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How Much Tattoo Laser Removal Cost

Tattoo Color And Size

How much does tattoo removal cost?

The color of your old tattoo affects how easy it is to remove. Which colors are the easiest and hardest to eliminate?

  • Lighter colors, like light blue and green, yellow, and orange, are in some cases the toughest to remove.
  • Black, brown, dark blue, and darker green are easier to remove.
  • Turquoise is the toughest to get rid of because most clinics dont have lasers that target it effectively.

Black tattoos tend to be easier to remove than colorful ones because they absorb all wavelengths of the lasers used. Tattoos with different colors often require lasers with different wavelengths, depending on what wavelength the pigment absorbs, making their removal more complicated. Contrary to what you might expect, darker colors tend to disappear faster than lighter hues. These factors will help guide your tattoo removal cost.

For many clinics, blues, greens, and purples are difficult to remove. However, Removery has the color tattoo removal technology to effectively remove all colors of tattoo ink. Recent evolutions in laser tattoo removal equipment allow us to handle any type of tattoo from any client who comes into our clinic. Our laser technology treatments can remove all shades of blue, green, and purple, including turquoise, teal, lime green, and more.

Tattoo size also influences tattoo removal pricing, as larger tattoos take more time

Does The Nhs Pay For Tattoo Removal

The tattoo would have to cause severe emotional distress for the NHS to cover the cost of the treatments. Youd need to provide evidence that the tattoo is directly impacting your quality of life and be willing to undergo a psychological assessment. The NHS rarely covers the cost of tattoo removal, but if approved, youll be placed on a waiting list .

How You Get It Removed

There are plenty of ways to get your tattoo removed, but one of the easiest and least painful ones is via laser. Unlike costly plastic surgery or painful chemical removal, laser treatments are gentle, effective, and kinder to your bank account. Still Waters Day & Medical Spa proudly uses the revolutionary PiQo4 treatment for tattoo removal, targeting all areas of the tattoo and erasing them for good.

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How Much Is Each Session

Tattoo Removal Treatment

The price of laser hair removal can vary greatly depending on the size, color, and age of your unwanted tattoo. Some smaller tattoos can be treated in as little as $200 per session. Larger tattoos can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each session. Dr. Dohner will evaluate your concerns and provide you with a price estimate at the time of your initial consultation.

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Considerations You Need To Factor In The Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Each tattoo and person is unique.

So removal techniques need to be tailored to each individual case. This will undoubtedly affect the laser tattoo removal cost.

Here are few factors to consider:

  • Older tattoos generally fade more easily with laser treatments than newer ones because, with older tattoos, your body wouldve absorbed some of the pigment throughout the years making it easier to fade.
  • Body placement matters: tattoos located further down the arm and leg tend to fade slower than tattoos situated on your back. As a rule of thumb, tattoos situated closer to the heart are easiest to treat because they have good circulation and fast healing rates.
  • Different colour inks respond to different laser wavelengths: black and dark green inks are the easiest to remove. Yellow, purple, turquoise and fluorescent inks are the hardest to fade.
  • The service you receive and how clean the tattoo removal clinic also plays a major roll in tattoo removal cost. If the price is significantly lower than other competitors , its worth investigating the clinics hygiene protocols and the skills of the person using the laser machines. An untrained tattoo removalist and a dirty clinic is a recipe for infections.
  • Follow Your Medical Practitioners Advice

    To see the best results with tattoo removal, follow your medical practitioners advice, whether you opt for a dermatologist or a nurse at a medical spa. After each session, make sure you follow their aftercare advice.

    For example, youll want to avoid sun exposure to the removal area. UV rays can cause scarring as well as slow down the tattoo removal process.

    If you absolutely must go outside and cant avoid sun exposure, use a product called Desitin. It contains zinc and will block the suns UV rays. Slather it across the affected area to literally block these UV rays.

    Your practitioner may also tell you to choose sunblocks instead of sunscreens. Sunscreens dont provide the same protection as sunblocks, and they contain chemical irritants that could negatively impact healing.

    You should also avoid alcohol and anything else that could negatively affect your immune system. Instead, eat healthy foods and get lots of rest to help your body heal and promote removal of tattoo ink using your bodys natural defenses.

    Finally, many removal practitioners recommended using Aquaphor ointment or alcohol-free aloe vera gel massaged into the removal site to ease discomfort and promote healing.

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    Does Tattoo Removal Actually Work

    When done with a laser, as opposed to a DIY recipe, yes, tattoo removal actually is possible. Laser tattoo removal is by far the most effective way to remove tattoos, Dr. Akhavan says. Lasers work by heating the tattoo ink particles under the surface of the skin, splitting them into smaller ink particles that can then be cleared from the skin by our immune systems.

