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Make Old Tattoos Look New

Why Do You Need To Use A Tattoo Sunscreen

How To Make Old Tattoos Look New Again

Its highly recommended to use a Tattoo Sunscreen that is designed by professionals who are in the tattoo industry. Inkeeze has created the best tattoo sunscreen on the market due to our love of tattoos and understanding of the tattoo recovery process. The main difference between a tattoo sunscreen and any other sunscreen is the texture of the cream, and nutrients in the sunscreen. Tattoo Sunscreen is light weighted, smells great and has quality that not only helps the cream to protect skin from the UV rays but also makes tattoos vibrant.

Can Tattoos Age Well

The short answer? Yes! But – as mentioned before – it depends on many things.

If you are nineteen years old and just got that small, detailed, and colorful design of a beautiful goddess on your upper thigh, you might be in for lots of trouble over time.

On the other hand, if youre twenty and got a fist-sized three-word black tattoo on your upper arm, that one has a much higher chance of survival.

How To Keep A Tattoo Looking New And Fresh

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 9, 2020Last Updated: July 6, 2021

Getting a new tattoo is always exciting. The crisp, clear lines and vibrant hues of fresh ink can get any tattoo addicts heart racing. Unfortunately, tattoos do fade with time, resulting in a dull, washed-out appearance. If you were planning to expand your art, this makes it challenging to add new details.

Even worse, it can transform a tat you once loved into something you are no longer proud to show off. The great news is that you can take steps to preserve a tattoo and keep it looking like new. While it requires some advanced planning and effort, its well worth the investment of time and energy required.

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Tattoos That Stay Out Of The Sun

Spending time in the sun can be fantastic â so long as you use a derm-approved SPF. Even though you should avoid exposure to the sun directly after getting a tattoo, you can still catch rays after your ink heals. Just use caution to ensure your tattoo looks good as the years go by.

“The sun definitely takes some years off your tattoo, and if you are a frequent sunbather or cannot commit to putting sunscreen on your tattoos, you should probably stick to areas of your body that don’t typically see the sun,” Villani says. ” Beyond the initial couple weeks, the sun can still dramatically fade tattoos over time. It is so important to keep sunscreen on tattoos that are exposed to the sun.” While your tattoo artist may give you a time period where sunscreen is most important, try to be as vigilant as possible â indefinitely.

Things To Avoid During The Tattoo Recovery Process

How To Make Old Tattoos Look New Again
  • Avoid touching the tattooed skin area

  • Avoid wearing clothing that may cause excessive rubbing to the area during the recovery process

  • Avoid exposure to the sun, especially in the first month after getting a new tattoo

  • Avoid submerging the area of your tattooed skin in water for at least 2 weeks

  • Avoid touching the area of your skin, even if it is itchy, applying Tattoo aftercare ointment can help alleviate itchiness

  • Avoid removing the plastic for the first few hours

A detailed description of your tattoo care is mentioned above. However, when it comes to the tattoo recovery process, the rate of a tattoo recovery can vary depending on the condition of the skin and the specific area of your body where you have inked yourself. Each skin has a different degree of sensitivity, which contributes to the recovery process of a fresh tattoo. It is important to note that the recovery process also varies from person to person, as a person’s skin condition and type can be very different from one another. So don’t compare your recovery process to one of your tattooed friends.

As you can see in the illustration, there are various body parts on which you can get inked. It is important to understand the process of tattooing after care and tattooing the specific body part in which you get tattooed.

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How Do Tattoos Age Over Time

Tattoos will inevitably fade over time.

Immediately after getting your ink done, your tattoo will begin to fade as it heals and will not look as vibrant as when your artist first deposited the ink into your skin.

Following the aftercare period, depending on the type of tattoo you have gotten, the tattoo can begin to fade almost immediately.

If youve had your tattoo for decades, it may not even resemble the original art you first got because of these factors breaking down the pigment and causing it to appear muddled.

Your environment and lifestyle play a huge role in determining the longevity of your tattoos.

Let’s take a look at the factors that affect tattoo aging:

Applying Too Much Ointment

While you might think it’s helpful to coat your tattoo in ointment to help it heal, doing so can actually be harmful. “Applying too much ointment or tattoo aftercare product…suffocates the tattoo and encourages the growth of bacteria,” Palomino says. “Always rub only a thin layer of ointment.”

To help it heal correctly, “you should continue applying the ointment after each time you wash the tattoo and only after it has completely dried at least twice a day, for three to five days or until the tattoo starts to peel. Then, you can switch to a regular, fragrance-free lotion.”

