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Osha Bloodborne Pathogens Certification For Tattoo Artist

What Is Covered In The Bbp Certification For Tattoo Artists

Online Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention Training course for Tattoo Artists

#1 Premiere Continuing Education offers a variety of training courses on bloodborne pathogens for tattoo artists and body art practitioners, with state-specific options for California, LA county, and Minnesota, as well as a more general option for any state meeting all of OSHAs compliance requirements.

In these courses, body artists will learn about: Terminology associated with federal, state, and local laws Different pathogens, how they are transmitted, and infection and risk factors for these pathogens Limiting pathogenic exposure and prevention techniques such as universal precautions, hand hygiene, PPE, cleaning & sterilization, and waste handling Handling exposure incidents and Infection Prevention Control PlansAnd much more.

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Section 38100775 Florida Statutes And Chapter 64e

. Earn your Bloodborne Pathogens. Bloodborne Pathogens Course for Tattoo Artists. If youre a tattoo or body modification artist you most likely need bloodborne pathogen training testing and certification.

Free Bloodborne Pathogens Certification For Tattoo Artist Free Download 2022 by kelleytremblay. Ad A Free Certification Training Course On Identifying Treating Bloodborne Pathogens BBP. Ad Trust Grainger for Quality Products Fast Shipping.

This course provides training as required by OSHAs Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29CFR 19101030. Our courses for free bloodborne. Get Certified in 1-Hour Today.

Customize Your Curriculum To Fit Your Companys Unique Training Needs Shop Now. Our industry specific Infection Prevention and Control Bloodborne Pathogens training is available to anyone currently working or pursuing a position within the body art community. The course teaches staff how.

The Free Bloodborne Pathogens Course offers online training for tattoo artists nurses or anyone exposed to blood in the workplace. Get Certified in 1-Hour Today. Its important to be prepared.

Ad Search For Information And Products With Us. Official code is free certificate for large organizations that the certification for bbp certificates of risks in. Ad OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Online Training Certification.

IBMS Online Tattoo School Tattoo Certification. As a tattoo or body artist you are exosed to a number of occupational hazards andor germs in the workplace. BBP OSHA Course 10.

Why Is Bloodborne Pathogens Training For Tattoo Artists Necessary

The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set out a Bloodborne Pathogens Standard to protect employees who work in occupations where they are at risk of exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. This standard includes but is not limited to, guidelines to eliminate or minimize employee exposure to pathogens, for the safe handling and disposal of instruments involved, and for communication and training about hazards posed by bloodborne pathogens.

Of course, when it comes to bloodborne pathogens, theres no denying that prevention is best! To prevent infection, its best to practice universal precautions. Simply put, this is an approach to infection control where all human blood and certain human body fluids are treated as if known to be infectious for HIV, HBV, HCV, and other bloodborne pathogens.

For body artists, this is particularly critical because of the nature of your work. Tattooing and body art involving modifications to the skin and flesh punctures the skin and directly exposes the body artist to blood. It also leaves the client with a concentrated area of entry for pathogens, which is all the more reason for additional precautions.

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Stay Aware Of Bloodborne Pathogens

Most professional tattoo artists are responsible when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. If youre still worried after getting a tattoo, get a blood test to know for sure. Hepatitis and other bloodborne diseases may go years before showing symptoms, and it is crucial to treat them as early as possible.

If you would like to know more about bloodborne pathogens and effective prevention strategies, follow our blog.

How Long Is The Certification Valid

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification for Tattoo Artist

Our online bloodborne pathogens certification is good for 1 full calendar year from the time you purchased your certificate. Our certification is accepted by most industry standards where BBP training is required for employment purposes. Be sure to check with your employer before purchasing to confirm online training is accepted as some employers may require in-class training.

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Mail Out Your Package

LA County Environmental Health Body Art Program is highly impacted and requires a minimum of 10 14 business days to process your package of registration and provide you with a certificate by mail. To ensure you will have your certificate in a timely manner please send out your package through priority mail, a minimum of 1 week before your class start date.

  • Mail this package to the following address, exactly as written:

Environmental Health Body Art ProgramAttention: Intensive PMU Training at MLA5050 Commerce DriveBaldwin Park, CA 91706

  • Please REPLY to this email once you have completed registration. Please do so as soon as possible! This is very important or else you will not be able to complete your Microblading LA course.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to register with LA County. Completing this registration will allow you to practice during the class and for up to one year in LA County!We know this can be confusing, so please contact us right away if you have any questions, so we can get you registered as soon as possible.

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Where Do You Take The Course

Obtaining your Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate in Canada is a simple process that is done online from anywhere in the country.

