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Can I Give Blood If I Have A Tattoo

Why You Should Not Give Blood

Can I Donate Blood If I have a Tattoo? | Tamil | Ep- 74 | Ft. Meens Machuà®à®¾à®à¯?à®à¯ à®à®°à®¤à¯?ததானமà¯? பணà¯?ணலாமா

You should not give blood if you have AIDS or have ever had a positive HIV test, or if you have done something that puts you at risk for becoming infected with HIV. You are at risk for getting infected if you: have used needles to take any drugs, steroids, or anything not prescribed by your doctor in the last 3 months.

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Can You Donate Blood If You Have Tattoo

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Many people are growing more accepting of the tattooing process, although there are some people with controversial and reserved thoughts about the inking process. One of those reserved thoughts and prohibitions includes donating blood after getting your body tattooed.

There are a few things that may disqualify you from becoming a donor for blood, such as age, potential life situations, and events and diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, HIV or AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, as well as some severe lungs diseases. In some facilities, you could also be ineligible for giving blood if you recently had a tattoo or a piercing.

In this article, were going to talk about whether its allowed to donate blood if you have a tattoo, as well as some regulations from facility to facility. Make sure to read the article, if youre a regular blood donor, but you want to embark on the tattooing journey.

Can I Donate Blood After Getting A Tattoo

Donating a pint of whole blood took about 45 minutes less time than it took to get most of her tattoos and she potentially saved three lives. Finn said she would have donated sooner but had once been told she had to wait a year after getting a tattoo.

I went to donate blood once in college but was told I couldnt because of the rules, Finn said.

Those rules have changed. Most people can donate blood immediately after getting inked, as long as the tattoo was applied at a state-regulated entity that uses sterile needles and ink that is not reused. Colorado regulates tattoo parlors only Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania do not. If youve gotten inked at a Colorado tattoo parlor, you can donate blood immediately.

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Is Donating Plasma Painful

Whether the process is painful for you depends on your pain threshold. For some people, donating feels no worse than a pinprick, while others may feel more pain. If the nurse misses the vein or you experience plasma donation side effects, its possible youll experience more pain, but overall, most people report nothing more than mild discomfort.

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How To Prepare For A Blood Donation

Can I Donate Blood If I Have Tattoos On My Skin

Before you go for a blood donation, there a few things you can do:

  • First, you need to ensure you get a good nights sleep. Blood donation can leave you feeling exhausted, which only becomes worse if you did not get enough sleep at night.
  • Secondly, you should ensure you take a heavy breakfast on the morning of the donation. Avoid fatty foods since they can affect the outcome of certain tests performed.
  • Besides that, you need to ensure that you take plenty of fluids on the day of the donation.

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Can I Donate Blood If I Have A Tattoo

Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo?

If an individuals tattoo was applied at a medical facility , tattoo was medically removed and have no open wounds, or the tattoo was applied at a state regulated entity in the state of New Jersey, they are eligible to donate blood.

However, if a potential donor had a tattoo applied in a state other than the state of New Jersey, they are not eligible for three months from the date the tattoo was applied.

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Andrew Squishy Bosco

It was June of 2021 when our world changed drastically. And not for the better. Our 14 month old son,

Jerry Block

My first blood transfusion was in 1989, when I underwent heart surgery. Since that time, I have been in the

Robert Ditro

A few years back I found myself ill with what I assumed was a virus or flu bug. When my

Donors Wanted: New Returning And Inked

Lifeblood predicts the changes will see 17,000 extra donors now able to roll up their sleeves and donate plasma, boosting stocks by 50,000 donations a year.

In the regional NSW city of Tamworth, dozens of locals were waiting out the four-month window.

Weve got around 100 Tamworth locals who have been prevented from donating blood or plasma due to having tattoos one in seven Australians have been tattooed, Ms Dietrich said.

We definitely always need both whole blood and plasma, but plasma is in high demand considering we make 18 different products from plasma.

You can donate plasma more often, you can come in every two weeks if you have time and are healthy and well, so wed love to see more people come in centre: new, return, inked.

Ms Dietrich said the plasma donations helped people with autoimmune diseases, cancer, haemophilia, kidney diseases and burns.

It makes a lot of different products for a lot of sick people, she said.

An hour of your day, come on in and have a sausage roll and a milk afterwards.

