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Permanent Lip Tattoo For Dark Lips

Lip Blush Tattoo Costs

Dark Lip Lightening Treatment & Lip Coloring Permanent Makeup/ Lip Blush Tattoo (Mumbai 9320065009)

The cost of a lip blush tattoo will vary depending on your location and the studio or artist you choose to do your procedure. Prices can range between $400 and $1,500.

Many tattoo artists that specialize in lip blush tattoos will require a deposit in order to book an appointment.

Kondratyev says that her pricing is $400 for the first session, $200 for a second session, and $300 for a refresh appointment that can happen anywhere between 6 and 18 months after the initial procedure.

If it is your first time getting a lip blush tattoo, you may need two sessions to achieve the look you want. Kondratyev recommends that all new lip blush clients come in for two sessions.

The first session establishes the blush on the lips, and the second session touches up anything that may have healed unevenly, she says. Minor tweaks can be tended to on the second session as well as just adding final saturation.

Even though lip blush tattoos can last a few years, the color can start to fade. Sun exposure, smoking, and using exfoliating products on your lips can cause fading to happen faster. To keep the color and lines fresh, Kondratyev suggests yearly refresh appointments to add to the overall look and longevity.

How To Prepare For Lip Tattooing Treatment

Before the treatment, we will see you for a short consultation, to patch test you for pigment and anaesthetic cream to exclude any possibility of developing an allergic reaction. We will also give you some medical forms to fill out, to check for contraindications to the treatment.

If you have a history of cold sores you should take anti-herpes medication for a week before your treatment and carry on taking it for a week after.

You can use a gentle scrub for a week or two before the treatment and moisturize your lips every day until the day of your appointment.

Please do not drink alcohol or take any blood-thinning medication like aspirin for two days before your treatment. During the consultation, youll receive a detailed printed out information on how to prepare before your treatment.

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I could have gone without a touch-up since natural beauty normally comes with flaws, but there were some subtle spots where the color was brighter. After looking at my fully healed photos after my 1st session and 2nd session Id probably say that after the 1st session resembled my natural lip color the most while the 2nd session gave it more of a more pink finish not that theres any problem with that, but its also something you can think about if you prefer a more natural color or want to add a bit of pink to add that fresh, glowy, radiant color without having to resort to lip gloss.

2 months after the procedure: From red-orange to light pink and fully healed to a natural rosy color that resembles my inner lip. You can no longer see any grey hyperpigmentation on my outer lips and my lip line is now much more defined.

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Identifying Your Skin Tone

A quick way to identify your skin tone is by looking at your veins. If you have blue veins you, typically you have a pink undertone. If your veins are green, you have a warmer, yellow undertone. If you are between blue and green your skin tone is neutral, and you have the flexibility of choosing almost any lip color.

The Lip Blushing Healing Process

Lip Tattooing

As with any tattoo, theres a healing process. Immediately after your appointment, your lips will appear super bright and stained, but dont panic. Once your lips completely healwhich usually takes four weeksthe color will fade up to 50 percent and blend naturally with your lips. Youll also experience some scabbing the first week after your appointment as your skin heals, so its v important to keep your lips moisturized with heavy-duty lip balm those first few weeks.

Lip blushing gone wrong

Okay, so now you know what should happen when you try lip blushing. But, as with any cosmetic procedure, theres always the incredibly unlucky handful of people who have a terrible experience, with even worse results. And that, unfortunately, is exactly what happened with writer Tanya Akim, whose botched lip blushing now exists as a PSA for red flags. Read it carefully below, then go forth, armed with all of the knowledge, before making yourself an appointment.

“Before I tried lip blushing, I did a ton of researchI read blogs, medical journals, and editor reviews, and I consulted with friends who had tried lip blushing themselves. Dozens of women online reported ultra-subtle results, and my friends all said the same thing: “It’s like a cute tint, but barely noticeable!”

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There Is Some Healing Involved

While theres no downtime for this treatment , it takes about four to five days to heal completely. Despite Drummonds warnings that my lips would dramatically darken post-treatment, I still freaked out a little when I woke up to an unexpected raisin color the next morning instead of the rosy pink shade we had discussed. During the healing process, the excess color flakes off, explains Drummond, which explains the temporary change. By the time the second morning rolled around, all that remained of the dark color was restricted to the outer edges of my mouth. By morning three, I saw only the soft pink we had agreed upon.

Before lip blushing and after

How To Choose A Person To Do Your Lip Tattoos

Finding the right tattoo artist, or aesthetician for permanent makeup, is key to minimizing side effects. Ideally, youll want to get the procedure done at a studio with a licensed artist.

In some states, tattoo parlors need to be registered within the state they operate, displaying a valid certificate on site. However, this is not necessary in every state and it is worth checking state regulations regarding this.

Youll also want to make sure that the artist uses inks meant for tattoos, as well as proper cleaning and disinfecting practices. A reputable artist will wear gloves and use brand-new needles, inks, and trays.

