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How To Naturally Fade A Tattoo

My Journey With Laser Removal

How to Fade a Tattoo Naturally – Natural Tattoo Removal

I went to a laser tattoo removal consultant three weeks after getting the tree tattoo. We did a few tests to see how well I would deal with the pain, and it was okay!

Some of the barbed wire tattoo is already in the process of going bye-bye. As for the tree, I’d never be able to pay for that to be removed. I am planning on adding light, interesting colors to brighten it so that it doesn’t look so black and fierce.

I will continue the creams on the tree, but as for the barbed wire, it’s going to be lasered.

The Lemon Juice Solution To Remove Permanent Tattoo

Lemon Juice is quite an effective and solution. It is unlike other tattoo removal methods that leave the skin looking uneven, scarred or generally damaged. Lemon is a strong skin-bleaching agent that goes a long way in removing scars and discoloration from your skin. This is what makes it a good remover of permanent tattoos from your skin.


    In a container, mix some freshly squeezed lemon juice with 100 grams of salt Using a cotton ball, gently apply the mixture on the area of the skin covered by the tattoo Leave the solution on the skin for about half an hour. You can leave it for a full hour if your tattoo is more elaborate in nature Wash off the skin with warm water Using a towel, pat the skin dry Do this twice daily until the tattoo is completely removed

It is good to know that this is not an immediate solution. It will take some time for the tattoo to be completely removed from the skin. All you need is patience and commitment. That is not too much to ask considering that you will be using a solution that will cost you close to nothing and will not inflict any permanent damage to your skin in any way during the process. Large more elaborate tattoos take time to be completely erased. However, they should start fading away in a week or so.

Opt For Professional Tattoo Removal

While DIY methods and natural remedies seem like a great way of successful home tattoo removal, your best bet is always to see a professional.

When trying to remove a tattoo at home, the main concern is that you have no help or access to a trained medical professional should something go wrong.

At the Tattoo Removal Institute, we boast a team of experienced, certified laser tattoo removal technicians. With a large focus on constant education and upskilling, great care is instilled into treatment techniques.

We consider each patient as an individual and care for the specific needs of each person. Initial consultations are completely free and require no obligation, but allow our technicians to assess your situation and tailor your laser tattoo removal journey and process appropriately.

Combined with ongoing education and high ethical standards, extensive training makes us the top-rated tattoo removal practice in Australia.

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Will Soaking A New Tattoo Fade It

Avoid taking a long bath or swimming within the first two weeks of getting a tattoo. It will take time for the ink to heal into the skin. Soaking a tattoo in water will pull out the ink and cause fading. In the healing process, a tattoo forms a protective layer and water can cause it to loosen and blur the design.

Where Do Tattoos Fade The Least

How To Fade A Tattoo

While a big part of the joy of tattoos is the creative freedom you have with them, be wary that there are certain areas on your body that will be more susceptible to sunlight, thus causing your tattoo to fade faster.

Your environment, lifestyle, and the weather will have a direct impact on this as well.

  • Areas like your ribs, outer collarbone, back, and upper thighs are good placements if youre looking to conceal your tattoo under your clothes and protect it from the sun.
  • Areas like your abdomen, feet, or anywhere that tends to crease like wrists are not as ideal if your goal is to protect your tattoo from exposure.

Keep this in mind when you are considering your tattoo and seek advice from your tattoo artist as they will be able to determine the best location for the tattoo to look its best for a long time.

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What Can I Clean My Tattoo With

Gently wash the tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water and be sure to pat dry. Apply a layer of antibacterial/Vaseline ointment twice a day, but dont put on another bandage. Gently wash your tattoo area twice a day with soap and water and gently pat dry before reapplying the antibacterial/Vaseline ointment.

Homemade Tattoo Removal Cream

To make this cream, make a combination of Aloe Vera gel, 1tbspb of Tomentosa leaves, and two capsules of vitamin E. mix all these ingredients and apply on the area with the tattoo, let it soak for ten minutes.

Aloe Vera, yoghurt, honey and salt

Mix two tables spoon of each of these products, apply it to your tattoo for 30 minutes, and rinse it with warm water.

Salt and lemon juice

Mix a little lemon juice with some salt . It should form a thick paste which should be applied on the tattoo for 30 minutes or so. Once done, rinse with warm water.

Table salt

Apply moist table salt on your skin for 40 minutes until the area started to turn dark red. You should also apply an antibiotic ointment for three days and peel the top layer of the skin off after a week.

