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Top Tattoo Shops In San Antonio

Nite Owl Tattoo Studio


Nite Owl Tattoo Studio is a premier tattoo and piercing studio with a dozen of professional artists. They have all the styles that would meet every demand of the clients. Furthermore, the studio is constantly maintained and sterilized. The tattoo artists also use state-of-the-art equipment during the sessions. They also provide a professional and comfortable environment for the clients to feel at ease. Moreover, the tattoo artists undergo extensive evaluations to ensure quality. There are also private rooms for various types of body modifications.

Products/ Services:

Address: 7121 W US Hwy 90 #230, San Antonio, TX 78227Phone: -517-8931Website: niteowltattoostudio.com


Just got my second lobe pierced by Catie, probably the most painless ones! She was so easy going definitely made it a great experience! Thanks to Vivian also for setting it up! Place was super clean they checked tempts minimal people in there! 10/10 Tiviana Arevalos

Jeanie Burford is a reporter for Kevs Best. After graduating from UCLA, Amy got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer. Jeanie has also worked as a columnist for The Brookings Register. Amy covers economy and community events for Kevs Best.

Best Tattoo Shop In San Antonio

Element Tattoo has been voted the best tattoo shop in San Antonio. Our tattoo artists specialize in everything from traditional tattoos, realism tattoos, watercolor tattoos, tribal tattoos, Japanese-style tattoos, dot-work tattoos, geometric and script tattoos. Officially opened in May of 2006. It was a small tattoo shop at the time that housed just four tattooers. Today, Element Tattoo Studio has become an upscale, well-known tattoo shop and people travel nation-wide to visit the Element Tattoo artists. Each artist has their own unique set of skills. . If you are looking for a particular type of tattoo we recommend taking some time to look through the artists portfolios and then scheduling an appointment with an artist to discuss the style and design of the tattoo work you are seeking.

As One Of The Top Rated Tattooshops In San Antonio

In a highly competitive market populated with many great tattoo artists and piercers, Firme Copias is proud to be one of the top tattoo and piercing shops in San Antonio, Texas.

Our mission is to consistently raise the bar on tattoo artistry and customer service. We employ highly talented tattoo artists in San Antonio, TX, as well as body piercers. We have a commitment to quality, innovation, and respect for individuality.

Here at Firme Copias we maintain a wide variety of tattooing styles, and expert body piercing. We specialize in services and modifications that are innovative, unique, and customized. We use only the best tattoo inks and supplies in the industry for quick healing and best results.

So whether you are seeking a custom designed original piece of art or want to choose a design from our massive selection of ready to go tattoos, we know you will be satisfied with our work.

We have a commitment to Quality, innovation, and respect for individuality.

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Fortune Brothers Tattoo Co

San Antonio, TX 78216 858-1593

Fortune Bros. Tattoo Co. is well-known for their black and gray tattoos, American tattoos, pop culture tattoos, and floral designs. They will accept walk-ins, but prefer that clients schedule appointments. Its the most reliable way to ensure that you can get in and get a tattoo. They sell H2Ocean specialized products to help you care for your tattoo after its finished. Aftercare is extremely important, so its great that they sell products. Fortune Bros. Tattoo Co. has friendly and professional artists, according to customers, and the shop itself is very clean. fortunebrostattoo.com

Most Hygienic Tattoo Shop: Buddha Box

San Antonio Texas Tattoo Shops / 5 Best Tattoo Shops In San Antonio ...

Buddha Box is my go-to place for tattoos and piercings. Ive had three piercings here myself and I even brought my nieces here for theirs! Half of the shop is dedicated to piercing while the other half is all about tattoos.

Dont let the humble/sketchy exterior fool you: Buddha Box is incredibly sanitary. Actually, it was way more sanitary than the random German tattoo shop I went to for my first tattoo while traveling Europe. #TrueStory.