Its also important to keep in mind that some tattoo artists might be more experienced with tattooing the lip area than others. Before going under the needle, ask your artist about their experience with lip tattoos specifically.

The artist should also have a portfolio of their work available so that you can determine if you like their techniques and artistry. Simply put, not all professionals who work with permanent ink are qualified to create lip tattoos.

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Faqs About Lip Blushing

  • Does lip blushing hurt?

Yes, lip blushing does hurt but the artist will provide some numbing agent so that you can not feel anything to minimize pain and discomfort. The lower your pain tolerance is the more pain you will feel especially on your lips. However, it is very subjective many people might not feel any pain at all. You may also consider taking any pain killer before your appointments o that you do not feel pain.

Avoid using naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin previously, as well as supplements like fish oil, garlic, ginkgo, and vitamin E these can prolong bleeding and wounding.

  • How permanent is it?

The procedure of lip blushing is considered semi-permanent which means that you will be needed to repeat the process every few years to maintain a similar glow-up. You will also need to take care of your lips by exfoliating, not go out in the sun, and smoking which can fade away the pigmentation.

  • Will you need touch-ups?

You will need a touch-up too because it will slowly reduce in color when you first got it. Due to its chances of fading, you must expect to get a touch-up done every few months. It will not mean that you have to go through the whole process again but just the amount of fading of your tattoo. You may need more rounds for specific colors. If you want to change the color of your lips entirely, then you might want to get a touch-up again. This is common with these kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

  • How do I select the appropriate shade?
  • What are the side effects?

General Rules Before Permanent Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo Permanent Makeup Tutorial. Full Procedure of Permanent Lips
  • It is very important to keep your lips moisturized before the procedure
  • Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen 48 hours before the procedure
  • No alcohol or caffeine before the procedure
  • Discontinue retinoid creams before the procedure
  • No waxing, electrolysis, or laser at least two weeks before the procedure
  • Consult with a doctor taking antiviral medicine, if you are prone to cold sores, at least 3 days before and after the procedure

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Risk Of Cold Sores As A Temporary Side Effect

If you are prone to cold sores, make sure you will consult with a doctor taking preventive medication before and after the procedure to avoid an outbreak. Any trauma to the skin can bring out cold sores. It makes the healing process and retention worse. Doctors usually prescribe Zovirax, Valtrex, you could consider also taking L-Lysine.

What Does The Lip Color Tattoo Treatment Look Like

The PMU lips treatment is a process of micropigmentation, AKA cosmetic tattooing, which means that an electric needle device is used for inserting pigment into the skin of your lips.

It consists of the following steps:

STEP 1: Consultations

You need to see the artist who will be doing your treatment beforehand to discuss the look you want, and for them to assess your lips. You need to disclose any conditions you may have and let them decide whether its safe for you to get the treatment.

You should also do a patch test that will reveal any potential allergies to pigments.

STEP 2: Choosing the shape and color

Out of all permanent makeup lips offer the widest range of color possibilities. You can go for whatever shade you normally wear, but bear in mind youll be wearing it for months and even years.

When it comes to shape, the lip tattoo can make the lips look fuller by clever color choices and correct some minor asymmetry, but its never advisable to tattoo outside of the lip edges.

STEP 3: Numbing

The artist numbs the area with a topical anesthetic. The tattooing process isnt exactly comfortable, but it wont be painful.

STEP 4: Pigmentation

Once the numbing kicks in, the tattooing process starts. The artist will use an electric PMU machine to pierce the skin of your lips in numerous tiny dots and deposit the pigments into it. The color has to be built up gradually, so they will probably make multiple passes.

STEP 5: Touch up and additional sessions

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Dark Lip Correction Treatment

Our lips are one of our most prominent features. Beauty standards have always appreciated soft, pink lips and labeled them as attractive and irresistible. So, it is easy to understand why people may be conscious of pigmented lips.

Not all of us have naturally red or subtly pink lips. Melanin-rich skin and hyperpigmentation can be the reason behind darker or paler sets of lips. Sometimes, injuries or skin disorders can also be the cause of discoloration.

Dark Lip Correction Treatment is a method by which people can achieve brighter, lighter, and even-toned lips. This procedure also defines the outlines of the mouth for a fuller appearance. The treatment works on light-colored lip clients that want to accentuate the contours of their lips.

History Of Lip Tattoo

Permanent Lip Color Tattoo Experience Photos

The most common kind of body modification includes permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip blushing or a full lip pigmentation, cheek blush, beauty marks, etc. All these cosmetic modifications are done to represent a certain social status in society for the time being. In many cultures, enhancing lips is considered a thing of social status.

Sudanese women tattoo their lower lip to show that they are married. On the other hand, when the edges of the lips are inked, it is believed to guard against evil eyes in the community of Wodaabe people who belongs to Nigeria and Cameroon. In the more current and modern times, thanks to technology, the process of getting red or pink lips is done to hide dark lips which were once considered a sign of beauty and aesthetics in the Arabian peninsula during the 7th century. Ever since the boom in cosmetic surgeries, the number of treatments has increased.

