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How To Lighten Your Tattoo

How Long Will It Take To Remove A Tattoo At Home

How To Lighten Tattooed Eyebrows

There is no straightforward answer to how long it will take to see results from your at home tattoo removal methods. Since every persons skin will react differently and tattoos are all different, what works quickly for one person may be a slow process for another person. It is important to be patient and realize that there are many factors that affect how long the removal processes could take. This could include:

  • The thickness of the skin or area containing the tattoo
  • How many colors the tattoo contains
  • The size of the design
  • How dark the tattoo is
  • The type of ink used by the artist
  • How frequently the tattoo removal method is used

If you begin to get discouraged with your tattoo removal process, remember that aside from having the tattoo actually cutaway most surgical procedures take time to effectively remove a tattoo. On average, people have laser treatments and other removal treatments like dermabrasion repeated for 4-5 sessions. Even at a low rate of $100 per session that can cost upwards of $500. Depending on the type of surgical method used, the recommended wait time in between methods is up to 6 weeks. There is no overnight way to remove your ink. All of these methods have proven effective over time, and some of them have been used since ancient times. Take your time to remove your tattoo at home correctly and safely without harming yourself and you will be pleased with the results.

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How Many Sessions Is It

The number of sessions required to lighten a tattoo will depend on its size, color, and design. Some people opt to have the tattoo removed right after the lighting process.

If youre going for a standard tattoo lightening process, it should take around 3-6 sessions. Sometimes, it may take even just one session, depending on the color of your tattoo and if you intend to opt for removal after that.

Its best to consider the size of your tattoo before going for a lightening process, especially if you dont want to go through multiple sessions. The more complicated and large tattoos you have, the more sessions it will take.

However, regardless of how many sessions you have, you can still get satisfactory results depending on how dark you want your tattoo.

How To Remove A Permanent Tattoo

Tattooing is a form of body art which is permanent. For most, a tattoo is an extension of themselves. It showcases peoples thoughts, beliefs and emotions. However, down the line, your thought process may change, you may not feel the same way about a certain someone, or you may just want it to be replaced by a new one. This is when removing it becomes necessary, but doing so is neither cheap nor easy and most importantly more painful than while inking it. Moreover, while doing so, it can cause a serious infection resulting in damages to the skin.

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Is It Possible To Lighten A Dark Tattoo

You can absolutely lighten a tattoo that is too dark. If you still like your design, but its just too dark or bold, laser removal can help you achieve the results you want. Removery knows how to fade a tattoo as efficiently as possible. We use the PicoWay laser, the gold standard for tattoo removal, which can target highly concentrated areas of dark tattoo ink. Many other techniques, including PicoSure tattoo removal, cannot do this as effectively. With the PicoWay laser, our trained specialists can lighten your entire tattoo or certain portions of it to create the desired look.

Can You Lighten Up A Dark Tattoo


There are different ways to lighten up a dark tattoo. The first is through laser treatments which usually take more than one session and cost money.

The second way is by using henna or black tea on the tattoo, which works well but takes time to show results.

You can also use temporary tattoos that will help lighten your dark tattoo for short periods of time, like the Tattoo Removal pen that is available in most pharmacies.

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Pass Up On Those Foil And Water Transfer Tattoos

While you can add some sparkle with a gold or silver foil tattoo or a colorful water transfer tattoo, remember that the FDA does not approve all temporary tattoos. Some reported side effects include redness, pigment loss, blisters, and even scarring thats permanent. That said, some water transfer tattoos have colored dyes that are approved for use and may be safe. But the onus is on you to choose and use them carefully.14

Treating Your Eyebrows At Home

  • 1Expose your brows to plenty of sun while they heal. If youre worried that your brows will look too dark, try breaking some of the aftercare rules. Go outside into direct sunshine, and let your eyebrows soak in some rays. Do this on a regular basis in the first 2 weeks after your procedure, and see if you notice a difference!XResearch source
  • Use sunscreen whenever you go outside in direct sunlight.XResearch source
  • 2Go for a swim in salty or chlorinated water. Jump into the pool or take a trip to the beach to submerge your eyebrow tattoos completely. Reduce the pigment in your brows by saturating them with water. Since moisture tends to lighten the shade of your brows, you might have some success if you get your tattooed eyebrows wet!XResearch source
  • 3Exercise a lot to generate more sweat. Go for a run, or do some other workout that gets your blood pumping. Aim to sweat as much as possible, as this moisture helps lift the pigment out of your brows. Opt for a workout that gets your whole body sweating, like aerobics.XResearch source
  • Saunas are also a great way to get you sweating naturally.XResearch source
  • 4Exfoliate your brows after theyve healed completely. Use a drugstore exfoliating product on your tattooed brows to grind away the topmost layers of skin. While the results may not be instantaneous, you might notice your brows lightening naturally.XResearch source
  • Exfoliating masks can also work well for this kind of treatment.
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    Update After Lasering On Tree

    It’s been slow going, but I am really happy with what I have gotten done so far. Below is an updated picture of the part of the tree that I had lasered. I am so surprised that it is as light as it is now since it is a brand new tattoo.