Anyway, Buddha Boxs team is both friendly and talented. Right now, you can work with either Miles for vibrant colors or Vinny for black and white realism/portraits.

  • Address: 5337 Glen Ridge Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Website: Buddha Box

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San Antonios Best Tattoo Shops:

The top rated Tattoo Shops in San Antonio are:

  • Flesh Electric Tattoo trusted professional tattoo service shop
  • Xtreme Piercing & Tattoo Shop guaranteed safe tattooing sessions
  • Twisted Tattoo quality needlework in a welcoming atmosphere
  • Boardwalk Tattoos hub for traditional American tattoos
  • Firme Copias Tattoo Studio an artistic blending of custom work and innovation

Best Tattoo Shops To Visit In San Antonio

If you are living in San Antonio or plan to visit it in the future, and are looking for an amazing place to get a tattoo, then you have come to the right place. When you are looking for a tattoo place you want it to be somewhere that you can get an incredible tattoo and have your needs taken care of. You may think that all tattoo artists are created equal but thats not the case. Regretting a tattoo is something that you dont want so you want to make sure you have a talented and experienced artist.

Not all tattoo studios are high-end or top providers. Its actually harder than you may think to have a consistent 5-star rating, so when you do see that, you can bet that its a great studio. You can bet that is a studio is busy or has a wait list, then they are a successful and reputable business.

San Antonio loves tattoos and thats why there are so many places available. The industry of tattooing has increased over the years and tattoos are becoming more acceptable, even at work. There is a huge demand for tattoos which why there are so many studios to choose from. Finding a tattoo place can be daunting for a lot of people but do not fret, you are sure to find a place on this list.

Most tattoo enthusiasts dont just go for one tattoo, they usually get more than one and some people will even cover their whole bodies. If you find an artist that makes you comfortable, then you are likely to stay loyal to that artist.

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Best Traditional Tattoos: Electric Panther

Dont let the wonky website scare you away. Electric Panther specializes in pretty much one style, and thats Traditional. If youre looking for bold lines, blackwork, and nostalgia, this small team of tattoo artists has the chops to take it on.

Now, should you go here for, say, a watercolor tattoo? Eh, probably not. In any case, theres a lot of demand for Electric Panthers classic, bold style. And for good reason!

Most Popular Tattoo Shop In San Antonio: Dandyland

San Antonio best tattoo shop, Firme Copias.

When I was in college, it seemed like all of my sorority sisters frequented Dandyland for their tattoos. Any time someone showed up with fresh ink, the first question was, Oh, did you go to Dandyland? Its, by far, one of the most reputable and popular tattoo shops in San Antonio.

The style youll get is entirely dependent on the artist you book. Right now Dandyland has five artists available, so get to know their styles before booking an appointment. Generally speaking, theyre good for Traditional tattoos, but some of their artists can even do watercolor and realism.

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Best Watercolor Tattoos: Adrenaline Tattoo

Adrenaline Tattoo has been a staple in SA for over 20 years. Founder Steve does several styles of tattoos, although he specializes in freehand Japanese and Traditional, while the other founder Sonia offers watercolor, black and grey, and tribal.

P.S. Adrenaline is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so make sure theyre open before you swing by.

Best Portrait Tattoos: Family Tradition Tattoo

Whether youre looking for something in color or just in classic black and gray, Family Tradition Tattoo does, hands down, the best portraits Ive seen in San Antonio. The artist Ray makes some portraits that are so realistic, it looks like a photo instead of a tattoo.

They offer a 10% discount to military and students, so be sure to ask for a discount if that applies to you. Family Tradition also makes its own aftercare line, Skin Project, to protect your tattoo after you leave the shop.