    That said, your skin tone and the colors used in your tattoo play a huge role in tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is available for all skin tones, but it is most effective on skin that has less pigment, Dr. Akhavan says. No matter the skin type, laser tattoo removal can leave a trace of scarring and hypopigmentation at the site of the removed tattoo. This is typically very subtle and becomes less apparent with time. Dr. Akhavan adds that black ink on less pigmented skin is the most ideal scenario for tattoo removal. Colors that are lighter, like yellow, light blue, light green, and orange, are the toughest ink colors to remove.

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    Laser Tattoo Removal In Greensboro Nc

    How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

    Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center, P.A. offers laser tattoo removal to the residents of Greensboro, Burlington, and surrounding North Carolina communities desiring medical spa treatments.

    Laser tattoo removal is a way of removing tattoos from the skin. The tattoos can either be completely removed or lightened in the event that a patient wants to replace the old tattoo with a new one. Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center offers tattoo removal via the Candela® laser safe, effective and state-of-the-art methods for tattoo removal.

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    What Kind Of Skin You Have

    In general, tattoos are easier to remove from lighter skin. If you are fair with a dark or black tattoo, you can probably count on spending less money on the removal. Skin coloration alone doesnt determine how cost-effective or easy the overall treatment will be, though. There are other factors, like scarring, that come into play. Talk to one of our professionals for a full assessment.

    Factors Determining The Price Of Laser Removal

    If the price of laser removal is determined by the number of sessions required, how do we figure out how many sessions will be needed?

    There are a range of factors that technicians use to determine a course of action, and to gain a rough idea about the number of treatments that will be required to eliminate unwanted tattoos.

    First, is the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale that is used to determine skin type based on skin tone before sun exposure, hair and eye color.

    The next determining factor is whether the ink is layered, meaning if it is a cover up of another tattoo.

    The location on the body is also important since skin reacts differently to the laser depending on exposure to the sun.

    Ink colors are also important when considering laser removal. Different colors react differently to the laser process: turquoise is notoriously difficult to remove because the wavelengths of the laser light can often miss these tones.

    The amount of ink applied is usually characterized by vividness in a piece the denser the ink the more sessions required to break it up.

    Any existing scarring will also need to be taken into account, as this damaged skin can react differently to laser treatments.

    Finally, the size of the piece is an obvious determining factor.

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    How Many Tattoo Removal Sessions Are Needed

    Each tattoo has different characteristics that influence the number of removal sessions necessary. These include:

    • Size
    • Type of ink used
    • Whether the tattoo is old or new

    The number of sessions needed for laser tattoo removal treatment is primarily determined by the color of the tattoo. Most tattoos are comprised of different color families and a different laser is needed for each. Some tattoos can require between 15 and 20 treatments before they are completely removed. Turquoise tattoos are some of the most difficult to eliminate because there isnt a laser that targets the color effectively.

    In most cases, laser tattoo removal takes between six and twelve treatments and can be spread over several months or a few years.

    Am I A Good Candidate

    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Most anyone, regardless of skin type, can have laser tattoo removal, though those with lighter pigmented skin see more ink reduction. However, even those with complex tattoos can have them removed safely with PiQo4. A comprehensive consultation with theColorado Skin & Vein team will help you decide.

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    The Expertise Of The Person Doing The Removal

    The saying you get what you pay for is true with almost every service, and it is especially correct when it comes to laser tattoo removal.

    Laser tattoo removal clinics in states that dont require a certain level of licensing are allowed to let inexperienced and relatively untrained techs provide laser tattoo removal treatments. Techs will have less experience and less medical training. They may be more prone to make mistakes or use techniques that dull the effectiveness of the removal laser.

    You should go to a service provider that has licensed laser medical professionals who have been trained to perform the medical treatment. Your laser tattoo removal clinic should also be staffed with professionals who have plenty of experience from seeing a lot of patients every week.

    More experienced and trained staff perform better work, but it usually comes at a cost. A facility that only allows Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants to perform removals will have more consistent results in a safer environment for patients.

    Surgery For Tattoo Removal

    If you are not a good candidate for a laser tattoo removal technique or if the cost is prohibitively exorbitant for your financial situation, you may want to consider surgical tattoo removal. Even though this process is less expensive than laser removal, there are certain drawbacks to it as well. As an illustration,

    • Because surgical tattoo removal entails cutting away the inked skin and sewing the remaining skin back together, it is common for scars to appear after the procedure.
    • Surgical tattoo removal is ideal for minor tattoos not located in difficult-to-reach or problematic locations.
    • It will take many weeks for the treated region to recover thoroughly from the procedure.
    • Because it is considered cosmetic surgery, surgical tattoo removal is not covered by health insurance plans.

    If you are concerned about scarring, you may reduce the likelihood of it occurring by meticulously following the surgeons aftercare recommendations and doing so frequently. Maintaining cleanliness and avoiding direct sunlight and heat is all that is required. Any symptoms of irritation or infection should be treated with the recommended ointment and followed up with a visit to your surgeon.