    I still use all my creams but never on freshly lasered areas. I’m still exfoliating and lightening.

    Healing from this one has been the hardest! I have never been so itchy in all of my life. The other areas that I got done never itched this bad. I am really hoping that I do not decide to get rid of the entire tree. I think that with enough “tweaking” I will like it.

    Following The Aftercare Instructions

    Laser Tattoo Lightening On Arm to Enable Cover-Up Tattoo
  • 1Avoid washing your eyebrows after the procedure. Try to keep your tattooed eyebrows as dry as possible in the first week or so. If you get your brows wet with water or ointment, you can risk altering the shade of the brows. While they may seem dark at first, try to remember that your brows will lighten in the next few weeks as they heal.XResearch source
  • Ask a professional if you can wash your eyebrows with an antibacterial soap.XResearch source
  • 2Dont use any topical products on your brow area. Avoid the temptation to layer your brows with makeup or moisturizing product. Do your best to keep the brow area as clean and dry as possible, as this will help the healing process go more smoothly.XResearch source
  • Makeup and skincare products introduce more moisture to the skin, which is what you want to avoid.
  • 3Keep your sleeping area clean while your brows heal. Try to use a clean pillowcase during your recovery period.XResearch source As you sleep, do your best to avoid putting any extra pressure or stress on your healing brows. Whenever you rest, try to lay on your back instead of your stomach.XResearch source
  • If you prefer to sleep on your side, try putting little bandaids on the outer ends of your eyebrows. This prevents any unwanted friction with the pillowcase.
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    Use Papaya To Fade The Tattoo

    Though salabrasion or scrubbing the tattoo with salt is one of the oldest methods of removing tattoos, it may lead to scars and may not show the best results either.6

    The papain enzyme in papaya can also help lighten your skin and remove any blemishes. The alpha hydroxy acids the fruit contains are a good exfoliant. The fleshy side of the raw papaya or green papaya can be rubbed to the area where the tattoo is on your skin. This is the method used to lighten spots and marks on the skin and may work with your tattoo as well.7

    Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt

    Yes, it hurts. The pain of removal is similar to the pain felt when getting a tattoo. People describe the feeling as being similar to getting splattered with hot bacon grease or having a rubber band snapped against their skinâit can hurt, but it’s bearable.

    The only thing I have to complain about is the itching! It’s practically unbearable, but I deal with it and try not to scratch at all because I don’t want scarring.

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    How To Lighten Eyebrow Tattoo

    The fashion for crisp, contoured dark brows is slowly fading away. Now beauties strive for maximum naturalness. They often wonder how to lighten eyebrow tattooing. Such a necessity, alas, also happens with the victims of an inept master, who are forced to cover his art with thick bangs. Yes, removing tattoos is not easy, but do not despair: there are several ways, if not to bring the eyebrows to their original form, then at least to make them lighter. However, it must be remembered that the final appearance of the pigment takes a month and a half. Therefore, you should not panic immediately after leaving the salon, sometimes you just need to wait. If you are not satisfied with the shape or the tattoo goes beyond the contour, then there is no particular choice left.

  • Do-it-yourself lightening
  • How Can I Lighten My Tattoo At Home

    Lighter tattoo

    Ideally, we recommend that you always show your issues related to your tattoo to an experienced tattoo artist than experimenting with things at home.

    However, if these are natural methods there is no harm in trying the same. In case of any irritation of the skin or any discomfort, you must immediately discontinue what you are doing at home to lighten your tattoo.

    Three are three ways you can lighten your tattoo at home and one is quite similar to what we discussed above, the bleaching method:

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    Total Tattoo Redesign Or Tattoo Cover

    Your tattoo might have gotten to a point where there isn’t a lot that can be done to improve it. The inks may have spread too far and blended into the colors next to them, potentially creating an entirely new color . This is where either the decrepit tattoo design is completely re-done and inked again in the same theme, style, and colors or a whole new design is created as a tattoo cover-up.

    With a tattoo that can’t be resuscitated,consider encompassing the old ink into a larger, more complex tattoo design. What about developing it into a sleeve, back job, stocking, or body suit? What can be accomplished when blending an old into a new tattoo is mind-boggling and totally inspiring.

    A talented Artist may opt to redesign your elderly, more basic tattoo by adding to the current design and embellishing on it. Experienced artists can incorporate previous tattoos into a part or section of the of the fresh design.

    If, like me, you’ve shed tears over a tattoo, if you consider your tattoos as works of art or your own personal life story, then it’s time to act.

