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Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews

Youruo Portable Laser Tattoo Machine

Laser color tattoo removal by Dr. Melanie Palm San Diego Lutronic Spectra laser
  • Price Range: $$
  • Best For: small tattoos, makeup tattoos
  • Home Use: yes

This picosecond hand-held laser pen is designed for erasing small, simple tattoos. If you had eyebrow tattoos or even had your makeup permanently tattooed on your face, then this laser machine is designed to help. You can also use this tattoo remover on beauty marks, birthmarks, age marks, and vascular lesions.

The Youruo portable picosecond laser fires at two different wavelengths, in single or double pulses, at a spot size of 1 to 5mm. Thats quite small! You would struggle to remove a large tattoo with this tiny laser.

We like that the laser unit has a color touch screen that guides you through the process of using it. This makes it one of the easier tattoo removal lasers to use for beginners although there is one problem.

Its described as portable, but it actually isnt! You will need to plug in this machine to use it at home.

Extra Tip: the Youruo portable laser tattoo machine operates at wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm, which is great for black inks and warm red colored inks. However, this wont be very effective on green shades in your tattoo.

Non Surgical Tattoo Removal Options

Infection threat

What happens to your physique when it is knocked out of its natural balance? Opportunists shortly take advantage. And that is exactly what occurs after a laser session that leaves your skin cells weak and unable to guard themselves. Infections can, and do occur.

Scar formation

An overgrowth of scar tissue known as Keloid scarring is likely one of the more unlucky negative effects of laser elimination surgery. Not only does an unattractive scar appear over the skin, but it is usually raised and textured as effectively. Unfortunately these usually are not momentary scars either.

Laser elimination is uneven

The effectiveness of ink elimination lasers relies on the lasers means to target the particular ink pigment that produces the tattoos coloration. You probably have a multicolored tattoo, that is bad news. It is very unlikely that a black, blue, and pink tattoo will remove evenly.

Is the danger value it?

Even if we make-believe that there are not any pure tattoo elimination methods, theres always the cover-up choice. A coverup takes what you thought was a tattoo that couldnt be become anything, and makes it one thing utterly different. Ive seen ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends names become unicorns, tribal symbols, you identify it. It can be executed.

So my answer once more to the query laser tattoo elimination or nothing is completely nothing .

What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Feel Like

Typically, tattoo removal is described as a rubber band snapping sensation and is often compared to the feeling of getting a tattoo. The good news is while it can be uncomfortable, the discomfort is tolerable and manageable. At EVOLV, we offer several options to ensure our clients comfort including a topical anesthetic numbing agent that is applied to treatment sites 1 hour prior to arrival the Zimmer Chiller which blows chilled air to the treatment area before, during, and after treatments and Frozen C Cryotherapy which utilizes cryotherapy briefly numb the area prior to treatment. Additionally, EVOLV offers the options ProNox to help assist with comfort during procedures if needed.

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Answer: It Minimizes The Chances Of Any Complications And Side Effects

I love Picosure for laser tattoo removal. It minimizes the chances of any complications and side effects. It is faster than any other lasers, hence it removes tattoos in record number of treatments. Picosure treatments will cost you more than Nd:YAG but it may come to the same in the end. With Picosure one treatment is more expensive, but you will need fewer number of treatments. With Nd:YAG you will pay less per treatment but you will need way more treatments. It is of high importance that you choose experienced provider, regardless which laser you choose. Good luck!

Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Perth

A Permanent Solution

SPECTRA Laser Tattoo Removal uses laser energy to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. Ink particles are targeted by the laser energy and broken into small fragments that your body can absorb. Tattoo ink is heavily deposited deep into your skin, and as a result in order to completely remove the tattoo, multiple treatments are required.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Some patients say they feel stinging, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin. Some patients do not require anesthetics. However, most patients feel more comfortable with a local numbing agent, such a topical anesthetic. Your physician will apply the numbing agent and once it is working, treatment will commence. Application of laser energy to the target tissue results in a whitish color change in the treated areas.

Will my tattoo be completely removed?

No two tattoos are alike they vary in the type of ink used, colors, and depth of application. Black and red inks are generally the easiest to remove blues and greens are moderate, while light colors such as yellow tend to be the hardest. Your laser technician will be able to tell you what type of results you can expect.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required for optimal results depends on the size, location, depth and color of the tattoo. Treatments should be performed 4 8 weeks apart in order to allow your body to remove the tattoo ink fragments.

How long are the treatments?

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What Are Alternative Therapies For Tattoo Removal

Currently, lasers are state-of-the-art and the modern standard for tattoo removal. Depending on a variety of factors including desired aesthetic results, skin type, and tattoo type/location, alternative therapies may be necessary. Alternative tattoo removal therapies include cryosurgery, dermabrasion, chemical peels, surgical excision, and salabrasion.