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Does Drinking Water Make Tattoos Look Better

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important to keeping your body healthy, but its essential to keeping your skin looking good and that means keeping your body arts canvas well moisturized. Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day keeps your skin and your tattoo looking younger and healthier.

The Tattoo Healing Stages In Pictures

How to Make your Old Tattoo Look New- Hemp Tattoo Enhancing Body Moisturizer

March 13, 2016 by Roc

Im not sure about you, but the first time I got a tattoo I had no idea what to expect when it came to the tattoo healing process and pictures of healing tattoo stages.

I vividly remember, asking someone who was completely covered in tattoos if what was happening to me was normal. I was never prepped by my artist for what to expect and honestly cant even blame him because to him he knew what to expect and probably assumed I did too.

Its pretty important to at least have a solid understanding of what a tattoo looks like as it goes through the healing stages so that you can know that you are on the right track and so you can act immediately if you think that something is going wrong .

I cant stress enough how important it is to take care of your tattoo when you are going through the healing stages the tattoo is not complete until it has been healed.

Obviously, youll start out at the tattoo shop with a stencil placed where youre tattoo will be. Take into consideration the placement, is this where you want your tattoo to be? Does it make sense and flow with your other tattoos?

Quick Note: I got this piece of advice from my tattoo artist. When doing faces or portraits ensure that the direction the face is looking or facing is going towards your body. I was intrigued when he mentioned this and the basic premise as to why you would do this is that the tattoo does look off or wrong if it is not facing in.

Why Does Your Tattoo Peel?

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Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion


It should come with no surprise that Lubriderm is at the top of our list. This non-scented, non-greasy everyday lotion is ideal for people suffering with dry skin and exceptional at keeping your ink in check long after the first time you sat in the chair. Whether youre keeping a single tattoo replenished on the daily or youre worried about the hundreds you have on your skin from head to toe, Lubriderm should be your go-to. Its even the number one recommended brand by tattoo artists for tattoo care on the market. You can get this 24 fl. oz bottle for just under $8, too, so its safe to say this option could be your one-stop-shop for tattoo aftercare. You wont regret it.

Invest In A Professional Touch

One of the most effective ways to make your older tattoo look new is by investing in a professional touch-u. This process involves an experienced tattoo artist going back over your existing body art with fresh ink. They can also add more intricacies to the existing tattoo, which can make it more appealing. Going in and meeting with a tattoo artist is the best way to figure out what touch-up capabilities they have.

During this meeting, be sure to ask about color rejuvenations. Tattoos that feature lots of colors tend to fade faster than traditional black tattoos. Restoring the vibrancy to these types of tattoos will require a professional color rejuvenation. Before you choose a particular artist to perform this touch-up or rejuvenation, be sure to ask for pictures of similar work they have done in the past. With these pictures, you can figure out whether the artist in question is the best fit.

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Steer Clear Of The Three Ss: Soaking Sun And Smoking

If you like to take baths, beware that you will have to take a break after getting a tattoo. Soaking in a tub will interfere with the healing process. Youre exposing an open sore to the bathwater, increasing your risk of infection, which can impair the final look of your art.

Additionally, soaking in a tub will cause the skin to soften. If you have scabs on your tattoo, a healthy and regular part of healing, the resulting softness may cause them to peel off. This will leave your tattoo even more exposed to microbes that could cause infection.

Sunlight will damage your fresh tattoo, especially while its still healing. The same is true of tanning beds. Wait at least two weeks before you go into the sun with your tattoo. When you go out, cover the ink if possible and wear a high-proof sunblock of SPF 30 or more. Make sure its a broad-spectrum product that protects against both UVB and UVA rays.

If youre a smoker, try to take a break after youve gotten a tattoo. Smoking delays wound healing. Again, remember that your tattoo is essentially an open wound. On top of this, smoking negatively impacts skin, destroying the collagen that gives skin its plumpness and elasticity. When skin loses plumpness, your tattoo may appear less vibrant.

Scratching Or Picking At Your Tattoo

How to Make Your Old Tattoo Look Good Again

Speaking of peeling, don’t give into the urge to scratch or pick at your tattoo â no matter how tempting or itchy that peeling skin may be. As Palomino says, “Your tattoo will begin to scab and the scabs should be allowed to fall off … naturally. Do not try to help the process along by picking at the scabs.”

If you do, it “may cause the scabs to fall off prematurely, leaving holes or light spots on your tattoo,” he says. So do your best to avoid picking at the area, and instead relieve the dryness or itching by patting the tattoo with the palm of your hand, Palomino says, or gently rubbing on fragrance-free lotion.

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How Often Should You Moisturize Your Tattoo

As a good rule of thumb, for all skin not just tattoos, you should use moisturizers or tattoo enhancers on your skin at least twice a day. Morning and night, but especially after you have showered or cleaned your skin because it is the most vulnerable once it’s been stripped from cleansers.

