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How Long Does Tattoo Laser Removal Take

How Soon Will I See Results

Laser Tattoo Removal – Sessions 1-3 Update

This treatment removes your tattoo by breaking the ink into tiny fragments. After your appointment is complete, your body will use natural processes to remove these fragments from your target area.

Since your body takes some time to process the ink particles, you will not see the full effect of your treatment immediately. Although your individual results will vary, your tattoo is likely to lighten and become less visible over a period of several months. Your tattoo should continue to improve for up to five years.

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How Can I Make My Tattoo Fade More Quickly

Your body will use your lymphatic system to remove the tiny fragments of ink in your treated tattoo. Your health and lifestyle choices can impact your bodys ability to eliminate these fragments. If you are eager to see changes in your tattoo, you may be able to speed up the process by following some simple instructions.

Which Laser Technology Is Used

Scientists created impeccable laser tattoo removal technology in response to the growing number of people who want to remove tattoos. At Princeton Aesthetics, we use only the most advanced Cutera technology to clear and rejuvenate skin. We use the worlds leading Enlighten laser for safe, fast, and effective tattoo removal.

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To Us The Answer Is Simple Take Your Time At Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic We Are Here To Help Remove Your Tattoo

Our dedication to your Laser Tattoo Removal means lets you rest easy knowing youve found a service-driven Laser Tattoo Removal clinic that utilises the worlds best Laser Tattoo Removal system a clinic where professionalism, service and technology come together to create Incredible Service and Incredible Results.

We are here to help you achieve your tattoo dreams whether that is a clean slate or a new tattoo. The choice is yours.

We can answer all the questions you may have about Laser Tattoo Removal including How much does tattoo removal cost? and Does laser tattoo removal hurt? and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

How soon can I have my new tattoo removed?

Before laser tattoo removal treatment can begin, the skin must be fully healed. The healing process takes between 8 to 16 weeks depending on the person. After the tattoo and the skin are fully healed, then and ONLY then should Laser Tattoo Removal be undertaken.

Can my tattoo be fully removed?

In most cases the answer is YES. That said, a full Initial Consultation should be undertaken to determine suitability for Laser Tattoo Removal

Will my tattoo be gone with one treatment?

Unfortunately tattoos are designed to be permanent. As a result more than one treatment is usually required to remove a tattoo. Your clinician should be able to give you an accurate estimate after consultation.

Do I need a full removal if I want a new tattoo?

Offer Skin Numbing To Keep Patients Feeling Happy

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

The most popular numbing method is a Zimmer Cryo 6, which is a powerful chilling machine that blows cold air on the skin before, during, and after treatments. It’s highly effective and an asset to busy practices that need a solution that is fast and easy-to-use.

Other options for numbing include good old-fashioned ice packs, lidocaine injections, or topical numbing creams. Each numbing method has its pros and cons. We have a blog post dedicated to the topic of pain management for this procedure: Skin Numbing for Tattoo Removal Treatments

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A Walkthrough Of The Stages Of Tattoo Removal Healing

The removal session itself takes only a few minutes. Depending on the exact size of the tattoo, removal typically takes just one to five minutesthe amount of time it would take to cover the tattoo with a highlighter, explains Cooper Ferreira, a licensed RN and Removery technician.

Though the treatment is lightning-fast, the tattoo removal recovery process takes a bit longer. You will undergo this recovery process after each removal session.

How Long Will It Take To Remove My Tattoo

The duration of the tattoo removal process is a concern for virtually all patients.

Some patients may wish to remove a visible tattoo before an event such as their wedding or enlisting in the military. It’s important to establish upfront that tattoo removal is a process that relies on the body’s ability to eliminate ink from the skin.

It’s not unusual for the body to take over a year to completely eliminate ink. Setting expectations clearly upfront allows patients to be satisfied throughout the experience rather than feeling as if they were misled.

To allow the skin enough time to heal between treatments and the body’s immune system to flush away ink, we recommend a minimum of six weeks between laser sessions and eight weeks for darker complexions. Stacking the treatments too close together can cause damage and permanent side effects to the skin and doesn’t allow the body enough time to remove the ink that was shattered at the most recent session. For ideal results, we recommend waiting three months between treatments.

Ultimately, as a tattoo removal practitioner, you cannot know precisely how many treatments a tattoo will need to be fully removed. However, you should assess the patient’s tattoo for how easily it should remove.

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Refresh Your Skin With Laser Tattoo Removal

Living with a bad, old, or unwanted tattoo isnt something anyone has to do in 2020. With the right technology, even the most complicated, large, and saturated tattoos can be removed with Enlighten III by Cutera. If you think this treatment might be the solution to your tattoo regret, please contact Rejuvené MD in El Paso, TX to schedule your initial appointment today.

What Results Will I Get

How the tattoo removal process works

It is important to know what kinds of results you are likely to get from this treatment. The type of tattoo you are removing, and how detailed it was, will determine how quickly you will see results. After each session, you will see a noticeable difference in the tattoo and you should see the fading happen before your eyes. This is true even with detailed and colored tattoos.

