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How Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt

Tattoo Numbing Cream- Does it really work?

Just the same as tattoos, the amount of pain experienced from tattoo removal depends greatly from person to person. Some may describe the process as stinging or tingling, while others may describe it as jabbing, stabbing or a sharp sensation. This is all to do with how we deal with pain psychologically and physically, between your brain and nerves.

Can You Use Numbing Cream Before A Tattoo

It is up to you if you decide to use a numbing cream before you get a tattoo. Tattoo artists do not typically offer up a numbing cream before an appointment because of the cost of the cream as well as the prior commitment to the initial application of the cream.

This means the cleaning of the skin, and the application of the cream before the tattoo appointment. In fact, some numbing creams may need to be applied to the skin hours before the appointment to work to their fullest effect, so this would be unreasonable for a tattooist.

Then there are other things to consider, although this is not always the case, it is said that once the cream wears off, the pain comes back with more of a vengeance than if you had not used the cream.

This does make sense, as the contrast from no pain to intense pain will feel greater than easing into it, which might make it feel worse. However, most numbing creams will ease off, so it is unlikely you will go from no pain to intense pain quickly, it will be gradual.

Yet, we have to remember the stats. A vast majority of people who have got a tattoo done, go back to have another one done.

Of the people who have tattoos, a good 70% of them have more than one, and a good 20% have more than five! So, it is safe to say that even if it hurts a lot, the pleasure you gain from having them is definitely worth it.

Whats The Most Painful Spot To Get A Tattoo

If you are among those with a low tolerance for pain, you may want to choose your tattoo location wisely. Getting a tattoo on certain areas of the body is much more painful than on others.

Any really fleshy parts of your body with no musculature, like your inner thigh, inner arm, breast , or stomach or any area that is directly above a bone, like knuckles, ankles, elbows, or knee caps, are much more painful areas to get a tattoo.

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Regulatory Safety And Efficacy

Clinicians increasingly use anesthetics creams to decrease the pain, which is caused due to laser procedures, superficial dermatologic, and anesthetic. Various anesthetic creams are available, but there is a problem with their relative safety and appropriate dermatologic uses.

There are some important things that are linked with the use of anesthetic creams, so some factors should be considered to reduce the adverse effect.

  • The quantity of product use.
  • Method of application.
  • The area on which product is to be applied.
  • The time duration of product application.
  • Specific risk factors, such as drug interaction of patients.
  • The concentration of active ingredients in a cream.

Many adverse cases have been reported regarding the unfavorable use of anesthetic products. It also has a harmful effect during laser treatments when it is used on larger areas of skin.

How Can You Minimize The Pain During A Tattoo

Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work?

There are other ways that you can lessen the pain of your tattoo without using an anesthetic. Here are some options you have:

  • Choose a less sensitive area of your body
  • Go into your appointment on a full stomach. Low blood sugar will increase pain, so eating beforehand will prevent dizziness and lower pain
  • If you get low blood sugar or know the tattoo will take some time, take a snack with you
  • Sleep well the night before. A lack of sleep increases anxiety and makes it harder to sit in the chair
  • Stay hydrated

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The Worlds Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Official TKTX numbing cream is a revolutionary product designed to help deal with the pain of tattoos. All of our creams consist of high doses of Lidocaine, Prilocaine and Epinephrine to ensure you get a painless experience when being tattooed.

We are a UK supplier of Tattoo Numbing Cream so rest assured that when you purchase from our store you are getting a fast and effecient service. The brand has been on the market for over 20 years and has helped millions of tattoo enthusiasts achieve a pain-free tattooing experience.

We understand that getting a tattoo is painful It really is and we are happy to admit this! Which is why when we first tested this numbing cream we were amazed at just how effective is it. And because we are so passionate and confident about this product that if it does not work for you, then we will give you your money back!

Have a question? Everyone here welcomes your questions so please feel free to contact us today. Alternatively check out our FAQ section for more details.

Other Numbing Creams

We also provide an alternative selection of creams that aid in numbing the skin. Whether this is to help with being tattooed or other proceedures like Microblading, Laser Removal or Waxing We have the cream for you.

J-Pro Cream is a popular numbing cream throughout the beauty industry as well as being a popular choice for people being tattooed.

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How Can You Make Tattoos Hurt Less

A tattoo numbing cream will make for a much less painful experience. Just understand that numbing creams, sprays, and gels may make you more comfortable, but will not make your tattoo experience completely pain-free.

Again, tattoo location greatly impacts the amount of discomfort. Areas of the body that are more beefy, as in directly over major muscle groups, like your outer upper arm, front or outer thigh, pecs, calves and back generally tend to be less painful for a tattoo.

