ensure A Safe Healing Process

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, so you wont need to worry about anything but following their simple instructions. Book a consultation with Removery today to start your removal journey!

Cooper Ferreira has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and prior to becoming an accomplished laser technician, he worked as an ICU pediatric nurse. Because so many people have tattoo regret, he is passionate about normalizing the tattoo removal process. He now works as a regional manager for Removery.

Become A Certified Tattoo Remover What Do You Need

Are you a lover of art? Then laser tattoo removal could be the thing for you. Tattoo removal is an absolute form of art, and you get to enjoy doing what you love and at the same time, earn some profit. The number of people having tattoos keeps growing and with it comes a rise in individuals who wish to have theirs removed.

Most of them hate the tattoos instantly, others grow tired of them with time, while others want to get rid of them as they fade. This means that tattoo removal London is a continually growing market and you can never go wrong by deciding to add it to your clinic. However, before embarking on the art, there are things that you must learn. How do you become a professional?

Research the available career options

The first thing to do is research to know the various career options available for you. Laser training is more of being a dermatologist as you need to know as much as you can about skin and skin problems. Remember that the goal of doing the tattoo removal is to restore your clients confidence in their skin.

Which training school do you wish to attend?

Get a course

Get certification

Now that you are a professional, the only thing left is getting a license to conduct the operation, and you are good to go. The best part is that you do not need a large amount of starting capital to set up a business. You can add it to your already existing clinic or start up a small business and work on improving it with time.

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Fda Approved Laser Systems

There are only 2 types of FDA approved laser systems for tattoo removal. There is the older technology Q-Switched Nd:YAG and the latest technology picosecond laser system like PicoWay.

Every other laser system will not treat tattoos. There are many different types of laser that have been designed to perform very specific task. You cant use the wrong laser for the wrong task, it is just like trying to use a hammer to do the task of a screwdriver.

If your clinic is trying to use the same laser that treats hair removal or skin rejuvenation for tattoo removal then the laser system will not work, or worse, damage your skin.

If your clinic is using IPL for tattoo removal, then it will not work and will only burn and scar your skin.

If your operator is using a mobile device that plugs into a domestic powerpoint then this is the first warning that your operator is unprofessional as it is impossible that this device will work for tattoo removal. Devices that are plugged into a domestic powerpoint will not have enough power to shatter tattoo ink pigment. But it does have enough power to burn your skin. A Q-Switched or picosecond laser is plugged into a commercial 32amp powerpoint.

Certified Laser Specialist Certification

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The CLS certification attests your in-depth knowledge of tattoo removal and experience with lasers gained through the didactic and hands-on training offered at New Look Laser College. This certification also confirms that you have spent time being trained in laser tattoo removal. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Laser Physics
  • Extensive Hands-On Training & Coaching

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Article Courtesy Of Astanza

Regardless of where someone goes to get their tattoo removed, be it a Dermatologist, laser tattoo removal specialist, or a tattoo shop, one of the key things they look for is certification. Tattoo removal clients want to know theyre being treated by trained professionals who are experienced and know what theyre doing!

New Look Laser College is the first tattoo removal specific training course to offer advanced educational and hands-on laser training to individuals of all backgrounds. Established in 2007 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, New Look Laser College is the leading laser tattoo removal training course for individuals interested in starting their own laser tattoo removal business, building their skills and portfolio, or expanding their existing practice with laser tattoo removal. Weve trained and certified numerous people from all backgrounds, including physicians, medical spa technicians, tattoo artists, and entrepreneurs.

Below we discuss the basics of tattoo removal training, what to look for in a training course, how tattoo removal works, and also cover Texas regulations for laser tattoo removal.

What Are Tattoo Removal Jobs

Tattoo removal jobs involve using specialized equipment to remove permanent ink-based tattoos for a customer or client. Positions include being a medical esthetician, a tattoo removal specialist, or a cosmetic laser technician. Depending on your job responsibilities, you remove tattoos using different methods. Licensed estheticians and laser technicians use lasers to remove tattoos, while some cosmetic professionals use dermabrasion treatment. You can perform these duties at aesthetic clinics, plastic surgery offices, or medical spas. Tattoo removal specialists focus solely on tattoos, while estheticians are certified to perform other types of cosmetic procedures as well.

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