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Modeling Agencies That Allow Tattoos

Tattoos Needed To Become A Model

Modeling Advice – Can I Model If I Have Tattoos?

Many beginner models have this type of question, should I get a tattoo if I want to get into modeling or tattoos are needed to become a model, the straight answer is No. if you want to become a model there is no requirement to have a tattoos in your body.

The best tip for aspiring models or beginner models is when you start your career in the modeling industry you should hold off getting tattoos entirely. When you begin your unknown model, it may limit your opportunities.

If you have a requirement to be a high fashion model and you want to be also a fashion model then try not to get any ink because ink-free models are high priority. Most of the brands love clear skin, flawless skin.

Who Are The Male Models With Tattoos In Fashion

Since then, he has worked with international brands like Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Diesel, while dreaming into existence his own clothing line called Haze & Glory. Having appeared in ads for Dazed, Penguin and Havianas, Mateus Verdelhomv is one of the most well known male models with tattoos in the fashion scene today.

Do I Have What It Takes

Do you have the look? Being a model isnt just about being good looking or pretty. There are a lot of beautiful people in the world. If youre serious about getting into modeling, its important to have a look. There should be something unique about the way you look or the way youre built. It could be a beauty mark the way your dimples look when you smile, something about the shape of your chin or your nose that adds dimension to your face, or another unique quality. Embrace this. It will be what sets you apart from other models in the industry.

As far as common characteristics that are important for anyone looking to get into modeling, height is probably the single most important physical attribute for most models, with 57 generally considered a minimum. Of course there are exceptions to this rule , but this is a good place to start in order to determine if you are meant for the modeling industry. Runway models should be at least 58 as a female and 60 as a male. For editorial modeling, having the right look is more important than height or slender frame alone. For convention/promotional models, its more about having an engaging personality and the ability to act as a product spokesperson. Different types of modeling have certain requirements, but before you get into modeling you should understand what type of modeling work you will be pursuing. Will you be on the runway? Do you want to be in magazines or be a part of private events?

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What Will You Be Modelling

If youre trying to gain work modelling girly and ladylike products, you likely wont be chosen if your skin has a coating of ink. If youre at a casting for a slick business suit brand to caters to professional businessmen and youve got tattoos but the man next to you hasnt, theyre more than likely going to choose your competition.

If youre unsure whether a brand will hire you, think of the following can you imagine a brands stereotypical customer having tattoos? If the answer is yes, the brand in question may hire you. If your answer is no, your tattoos will probably lose you the job.

Famous Models With Tattoos

Tattoo Modeling Agencies

Many top models have tattoos. Once you reach a certain level of success, brands are willing to work with you because of your reach and large fanbase. This means supermodels can get away with body ink more so than an aspiring model or a beginner.

Cara Delevingne is probably the most famous supermodel with tattoos. She has many works of art including some on her hand, a famous lion tattoo on her finger, a tattoo on her neck and even some ink on her scalp which she got when she shaved her head.

British supermodel Jourdan Dunn has some fairly large tattoos including lots of writing, a hamsa on her arm and a symbol of the Egyptian goddess Isis on the back of her neck. She recently added a large tattoo of a phoenix up her side.

Gisele Bundchen\s tattoos have a celestial theme she has two small tattoos including a star on her wrist that she says is a tribute to her grandmother, and a moon and stars on her ankle.

Kate Moss also has some tattoos though they arent as noticeable she has a small heart with an infinity symbol, the letter L on her wrist, a cross on her forearm, an anchor on her forearm, a pair of swallows on her lower back and a tiny heart on her right palm.

Kendall Jenner has some very small and barely noticeable tattoos including one on her inner upper lip, a dot on her finger and a broken heart on her finger.

Bella Hadid has a tiny angel wings ankle tattoo as well as a little rose on her arm.

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Can You Be A Model With Tattoos

We can all agree that tattoos arent really the most desirable feature to have when pursuing a modeling career. Many modeling agencies and designers like to point out that having tattoos can make it pretty difficult for models to succeed and actually land jobs.

That is why, even nowadays, we dont see many models with tattoos, or even if they do have tattoos, the design is rather minimal or well hidden. Sure, some of the worlds top models show off their tattoos with pride, but seemingly only when they reach a certain level of fame and recognition.