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The Technology Of Laser Tattoo Removal

Dermatology Associates of Plymouth Meeting is a premier choice for laser tattoo removal in the tri-county area as we are the only dermatology group to utilize the cutting edge Discovery Pico laser. This laser combines Q-Switched and Pico, two effective laser tattoo removal technologies, that can target tattoos of any color and at any skin depth. Combining these laser actions into one treatment allows for faster and more effective removal of tattoos.

The Discovery Pico laser is the most powerful device on the market and uses three wavelengths that penetrate the skin to shatter inks and pigmentations while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. Through shorter pulse durations and a high peak power, it is also able to effectively reach even the deepest skin pigment.

Some Effective Ways To Remove Tattoos Naturally At Home

HOW TO FADE TATTOOS EASILY at Home with Natural Method

For those who want to remove any unwanted tattoos, finding the most effective method to remove tattoos naturally at home has been actually on your own hands. However common and same questions still appear when you search to the best home remedies on how to remove tattoos by yourself . The typical question can be Is it possible for you to remove your unwanted tattoos by yourself?” or “Is there any a way to get rid of a tattoo by myself and done at home?” Such questions mean asking whether Some natural tattoo removal methods work or not. This question seems to have “impossible” answers when you ask it to wrong people and in the wrong sites.

When you search on the Internet, most of the answers for your question seem to say NO. The only way to completely remove your tattoo is doing medical treatments. Most of people tend to agree that laser is still by far the most popular way to remove their tattoos. Is it true that laser removal is so much more effective than other methods out there?

Actually the answer is Certainly Not. And it is here for, to show you that laser removal is NOT the only option to take when you would like to get rid of your unwanted tattoos.

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Does It Hurt To Get Rid Of Tattoos

A little regarding getting your tattoos removed: It’s not constantly easy and also there might also be some downsides in the process– yet do not let that scare you away from this great alternative. A study learnt one in five people who select implantation surgery experience considerable but temporary swelling at their incision site which is why it is very important to follow medical professional directions meticulously when getting rid of any body art whether or not they had actually been dental implanted prior to hand also.

How To Fade Tattoo Naturally

We want our people to feel comfortable, comfy and well looked after. That’s why we provide aftercare guidelines that are clear, succinct and simple to comprehend for every patient who has a tattoo eliminated from their skin. These can be found on the internet site under Tattoo Removal Services or face to face when you enter into see us about your removal therapy plan with one of our certified professionals! How To Fade Tattoo Naturally

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

When you got your tattoo, your artist gave you a specific set of instructions to ensure that your tattoo healed properly and looked great. Laser tattoo removal has a similar reliance on great aftercare to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

After your session, be sure to keep the site clean, moisturized, and covered with a sterile dressing.

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How Many Sessions Does It Take To Lighten A Tattoo

Because youre not trying to completely remove a tattoo, the fading process will achieve the results youre looking for much faster.

How many sessions does it take? Every case is different, and your specialist will work closely with your tattoo artist to determine the degree of fading needed. It may take only half or a third of the number of sessions that full removal would have required. If full removal would have taken 12 sessions, and your tattoo artist believes moderate lightening is best, you might achieve the desired results in five sessions. As with any laser removal, sessions must be spaced at least six weeks apart to allow your skin to heal.

The following factors will have a major influence on how many sessions you need.

Suntan Tattoos May Raise Risk Of Melanoma

Heres What You Need To Know About Tattoo Fading

Youve probably seen arm or wristbands with cutouts on them designed to leave a sun-kissed pattern on your body. So how does it work? The part of the band thats covered up by leather, plastic, or fabric shields your skin from the sun. As a result, it stays its original color while the rest of your skin takes on a golden brown look. When you remove the band, you essentially have a tattoo from the suntan. Unfortunately, the downside to this is pretty significant.

If you avoid using sunscreen to create a more dramatic contrast in skin color, you could increase your risk of skin cancer. And that is a risk not worth taking. Alarmed by the popularity of sunburn tattoos, the Skin Cancer Foundation cautions against this trend. Intentionally allowing sunburns can be painful and dangerous, speeding up the aging of your skin and increasing your risk of cancer. Having just five or more sunburns doubles your risk of developing a melanoma. Not a risk youd want to take for a tattoo.15


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The Second Laser Session

I had my second laser session done, and this one hurt bad!

She did a larger area of the barbed wire. You have to try to remember to breathe during this, but I couldn’t. My whole body was stiff, and I didn’t breathe the whole time. It was almost like going to the dentist, but when it’s done, it’s fine.

The pain won’t stop me from continuing my quest! I have one more section of barbed wire to do, and then I start on the tree!

This is the first section of barbed wire I had done. It’s only a few weeks after that session and look how light it is! There are still six more weeks of healing and lightening to go.

