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The Best Tattoo Artist In San Antonio

Xtreme Piercing & Tattoo Shop

Tattoo artist on a mission to erase hate in the Alamo City

Xtreme Piercing & Tattoo Shop is the first artwork studio in Texas to be built inside a mall. 15 years since its founding, it continues to provide mesmerizing tattoo styles. The studio offers full range services like tattooing and body piercings. It does not have flash sheets, but the artists can make any artistic visions a reality. Apart from that, all procedures are guaranteed safe and of the highest quality. If the client is not a fan of inkwork, they can try their piercings. The selections include microdermal, tongue, belly, nipples, eyebrow, and cartilage. All their services are carried out with single-use needles and elements. Tattoo aftercare items are also available like the Provon and H2 Ocean.


Address: 6301 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238Phone: 651-6907Website:


I will only get a tattoo by Mike I been trying to get this cover-up for Years n no one could do it Mike is new to this shop and he definitely went beyond what I thought he would be able to do with this his shading and detail is amazing and I definitely will be going back to get more work from him if u want great quality work ask for Mike and only Mike!!!! Dee Smith

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Top Tattoo Places In San Antonio To Visit:

Now that we have established what to look for when you go to a tattoo place, lets start looking at the shops that you might want to visit.

1. Bad Habits Tattoo Studio

Bad Habits Tattoo Studio is one of the best studios in San Antonio. They specialize in black & gray tattoos, in custom designs, and portraits. They will allow walk-ins but they much prefer appointments. They only work with the best artists and each one has many years of experience in the industry. The studio also sells tobacco products which is part of the reason for the name of the studio. Clients of the studio praise the talented, professional artists and the laid-back atmosphere that they have.

2. Boardwalk Tattoos

There is a lot of variety of tattoos with Boardwalk Tattoos. They specialize in black and gray, neo-traditional, custom work, portraits, realism and American traditional. The studio is huge supporters of the military and will give a discount on tattoos to any active member of the military. The artists at the studio have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. You can get tattoos as well as piercings at the studio. The things that you will find at Boardwalk Tattoos us a clean space with warm and friendly staff. The shop is beautiful and they offer detailed tattoos that you will love forever.

3. Calaveras Tattoo

4. Element Tattoo Studio

5. Electric Panther Tattoo

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6. Dandyland Tattoos

7. Firme Copias

9. Master Minds Tattoos

It Was Established In September 2015 Housing Six Amazing Artists

Best cover up tattoo artist in san antonio texas. Our artists have the experience and the creative vision to make cover-up tattoos happen. He is a versatile artist who can. Anywho if anyone has a good eye i would like to hear some ideas for a plausible cover up before.

The Native Cover Up Tattoo Free Hand Tattoo Tattoo Artists. Chris is a family man that loves pop culture and crazy mash-ups. They take walkins.

Tattoo Cover-Ups San Antonio. BEST COVER UP TATTOO ARTIST IN SAN ANTONIO Texas TX US. Fortune Brothers Tattoo Co.

Element Tattoo has been voted the best tattoo shop in San Antonio. Were a Professional and Licensed studio by the State of Texas. Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist In San Antonio Texas Companies Other Business Services.

New Cover Up Tattoo By Paula Diamond At Diamond Tattoo. 281 at Thousand Oaks Location. Boardwalk Tattoos is a favored tattoo studio located in the River City of San Antonio Texas.

He went to college for graphic design and film in Colorado and moved to San Antonio in spring of 2020. View the profile and 3d models by tattooartistinsanantonio tattooartistinsanantonio. The tattoo artists areas of expertise are on traditional American and Japanese styles.

Results guaranteed literally the best tattoo shop suppper friendly. Firme Copias Tattoo Studio. Officially opened in May of 2006.

Best cover up tattoo artist in San Antonio TX. 166 Ridgewood Drive Magnolia 77355. They use the.

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History Of San Antonio

At the time a Payaya Indian camp, Spanish explorers visited this site in 1691. The city of San Antonio was originally founded on May 1, 1718 and this happened after Mission San Antonio de Valero was established by way of a Spanish expedition from Mexico. This mission, which had later been dubbed as the Alamo, was named for St. Anthony of Padua and was one of five missions that would was founded. On the fifth of May, a military garrison was established close to the area and it was called San Antonio de Bexar. Located on the west bank of the river, this site was a resting location for those traveling through the wilderness of Texas heading between the missions in East Texas to those that reside on the Rio Grande.

The plans for the settlement of San Fernando de Bexar were laid out in 1731 by settlers from the Canary Islands. They chose to keep it near the presidio, so a civilian community could be built up when both the mission and presidio were built. During the settlements early years, the suffered from Comanche and Apache raids. The mission then became a military post in 1793 and was secularized. Between the years of 1773 and 1824, San Fernando de Bexar served as the capital of the province, but its political power had depleted over the following years. It had been renamed San Antonio in 1837 when it became a Republic of Texas county seat.