The professionalism of the original artist who completed the tattoo and the variety of inks that were used in this process will determine how quickly you will see the results.

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Choosing A Tattoo Removal Treatment

When you hear how long it will take to have your tattoo removed, you may consider other treatment options such as dermabrasion or surgical excision. And depending on your tattoo, those may be a better option for you.

However, lasers, also known as laser surgery or laser rejuvenation, are the preferred option since they offer minimal side effects, according to the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Basically, it is considered safer than the other options because it has a reduced risk of infection, less scarring, and can be done on an outpatient basis. Let’s not forget: it isn’t surgery, so less bloodshed.

What Are These Treatments Like

To start the session, the tattoo is cleaned and a photograph is taken of it. Then there is a laser hand device that glides over the top of the tattoo. This hand device can emit either a pulsed light or a steady light. The color and size of the tattoo will determine how long the treatment will take. The bigger the tattoo, and the more color and detail it has, the longer it takes to complete this treatment.

For example, if the customer has a tattoo that is about the size of a quarter, the treatment can be done between three and five minutes. If the tattoo is bigger, then it will take that much longer. The tattoo removal specialist can discuss the estimated amount of time it will take to remove your tattoo.

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Never Judge A Patient For Their Tattoos

We always suggest starting out the patient consultation with the question, “Which tattoo are you looking to treat today?” This question allows the patient to tell their story about their tattoo and discuss their intentions for coming to you.

Patients that want their tattoo artwork revised fit into two categories:

  • Selective removal
  • Fading prior to a cover-up
  • Selective removal patients are looking to erase a part out of a larger tattoo piece. This is a common request for patients with name tattoos. For example, they like the overall design of their tattoo but dislike that it features an ex-boyfriend’s name. Patients also request selective removal if their tattoo artist botched the artwork in an area or the tattoo extended further than they wished they just want certain parts of the tattoo “cleaned up.” When performing treatments for selective removal, you likely will need precision to only treat the areas of the tattoo that are desired to be removed usually firing the laser at lower repetition rates will help when treating these specific areas.

    Generally, selective removal patients want complete removal of the specific areas they want erased, but sometimes they want it faded in preparation for a cover-up tattoo.

    Improper Aftercare Or Incorrect Protocols Pose A Risk

    How long does it take laser tattoo removal to heal before I can fight?

    While it is uncommon to cause scarring from the laser tattoo removal sessions themselves, it is still possible. For example, if you use excessive fluence when treating a tattoo and cause unwanted side effects , scarring may occur.

    Another risk for scarring, even if the treatment is performed properly, happens when patients fail to follow aftercare instructions. Blisters and scabs are common side effects that are important in the tattoo removal healing process. However, picking scabs or not caring properly for blisters can allow scarring to happen. When discussing aftercare with your patients, make sure to emphasize their role in the outcome of their tattoo removal.

    There are also some patients that may have a history of keloids and may be predisposed to scarring, which is why it’s important to take a detailed medical history of each patient.

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    How Long Before Its Gone

    Naturally, theres no one answer to this question. Everyones skin and body metabolism are as individual as their tattoos. Your bodys self-repair systems are what eventually grow over the deleted tattoo, and its ability to do that job depends on your state of health, your lifestyle, and to a certain extent, your age. In a very broad sense, you can expect to see improvement in a matter of months, but the full fading effect can take a year.

    What Should You Expect For A Tattoo Removal Session

    There are three basic stages in every session you attend. You need to understand some pre-procedure basics, what happens during the removal, and post-procedural care. Lets take a look at each stage.

    Pre-Procedural Instructions

    Every laser tattoo removal session should begin with a consultation. Here, a trained professional with proficient knowledge and experience will evaluate your tattoo and give adequate advice on the process. Before going for your appointment, the following general instructions will help you get the best out of the procedure:

    Get a proper nights sleep on the day before the tattoo removal.

    Take your bath with antibacterial soap.

    Shave any hair that may be on the area.

    Avoid skin treatments a week before the removal, especially near the tattoo area.

    Do not wax for at least one week before removing the tattoo to avoid skin sensitivity.

    Eat a healthy meal some hours before going for the treatment.

    Remember to wear loose clothing for proper tattoo visibility.

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    Why Do People Get Tattoos Removed

    People remove tattoos for a variety of reasons that usually align with the reason they got the tattoo in the first place. Some people commemorate certain times, people, and beliefs with tattoos. Other people get tattoos on a whim without putting too much thought into it.

    Change is one of the beautiful things about being human we change, and at least in the context of tattoos, we have option to change the outside to reflect the inside. Below we look at some of the most common reasons people decide to remove a tattoo.

    How Long Do Treatments Last

    LASER TATTOO REMOVAL | 15 Sessions Later

    You will need to do several treatments to get rid of a tattoo. Even smaller tattoos take time to removem and you should expect larger ones to not be done overnight. Most treatments are scheduled between six to eight weeks apart so this process can take several months to complete for small and medium tattoos. For really big and elaborate tattoos, prepare to take up to a year to get it completely gone. Even though it may take several months, you should start to notice a reduction in the tattoo after your first session.

