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Best Soap To Use After Tattoo

Does It Matter What Soap I Use For Tattoo

Tattooing 101-Tattoo Aftercare Soap

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Soaps A tattoo is essentially an open wound, and its super important to keep it clean to avoid infection. Using soaps recommended by your tattoo artist and/or ones designed for tattoos is also crucial, as many soaps contain harsh ingredients that can cause irritation.Oct 25, 2021

Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance

Aveeno skin relief body wash uses the power of nature and science to make your skin healthy and glow. Also, this body wash soap gently removes bacteria and dirt without disturbing the natural moisture level.

It has a soothing oats formula to keep the skin healthy and nourish. Dermatologists recommend this brand for over 65 years because this body wash is perfect for all types of skin. Moreover, this body soap is the best soap for tattoos. Therefore, it cleans sensitive skin and new tattoos without any issue.

  • It has fragrance besides they said it is fragrance-free, which is wrong.

What Are The Best Tattoo Lotions & Creams Available In 2020

The benefits of this burgeoning world of new tattoo care are many – among them, avoiding irritation and infection. More importantly, these tattoo aftercare products help with healing and preserve the design and colors of your awesome new tat. Whether your ink is fresh, or somewhat “mature” like mine, many of these products claim to refresh and renew your tattoos, to keep them looking their best.

Since people with tattoos love to expose a bit more skin than the average un-inked person, you’ll also need to think about protecting your tats from the sun’s damaging UV rays, and believe it or not, there are even tattoo specific sunscreens.

As you’re healing, avoid spending a lot of time in the water, especially pools and hot tubs that are often laden with unseen bacteria. Your risk of infection is much greater during this important time. Also, find some comfy and loose-fitting clothes that won’t rub or chafe your new tat. That will keep you from agitating already tender skin and making it itchy or causing a rash. And sweating, even if you’re a gym rat, may cause additional issues during the healing phase.

Let’s get started with some tattoo aftercare instructions from an expert:

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Where To Buy Green Soap

Green soap is a high-grade skin disinfectant.

Typically, youll only find it used for medical purposes, by tattoo artists, and by piercing artists. Healthcare professionals might clean their hands with green soap before putting gloves on to perform a medical procedure.

Tattoos artists can purchase green soap from a company that sells medical or tattoo supplies. Green soap is also available online at major retailers like and Walmart.

Aftercare Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Having A Tattoo It Will Play A Large Part In Preventing Infections Keeping Healing Times To A Minimum And How Your New Tattoo Will Look We’ve Put Together A Short Guide For You To Follow To Ensure You Give Your Tattoo The Best Aftercare Possible

20 Best Lotions for New Tattoo Aftercare (2021 Reviews)
  • Remember to always make sure your hands are clean before washing your tattoo and applying any creams
  • Remove the cling film 2 hours after your appointment. Wash your new tattoo with warm, mild soapy water then pat your tattoo dry – never rub!
  • We recommend using Hustle Butter we have some available at reception. Apply thin layer to the tattooed area and massage into the skin. Don’t use too much, a little goes a long way. Slightly warming the butter in your hands, will help it spread easier
  • Re-cover your tattoo for the first 3 nights, be sure to take off the cling film every morning, wash the area and reapply the Hustle Butter
  • Be sure to wash and reapply Hustle Butter to your tattoo 3 times a day until healed
  • After 7 days we recommend using a non fragranced moisturising cream as your skin may become dry and irritated
  • Do not soak your tattoo in the bath or go swimming for the first 2 weeks and be sure to keep it out of the sun until it is completely healed

If you have any further questions, or concerns, contact us, pop into the shop or give us a call on 01443 231 233

Also, don’t forget to give us a follow and why not hashtag your photos of your new tattoo with #emeraldtattoocompany for the chance to be featured.

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What Antibacterial Soap Is Best For Tattoos

First, what kind of soap can you use on a new tattoo? As youll see, the brand doesnt matter as much as the ingredients do.

For example, dont use soap that contains alcohol as it will dry out the skin and slow down the healing. It also stings.

Its also a good idea to avoid artificial fragrances and colors as you dont need either one. They may cause allergic reactions.

After all, youre treating a wound . Use mild products appropriate for cleansing damaged skin.

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Dial Hand Gold Antibacterial Soap

This antibacterial soap for tattoos is a part of almost every list of the best soaps for tattoos. Its because the liquid is highly recommended by ink enthusiasts. Its a 52-ounce formula that offers the most attractive combination of quality, price, and cleaning ability.

The soap is not specifically created for tattoos. That does seem like a disappointment, in a way. Nevertheless, it ranks as the most popular tattoo cleanser. Even on Amazon, the product is among the top choices. All thanks to its capacity for keeping your ink infection-free and clean. Particularly when big tattoos are a part of the picture!

You might think you can use just about any soap for tattoos that you find at your disposal, but you shouldnt. Scented soaps contain certain irritating chemicals that are bound to cause itching and redness. So when it comes to tattoo care, its safe to stay away from such harsh ingredients.