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Gotten A Tattoo Recently Extend Your Arm For A Different Purpose Save A Life By Donating Blood

Zoe Finn, 27, has gotten a new tattoo almost annually for the past decade.

The most recent one is always my favorite, she said. She has a few on her back, one on her leg, and her most recent goal is to complete the sleeve on her arm.

When she goes for her tattoo, she picks a design that she likes or makes her feel a certain way, but sometimes, its a design that just fits nicely within an open spot on her arm.

Donor eligibility rules change for military veterans who served in Europe between 1980 and 1996

Military veterans who served in Europe between 1980 and 1996 can now donate blood, according to officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The ban, which was first enacted in the 1980s, was lifted by the FDA last year in response to reductions in blood donations because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the new guidelines, persons who had been ineligible because they resided for six months or more on U.S. military bases in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands between 1980 and 1990, or on bases in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Italy between 1980 and 1996 may now be eligible to donate blood. Read more about FDA changes to blood donations.

Recently, Finn extended her arm for a different purpose. For the first time, she donated blood.

What To Know If You Want To Donate Blood After Getting Tattooed


Donating blood is charitable and people who practice that are greatly valued and respected, especially if they have a blood type that is high in demand and necessary to save life. Still, there are a few things that you need to consider if you want to donate blood after giving blood.

Below, we will list what you need to know before you donate blood after getting a tattoo.

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Even With Tattoos You Can Give Blood And Save Lives

Carolina didnt let her tattoo stop her from making a selfless decision to become a blood donor.

Tattoos are more than skin deep.

Some have undeniable significance.

Some are spontaneous, but no less meaningful.

But one misconception about tattoos that people with tattoos are ineligible to donate blood has prevented some from getting inked or giving back. It’s a common myth that having tattoos makes you ineligible to donate blood. This was true in the past, but it isn’t a barrier today. Fact is, even if you’re inked, you have the power to build a healthier world and save lives.

She Stands Out

Carolina Holler, a 28-year-old from San Paulo, Brazil, is no stranger to tattoos. She was 18 when she donated blood for the first time and 20 when she got her first tattoo. That tattoo would be the first of many.

Carolina’s tattoos aren’t a barrier that keep her from donating blood. She made the decision to give back, to show everyone you can have tattoos and be a regular blood donor.

Having a fascination with the human body at a young age, her passion for healthcare, blood donation awareness and body art would become a defining characteristic of her adulthood.

“I have 10 tattoos. And that hasn’t stopped me from donating blood. You can plan your tattoos around blood donation,” she said.


Tattoo, not taboo


Make Your Mark

So is becoming a donor.

What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos

But in the ancient Middle East, the writers of the Hebrew Bible forbade tattooing. Per Leviticus 19:28, You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves. Historically, scholars have often understood this as a warning against pagan practices of mourning.

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Besides How Long After Piercing Can You Donate Blood

There is a rule though: you have to wait four months from the date of your tattoo or piercing before donating. And if you give blood between four months to a year after having a tattoo or piercing, staff at the donation centre might have a few extra safety checks to do.

Here are the most common factors that may disqualify you from donating your plasma:

  • Illness. People who have a fever, productive cough, or are feeling generally unwell shouldnt donate.
  • Medical conditions.

What Medications Disqualify You From Giving Blood

Can I Donate Blood If I Have A Tattoo? It Depends On These 2 Things

The following medications will prevent you from donating blood:

  • Accutane.
  • Antibiotics *Donors who are taking antibiotics are eligible to donate 24 hours after their last dose.
  • Anti-Platelet Medications.
  • Blood thinners
  • Bovine insulin.
  • HIV infection, AIDS or Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • High risk occupation
  • Unexplained weight loss of more than 5 kg over 6 months.
  • Chronic alcoholism.

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Do Book In To Donate Plasma Post

So long as your tattoo was done on licensed or regulated premises in Australia and is healing well, you can book in to donate plasma. If it wasnt done on licensed or regulated premises in Australia, dont worry youll be able to donate plasma again in four months. And by that time, youll be ready to donate blood and platelets, too!

Donating Blood Is Easy

Donating blood is about a 45-minute process, but the actual donation of one pint takes about eight to 10 minutes. People can donate every 56 days, but the body replenishes the fluid lost during donation within 24 hours. It is important to eat a good meal and hydrate the day before and the day of a donation.