Some areas of your body that see more wear and tear like elbows, hands, knees, or anywhere that sees a lot of sunlight should get a little more attention in terms of moisturizing. We would all rather have our tattoos looking vibrant instead of ashy. Your tattoos will stay vibrant for years to come, all you have to do is take a few minutes out of your day to moisturize.

Is It Rude To Ask For A Tattoo Touch Up

Most tattoo artists will touch up their work for free if its needed and if its not the result of your aftercare. Make sure to ask your artist about touch ups. Do wait 30 days before even considering a touch-up. Tattoos can look less-than-perfect while healing and need 30 days to be completely healed.

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How To Fix A Bubbling Tattoo

Tattoo bubbling is a very common issue that is being faced by people. One of the main reasons for bubbling your tattoo is over-saturation. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you avoid exposure to water for the first six months to get your tattoo safe. By following the instructions properly the tattoo aftercare can be properly done which will keep away from the bubbling of your tattoo. However, if these Tattoo Aftercare Productsare used then you will be able to keep away from the bubbling effect. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the tattoo. Though bubbling doesn’t necessarily mean infection if any irritation or swelling persists then it is suggested to consult a doctor. Heres a guide on How To Fix a Bubbling Tattoo.

How Long Do Tattoo Touch


Healing time for a tattoo or touch-up will vary from person to person and depend on certain factors like tattoo placement and color saturation. According to Mariah, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month for a touch-up to heal. “Touch-ups usually heal quicker because less space on the skin has been affected,” says Forte. “If you had line or dot work style ink touched up, that may take the full time, which can be weeks or even months,” he adds.

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Wear Spf Clothing Or Use +30 Spf Sunscreen

The harsh sun is not good for your tattoo because it can fade the art. That is why we recommend you wear SPF clothing to protect your tattoo from fading.

Besides that, you must also avoid wearing scratchy materials such as wool because they can also damage the tattoo in the long run.

Also remember to wear proper tattoo sunscreen with +30 SPF.

Get your Sorry Mom Tattoo Sunscreen here

Got An Old Tattoo Check Out How To Make It Look Gorgeous Again

If you are no more in love with your tattoo, here is something interesting for you. Find out some ways to revamps its look.

Do you know around of Americans age 18 to 29 had at least one tattoo?

And this increasing love for a tattoo is for the reason that you have something inked on your body forever. But the silent fact is that even permanent tattoos also fade over time. Yes, over the passage of time, due to external factors like sun exposure, skin aging, and improper tattoo care, they become rustic and appear to be less appealing.

Is the color of your tattoo becoming dull?

The harsh reality of tattoos is that these grow old and age, just as you do. So, over time the ink will spread underneath the skin, and blurring of those once straight, bold outlines is common.

In case, the color of your tattoo has begun to fade, or it has lost vibrancy, or the words and verses have started merging into one another, you need to take some quick and right actions. This type of your reactions is more common among people with a darker shade of skin. But the good thing is that you can get the shine back on your tattoos. Yes, you can make them look good.

Heres what all you need to do

Try Exfoliating Gel

You can consider these miraculous gels which can brighten up any tattoo. However, you need to understand that these have to be used with caution. Remember, this option has immediate results, but to continue to enjoy the benefits you might need to consult your artist.

Tattoo Cover Up

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How To Take Care Of An Old Tattoo To Keep It Fresh

  • First things first, you’re going to want to find yourself an intense moisturising cream to slather on your tattoo – preferably twice daily. While there are plenty of tattoo specific lotions available on the market, I have never diverted from Palmers Cocoa Butter which is cruelty-free, completely affordable and works wonders on both fresh and healed tattoos.
  • Drinking lots of water might sound strange, but moisturising your tattoo isn’t going to help all that much if you aren’t hydrating yourself from within. Water helps rid our body of toxins and drinking enough can give skin a more radiant glow, thus making your tattoos appear brighter.
  • Despite what many people believe, exfoliating your tattoo is not going to cause fading. On the contrary, exfoliating removes the build-up of dead skin cells and leaves your tattoo looking brighter. Invest in a Glycolic body scrub for the best results.
  • Remember we talked about avoiding direct sunlight while healing your tattoo? Well, even healed tattoos can be damaged by spending too much time in the sun. To avoid exposure, apply an SPF rich moisturising lotion and sun cream or wear protective clothing.
  • Weight loss or gain is not always within our control and there are plenty of life factors which play into bodily changes, but extreme weight fluctuations can cause tattoos to distort so it’s best to try and avoid this from happening if possible.
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