    You can discuss the treatment options and the length of time between each one with your tattoo removal specialist. They can help you to schedule the treatments to fit your schedule. This will give you a more accurate timeframe for how long your tattoo will take.

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    What Kind Of Tattoo Does It Work For

    Laser treatments for the removal of tattoos work for all tattoos, both professional tattoos, and homemade tattoos. Any type of ink pigment beneath the skin can be removed with laser technology to restore the original appearance of the skin. Some types of tattoos that can be removed with laser treatments include:


    Monochromatic or greyscale tattoos are tattoos that only use black ink. Monochromatic tattoos are sometimes less challenging to remove because the depth of the ink is not deposited into the skin as much as colorful tattoos however, a black pigment also takes time to remove, especially if the tattoo is larger or involves shading in greyscale.


    Tattoos that are designed with color require a lot of pigment to be deposited into the skin, usually with high amounts of saturation this is especially true if you have had to refresh your colorful tattoo over the years, which is a common practice to keep tattoos appearing fresh and vibrant.


    A layered tattoo is a tattoo that has been used to cover up another tattoo. Layered tattoos generally involve two or more layers of deep pigment, which means that removing layered tattoos will take much longer than stand-alone tattoos regardless of color or size. Layered tattoos tend to require more pigment in the skin to cover up the first tattoo and are more difficult to remove.


    How Can I Speed Up The Removal Process

    If youre eager to minimize the appearance of your unwanted tattoo, youre in luck. Since your body must flush the ink fragments from your treatment area, the speed of the removal process is affected by the strength and health of your immune system. There a few simple rules that you can follow to improve your immune system and speed up the removal process.

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    Consider A Doctor Or A Tattoo Removal Specialist

    I’d previously had one tattoo zapped at a spa , where an aesthetician used an outdated heat laser that ended up burning and scarring my skin. This time around, I got my treatments done by John F. Adams, M.D., at the New York Dermatology Group, where everything is done under medical supervision. I suggest you find your own removal expert by asking friends, influencers, or even by stopping people that you see with removal in processwhich, yes, I have done.

    You Can Alter A Tattoo More Easily

    new laser tattoo removal has robbie williams had tattoos removed

    If you just want to change a tattoo instead of removing it, laser treatments can help with that, too. By eliminating the areas that you want to get rid of, you can clear space for your tattoo artist to make updates. In one famous example of tattoo alteration, Angelina Jolie removed the name of her ex from her arm and replaced it with the coordinates of her kids birth locations.

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    The Length Of The Sessions

    A single session of laser removal can be as short as a few minutes for a small tattoo and as long as an hour or more for a large, complex design. Many tattoos contain multiple colors, which require different wavelengths from the laser treatment, which adds time. In most cases, multiple sessions are needed to eliminate the tattoo.

    Can Lasers Remove Tattoos Completely

    Youve probably heard laser tattoo removal is the perfect way to get rid of the ink you now regret. However, using lasers to remove unwanted ink sounds like science fiction. Can you actually remove tattoo ink with lasers? If so, how effective is it in reality? Can tattoos be removed completely? Today, our experts at Metro Dermatology in Elmhurst, NY are answering all of your questions related to laser therapy for tattoo removal.

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    Does The Laser Damage The Surrounding Skin

    Our trained laser technicians here at b clinic use PicoSure and RevLite Q-Switch laser technologies to direct precise wavelengths of energy to break up the tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding tissue.

    Picosecond and nanosecond lasers are perceived as the safest and most effective laser tattoo removal treatments.

    One of the key advantages of PicoSure laser technology is that it doesnt require the same amount of heat energy to shatter the particles of ink. The less heat used, the less discomfort and damage to the surrounding skin. PicoSure is also proven to be faster at fading tattoos than conventional laser technology.

    However, this process isnt entirely pain-free, and you will experience some discomfort during the recovery process.

    Are There Alternative Methods For Removing Tattoos

    Laser Tattoo Removal – Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

    Asides from using laser beams, there are other methods of tattoo removal. One of them is the surgical method. It involves cutting the tattooed part of the skin. This method is, however, very invasive and expensive. Furthermore, there will be a need for a lengthy hospital stay and the recovery time is much longer. Unlike the laser technique, the surgical method is excruciating and may cause skin disfiguration.

    Another method is dermabrasion. It involves removing skin layers with a rotating sanding-like device. Dermabrasion aims to promote the growth of more youthful skin. The downside to it is that it is painful and expensive. The results also vary significantly for different people. While DIY removal kits are still available, they are largely ineffective.

    Get the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Results in Dubai from Experts at Eden Derma Clinic

    The laser tattoo removal technique is the most effective and safest option if you want to get rid of your tattoo. At Eden Derma Clinic, we boast experts with the right skills and experience in tattoo removal. Our Picosecond Laser Technology is the best you will find in town. You can be sure of the best results with zero harmful effects. Schedule a free consultation with us today, and we look forward to working with you!

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