Picosure Tattoo Removal Laser By Cynosure

  • Price Range: $$$$$
  • Best For: tattoos and stubborn skin conditions
  • Home Use: No, commercial buyers only

We couldnt write this guide without including the PicoSure, which is one of the few aesthetic picosecond lasers with an amazing track record. According to Cynosure, clinical data shows better tattoo clearance in fewer treatments.

The PicoSure uses a Focus Lens Array to treat a range of pigmentary conditions, including tattoos. The 755nm wavelength tackles blacks, blues and greens, while the 532nm wavelength will work on reds, oranges and yellows.

Unfortunately, you need to be a professional with a clinic to buy this machine. You also need up to $100,000 spare to buy it second hand. Yep, thats crazy expensive! But this does make sense, as its designed for professionals to use regularly on their clients, not just one-off use at home.

Important Note: you cannot buy this laser tattoo removal machine unless youre a professional with a clinic but you can still find those professional who do own it and book sessions with them! This will give you the assurance that the machine is top-quality, even if it does cost more for you that way.

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Mechanisms Of Tattoo Removal

There is a controversy in the literature surrounding the mechanism of tattoo pigment reduction in tissue. The two major mechanisms, which have been proposed for the fragmentation of tattoo ink granules, are thermal and acoustic. Though majority of studies have focused on fragmentation through thermal mechanisms, some have suggested that the acoustic mechanism predominates in short pulsed laser therapy. In contrast, Welch et al. suggested that the laser-induced damage may be caused by a combination of thermal and acoustic effects. Accordingly, a wide range of predicted optimal parameters for laser treatment have been suggested, which make the settings and parameters subject to variation.

The ultimate goal is to minimise sessions and maximise results. Total clearance of a tattoo is not often seen and one study reported that only three of 238 paying patients achieved this goal. Thus, a constant endeavour is to optimise laser parameter selection, increase the efficacy of each treatment session, and minimise the total number of treatment sessions required.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Certifications

Spectra – Tattoo removal

The FDA does regulate laser tattoo removal machines. According to their guide to tattoo removal, when a laser tattoo removal machine acquires FDA approval that means that the FDA has checked its equivalent to an existing legal machine on the market.

Youre also encouraged to contact the FDAs MedWatch if you have any problems or severe negative reactions to tattoo removal. Its important to report these things so that others can avoid those faulty laser tattoo removal machines and stay safe.

Extra Note: the FDA has not approved ANY creams or ointments designed to remove tattoos at home. So, if you see those online, avoid them at all costs!

Besides the FDA, there isnt a single authority body that regulates and certifies these machines. Its a good idea to check for clinical studies, however. These will help you understand a bit more about how the machines have been tested before released to the public. They also give you a chance to see how they actually perform, if you read between the lines of the study and ignore all the marketing talk from the company.

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The Best Tattoo Laser: Quanta Q Plus C Vs Picosure Vs Others

On January 9th, 2016

We get lots of questions about why we use the Quanta Q Plus C Q-switched laser for tattoo removal. One of the most common questions is how does it stack up to the competition, specifically the new and very heavily marketed Picosure by Cynosure.

Various Tattoo Laser Removal Machines including Quanta Q Plus C

The first thing you need to know is that all tattoo laser removal works on the same principal. The laser targets the tattoo ink pigments using specific light wavelengths to break down the ink into small enough particles to be absorbed by the body. Tattoo ink molecules are too large for the body to absorb them and they settle in the layers of skin. For a good video of how tattooing works go here: . So lets

break down how both machines work.

Answer: Only One Laser Needed: Picosure Picosecond Laser Is The New Standard For Tattoos With Many Colors

Since you asked this question 4 years ago there is a new gold standard for tattoo removal. A multicolored laser will not need multiple different lasers. Q-switched alexandrite laser and other NANOSECOND pulse lasers work by heating the macrophages that have absorbed certain colors, but none work as well as the new PICOSECOND pulse that hits the pigment much faster and harder, producing a microscopic explosion of the pigment particle that your body then absorbs easily. Look up before and afters for the Picosure laser. It’s much faster, and actually LESS painful, and MORE effective on difficult colors like green, blue, and red. Perfect for you. We do have it in our office, but there are only a very few in the entire country.

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Breaking Down The Ink

The question is which is better and why? The Picosure advocates say that because the laser fires much faster that it breaks down the ink into smaller particles than the q-switched laser and makes it easier for the body to absorb the particles. This very well may be true, but so far there is no empirical evidence to suggest that this is the case. The claim is that the Picosure laser can remove tattoos in about half the sessions it takes for a q-switched laser to do the same tattoo. Picosure and its operators do a very good job of marketing this claim, but provide no real evidence to show that this is true. No clinical studies exist to show that Picosure works faster than a Q-switched laser such as the Quanta Q plus C.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Leave Permanent Damage

Lutronic spectra review

No, laser tattoo removal shouldnt leave any lasting damage. You might experience discomfort during the session and in the days after, as your skin heals, but this shouldnt be permanent. In most cases, your skin will return to normal after the tattoo is fully removed. If your tattoo is very heavily pigmented, you might struggle to completely erase the tattoo and restore your skin with this method of removal.