On average, the course takes between 3-4 hours and can be done in multiple sittings you can take a break and pick up where you left off.

There are four modules and at the end of each, students will be tested on the material. You must pass each module with a score of 80% or more before moving on. If you dont make 80% the first time, you are able to retest the material.

In other words, they simply want to make sure you have a working understanding of the material before moving on. But you cant really fail the test.

The course will cost you $35, so wont break the bank. Basically, it is easy and accessible because the point is to give people the necessary knowledge to keep the public safe.

As a microblading technician, you are going to be exposed to blood, and there is no inherent danger in that, as long as you equip yourself with the facts about the hazards that come along with it.

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Usa Bloodborne Pathogen Class


The USA Bloodborne Pathogen Class meets the requirements for Body Art Practitioners as specified under FEDERAL OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030, Cal/OSHA California Code of Regulations Title 8 Section 5193 and California AB 300 Safe Body Art Act Article 3 Section 119307

Included is a Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate available to download or USPS Mailed certificate with an embossed stamp suitable for framing

This class does not support Los Angeles County or the State of Florida regulations

Course Material:

Bloodborne Pathogens, Bacteria, Viruses, Chain of Infection & Transmission, Risks, OSHA Requirements, Hygiene, Equipment, Sterilization, Storage, Ergonomics, Allergic Reactions, Hazards and other pertinent information required by OSHA and local health departments

Cathy Montie is an OSHA Authorized General Industry Specific Outreach Trainer

86 Video Slides 25 Test Questions

Dont worry, you can take a break anytime and log back in where you left off no matter what device you are using

Recommend Browser:

Use Google Chrome or make sure your current browser is the most current version

The following agencies govern the Body Art Industry and were used as reference material for the class:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Food and Drug Administration

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

How To Get Your Tattoo License In California

Bloodborne Pathogens Training – Infection Control for Body Artists

Tattoo artists and other body art practitioners in California are regulated by the states Safe Body Art Act. This state law was enacted in 2012 to protect both clients and practitioners in the body art industry from the transmission of infectious diseases through the use of needles. If you want to become a professional tattoo artist in California, you must register with the department of health in the county where you plan to work. Your license must be renewed every year. Training in control of bloodborne pathogens exposure also must be completed every year.

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What Is The Best Certification For A Tattoo Artist

The Bloodborne Pathogens certification is most common among tattoo artists. This certification is awarded by the American Red Cross. To become a certified tattoo artist with Bloodborne Pathogens, you need to pass the exam. Lucky you – certification doesn’t require more than two years of work experience. Renew certification every 1 year.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training Class For Tattoo Artists

Course duration
Start your 8-hour course now

The course price includes an enrollment verification letter, your certificate of completion, and a wallet card. We do not charge additional fees for providing these documents.

Many sites require bulk purchases of their courses or dont allow purchases directly from their website. We want to make this process straightforward and simple: you never need to speak with a salesperson and you can register and get started right now entirely on your own.

What our students are saying

Thanks for the class. It was informative and fit into my schedulegave me great insight.

Thank you for your help and consideration. I will strongly recommend your course to anyone in need of the services you provide.

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Understanding Tattooing Safety And Beyond

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification for Tattoo Artist

BBP certifications tell you how to stay safe around bloodborne pathogens. However, many of the courses are very general so that they can apply to a variety of jobs. Being a tattoo artist requires very specific knowledge. You need to know how to set up a sanitary station and use needles safely while still treating them as an artistic medium.

The Artist Accelerator Program has modules explaining how to do both. Inside, youll get clear, easy-to-follow tutorials of how to set up and break down your station safely. Youll also discover how to use your tattoo equipment to create incredible designswhile still protecting your client and yourself.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training& Online Certification Printable Certification Or Get By Mail

The American Academy of CPR and First Aid, Inc. offers certification coursework for bloodborne pathogens training. The free online training course will teach you how to properly handle blood as well as the proper steps you can take to minimize your risk of exposure. Once you have passed the multiple-choice exam at the end of the course, you can purchase your certification.

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What Certification Do I Need To Tattoo Or Do Body Art

For tattoo artists and practitioners of body art, bloodborne pathogens training is highly recommended and even required in certain states. If you are operating out of regions like California, LA County, and Minnesota, you need to complete specific training courses to comply with federal, state, and local laws. Outside of these states, you may need a more general course that meets all of OSHAs compliance requirements. Failure to complete the required training could result in you or your business facing potential litigation, financial costs from fines or closure, and your reputation being affected. In worst-case scenarios, it could even put you out of business.