Apart from choosing a spot for your tattoo that is less painful, weve put together a few tips for you to make your tattoo experience hurt less:

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Reviews For Tktx Numbing Cream Gold 55%

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael M. Mraz 31/07/2021

    3 sessions and 1 to go!!I WILL NEVER GET A TATTOO WITHOUT THIS CREAM!!! Ive put in my time with the painful tattoos and I earned this cream!! No more painful tattoos for me!! I tried 6 other brands before I found this company!!! AMAZING PRODUCT AND I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS!! I cant say enough about this cream!!!!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Angelita F. Dean 28/02/2021

    Put on 90 minutes before could not feel a thing for 3 hours, the best cream Ive used by far

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Betty R. Remington 31/03/2021

    I used TKTX numbing cream on this piece I got! I did not feel a thing! I put in on about an hour before my session and when I went in it was so easy to sit because I didnt feel anything! Ive used it on bigger pieces, it does work but you need to keep on the cream on for 90 minutes or more.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven L. Hill 31/03/2021

    I cant believe it. I,ve spent over 20 hours on travels feeling pure pain xD last tattoo: 5 hours no pain at all. Didnt even felt they were tattooing me!!!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Dawn G. Turner 31/08/2021

    Had the last 5 hours of my throat tattoo finished using it. Didnt feel a thing! The first 4 hours I went through without I blacked out, so this was a lifesaver!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Hilda T. Lawrence 31/03/2021

    Amazing! Didnt feel a thing!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Ralph L. Andrews 31/05/2021

    First time iv used a numbing cream and it worked really well didnt really feel much for the first 4 hours of my session

  • Deeveeant Topical Numbing Cream

    Does tattoo numbing cream Numb520 work?

    This numbing cream has 4% anesthetic lidocaine as well as tea tree extract, jojoba, and aloe vera. Its supposed to make your skin numb for up to 2 hours. Were not sure if its FDA approved so its best to get a consult first.

    Heres a review of the product:

    We dont endorse any of these products however, they seem to have good reviews from the community. We encourage you to do your own research and speak with your doctor, regardless.

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    How Pain Affects Healing

    Pain is the precursor to our bodys healing processes firing up. Once tattoo pain is felt, the body responds by releasing chemicals that start a cascade of processes to heal the newly created wound. If the wound is small, there is little pain, and the body does not have to work hard to heal. If the wound is great, the body feels much more pain and is stimulated to work harder to heal what has been damaged. However, there is a point when the body has had too much, and it cannot take any more. Pain is directly connected to a hormone called cortisol.

    Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work Find Out How To Make The Pain Go Away

    Getting inked is wonderful, but the pain can be a tad too much for many people. If your threshold for pain is minimal, it will prevent you from getting a tattoo. But it doesnt have to theres a cream for that.

    I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post. There is no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure here.

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    What Is A Tattoo Numbing Cream

    Its no secret that getting a tattoo can be painful. Although some people enjoy that , not everyone has a high pain tolerance. No shame in that. In fact, flinching or sudden movement while getting a tattoo is one of the main causes of tattoo blowouts.

    Luckily, modern science is sufficiently advanced to block most of that pain out. Just like dentists can give their patients anesthesia, tattoo artists can apply numbing creams to the skin theyre about to tattoo. This reduces and sometimes completely removes the sensation of pain.

    In fact, lots of the strongest numbing creams available are also suitable for other numbing purposes, like waxing or even everyday neck pain.

    There are also lots of creams that provide aftercare for tattoos by soothing the skin and reducing irritation. While these solutions dont provide enough pain relief to block out the feeling of a needle continuously pricking your skin, they do an excellent job of making an inflamed area of your body feel normal.

    Although we focus on creams, there are products that do the same job in the form of gels, balms, and sprays.

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    Theyve Used Numbing Cream Before And It Didnt Work

    How to Stop Tattoo Pain: Numbing Cream and Dr. Numb

    Everyones body chemistry is different, which can affect the efficacy of the numbing product.

    And people also have different levels of pain tolerance. Neither of which the tattoo artist has any control over.

    If the tattoo artist offers a numbing agent as part of the tattoo experience and the client still experiences pain, then its the artists fault. If the client asks for, or uses their own numbing agent and it doesnt work, then its on the client. It just avoids issues and clients unreasonably demanding refunds or discounts for the pain they experienced.

    The above are the most common reasons a tattoo artist may refuse to use numbing agents. However there are other reasons that some tattoo artists do not use them:

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    What Side Effects Should I Watch Out For

    The initial symptoms of anesthetic-induced toxicity include lightheadedness, lip or tongue numbness, double vision, and ringing in the ears, Shainhouse says. Many adverse reactions also appear to be related to the inclusion of epinephrine within the anesthetic mixture, she says. Another thing to note: Shainhouse says that the ester class of anesthetics are known for their association with allergic contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a red and itchy rash that is caused by direct contact with a substance, or an allergic reaction. The rash may not develop after the first application, but may develop after subsequent or regular use, she says.