Once the designers want to work with you, you can have as many tattoos as you want and theyll be probably considered a trendy accessory. But, what about men and women looking to start a modeling career? Can they show off their tattoos with pride, or is ink a big no-no?

Well, these, and many other questions well tackle in the following paragraphs. So, make sure to keep on scrolling for a deeper insight into the hypocritical world of tattoos and modeling.

Fashion Industry Must Support & Encourage Models Of All Ethnicities

There is still a long way to go in EVERY industry until equality is achieved, and even as some brands and magazines attempt to showcase diverse models, they sometimes miss the mark. This is all part of a meaningful conversation that has been long overdue, and this conversation needs to be an ongoing one to truly make progress.

In March 2017, Vogue published a diversity issue, and while many applauded its attempt at inclusivity, others felt it wasnt diverse enough. The public discourse surrounding the Vogue diversity issue, as well as others like it, is critical to making sure past mistakes arent repeated and that the modeling industry continues to move forward. The New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 runways were regarded as the most diverse ever, as 36.9% of the models to walk the runways were models of color, which is up 5.4% from the year before. We are encouraged by the progress being made and hopeful to see it continued on and off the runway.

Naomi Campbell Vogue September Issue


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Alternative Model Networking Sites In The Uk And Beyond

  • Model Mayhem this is the #1 portfolio site for models and photographers so its a key place to start, especially with their chat boards.

Please note: any agencies or websites referenced here have not been vetted for model safety. No-one wants to get involved with a scam agency. Whatever you do, stay informed and take care when considering any modelling work or applying for auditions. We strongly recommend that you browse the forums of Model Mayhem to see if you can find more details about any agency or contact you have your eye on.

How To Get Into Modeling

Open Call I Scars and Tattoos Modeling

Getting started in the modeling world can feel like a daunting task. Youve probably got all sorts of questions, like Do I have what it takes?How do I get an agent?What are the pros and cons of becoming a model? If youre looking for help when if comes to getting into modeling, this article will help to answer some of your questions on how to break into the industry and guide you towards becoming a successful model.

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Where Is Gigi Hadids Tattoo

Taking to Instagram to share some work-related photos, Gigi posted a mirror selfie and she looked stunning while flaunting the tiny tattoo, which is located on her right inner elbow. Gigi and the former One Direction star both have matching tattoos dedicated to their daughter a red inking of Khais name in Arabic.

Can I Be A Model With Tattoos

Can I be a model with tattoos? Will tattoos hurt my chances of becoming a model? These are some of the most frequent questions we receive from new models just starting out. We are happy to say that the answer is YES!

There was a time when a tattoo on a model was unthinkable. How times have changed! Tattooed models are everywhere including supermodels Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy, Erin Wasson and many more. With the most tattooed of them all Zombie BoyRick Genest

So, if youve got some great ink, dont worry! Most clients arent worried about them, and with todays photo software clients and model agencies are able to remove or add to your ink with the click of a button.

While we wouldnt recommend going all out like Rick Genest, a few tats here and there wont hurt well, at least not your job prospects.

Heres a selection of famous models and their tattoos:

Zombie Boy Rick Genest for Mugler

Zombie Boy Rick Genest for Mugler

Model Iris Strubegger with Arm Tattoo

Kristina Salinovic for Elle Magazine

Model Erin Wasson Arm Tattoos

Model Daria Werbowy with Finger Tattoo


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Top Voted Winners Receive

Title of Fresh Faces Tattoo winner

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Alternative Modelling Agencies In The Uk

Katharina Barth

Read on for our big bold list of alternative modelling agencies in the UK. Be aware that your best bet may be to join a reputable model networking site

The days of numerous alternative modelling agencies in the UK like ROGUEMAIDENS are gone. Many .alt models post their profiles on model network sites instead. These social networking and portfolio hosting sites enable models to act as their own agent to build up their portfolio .

With this in mind, you may find it useful to read our interview with three alternative models who share their tips on how they started.

However, a number of agencies in the UK will take alternative models on their books. Please be aware that tattoos and piercings may still prove a challenge in your quest for agency representation. Here are just some of the agencies out there. If you know of any more, let us know and well add them to the list.