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How To Find A Trained Technician

To find a trained specialist, its important to ask the right questions and not base your decisions off of social media. Always ask the technician how long theyve been performing semi permanent makeup proceduresthe longer, the better. If they have a Yelp profile, check for reviews within the last six months regarding the service youre looking to get. Some states require technicians to obtain a blood-borne pathogen certificate or a body art/esthetician license, but each state varies, so check your state board to learn what qualifications cosmetic tattoo artists require.

If they have further experience in other forms of semi permanent makeup, thats always a bonus, said Son. If you have any skin or medical conditions, especially if its related to your lips, you should always inform the artist.

For instance, if you have a history of cold sores or herpes, the procedure could trigger an outbreak. Prescribed anti-viral medication should be taken in advance of the appointment, and it should be noted that cold sores can affect the healed results of the lip blush.

Instagram is a great discovery tool when it comes to learning about these procedures and potentially finding a technician to work with, but take caution and look at the techs body of work, not just one or two photos.

How Bad Does Lip Blushing Hurt

Even though, yes, its a tattoo on your mouth , your tattoo artist should use a topical numbing cream thatll significantly dull your pain. Everyones pain threshold is different, but in general, the pain of lip blushing is often described as small pinches or light scratchesnothing unbearable or scary. In fact, as our writer discovered, experiencing major pain is a big red flag that somethings not right .

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Is Microart Right For You

You might be suffering from thin, uneven eyebrows or you may have even lost your eyebrows altogether due to aging or illness. Powders and pencils can help to fill in uneven brows but they are time-consuming to apply and smear easily. Tattooed eyebrows look harsh.

MicroArt clients are both male and female, all ethnicities between the ages of 21-96. Our clients range from celebrities, high fashion models, busy housewives, seniors, cancer survivors, people with thyroid disorders, people with busy and active lifestyles including men.

How We Guarantee That You Will Love Your Microart Lip Procedure


Numerous steps are taken during each appointment to ensure that you will love your MicroArt Semi Permanent makeup lips.

THE DESIGN: Detailed measurements of your lips will be taken with an erasable so you can see, adjust and optimize the shape before micro-pigmentation begins to get the look you will love. We specialize in very natural looking results and most clients choose MicroArt because they are looking for natural looking lips yet all our work is customized so we can create the precise look that you want to achieve. Your Micro Artist will consult with you about your individual needs and style that you would like to achieve.

THE COLOR: Our Micro Artist will consult with you about the best color. Because our colors are custom blended we have an unlimited selection. Some clients prefer to bring in their favorite lipstick for us to match the color.

A CONSERVATIVE APPROACH : During the 1st session, we cautious with color, fullness, and shape of cupids bow as we can always add more on the 2nd session. Your lips will look great after the first session but will look even better after the 2nd appointment. Once our mineral-based pigment is applied in thin layers, using a shading technique you will be able to check the work after each layer to ensure you are delighted.

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Lip Blushing Healing And Aftercare

The healing process of lip blushing is similar to that of a tattoo. Youll see swelling and redness, which you can help treat with ice or cold compresses. While it may be tempting to bandage your lips, you should let them air-dry for best results.

As your lips start to heal, the skin will scab for about a week. Do not pick at these scabs this may cause scarring and uneven tone as your lip tattoo heals.

Place petroleum jelly on your lips for relief and protection.

You may also consider avoiding intense workouts for a few weeks as your lips heal. Avoid direct sun exposure during this time, too. Dont worry if your lips look darker than you anticipated this is a normal side effect that will wear off as your lips heal.

Expect to see full results from lip blushing in about a month. Your provider may ask you to come in for a follow-up appointment at this time to assess your results.

A touch-up session may be required after a couple of months to achieve the precise color you want.

How Does Lip Blush Work

At Ruth Swissa lip color is applied to the entire lip surface by the micro-pigmentation process. We then redefine the shape of the lips, if desired, correcting imperfections in symmetry or shape. We can even redesign the outline of the lips, in order to create a more desirable look. A few weeks after the procedure, touch-ups are performed, leaving you with full, gorgeous lips. Clients who have permanent makeup applied to their lips can choose between a package with one touch-up, or two, depending on how gradually they prefer to build the color.

During the procedure, topical anesthetics are applied to the lips to minimize any discomfort you may feel. We have also acquired a new cooling machine that makes the procedure much more comfortable. After the procedure, slight puffiness will be apparent for the first twenty-four hours. The applied color is likely to appear approximately twenty-five percent darker or lighter, immediately after its application, but will achieve its permanent color after a few weeks. During this interval, its normal for your lips to feel somewhat dry or chapped, so we strongly advise you to frequently apply moisturizing lip balm.

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