    The cost of surgical tattoo removal is determined by various factors, including the size of the tattoo and its location. For example, you may expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $350 for the surgical removal of a bit of tattoo if it is modest.

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    Prepare For Your Tattoo After Care In Advance

    You’ll need things like Aquaphor, bandages, and even clothes that don’t rest on your tattoo. Yes, I actually bought shirts that didn’t have material where my neck/back tattoo is. At first, I was cutting tags out, but when tagless cotton tees still made the spot hurt and itch, I figured keyhole backs were a good investment. If you have tattoos on your ribs or feet it might be best to plan your sessions accordingly.

    It also helps to apply a thin coating of antibiotic ointment or healing moisturizer three times a day, like from Aquaphor or Kiehl’s, for the first three days of the healing process.

    What Is Picosure

    Laser Tattoo Removal COST ð°| HOW MUCH

    PicoSure is a short-pulse laser by Cynosure that treats pigmentary conditions, and it can also be used for tattoo removal. Unlike some lasers that rely only on heat, this uses a PressureWave technology to break the ink apart with less damage to the surrounding skin, and it is then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated.

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    Is That Laser Up

    Another factor is the equipment used. Older, less effective lasers can be purchased second-hand, which can allow removal businesses to offer those shockingly low per-treatment costs. But when the old laser doesnt remove as much ink, are you really saving money? At the other end of the spectrum, you have the latest and greatest multi-frequency laser machines like the Picosure. These cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so to stay in business, a clinic using such a machine will typically have to charge a lot more.

    Tatt2Away prices fall in the middle the equipment costs a fraction of the price of a Picosure machine, but there is still some overhead involved in the treatment kits and supplies needed. The per-treatment costs are competitive with laser, and are usually less expensive than a dermatologist using an up-to-date laser.

    Whether you are looking for full removal or getting your body art just right, Tatt2Away can help. Learn more about Tatt2Away at Tatt2Away.com

    What Drives the Average Cost of Tattoo Removal? was originally published in Tatt2Away on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

    What Does The Tattoo Removal Process Entail

    A process known as selective photothermolysis is used during tattoo laser removal. Lasers use specific wavelengths of light, also known as energy, which are absorbed by the tattoo ink. The energy that is absorbed breaks up the ink into tiny microscopic particles. Over time, these particles are then broken down by the bodys immune system and are removed from the skin.

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    Whats The Value Per Session

    Everybody becomes involved with the value per session yet the bigger inquiry is what number of sessions will my tattoo require to be expelled or helped for a concealment?

    Experienced facilities will have the option to foresee the estimated number of sessions that will be expected to achieve your objectives and will offer some sort of assurance to back up their forecast.

    Less experienced centers will offer bundles with different quantities of medications in each bundle, however wont have the option to authoritatively remain behind the session number forecast.

    Tattoos are as individual as the individual wearing them so theres no sweeping number of sessions dependent on the laser being utilized.

    It takes huge amounts of information with a great many factors to have the option to foresee the quantity of medications with certainty.

    Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Tattoo Removal


    The cost of tattoo removal depends on the type of treatment you receive and also the type of tattoo you have. This guide is designed to help you understand the different options available, and in addition, how they will affect the final cost.

    In a way, tattoo removal is comparable to getting dental treatment. As with the dentist, it is factors such as the reputation of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, the quality of the equipment, and the amount of work you need doing that contributes to the final cost.

    There is no way of knowing beforehand how much a tattoo will cost to be removed. Most tattoo removal procedures run into the four-figure territory, consequently, getting multiple tattoos removed will almost definitely cost thousands of dollars. The following 7 factors are key to determining the eventual cost of your tattoo removal:

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    Small Tattoo Removal Cost

    Our clients find that understanding tattoo removal cost is an important step in the tattoo removal process. Removerys expertise allows us to remove tattoos of all sizes using the safest and most efficient tattoo removal protocol and technology available, and we are prepared to address any concerns you have about removing your small tattoo. In this article, we explain what you need to know about the process, including small tattoo removal cost and timeframe.

    Answer: Price Of Tattoo Removal

    Tattoo removal is based on the size and the number of treatments you need. For example, if you have a 4 square tattoo it is $250 per treatment. If it is only a 1 tattoo then it is $100 per treatment. It goes up from there based up how big your tattoo is. Each treatment is 8-12 weeks apart. Then, we need to figure out how many treatments you will need. The number of treatments is based on how thick your ink is, where it is on your body, your skin type, scar tissue from the tattoo artist and what colors are inside. Some colors can be more difficult than others to get out. If it is just black ink, then you can plan on anywhere from 4-12 treatments with a PicoWay laser.

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