  • Address: 1731 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78229

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Live Through This Tattoos

Score: A+

Live Through This Tattoos has a team of talented tattoo artists that handle a variety of styles like traditional, portrait, cartoon and anime, as well as cover ups, watercolor and blacklight ink work. What sets them apart from the competition is their birthday as well as one year pass specials and loyalty programs. If clients register with these programs, they get steep discounts on getting work done in their shop. They also have a piercer on staff that offers amazing deals as well. While this is a tattoo shop, they also have a range of body jewelry and tattoo and piercing supplies for sale through their online shop.

San Antonio: The Contemporary City

25+ Best San Antonio Tattoo Artists

The character of San Antonio can be described as a beautiful blend of Texan and Mexican culture. It is only 150 from Laredo and the Mexican border which happens to be one of the most prolific spots to travel to Mexico. About three fifths of the San Antonio population is Hispanic and mostly of Mexican descent. Many of them area also bilingual or speak Spanish. Because of this, much of the historical atmosphere has been conserved because it embraces the diversity of the city. Mixed within the modern office buildings of downtown are the remains of 18th century Spanish structures.

The rapid growth after 1940 can be attributed to the military installations. Inside the city you have Fort Sam Houston which is the U.S. Fifth Armys headquarters. It is the also location of the Academy of Health Sciences, which is the basic army school for medical personnel and a national cemetery. There are three air force bases located in the area Randolph, Brooks and Lackland. Randolph is the headquarters for the Air Education and Training command and is located in the suburbs northeast of the city. In the southeastern part of San Antonio, you will find Brooks and is it the location for the School of Aerospace Medicine. Finally, Lackland is a recruit training base that is located southwest of city center. The first air force base that was opened in the area was Kelly in 1917 and it was redeveloped in 1917 to use in business.

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Dandyland Custom Tattoo & Piercings

Dandyland Tattoo and Piercings has been operating in San Antonio since 1996. Since its opening, readers of the San Antonio Current have voted Dandyland Tattoo and Piercings the number one tattoo and piercing shop in San Antonio an astounding fourteen times. These guys are located at 1620 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio, TX 78201

The shops piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers in San Antonio. This means the piercers are constantly being educated about new piercing techniques and procedures. They only use the highest quality, medical-grade, internally threaded jewelry.

Dandyland Tattoo and Piercings operates on an appointment-only system. The shop offers custom tattoos in color realism, black and grey realism, watercolor, abstract, painterly, portraits, animal portraits, and traditional American.

Platinum Tattoos & Body Piercing

This shop is quite family-friendly and it offers body piercings and customized tattoos to its clients. The shop started in 2000, and it has already achieved a huge fan following. The shop is well-known for its flawless customer service. The artists at the shop strive to create meaningful art. The artists also offer valuable advice for ideas on tattoos and aftercare.

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 3,891 Google reviewsWebsite:

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Why Most Tattoo Shops San Antonio Riverwalk Fail

With any one of these, it is necessary to comprehend just how the Tattoo Shops San Antonio Riverwalk will certainly view the body and what kind of reaction you want from your tattoo. Take the time to talk with your picked tattoo artist to understand his/her vision of what a biomechanical tattoo should resemble before you get it done.

San Antonios Best Body Piercing:

Righnos Bracken Tattoos Tattoo Shop San Antonio

The top rated Body Piercing in San Antonio, TX are:

  • Platinum Tattoos and Body Piercing was founded in 2000 and offer tattoos and body piercings services
  • Dandyland Custom Tattoo and Professional Body Piercing have been in the industry for more than 24 years
  • Adrenaline Tattoo and Body Piercing offers a variety of tattoo and piercing services delivered by experienced professionals
  • Skin Graphic Tattoos and Body Piercing one of the most creative and satisfying tattoos and piercing shops in the are
  • Wicked Ways Tattoos premier tattoo and piercing studio with a team of tattoo and piercing professionals

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Welcome To Boardwalk Tattoos

Visit Boardwalk Tattoos and get a beautifully executed tattoo as well as a piece of art!Boardwalk Tattoos is known as one of the best tattoo shops in the San Antonio area. Boardwalk Tattoos is a full custom tattoo shop, our tattoo artists are skilled professionals who specialize in designing completely original tattoos for every client. We can work with existing designs, reference material, or ideas straight from your mind. We work closely with you to make your ideas a piece of art. We do our best to see your vision take shape.