Avoid putting yourself, your loved ones, your clients, and your business at risk by getting your body art bloodborne pathogens certificate. Getting a tattoo artist certification is easy enough and can be done online.

Free Bloodborne Pathogens Certification For Tattoo Artist

Bloodborne Pathogens Training – Medical Issues with Tattoos

If youre a tattoo or body modification artist you most likely need bloodborne pathogen training testing and certification. In this section of your bloodborne pathogens for body art course youll be learning about specific diseases HIV and AIDS Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis C virus herpes scabies tuberculosis skin.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Certification For Tattoo Artist California

All California counties approve or accept BBP100 California Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Training Except for Los Angeles which has approved BBP200 Course BBP100 is. Designed for Tattoo Artists Body Piercers in CA who need Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control training according to California State Body Art Act AB 300 AB1168 Article.

I Want To Be A Tattoo Artist What Will My Salary Be The Globe And Mail

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From The Highest Rated And Most Trusted Online Training Company

Creating body art is a unique talent, but it puts tattoo artists and body piercers at special risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Without proper bloodborne pathogen training, tattoo artists and pierces can be exposed to viruses and bacteria during the set-up, procedure, break down, and clean-up stages of their work. Exposure can occur through needlesticks, contact with dried blood on surfaces or equipment, or blood splashes. Such exposure can cause long-term illness-including organ disease, organ failure, immune system compromise, and cancer-or even death. Pathogens include syphilis, malaria, hepatitis, and human immunodeficiency virus , among others.

This online training course content includes applicable regulations, risks, exposure control plans, and other key safety practices for the tattooing and piercing industry. Body piercing and tattoo artist training must emphasize proper work practices, such as immediate disposal of single-use contaminated needles, personal protective equipment, post-exposure evaluation, and appropriate decontamination procedures.

This course is for:This bloodborne pathogen tattoo certification was designed for tattoo artists, body piercers, and studio owners who have occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials . Body art workers are at an increased risk of exposure because of the use of needles in tattoo and body piercing applications.

Consequences of not training?

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Adopt Aseptic Techniques To Control Infection

Its so important for body art professionals to use aseptic techniques for tattoos and body art procedures. Aseptic techniques are used to prevent cross contamination, or in other words, prevent the transmission of germs from one person to another or from one surface to another.

Pro Tip #1: Germs are not visible to the naked eye, which probably isnt a shock to you. But its important to mention this because visible blood or body fluids on surfaces or instruments is not necessary for an infection to be transmitted. When working with clients, all surfaces and used equipment should be considered contaminated and thoroughly cleaned.

The goal of using aseptic techniques is to protect both the body art professional and the client. Aseptic techniques include the following principles:

  • Body art professionals should cover his or her own skin if there are wounds, infections, dermatitis, etc.
  • All clothing must be clean.
  • Never let used equipment come in contact with clean or sterilized equipment.
  • Maintain cleanliness of all supplies by storing them in a sanitary manner that protects all items from contamination.
  • Make sure disinfectants are properly stored and chemicals are properly labeled.
  • Use barriers to protect yourself, like single use gloves and gowns.
  • Use proper hand hygiene.
  • When wearing gloves that may have body fluids on them, dont touch any other items. Remove contaminated gloves before doing anything with sterile items.
  • Clean and sterilize all reusable tools and equipment.
  • Body Art Facility And Practitioner Application

    Bloodborne for Body Art Course Details

    Facilities and practitioners operating in the City of Long Beach are also required to maintain an annual Health Permit. Please note that for new facilities, clearance must be obtained from Building & Planning before a health inspector can be assigned. Please refer to the following packet for documents required to process the application/permit:

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    Tips For Choosing A California Tattoo Artist

    If youre looking for a tattoo artist in California, youve come to the right place. The L.A. County Department of Public Health is on the case. Theyve recently done a visit to one shop and are now only offering private sessions. The threat of punishment hasnt deterred anyone yet. The states licensing laws are more stringent than ever, but it doesnt mean you shouldnt be able to get inked by the best.

    Before you have your first tattoo, you should consider choosing a California tattoo artist. This is because California requires artists to be licensed by the state and have certification to work with blood-borne pathogens. While skin art can be very safe, it still poses a risk of infection. Here are some tips for choosing a good california tattoo artist. You can also do your own research and find reviews online.

    How to Find a Local California tattoo Artist

    You can find a great California tattoo artist by following a few simple guidelines. The first step is to know what type of tattoo you want. There are many styles available, but you should choose a person who has experience working on picture designs. The second step is to find out where you live. If you are living in California, you can easily find a lot of local artists. Just be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations.

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