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So What Are Your Options

Before auditioning or applying for a modeling gig, make sure, to be honest with yourself about your tattoos. This will allow you to create a clear picture of your expectations and the jobs you could actually land. Make sure to ask yourself the following questions

  • What brand am I trying to work for? Is it a high-end brand or a street-style, urban, contemporary, youth-oriented brand?
  • What will I be potentially modeling? Will I be covered with clothes or will I model bikinis and more revealing items?
  • Are my tattoo large and visible or delicate and hidden?
  • Are my tattoos potentially offensive or placed in visible or areas modeling agencies and brands might find questionable?
  • Are the brands Im trying to work for conservative or cool and edgy?

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People Agencies: Recommendations For Tattoo And Extraordinary Models

People agencies â The dream of every model? The big advertising campaigns and photo shoots! Whether itâs for TV advertising, social media, especially for YouTube or the classic look book by the fashion designer. Who wants to fulfill his dream, needs a good management or a good agency behind him! In addition to the classic modeling agencies that mainly serve fashion customers and customers from the high fashion industry, there is also an agency type, people agencies specializing in advertising and people with character!

People agencies, as well as modeling agencies, provide talented people with clients for jobs. The task of an agency is always the selection of the best talents for the customers. If you can make it into a good agency, chances are you have jobs. The dimensions are not decisive, but the character and your look!

Tattoos, a wild mane, crooked teeth or the housewife next door. In the advertising for productions to TV, City Lights, bill boards, and much more. always looking for new faces.


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What About Photoshop Cant Photoshop Erase Your Tattoos On Images

Yes, in fact, almost all the fashion brands have their models photos and videos retouched in Photoshop. It is a quick and available way of improving the final products and getting the models to look their best. So, it would be safe to assume that your tattoos could also be fixed in post-production, right?

Well, it depends. If were talking about one or two really small tattoos, then yes, the post-production would probably erase the tattoos and make them invisible in the final image or video. Of course, this applies so long the tattoos dont interfere with the advertised clothing. However, if were talking about bigger tattoos, placed in areas difficult to Photoshop, or they interfere with the actual advertised clothing, then Photoshop wont really help and it even might create more issues.

So, Photoshop isnt really the most reliable solution. Some brands might go out of their own way and struggle with covering the tattoos, but the majority will simply rather hire a tattoo-free model and do as little retouching as possible in the post-production.

Why Dont Some Companies Allow Tattoos And Piercings

Can I still model if I have tattoos?

Many stigmas go along with artistic body modifications. While these are changing, some companies still hold onto them.

There are usually three main reasons tattoos are frowned upon in professional industries:

  • Unprofessional in some careers. Even as the stigma lifts, some employers/industries wont let go of old stereotypes.
  • Distracting. Depending on the type of ink you have, they could distract other employees or customers. Sometimes, it could even spark a conversation. Unfortunately, that conversation can often turn to disagreement.
  • Connected with criminal behavior. They are also often connected to gang activity. It doesnt matter what type of ink you have. Some businesses will always link these themes together, and theres nothing that you can do that will change things.
  • These beliefs and business models are somewhat outdated. But, there are still many companies that dont allow tattoos for these reasons. Before you apply for a particular job, its a good idea to find out the policies of a company.

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    Make Your Own Path To Become A Tattoo Model

    • Easy ApplicationRegister now easily and quickly online as a tattoo model. The application will be evaluated by us and you will be informed within 48 hours.
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    • No expensive comp cardsWe are much more than a classic tattoo model agency, because on our model portal you don’t need an expensive comp card to become a tattoo model. By the way, your comp card is already included in our model profile!
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    Cant The Tattoo Be Photoshopped

    In todays world almost every picture that goes into print has been photoshopped. Actually, its pretty easy to retouch tattoos out of pictures however, modeling agencies have to take a more conservative approach, which is why most modeling agencies are not happy when a model has tattoos.

    The fact of the matter is that while it is easy to remove a tattoo from a photo, it costs money and the modeling agency cant assume that the client is going to be willing to pay that money.

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    Can Models Have Tattoos Some Top Models With Tattoos

    Nowadays getting tattoos on body become famous but there are some people want to get into modeling industry but they have tattoos on their body and they often searching in Google that can models have tattoos or is there any models with tattoos.

    So, read this article till the end you may get the answer for your question. But if you seriously want to become a model then stop getting tattoos on your body.

    If youre searching these types of questions means you already have tattoos or you are trying to get one.

    There are some agencies allowing models to have tattoos but some of the agencies have very strict policies. So if you want to become models with tattoos then youre in the right article.

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