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Skin Color Tattoo Over Black Ink

Tattoo Colors: Everything You Need To Know

Whats Up With White Ink Tattoos? How About White Ink Over Blackout Tattoos?

Tattoos have gone from being something associated with soldier and sailors to becoming modern pieces of art. Tattoos now come in countless different styles, with limitless designs and a wide variety of colors.

The type of color, shading and tones will vary depending on the tattoo design, tattoo artist and tattoo style. Whether you want to use black and gray, a pop of color, or have a bold multi-colored design depends on you. In this article we cover the best colors for tattoos, how to keep your color looking fresher for longer and which tattoo color will suit your skin tone best.

Blue Eyed Lioness Tattoo

This is a forearm sleeve tattoo. The tattoo artist beautifully tattoos a lioness with blue eyes. Such tattoo designs symbolize the strength, courage to be a woman, wisdom, and beauty of the animal. One can say that blue ink looks more elegant on brown skin. This can also be a floral tattoo as a rose, and some flowers are outlined diagonally for two lions. Beauty is considered one of the sources of inspiration for such tattoo designs. Artists work on dark skin tones should be appreciated. This is a black linework tattoo with some grey shades. But inking blue to eyes and some parts in the flower tattoo gives it a more enhanced finishing look. Even some leaves are shown to give this tattoo a perfect blend.

With the right tattoo artist, you can get fresh colored tattoo ink on your body. Tattoo colors are known to fade for all skin tones, be it dark skin tones or lighter ones due to collagen production. Just make sure not to pick on the scar that happens after a fresh tattoo. Let it heal completely. You can discuss these issues with black tattoo artists at length and then decide whether to get a colored or black-grey-toned tattoo on your body. Many artists in the tattoo industry are working on getting the best inks and pigments that go well on any skin type. Some more color tattoo ideas for darker skin tones are mentioned below.

Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo Uv Ink Black Light Highlight Set

This six-color tattoo ink highlight kit with ultraviolet black light ink is one of the most popular tattoo inks for dark skin. The ink kit is manufactured by the most popular Black Light tattoo ink firm in the United States. Each colour ink is packaged in a tamper-resistant half-ounce bottle.

Bloodline UV tattoo ink is the ideal option for those in need of high-quality highlighters. The set includes six distinct hues: green, invisible, orange, pink, and yellow. The colors appear pale during the day and luminescent under blacklight. This wonderful ink set with inks created from organic, vegan-friendly components is available at a reasonable price.

Available at: Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo UV Ink Black Light Highlight Set is available at Amazon.

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Are Blackout Tattoos With White Ink More Expensive

Yes, blackout tattoos with white ink overlays will be significantly more expensive than traditional cover-ups. Typically blackout tattoos cover large portions of the body, making it a time-consuming process for you and your artist, as it commonly requires several visits or more. Adding the white ink on top of the black will also take up to 5 sessions or more to be completed, so expect to budget for many long sessions with your experienced artist, and also account for touch-ups over the years.

How Do I Stop Tattoo Color From Fading

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There are many reasons why tattoo colors fade. Itâs important to choose an experienced and professional tattoo artist who knows how to work with colors. The ink they use is more concentrated and better quality, which means it is less likely to fade over time.

To make sure your tattoo color stays looking as good as new for longer, make sure to always wear sunscreen. UV light damage will often create dense collagen and mottle pigmentation. This will result in poorer skin quality that doesnât take or hold tattoo pigment as well. Keep the tattooed area moisturized to ensure it stays bolder and brighter for longer. Use unscented moisturizers and soaps as they are gentler on the skin.


There are plenty of products targeted at tattooed skin, a non-abrasive moisturizer will be enough.

If you are unhappy in how your tattoo color looks, you can freshen it up by getting it touched up by a professional tattoo artist. A good artist will make your tattoo like bright and vibrant again. There is not tattoo that is too old to be revamped again.

Did you know:

Going into a chlorine pool will not fade the color on your tattoo once healed, this is a common misconception.

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A Well Designed Professional Cover

A skilled cover up artist can disguise most old tattoos.

A solution designed by a professional tattoo artist who specialises in coverups. A skilled professional can cover up most things with a well-planned tattoo design.

Its so important to make sure you go to an experienced tattoo artist to get a good result. Coverups are much trickier than they appear on Tattoo Fixers. Remember, you only get one shot at this.

Panthera Artist Series Ralf Nonnweiler Black Tattoo Ink

The Italian company Panthera produces one of the most sterile types of tattoo ink. In the year 2000, seasoned musicians and visual artists established the firm. Their objective was to provide high-quality ink that is mindful of the health and safety of tattoo collectors. In addition, they ensure that the colours will not fade when exposed to the sunlight.

The brand never puts any carcinogens in its products. Moreover, they sterilize all their inks. The Ralf Nonnweiler series is considered best for portraits.