In that context, let me also tell you that this Gold Antibacterial Soap holds no scent. This is just what you might want to hear if your skin is already prone to developing allergies.

The liquid formula is very gentle yet it has the ability to prevent bacterial infections. And the element responsible for that is benzalkonium chloride. Its an excellent antibacterial agent that destroys germs. Only 0.10 percent of it is used to keep the soap mild enough, which is perfect for new tattoos.

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How To Fix A Bubbling Tattoo

Tattoo bubbling is a very common issue that is being faced by people. One of the main reasons for bubbling your tattoo is over-saturation. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you avoid exposure to water for the first six months to get your tattoo safe. By following the instructions properly the tattoo aftercare can be properly done which will keep away from the bubbling of your tattoo. However, if these Tattoo Aftercare Productsare used then you will be able to keep away from the bubbling effect. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the tattoo. Though bubbling doesn’t necessarily mean infection if any irritation or swelling persists then it is suggested to consult a doctor. Heres a guide on How To Fix a Bubbling Tattoo.

How Hot Or Cold Should The Water Temperature Be

How To Treat A New Tattoo: Healing Process/Aftercare DAY 1 & 2

Dont even think about spiking your shower temperature all the way hot or icy cold, rather, Gohara recommends washing a new tattoo with warm water for best results. That perfectly warm temperature is like the baby bear of cleansing just right, she says. Its soothing and good for the skin barrier, she explains.

Zeichner agrees, and points out that while most of us prefer the feel of hot water, you should wash tattooed skin with lukewarm water. Water that is too hot will cause dilation of blood vessels in the skin, leading to flushing and inflammation, he says.

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The Best Products To Wash A New Tattoo With

Dove Body Wash/Beauty Bar

Goharas go-to recommendation for those with new tattoos? Dove Body Wash or Beauty Bar . She says the most important thing is to identify a non-soap cleanser that isnt irritating, and to look for one that doesnt strip the skin of essential nutrients. The body wash is sulfate-free, while the beauty bar is clean-rinsing and is made with the brands signature moisturizing cream to replenish nutrients lost in the skin during cleansing. Irritating the skin with other more harsh cleansers can fade tattoo colors and create itchy dry skin that further irritates, Gohara explains. This is perfect for use when your tattoo is fresh and the skin needs more TLC.

A post shared by Dove Global Channel on Jan 9, 2019 at 7:03am PST

H2Ocean Blue Green Canadian Foam Soap

Great for travel thanks to its compact size, this water-based foaming soap is vegan and super gentle. Its packed with aloe vera to moisturize the skin while keeping your art disinfected. Its also free from parabens and fragrance, in addition to being vegan.

Pears Transparent Soap

This tried-and-true brand boasts 100 years of history and its transparent, fragrance-free soap is a favorite for a reason. Its glycerin-based formula also features natural oils like rosemary and thyme for a clean that wont harm your art.

Neutrogena Transparent Soap Bar

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap Baby

Best Unscented Soap For Tattoos H2ocean Foam Soap

Ingredients:Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%, purified water, poloxamer, aloe barbadensis leafjuice, disodium EDTA, sea salt

Enriched with aloe vera, H2Oceansunscented liquid soap has no detectable odour. It isnt going to dry out ordamage your precious tattoo. Its also gentle enough for use twice or thricedaily to keep your skin clean and promote faster tattoo healing. Some users sayits so light that you dont even need to rinse it off . But you may not be comfortable with this especially if yourtattoo is still weeping.

What I like:

  • Great for use on sensitiveskin!

WhatI dont like:

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Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face And Body Soap

The last option on the list is one that many people pick for its magic-like effect on blemish-prone skin. But treating and preventing blemishes is not the same as caring for a tattoo. Am I right? In that case, what makes this so special for tattoo aftercare? Its the excellent antibacterial properties, what else!

The ingredients used are unquestionably pure and gentle. So dont dismiss this face and body soap just yet. It doesnt make the skin dry post-shower. In fact, the soap is good for eliminating bacteria and other such impurities that often give rise to acne. This means your skin as well as your tattoo are in safe hands.

The scent is very refreshing. And the price affordable. Its unbelievable how a product like this gives the best results. No matter how dry, oily, sensitive, or tattooed your skin is.

Cetaphil Deep Cleansing Face & Body Bar

Hey guys, just cleaned a new tattoo with some soap i ...

What I have here for you is a hypoallergenic cleaning soap bar. The brand is Cetaphil, which brings into the picture quality and effectiveness. Obviously, this was not specifically created as a soap for tattoos. But that doesnt really matter because the deep cleansing bar is packed with ingredients that do all of that and more.

But before anything else, let me tell you that this Cetaphil product eliminates all possible allergens from the skin. Its one of the main reasons why the face and body bar is so popular. It is the most suitable for those that have dry or delicate skin.

What makes it appropriate for tattoo use is the soaps ability to deal with skin inflammation. It doesnt contain even a single brutal cleansing agent to aggravate your fresh tattoo wound. The job of purifying the skin is carried out without any side effects. The bar of soap saturates your skin while also hydrating and smoothing out the surface.