Understanding Laser Tattoo Removal

Before we discuss the aftereffects of laser tattoo removal, it is important to first understand how laser tattoo removal works. Every individuals laser tattoo removal process is unique and the length of treatment and number of sessions will depend on the depth of pigment, tattoo color and size of the tattoo. To produce the best results, it is important to allow the skin time to heal between treatments and to allow the bodys immune system to reabsorb and dispose of the tattoo inks. Most practitioners recommend about six to eight weeks between laser sessions, depending on skin tone.

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What Are The Easiest Tattoos To Remove

  • Darker colors are usually easier for the laser to detect, so they are easier to remove.
  • Older tattoos are easier to remove than fresh, new tattoos because they have likely faded over the years.
  • The further away your tattoo is from your heart, the harder it will be for them to fade. This has to do with blood circulation. So removing a tat on you chest is probably easier than removing one that is located on your arm or leg.
  • You skin color also plays a role. The more contrast there is between the color of the ink and your own skin color, the easier it will be to remove the ink. That means that black ink on fair skin will be easier to detect than black ink on dark skin.
  • If your tattoo was applied by an amateur tattoo artist, it will be easier to lighten because the quality of ink that was used was probably not that good.

What To Expect In Your Laser Tattoo Removal Session

How To Fade A Tattoo With Hydrogen Peroxide

Before your initial session, youll have a consultation to determine if your tattoo is a good candidate for removal we will discuss realistic expectations and possible results. The approximate treatment time, the spacing between sessions, post care of the treated area, and you will be given a text number for a rapid response for any questions or concerns throughout the process. This number can be used at night, weekends, or even holidays.

When you come in for your first session, often the same day as your initial consultation, we will once again quickly cover everything that was discussed in the consultation. Most treatments take only seconds. The treated area will have Aquaphor applied and covered with a bandage.

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What To Expect During Laser Tattoo Removal

Each tattoo removal process begins with a consultation to determine the length and number of treatments needed to fade and remove your tattoo. Treatment plans can be customized to meet your needs and schedules, and most patients can expect minimal downtime. During treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied to numb the treatment area. Most patients describe the feeling of treatment as similar to tiny hot dots on the skin and this warmth is combated by a stream of cold air that is produced by the treatment device.

Exposure To The Sunlight

Now, this is a debatable option. The reason were not recommended to expose our skin to the sun without proper protection, i.e. sunscreen, is because sunlight equals harmful UV rays. These rays can promote the development of skin cancer, premature skin aging, and overall skin damage due to sunburns.

Moreover, people with tattoos are specifically advised to wear sunscreen to protect their tattoos as well. Under sunlight and sun exposure, tattoos begin to fade prematurely, which is generally a big issue .

So, what can you do? What we would recommend is the following

  • Do not apply sunscreen onto the tattoo if you want it to fade naturally and quickly. However, the remaining exposed skin needs to be protected. So, make sure to apply sunscreen all over the rest of the exposed skin, skipping the tattooed area. But, make sure not to stay exposed to the sun for too long you do not want to burn and cause further skin damage.

Note: Exposure to sunlight will visibly fade black tattoos. Such fading might be more difficult with tattoos done using yellow, green, or purple ink.

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Removing Tattoos At Home Needs Few Weeks

Another question which rises when you want to remove your tattoo is about time allocation. How long do the home based natural removal options need time? Is it possible to completely remove tattoos in one day or 24 hours?

Answering that question is depending on certain conditions. One major condition is the tattoo itself. I do not say that removing a tattoo in one day is impossible. It might be that you can get rid of your tattoo if it is very small and the color has been fade away. But if your tattoo is such large arm above, to get the best result you surely need time.

Whatever technique you apply to remove such a big tattoo, you need few weeks. You can not magically fade that big tattoo arm in one night. Even you can not do that by using expensive laser treatments. As I said laser need several session to completely fade of tattoos.

How To Fade Your Old Tattoo

Tattooing FAQ  Divine Image Ink

As previously stated, tattoo cover ups work best if the old tattoo is faded and light. Usually, this happens with time, but if you just recently received a design that you regret, it doesnt mean that you have to wait a super long time to transform your body art into something you love looking at.

You want to do this as safely as possible, so you should wait for your tattoo to completely heal first before trying to lighten it. Additionally, fading a tattoo isnt an immediate process. In some cases, it may not work to the extent that you might want it because of the way that these agents react with different skin types.

Your professional tattoo artist will be able to assess the existing tattoo and your skin type and provide you with guidance and expectations based on your desired outcome.

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