Available at: Panthera Artist Series Ralf Nonnweiler Black Tattoo Ink is available on Amazon.

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Your Tattoo Might Appear Irregular

Some scars, like stretch marks and acne scars, are considered atrophic. This means they indent the skin. These scars are also often soft to the touch and a lighter tone.

Its usually safe to tattoo over atrophic scars once theyre healed. But because atrophic scars are often discolored and dont match your skin tone, it can be challenging to find a design that can cover these scars smoothly.

An experienced tattoo artist can help you find a design that works best for your scar. Or, you might want to consider a medical-grade tattoo that better matches your skin tone.

Here are several types of common scars and what theyll likely look like when theyre tattooed:

Do You Need To Wrap Your Cover

White Ink Over Black Ink?!? | 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing

It is quite confusing to figure out whether wrapping your cover-up tattoo is necessary or not. Various tattoo artists revealed that in most cases, cover-ups require significant rework. This kind of concealing is often considered similar to getting a tattoo for the first time.

The sole purpose of wrapping your tattoo design is to protect it against bacteria and germs. These elements can cause mild to severe skin infections during the healing process which you cannot afford.

Tattoo artists recommend wrapping your tattoo until you can clean it yourself. The ideal estimated time for wrapping are 4 6 hours at least then wash it off with warm water and antibacterial soap.

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Skin Tone Does Not Stay The Same Throughout Life

Even if you got a new tattoo whose color matched exactly with that of your own skin, its bound to look less appealing if and when your skin tone changes. You see, your skin changes its tone following even moderate sun exposure .

This means that changes in your general skin color can lead to the formation of a small discolored spot, another unpleasant side effect if you get a skin-colored tattoo to cover up an old one.

Where To Get The Procedure

This is done with a machine that is very similar to, if not exactly the same, as those you would see in your run-of-the-mill tattoo parlor. However, this is a specialized tattooing technique that falls under permanent cosmetics and is typically completed by a specialized professional.

Specifically, this tattooing technique is usually done in a specialized permanent cosmetic center or office that offers permanent cosmetic tattooing options and other treatments. This is also a treatment that might be available at a plastic surgery office or center.

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Color Tattoo On Dark Black Skin

The placement of this tattoo on the darker skin is at the back. An Atlanta-based tattoo artist does this artwork. Tattooing dark skin can always turn out something more beautiful because of different shades of pink. This is a tattoo of a woman with an afro hairstyle. Unique elements are used to give aesthetic looks to her hair. The same area is given a scenic view with blue ink to show waves. Orange butterflies and green leaves are patchworked beautifully to outline the portrait of the lady.

Black tattoo artists tend to make tattoos more detailed with all different elements. Only black ink is used to give this tattoo a good outline. This Atlanta-based tattoo artist did a good job adding features to hair. If youre a fan of the afro hairstyle, you should opt for this tattoo idea.

Be Patient With Healing

Inkman Of Awesome Ink Studios on Instagram: Session 2 of a 3 cover up ...

Your camouflaged tattoo cannot heal overnight. It solely based on the factors like size and design. Simple style or type usually takes a week whereas complex design with plenty of details may take several months to heal. You need to follow instructions carefully during the healing time to get keep adverse effects at bay.

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Tattoo Cover Ups Recap

Having a tattoo youre just no longer crazy about covered up can be expensive and time consuming, but its worth the effort if it means youll end up with great new ink whose on your skin and youll cherish for years to come.

When going thru the journey of a cover up, keep these 4 simple tips in mind to make sure you get the new tattoo that youll be satisfied with:

  • Put time in finding the right tattoo artist. Find someone experienced who specializes in cover up tattoos.
  • Choose a choose a larger, more complex design that can cover your original tattoo, preferably one that utilizes darker shades and lots of fine detail to ensure your old tattoo will be successfully masked.
  • Be flexible when it comes to suggestions from your artist about size, placement and design changes that will yield the best cover-up tattoo results.
  • If you are advised to have a few sessions of laser tattoo removal before starting the cover-up process, make sure to find a reputable tattoo removal specialist to do the job properly.
  • The Laser will be your best friend in preparing the canvas of your skin to get new artwork. Also, after having the cover-up ink, go back for touch-up sessions if your artist thinks its necessary.

    Covering up an old tattoo requires a lot of work, but the effort you put forth is worthwhile if it means erasing the piece of your past you no longer care for from your skin and replacing it with a new design that you will really love.

    Tattoo For Different Skin Undertones

    Itâs not just the skin color that impacts the final result of your color tattoo, itâs also your undertone. There are three types of undertone: warm, neutral and cool. Itâs important to know what colors work well on your undertone as well as your skin tone. For example, a red on one undertone may appear orange on another or a blue on fair cool undertones could look green on a darker warmer skin.

    People with warm undertones will have a yellow, peachy or golden complexion. Cool tones have a blueish or pink skin. You can tell what your undertone is by checking the color of your veins, green-colored veins have warm undertones and black-colored veins indicate a cooler undertone.