Donations can be scheduled at either of Garth Englunds blood donor centers in northern Colorado the center at 1025 Pennock Place in Fort Collins or the center at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies, 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., in Loveland. Interested donors should call or fill out this form to schedule an appointment at either of these locations.

Other organizations outside northern Colorado also operate blood donation centers and host blood drives. Contact your local blood donation center today to donate.

To donate, a person must be at least 18 years old and show photo identification. New donors must weigh at least 120 pounds and be in good health. Prior donors must weigh at least 110 pounds. Donors can donate 14 days after having a COVID-19 vaccination.

Show off that ink and give the gift of life. Sign up to donate blood today.

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The Misconception Can A Person With Tattoo Donate Blood

You must have heard people say that if you ever get a tattoo then you are not allowed to ever donate blood. Right off the bat, this is a huge misconception. Depending on where you got your tattoo from, you can resume donating blood within the next six months, at most twelve months if were stretching it. I will break the reason down into points:

  • Health regulations around opening a tattoo parlor in India may seem like a negligible task, but any aspiring tattoo artist is bound to do a regulation check of his parlor before opening it to the public.
  • If you have recently gotten a tattoo from a parlor which is not approved by state regulation or hasnt received its regulation permit then in those cases the answer to the question can a person with tattoo donate blood, temporarily becomes no. At least for the next six to twelve months.
  • This is done because there is a potential risk that the unregulated tattoo parlor may be using unsterile needles, or maybe the same ink is reused for multiple customers.
  • These practices increase the risk of HIV, Hepatitis, etc.

So What Are The Facts About Tattoos And Giving Blood


How long do I have to wait to give blood after getting a tattoo?

In most states, you may be eligible to give blood immediately after getting ink as long as the tattoo was applied by a state-regulated entity using sterile needles and ink that is not reused.

Are there any states where I cant give blood after getting ink?

Currently, the only states that DO NOT regulate tattoo facilities are Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming, as well as the District of Columbia. This doesnt mean you cant give blood, just that you might have a deferral period. Potential donors should discuss their particular situation with the health historian at the time of donation through the Red Cross.

What if I got my tattoo in one of the states that doesnt regulate tattoo facilities?

While your tattoo may be permanent, the deferral isnt. If your tattoo was applied in one of the 11 states that do not regulate tattoo facilities, you must wait 3 months before donating blood. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis. Learn more about hepatitis and blood donation.

To learn more about eligibility criteria for donating blood, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS .

So, roll up a sleeve, show us your ink and give the gift of life.

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Can You Donate Blood After Getting A Tattoo

Make an Appointment

Donating blood is noble practice. Your donated blood can improve someones health condition or even save their life. Blood donation is a great way of extending help to a fellow human being. However, there are certain myths that make people believe they are not eligible for donating blood. The most popular one is you cannot donate blood if you have a tattoo. That myth is just a myth.

People from all walks of life get a tattoo and the fad of getting one is not going to end anytime soon. So does that mean these people cannot donate blood ever again? No, that is not true. Getting a tattoo does not automatically put a permanent ban on blood donation.

An individual who donates blood willingly and freely, after he/she has been declared fit post a medical examination for donating blood, without accepting in return any consideration in cash or kind from any source, is considered a donor. This however, does not include a professional or a paid donor.

When you look at the eligibility criteria for a blood donor, there is no source which says that if you have a tattoo you cannot donate. The general qualifications of a blood donor are:

If obtaining your tattoo infected you with hepatitis, you wont be a candidate for blood donation. If you are cleared not to have hepatitis or on an off chance HIV, then you can go ahead and donate blood and become the superhero in someones life.

Procedure After Donating Blood

Your responsibilities as a donor dont automatically end after your blood has been taken.

When the job is done, you are then going to have to make sure that you do all you can in order to avoid getting diseases and viruses, since your immune system will be down after youve donated blood and when youve had a tattoo.

Do everything you can to look after yourself after youve had a tattoo in order to avoid any nasty side effects.

Do things to keep your blood pressure in check and to avoid getting fatigued. The best thing to do is to have lots of water. Hydration can help you to avoid any unwanted side effects from giving blood.

You should aim to have a minimum of 32 ounces of water after you have given blood, and dont drink anything containing alcohol around one to two days after you have given blood.

You need to be taking the opportunity to rest and relax after you have given blood, so dont overexert yourself physically either since it can add to feelings of weakness.

Look after your skin in the area of the tattoo as well there are products designed specifically for this purpose.

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