San Antonios Best Tattoo Artists:

Axel Rivera Top Rated Tattoo Artist San Antonio

The top rated Tattoo Artists in San Antonio are:

  • Firme Copias Tattoo Studio consistently delivers satisfying tattoo services to the local residents and other visiting guests
  • Boardwalk Tattoos features beautifully executed tattoos from professional tattoo artists.
  • Nostalgic Inh Tattoo Studio has a team of professional tattoo artists with years of experience and various areas of expertise
  • Twisted Tattoo provides a clean and convenient tattoo shop for body art enthusiasts
  • Nite Owl Tattoo Studio a premier tattoo and piercing studio with a dozen of professional artists

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Best Female Tattoo Artist In San Antonio Tx

Each tattoo by lex is truly a masterpiece.Element tattoo has been voted the best tattoo shop in san antonio.Freehand, custom or bring us something you have drawn yourself or found online.His reputation is only exceeded by his skill, passion, and dedication to the art of tattooing.

I gave my artist a general idea of what i wanted, and he ran with it and exceeded my expectations.I love my girl divianna.It was a small tattoo shop at the time that housed just four tattooers.Its nice to have a tattoo artist/ piercer who makes sure that youre comfortable and shes always efficient with her work.

Keeping true to this philosophy has continued to make dandyland san antonios premier choice for body art, as evidenced by dandyland having been voted the #1 tattoo and piercing studio in the san antonio currents readers poll 14 of 16 years.Known for having one of the best portrait artist in town as well as up and coming female artist su hood.Lex is a tattoo legend, not only in san antonio, but worldwide.Lex is a true master of all styles from photo realism, portraits, graphic illustrative, american traditional, greyscale, and all styles in between.

Moon tattoo a predominately blackwork studio.New temporary hours studio address:Now after 22 years we are thankful to everyone that has trusted us to do your tattoos and piercings.Officially opened in may of 2006.

You need to decide which artist to work with.

Our Top Recommendations For The Best San Antonio Tattoo Studios

  • Instagram:
  • Services: traditional and classic tattoos, custom tattoos and designs, piercings, other services inquiries upon contacting

Boardwalk Tattoos is one of the best and highest-rated tattoo studios in San Antonio. By offering a variety of tattooing services, the tattoo studio strives to attract a variety of clients. The skilled professionals and high-end tattoo artists at Boardwalk offer excellent tattoo execution, custom tattoo designing, and an overall professional, friendly and comfortable experience throughout the whole process.

At the studio theres a team of tattoo artists and piercers, so you can ask for body jewelry and piercing services as well. The tattoo artists are experts in a variety of tattoo styles, from traditional and classic tattooing to watercolor, realism, dot-work, line-work, etc.

  • Instagram:
  • Services: full custom tattoos, custom designs, tattoo touch-up and cover-up, body piercing and jewelry, walk-ins

Another exceptional, high-end tattoo studio in San Antonio is Firme Copias. This tattoo studio is also one of the highest-rated studios, offering professional tattooing services 7 days a week.

At Firme Copias you can opt for a variety of different tattoo styles. The tattoo artists specialize in customized tattoos, as well as neo-traditional, black & grey, and portrait tattoos. The studio is also open for walk-in tattoos and is generally available to clients throughout the week.

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What Should You Look For When Shopping For A Tattoo Shop

You may find location being important in your search for a tattoo shop and you may also be looking for a place that is in your budget. We caution about going to the tattoo shop that is considered cheap as you have to remember that you get what you pay for and when we are talking about putting something permanent on your body, then going to a cheap place may be a mistake for you. A lot of people also get a tattoo based on word of mouth from a family or friend.

Here Is What You Should Be Looking For:

Customer Service

This is important in any industry, not just a tattoo shop. It doesnt hurt to make a call to the shop before you go in because its a really good way to see how they handle customers. You can tell if they are true professionals through a phone call as well as whether they will even answer their phone. You can tell a lot about a business by how they answer the phone. Are they rushed? Are they interested in answering your questions? Did they help you?

Once you have called, you can go ahead and visit the shop. At that point, you can see how they interact with their customers. You want to go to a tattoo place that is inviting and relaxing. You can ask them about the tattoo that you want to see if they have any ideas before you decide whether you want to get a tattoo there.

Check Their Appointment Availability

Make Sure You Check Out Their Experience

San Antonio Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Titans S1E1

San Antonio Tattoo Artist. Whether you are looking for traditional, japanese, neotraditional, realism, color illustrative, black and grey, fine line, new school, tribal, portraits, custom designs, permanent makeup, or microblading, ink couture tattoos san antonio has the perfect tattoo artist for you. With decades of experience and incredible execution of each design style of tattoos, our tattoo artists are setting a new standard within the tattoo industry.

Make sure your next tattoo looks. We do an array of styles and utilize modern techniques. So if youre in the market for traditional piercing or something a little more adventurous, our expert piercing team will provide you with professional and gentle application of unique body jewelry.


Lopez is one of the san antonio tattoo artists who are launching nft platforms for selling their art as digital tokens. We offer a wide selection of jewelry to choose from.