    People with fair skin and blue undertones look good with almost all tattoo colors, yellow is one of the few colors that is not flattering. When badly executed, yellow tattoos can have a scar-like appearance. Red, orange and purple pigments look amazing on cool undertones.

    Warmer skin tones look better with dark tattoos than cooler undertones. Dark green, blue, red and purple complement warm undertones. Avoid cool-tone shades like pastel colors, as your natural skin tone may overpower these tones.

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    Can You Cover Up A Dark Tattoo

    With the help of an artist experienced with cover ups, any old tattoo can be upgraded to a more vivid design. Youd either work with the current tattoo as a base layer for the new, or you fade the tattoo with lasers to make negative space for the new design.

    Below are the six most common reasons why our clients pursue a dark tattoo coverup:

    • No longer like the design.
    • The tattoo has faded or blown out with age.
    • Preferences and tastes have evolved.
    • The tattoo represents beliefs you no longer hold.
    • Reminds you of someone with whom you no longer have a connection.
    • The tattoo has flaws, or the design has distorted with age.

    It may seem that the size of the design or the amount of dark ink saturation is a barrier, but with the creative-problem solving of a talented tattoo artist, you can get a dark tattoo cover up youll be happy with.

    However, its not as simple as coloring over something as a painter would reuse a canvas. Instead, tattoo cover up is more like Photoshop where the old tattoo becomes a backdrop layer for the new design.

    With the blending of color and its depth, shading, or detailing, the tattoo artist either creates something that integrates the old design or creates something new that completely draws the eye away to the new design.

    The primary factors that determine what all is involved with dark tattoo cover up are how saturated the design is, the size of the area you want to cover, and how flexible you are about the outcome.

    Can Tattoo Artists Do Fine

    Why It’s Hard For People Of Color To Get Great Tattoos

    Fine-line designs are thinand because people think that they need to be tougher when tattooing dark skin in order for the lines to show up, they think this delicate style isnt possible to achieve on deep skin tones. But this isnt true at all, says Parker. In fact, some tattoo artists are way too aggressive during the inking process, they add.

    For example, an artist might do the first line, not see it right away, and then think that they have to go over the line two or three more times, when thats really not the case. Its about taking your time to understand what youre actually doing and giving the skin time to react, Parker says.

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    Pros/cons Of Tattoo Colors

    Each color has its pros and cons when it comes to tattoo.

    • Black and gray are the most commonly found in tattooing for a reason. They suit all skin tones from very light to deep skin. Because black is such a long-lasting shade, it is used for line work. Things like small, detailed tattoos and scripts are better when executed in black and gray. Choosing black or gray for these tattoos will make sure they are readable and are less likely to bleed into a messy blob of ink.

    Aftercare Tips For Tattoo On Your Skin

    Follow the instructions of your tattoo artist for the aftercare of the tattoo. These ideas and instructions vary from shop to shops about can heal the best. Listen to your artists ideas carefully. Usually, the artists advise the printed form so you can take it away with you.

    Keep your bandage for twenty-four hours. The wound can still create possible infection and airborne bacteria.

    Clean your tattoo wound with liquid anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water. Dont rub the wound area. To make your tattoo dry gently pat it with a clean towel or paper towel. You should not use Epsom salt after getting a tattoo.

    Apply antibiotic ointment generously with vitamin D and A. It will heal the wound very fast and keep you away from infections. You can apply Tamanu oil for better results.

    Keep away from tub baths and soaking for almost two weeks. Take quick showers to help the wound keep clean and safe from infections and other damage. Furthermore, ensure that casual shampoo, bath soap, and conditioners dont get on your wound while taking a bath.

    Keep away from beaches after getting the tattoo. Avoid steam rooms, Saunas, sea, rivers, and swimming pools until your tattoo gets completely healed.

    After getting the tattoo to wear comfortable and loose dresses. Let the area of tattoo uncovered for the most time. Do not put on fitting garments because they will rub against your tattooed skin.

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    How Do You Cover A Fresh Tattoo For Work

    If you work in construction, hospitals, etc cover your new tattoo with a sterile non-stick bandage during the work day. When you simply cant rest at home, and your workplace needs you there, youll have to do ensure your new tattoo doesnt come in contact with anything. For example, bacteria, dust and dirt, etc.

    Placement Of A Tattoo

    xenotropos:  ubiquitous

    The placement of your cover-up tattoo matters in this context. Tattoos imprint on certain parts of your body such as the inner thigh, bicep, in-between fingers is prone to fading. This is possible because these areas rub against other parts of your body.

    If your tattoo is placed on a shoulder, it is likely that the design will lighten over the time due to constant contact of the clothing. This consistent rubbing of clothing causes your cover-up tattoo to fade gradually which becomes apparent after some time.

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