Visit Boardwalk Tattoos and get a beautifully executed tattoo as well as a piece of art!Boardwalk Tattoos is known as one of the best tattoo shops in the San Antonio area. Boardwalk Tattoos is a full custom tattoo shop, our tattoo artists are skilled professionals who specialize in designing completely original tattoos for every client.

San Antonios Leading Tattoo Artists Best San Antonio Tattooist

Here at best tattoo shop in San Antonio we are highly dedicated to to bringing you San Antonios leading tattoo artists, Our best San Antonio Tattooists are professionals in many styles of tattooing and our attention to detail is second to none. Also creating you a tattoo that you will be proud of is our #1 priority. We understand that a tattoo isnt just ink on skin but it is a symbol of who we are through an artistic expression. Let us bring your vision to life.

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Top Tattoo Places In San Antonio To Visit:

Now that we have established what to look for when you go to a tattoo place, lets start looking at the shops that you might want to visit.

1. Bad Habits Tattoo Studio

Bad Habits Tattoo Studio is one of the best studios in San Antonio. They specialize in black & gray tattoos, in custom designs, and portraits. They will allow walk-ins but they much prefer appointments. They only work with the best artists and each one has many years of experience in the industry. The studio also sells tobacco products which is part of the reason for the name of the studio. Clients of the studio praise the talented, professional artists and the laid-back atmosphere that they have.

2. Boardwalk Tattoos

There is a lot of variety of tattoos with Boardwalk Tattoos. They specialize in black and gray, neo-traditional, custom work, portraits, realism and American traditional. The studio is huge supporters of the military and will give a discount on tattoos to any active member of the military. The artists at the studio have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. You can get tattoos as well as piercings at the studio. The things that you will find at Boardwalk Tattoos us a clean space with warm and friendly staff. The shop is beautiful and they offer detailed tattoos that you will love forever.

3. Calaveras Tattoo

4. Element Tattoo Studio

5. Electric Panther Tattoo

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6. Dandyland Tattoos

7. Firme Copias

9. Master Minds Tattoos

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In San Antonio

5 Best Tattoo Shops in San Antonioï¥

Looking to get inked? Youre in luck partner: San Antonio is home to some very talented tattoo artists.

While youre free to book an appointment at the first shop you find, theres no guarantee that the artwork will be quality .

After consulting several of my well-inked friends and fellow San Antonio locals, Ive found the top 10 best tattoo shops in San Antonio.


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Never Regret A Tattoo

“Professional staff, devoted to cleanliness and customer service and I’ve never had a bad experience here with two piercings and a tattoo and three tattoos for my boyfriend. I will never go anywhere else.”

– Rachel Windler

“Tim is an amazing artist and tattoo artist. We showed him our concept, and he made it even better. He’ll do our future tattoos!”

– Michelle Farris

“Took my Daughter to get her nose pierced. The first time we went they talked my daughter through all of the information. When we went to our appointment, they were so nice! They explained everything to her about the jewelry, sterilization of tools, the piercing process, and after care. It was stress free for both of us. We would definitely come here again and recommend Dandyland Tattoo to others.”

– Meredith Bricker-King

“I love this place. I got my first cartilage piercing here. Aaron did my piercing and he was amazing! He was so sweet and patient with me. He calmed me down and talked me through the entire process. I highly recommend getting a piercing here. Also they have taken every precaution possible during this whole COVID situation! I was really impressed and I felt comfortable and at ease knowing they were very clean and cautious! I’m honestly amazed! If I could give them more than 5 stars I would! I will be coming back here for another piercing for sure!”

– Andrea Saenz

– Rachel Rudloff

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