I specialize in fineline flora and fauna, and make every effort for my studio to be a safe space for all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies. Portrait tattoos can be taken directly from photos, which should be of good quality and large enough to clearly see the.


aida’s customer service and energy was excellent! The rating matrix we have generated is based on user ratings found online.

Source: www.inkcouturetattoos.comSource: www.inkcouturetattoos.comSource: www.inkcouturetattoos.comSource:

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Nostalgic Ink Tattoo Studio

Nostalgic Ink Tattoo Studio has a team of professional tattoo artists with years of experience and various areas of expertise. They work with the client closely to provide the preferred styles. Furthermore, Nina Cisneros designs her tattoos on the individuality of the clients. She wants her clients to have a great memory of their tattoos. Len Hernandez creates a unique tattoo design and has more than 30years of experience. He specializes in portraits and caricatures. Moreover, Robbin Thrish specializes in traditional Asian and Chinese language tattoos. He also draws details pieces and realism. Kylo Otto works with neo-traditional,dark-art termed, and blackwork.

Products/ Services:

Address: 3030 Thousand Oaks Dr ste. 103, San Antonio, TX 78247Phone: -404-9988Website:


I got my biggest tattoo so far from Nina! Her lines are clean and she works super fast. She personalized my piece and it came out perfect.I keep looking at it and I still find small details I havent seen before. Trie Arthur

San Antonios Best Tattoo Artists

The fine art of being a Tattoo Artisttakes true talent. Still Waters Tattoo Studio is proud to be the artistic home of Talented San Antonio Tattoo Artists that specialize in many different types of Tattoo Designs. We understand that having a tattoo on your body is a form of personal expression.

Make sure your ink is done by the Best Tattoo Artists in the tattoo industry. This includes all styles and designs of tattoos or ink work. When you visit our studio in Midtown SA, you will find many Talented Artist that can turn your ideas into works of art that you can be proud of. Bring in your tattoo ideas and designs and one of our artists will be happy to create a custom design just for your session. Give us a call at or just stop by our studio at 2110 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, 78212.

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Dandyland Custom Tattoo And Professional Body Piercing

Image Credit: Dandyland Custom Tattoo Facebook page

Having been in the tattoo industry for more than 20 years, theres no doubt that Dandyland Custom Tattoo would be popular with the locals. Theyve been voted the number one tattoo parlor more than ten times! Whats great is that you can also get a piercing here. Where: 1620 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

Best Tattoo Shops & Artists In San Antonio

25+ Best San Antonio Tattoo Artists

Youve come to the right place if youre looking for top tattoo artists in the San Antonio area. Some of the more popular shops may even require you to join a waitlist. Dont be discouraged by these wait lists they are often worth the wait. A wait list demonstrates the quality of their service and the fact that many people want to visit that studio. If a location is never busy, that is the studio you should be concerned about.

Tattoos have always been popular, but they have not always been widely accepted. People from all walks of life are now inking their bodies, whether its a personal tribute or a traditional American tattoo. So, what better way to honor tattoo parlors than with this list of the 10 best tattoo parlors in San Antonio?

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Platinum Tattoos & Body Piercing

Tattoo Profile: Welcome to Platinum Tattoos and Piercings where all are artists are professional and friendly. That means you are going to receive the utmost level of care when getting your next body modification. Because Platinum Tattoo and Piercings is a professional shop, all artists and employees are Bloodborne Pathogens Certified. We pride ourselves as being the cleanest studios in San Antonio and voted number 3 in the best tattoo shop in the the San Antonio Current the best of San Antonio 2009.

As Awarded By San Antonio Express News In 2018 Firmecopias Carry The Crown Of Best Tattoo Shop In San Antonio

. Best Portrait Tattoo Artist In San Antonio – 15 Best Portrait Tattoo Artists In The World Updated List – There are a lot of elite tattoo artists in the san antonio area including jake valdez corin gilbert manny garcia sweet laraine justin. Traditional and classic tattoos custom tattoos and designs piercings other services inquiries like tattoo touch-up and cover-up upon contacting. Ink Couture Tattoos top rated upscale tattoo shop 3 locations award winning San Antonio tattoo artists traditional prices creative artists with the best tattoo ideas.

It is largely influenced by Mexican-American culture and this impact is evident in San Antonios tattoo shops. Boardwalk Tattoos is a tattoo parlor in San Antonio that has been in business since 2015. Id like to say thank you for your support and Welcome To Your New Addiction.

Firme Copias has been voted as the best tattoo shop in 2018 by the San Antonio Express-News. 10 Best Tattoo Shops in San Antonio 1. Originally a Spanish outpost in the 1700s and home of the Alamo the city of San Antonio is one of Americas oldest cities.

Contact us today at 210 560-1570 for more information regarding our military first responders law enforcement and tourist discounts. Cuz I Can Tattoos. Best Tattoo Shop In San Antonio we are the premier and the best tattoo shop in San Antonio we provide a wide range of tattoos like grey wash portraits names custom cover ups and much more we are the best tattoo shop in San Antonio Texas.

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