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Whats A Picosecond Laser And Why Is It The Best Tattoo Removal Laser

Picosecond lasers work similarly to older lasers, but they are faster and more effective. Both styles of laser erase tattoos by breaking them apart so the body can flush out the particles.

Compared to other lasers, picosecond lasers create smaller particles that are flushed out more quickly. Q-Switch lasers are still used in some places, but picosecond lasers are superior.

A picosecond laser delivers a pulse of light to the skin every trillionth of a second. Its hard to wrap your mind around a trillionth of a second. Just keep in mind that these speedy lasers cut treatment times by about half while removing a wider range of colors.

The Food and Drug Administration approved for tattoo removal the new lasers in December 2012. The lasers are a boon for the many people who want a tattoo removed.

Our Cutera laser has been very effective. Our clients love the speed at which we work. While tattoo removal often involves repeat visits, the Cutera removes ink in fewer treatments.

Candela Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The Candela PicoWay Laser tattoo removal machine is top of our list. This machine uses a photoacoustic effect rather than a photothermal effect which reduces the risk of the skin heating and damaging the surrounding tissue. This laser comes with the wavelengths 1064 nm and 532 nm installed. 785 nm and 730 nm are separate handpieces that can be purchased to attach to the laser machine. We recommend this laser as your ultimate tattoo removal machine due to the variety of wavelengths available and photoacoustic technology. This is also the laser that we use in our studios. See our before & after gallery for results.

Pros: This laser is FDA certified, it uses photoacoustic effects to minimize surrounding skin damage, offers 4 picosecond wavelengths to target ink color across the spectrum, and minimizes the risk of hypopigmentation for darker skin types. This laser can also be used for acne scars, wrinkles, and benign lesions.

Cons: The Candela PicoWay Laser is one of the most expensive lasers on the market. Retails around $175,000 for a regular consumer. It will take multiple sessions to see complete removal results and depending on your states laser regulations, it can only be operated by a certified laser professional, RN or doctor.

Best for: All tattoos. With 4 wavelengths and adjustable handpieces, the Candela PicoWay can target ink color across the spectrum and tattoo size.

Price range: $$$$

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My Tattoo Is Gone It’s Amazing

According to an short article released by ASDS , if you desire tattoos removed then it may cost anywhere between $200-$ 1,000 per therapy session alone after obtaining clearance first from physiotherapists because they have actually been shown many times aid individuals that do not heal well enough throughout surgical procedure complying with procedures like laser ablation. And there’s also Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews

Generally, you’ll gently wash your tattoo three times daily for the first days after eliminating your plaster. After washing and patting dry with a clean towel, use an odorless cream to avoid itching or any type of other skin inflammations during the recovery procedure.

A whitewash can be a cost-efficient, quick option for disguising the tattoo you currently have. If you don’t like your current design but are open to another tattoo in its place, this method is best. Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews

Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews

Power Differences: Nanosecond Vs Picosecond Technology

Spectra Tattoo Removal Clears Away Rivals.

The Quanta Q Plus C has a peak power measured in nanoseconds (one billionth of a second.

The PicoSure has a peak power measured in picoseconds .

Both devices have been on the market for a few years now. Theyve been producing results faster than any other comparable lasers available today.

But heres the kicker:

Picosecond technology does not produce faster results when compared to nanosecond technology.

Weve seen results from both lasers. The Quanta is more powerful, with more efficacy to fully remove tattoos. Especially black and red.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

I cant brag enough about this doctor and staff, they make you feel like family the moment you walk in the door. They take time to explain everything step by step as needed to you, they dont rush you, lets just some it up THEY CARE I will be back for many more things to come Thank You

I was so happy to finally find someone that would accept the challenge I presented. Heavy radiation caused massive scarring and disfigurement. I did not expect too much, considering what was left to work with. Dr. Barone did a wonderful job, far exceeding my hopes.

Wonderful staff and an awesome experience, I would recommend highly.

Exceptional and professional service. Very friendly staff! Took time as much as I needed and answer all my questions. I felt very comfortable with the procedure and follow up. Definitely coming back!

I have had nothing but exceptional results from eVolv Plastic Surgery. Best team of professionals out there for all your cosmetic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Treatments Are Required

The exact number of laser treatments needed varies depending on the size, age, depth, and complexity of the tattoo. The amateur tattoos respond more quickly to treatment than professional tattoos. Fox example, amateur tattoos can be removed in as few as 1 or 2 treatments, while professional tattoos may take 6 8 or more treatments to achieve maximum results. Each session is 30-40 mins.

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