    What Does It Feel Like After Using A Numbing Cream

    You should feel minimal to no pain for the first hour of your tattoo if youve used a good numbing cream and applied it effectively. As time goes on, the cream will begin to wear off. At that point, youll start to noticeably feel the needle working into your skin.

    So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about numbing creams. They sometimes get a bad reputation in the industry because of the negative effect created by low-quality products. The truth is that a high-quality, well-known numbing agent will give you sufficient pain relief if you follow the application process correctly.

    As always, all content has been written by CA Tattoo Supply, based on our 30-year experience in tattooing. If you have read this and feel we have left out any pertinent information, please add your personal experiences to the comment section below.

    Customer Care

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    What Are Numbing Creams

    Numbing creams are a catch-all term to us at Better Tattooing. We use the term ubiquitously even though various products are made of and sometimes work differently. Numbing creams are anything that is applied topically before a session to reduce pain. These products can be oil-based, aerosols, or even a cream, or lotion.

    How Do Numbing Products Work

    TATTOO NUMBING CREAM – Does it really work? | Reviewed

    Tattoo-numbing products work by numbing the client’s skin to provide them with a more comfortable tattooing experience. Pain is a word commonly associated with tattoos, and this may be a concern for some clients booking their appointments.

    Tattoo-numbing products are more complex than simply numbing the skin. Each numbing product works differently depending on its ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients used in numbing products include lidocaine, epinephrine, benzocaine and tetracaine. These ingredients work by blocking pain signals sent to the skin during the tattooing process.

    While these products help lessen the pain of getting a tattoo, it doesn’t completely eliminate the feeling. The best reason to use numbing products for your clients is to take fewer breaks during the process and make the client more comfortable during the appointment.

    Each type of numbing product can carry side effects, so it’s crucial that you inform your client fully about the products you have for numbing.

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    What Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Do

    What ingredients are in a numbing cream and spray changes the way it works. Heres a quick rundown:

  • 1Nerve Deadeners Stop the Initial Pain
  • These creams stop nerves from registering that first shock of pain when the tattoo needles hit the skin. However, nerve deadeners dont go very deep in the skin, so the nerves beneath that first layer will still feel the needle.

    Active Ingredient: Lidocaine

  • 2Nerve Blockers Make the Pain Bearable
  • Nerve blockers still let the nerves register pain, but they dull the intensity of the pain signals that are sent to the brain. Instead of screaming OUCH! someone with a nerve blocker might simply say, That hurts.

    Active Ingredient: Tetracaine or benzocaine.

  • 3Vasoconstrictors Help Numbing Creams Last Longer
  • These work by constricting blood vessels and slow down the absorption of other anesthetics, which means a nerve blocker or deadener will last longer. Without a vasoconstrictor, the other creams will probably wear off about halfway through.

    Active Ingredient: Epinephrine.*

    *Epinephrine can raise the heart rate, so use the smallest amount possible. If a client is very anxious about their appointment or has a heart condition, have them consult with their doctor before using epinephrine.

    Because each of these ingredients works differently, youll get the most numbing effects from using products that have each of the active ingredients.


    Importance Of Using Numbing Cream In Making Tattoos

    Numbing creams are used widely in a range of applications. Mainly used by skin experts, numbing creams are used during painful skin procedures to ease the pain of the applicant. They are also used in tattoo parlors, applied prior to the insertion of the ink needle. As tattoo application also involves needles and pain, numbing creams is a great way to relieve some suffering.

    Needles generally involve varying levels of pain for different people. When applied to the required area, Numbing creams ensure that the pain involved is reduced to a minimum level.

    Numbing creams provide a great number of benefits in their usage. A few of them are as follows:

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    Before We Get Into The Science Behind It All

    We decided to put the answers you seek on this page rather than have you sift through a mountain of words to find what you are looking for. If you do wish to learn a little more about why we caution against numbing creams on tattoos, you can read our in-depth article at your leisure. We also talk about some of the science behind how these products work!

    Learn more by following this link to our in-depth article on tattoo numbing creams:

    Why Dont I Recommend Numbing Cream For A Tattoo

    Does numbing cream work for tattoos

    Because tattoos are only slightly painful to most clients, I recommend alternative methods to deal with the eventual pain. There are many ways to deal with the fear of a tattoo, or even the pain of a tattoo, without having to numb the area before a procedure. If fear significantly influences whether to use numbing cream before a tattoo, fearful clientele should think about why they want to get a tattoo.

    Is there peer pressure or other things that are creating undue pressures? Do they understand the process of a tattoo correctly? Perhaps the client has had a bad experience with a previous tattoo artist and is reluctant to get a tattoo? Whatever the reason, care should be taken, along with time, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

    The use of numbing creams wont help with these fears. It only helps with pain.

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