    You may have paid a fair wack of cash for your amazing piece of art, so maybe you could have even taken good care of it. Yet life happens to all of us, the years pass by and our bodies show that wear and tear.

    This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

    The Type Of Design You Want

    Some design types require more fading than others. More fading for a cover-up is necessary if your new tattoo will have negative space , says Dustin Ortel, a skilled laser technician in our Buffalo office. For example, getting a new piece with a geometric design or delicate, feathery work requires more lightening. Such art might require 8 to 10 sessions rather than the 4 or 5 sessions needed to prepare for a traditional tattoo with solid colors.

    Your specialist will continuously assess your progress to determine whether the tattoo has faded enough for your cover-up. At Removery, you can purchase a package deal for partial fading, so if you need an extra session or two, youre not paying more for them. In other words, youre paying for the results, not for the number of sessions.

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    What Should You Not Put On A New Tattoo

    But to avoid getting to that stage, simply follow these no gos for tattoo maintenance and you should be just fine.

    • Dont Scratch It.

    If you can afford to purchase a treatment package up front, do it.

    Heres why:

    The main reason is savings. However, according to the numbers, patients who choose the package option over pay per visit tend to finish their plans faster.

    Youll be much less likely to put off your appointments, if theyre pre paid.

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    Why Can You Not Fix A Tattoo With White Ink

    Tattoo Removal lightening in preparation for a cover up Tattoo

    White ink is not some magical tool that can help you erase a tattoo. Although one might think of white tattoo ink as being a tattoo artists version of white-out, this is completely misguided and one hundred percent false.

    White tattoo ink is still just ink, and in fact, it is an ink that is one of the least visible inks once it has been tattooed.

    In order to get white ink to stand out, it has to be repeatedly tattooed into the same area until the area is totally saturated, making white ink one of the most subtle colored tattoo inks out there.

    An ink with this little pigmentation in it is not going to fix your tattoo, unfortunately.

    Once the ink has gone in your skin, it is in your skin. There is no tattoo ink that can remove another tattoo ink from your body.

    So, where some people might have thought of white tattoo ink as being some tattoo eraser or white-out, unfortunately it is not, and adding white tattoo ink to your tattoo will not fix it.

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    Not Following Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

    Taking care of your new tattoo is crucial to making sure that it stays happy and healthy over time antibacterial soap to keep it clean, moisturizer or cream to keep it hydrated , saving the tight clothing for when youre healed, and fighting the urge to pick off scabs and succumb to scratching are all easy ways to help make sure your tattoo heals properly. Any damage like infections or ink pulling that happens in those first few weeks and months after new ink will make your tattoo more susceptible to fading over time. You dont want your tattoo to look faded after a week. There are a lot of resources available to provide the best care instructions options for your tattoo, and some are confusing. Read our dermatologist reviewed guide to tattoo aftercare, your ink will thank you in 20 years.

    What Should I Do If I Hate My Tattoo

    Hate Your Tattoo?

  • REMOVE IT. Laser it away. This is the most common and popular way to remove a permanent tattoo.
  • COVER IT. Make-up Cover up.
  • MAKE PEACE WITH IT and ROCK IT. This probably isnt your favourite answer, but sometimes you just need to realise maybe your tattoo isnt so bad after all.
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    Why Its Important To Fade Your Tattoo Before A Cover Up

    No matter how talented your cover up tattoo artist is, it is impossible to create an incredible work of art without somewhat of a blank slate. If your skin is heavily saturated with fresh dark ink, it will take twice the amount of ink to cover the old design. Moreover, using that much ink can cause muddled colours and overlapping lines that will make it tough to ignore the old tattoo. In order to avoid an even bigger eyesore than your original tattoo, its best to do a cover up over a faded tattoo.

    How To Make Your Old Tattoo Look Good Again

    Lightening Black Tattoo With White Ink

    As a tattoo commentator and writer, I rely on my personal experience and time working in a tattoo studio.

    How to make an old tattoo look new again.

    Tattoos are enjoying a wave of popularity and social acceptance. Everyone’s getting one, so you could be excused for thinking that tattoos are a relatively new trend .

    You’re probably not that old, but you may be sporting a tattoo that’s aged at least a decade. . . and showing that age, too. The reality is that our tattoos grow old and age just as we do. Over time, the ink will spread beneath the skin, blurring once-straight and bold lines and making them blend together. Colors begin to fade, lose vibrancy, and take on a blob-like appearance. Letters and words merge into one another, no longer legible.

    Our environmentparticularly the sundamages and fades tattoos quickly. Moisturizing and using a sun protection are ways to extend a tattoo’s life but unfortunately, once the damage is done, there’s no way to reverse it entirely, but there is something you can do. Below, you’ll find all the options available to freshen up those old tattoos, including

    • exfoliation,

    Lace wrist tattoo. Old tattoos look new again.

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