You can use it on your body and face, isnt that convenient! Many people opt for Cetaphil for not only tattoo aftercare. This particular soap formula also saves your skin from clogged pores and is a good soap to prevent acne breakouts too.

Youd expect an antibacterial soap like this to have a neutral or no scent. But, unfortunately, thats not what the real picture looks like. On the contrary, the smell is quite unpleasant.

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What To Look For When Buying Soap For Your Tattoo

When searching for a good quality antibacterial tattoo soap for your new ink, you need to be looking for something as organic as possible. Many artificial ingredients are actually the main reason why lots of soaps sold in shops are too harsh for your tattoo.

Youll want to look for a tattoo soap that contains no artificial fragrances as lots of these additives are known to cause irritation for many new tattoo owners. Remember though that everybody is different and reactions will vary from person to person .

Artificial coloring can be another reason for skin irritation caused by soap. However, it depends on the specific ingredient added, and also on the person.

Finally, avoid any soaps that contain alcohol. Alcohol will be very harsh on your new tattoo and will most definitely cause it to dry out too much, potentially leading to itchiness, dry/cracked skin, rashing and delayed healing.

Dial Gold Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

Now heres a solid version of the Dial liquid soap reviewed above. Solid, both in terms of form and quality! The Dial Antibacterial Soap Bar produces a creamy, rich lather to make your skin feel moisturized and clean.

Tattoo or not, this deodorant soap offers protection all day long. It rinses the surface without drying it out. Meaning you can expect germs of your open tattoo wound to get washed away. And, at the same time, not worry about your skin feeling dry or itchy because of it.

But what importance does the word deodorant have in this case? The deodorant technology this bar of soap is equipped with kills bacteria responsible for bad odor. And this particular action goes on for a long time after the wash.

Its gentle and mild enough to use as a tattoo soap. The chances are youll continue using the soap even after your tattoo wound heals. Especially in the summer because thats when the sweat and stink factors are on the higher side.

If you know the good part, you should also be aware of the dark side. It comes in the form of triclosan , which is considered to be a harmful element. The ingredient is present in many antibacterial soaps, toothpaste, and other such consumer products.

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Why Use Tattoo Soap

Damaged skin protection from pathogens begins as early as during the tattoo session. The tattoo artist regularly wipes the treated area with an antiseptic agent. Special wipes were previously used for this purpose. They absorb liquids and at the same time remove airborne microorganisms.

Cosmetic brands produce a special green tattoo soap. Its effect on the skin is more delicate and the bacteriological effect is higher. The tattooist wets the non-woven material with the spray soap and treats the surface. The liquid removes ink and lymph from the skin, disinfects, and moisturizes.

One of the most important things for the tattoo artist is the sterility of the tattooed area during the session. The sooner the inflammation disappears from the tattoo, the happier will be the client and the higher will be the tattoo artist’s reputation. After all speed of healing is one of the main indicators on which potential clients choose the tattoo artist.

Best Tattoo Soap For Dry Skin Unscented Dove Soap For Sensitive Skin


Ingredients:Sodium lauryl isethionate, stearic acid, sodium tallowate or sodium palmitate,lauric acid, sodium isethionate, water, sodium stearate, cocamidopropylbetaine, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, sodium chloride, tetrasodiumedta, tetrasodium etidronate, maltol, titanium dioxide .

One of the best things about Doves beautysoaps is that theyre widely available. Its a popular brand thats clinicallyproven to moisturise skin. So, if youve dry skin, you dont need to worrybecause Dove wont dry you out. However, be careful when picking up Dove at thesupermarket. Dove has many different soap varieties and they all look alike, tobe honest. Make sure you pick the Unscented bar and avoid theExfoliating variety like the plague!

What I like:

What I dont like:

  • So many varieties available make sure you choose the right unscented, non-exfoliating soap

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What Is The Best Soap For Washing A New Tattoo

September 2, 2015 by Roc

Its important to realize that a new tattoo needs to be washed regularly as you begin the tattoo healing process.

When you get home with a new tattoo and you still have the wrap on your tattoo you will need to remove the wrap before you sleep. If you got the tattoo later in the day you may choose to leave it on overnight.

Once the wrap is removed you will want to use a non-scented, anti-bacterial soap to clean the tattoo. On the first day I tend to clean my tattoos multiple times to remove the dried blood from the wrap and to keep the area sanitary.

How often do I wash my tattoo with soap?

Over the next week, I generally wash my tattoos every morning upon waking up, and every night before going to sleep.

If you tend to sweat a lot, or work out consistently you will want to wash it after the activity to keep the tattoo clean.

It is important to keep the washing sessions brief and efficient. You do not want to expose your new tattoo to water for long periods of time.

When can I stop using soap on my new tattoo?

I tend to utilize my non-scented, anti-bacterial soap throughout the tattoo healing process whenever I am in the shower. Once your tattoo starts to peel and hit the final stages of the healing process I use less and less but I am sure to cover the area gently in a layer of soap to continuously keep the area clean.

When my tattoo no longer has pain to the touch and it looks as though it has set I still will use soap sparingly as I see fit.

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