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Does Lidocaine Cream Work For Tattoos

Lidocaine Cream For Tattoos Review: Should I Use It

tattoo numbing cream

Tattoos can sometimes hurt quite a bit depending on how sensitive your skin is and how large the tattoo you are getting is. There are a variety of things that you can do for this, but lidocaine is one of the best options.

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Q Can I Use Numbing Cream After Getting Tattoo

No, it is not recommended to use any type of cream except some aftercare creams. It will disturb the recovery system of a tattoo and sometimes you can also experience some adverse effects like itching, Swelling and more. Youre advised to use it at least 30 minutes before the tattoo session in order to get pain relief.

Should I Use Numbing Cream

An over-the-counter numbing cream found at a pharmacy or a prescription numbing cream can be applied to skin before getting a tattoo to mellow out the pain that comes from getting a tattoo.

Some places on our body hurt more than others when we get inked and some people have low pain tolerances, making the idea of a tattoo not so greatly considerable. But if used improperly the numbing cream can be dangerous and so it is advised to ask a doctor before use and make sure that the instructions are properly followed.

No numbing cream or over-the-counter painkiller can successfully eliminate the complete pain of getting a tattoo. Ultimately, it is about knowing your body, and the tattoo youre going to get. If its a small tattoo in a general area and you have an okay pain tolerance, you might be fine without a numbing cream.

However, if youre thinking about a large tattoo that is going to be placed in a sensitive spot like a rib or elbow, then there are numbing creams that can help you get through your tattoo appointment.

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How Do Numbing Creams Work

Many of these numbing creams should be applied before you get your tattoo. With certain active ingredients, these numbing agents reduce the pain.

Nerve Deadeners

Some of the most popular numbing creams include numbing agents called nerve deadeners. If you look at the ingredients, you will often find lidocaine on the package. These active ingredients are designed to stop nerves from receiving any pain signals. With that, there could be a temporary loss of sensation.

However, these creams will only numb the surface of the skin. When the tattoo needle punctures the skin, it passes through five epidermal layers into the upper dermis. If you use a cream that is not designated to penetrate those outer skin layers, you will feel some pain when the needle reaches those deeper layers.

Lidocaine does not work long on your skin. Within an hour or two, the cream will wear off. If you have a long tattooing session, you may have to reapply the cream throughout the inking.

Nerve Blockers

Some creams include ingredients known as nerve blockers. Benzocaine and tetracaine are some of the most common ingredients. While your nerves will register some of these sensations, those nerve signals are prevented from reaching your brain. These creams do not necessarily numb the pain, but they can dull the pain sensations. You can often use nerve blockers with nerve deadeners to reduce your feeling of discomfort.


How Well Does Numbing Cream Work

Tattoo Numbing Topical Anesthetic Cream Lidocaine Blue Body Piercing ...

Ans: Numbing cream is very much effective in stopping physical sensation of nerves in medical treatment procedures. All creams possess an ingredient lidocaine, an anesthetic with analgesic, cardiac, and sedative properties that blocks the nerve to send signals of pain to brain.

The result of this blocking is nothing but pain free feeling. So you can get the effective result from choosing the ideal numbing cream for yourself.

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Do Tattoo Numbing Creams Work

This is the most asked question because people arent sure that they require a numbing or the fact that they should even bother spending on one. Also, numbing creams work most of the time. They dont last for the entire tattooing experience but they numb the pain that you may feel while getting inked. Especially when you are getting inked on a sensitive area, it is better to apply a numbing cream as it will reduce your pain and irritation during the process.

Ink Scribd Premium Tattoo Numbing Cream The Fastest Acting Cream

Another excellent tattoo numbing cream comes from Ink Scribd and is specifically made to relieve pain during a tattoo session. Of course, the cream can be utilized for other purposes, like hair removal, laser tattoo removal, or micro-needling. Nevertheless, it is an exceptional numbing and painkilling product that prevents inflammations and ensures you have the best, pain-free tattoo experience.

  • Ingredients the Ink Scribd numbing cream contains active ingredients like 5% Lidocaine. However, there is also vitamin E for skin repair and swelling reduction. Together, these ingredients do not only kill the pain but also prevent inflammation and promote faster healing.
  • Lasting period upon applying, it will take up to 20 minutes for the cream to take effect. After that period, the numbing effects will last up to 2 hours.
  • Ink Scribd numbing cream has NOT been evaluated by the FDA!

The Ink Scribs numbing cream is excellent, so much so that its even recommended by professional tattooists. It is designed to absorb into the skin fast and to last just enough for a tattoo session to be done. It is specifically designed for tattooing occasions, so it not only ensures a painless experience but also promotes faster tattoo healing.

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Tktx Numbing Cream The Best Ingredients

Unlike other numbing creams, the TKTX cream contains a plethora of incredible ingredients. Each active ingredient works to prevent inflammation, swelling, and pain during a tattooing or piercing process. The cream can also be used for pain relief in case of permanent cosmetics, micro-needling, laser tattoo removal, or hair removal.

  • Ingredients TKTX numbing cream contains active ingredients like 7% Lidocaine, and 2% epinephrine. There are also ingredients like 2% prilocaine and a cream base. All of the ingredients work to prevent inflammation, swelling, and pain during the tattooing process.
  • Lasting period once applied, the TKTX cream will take up to 40 minutes to get completely absorbed and start taking effect. As such, the cream can last anywhere between 3 and 5 hours, keeping the skin numb and ensuring a pain-free process. The lasting period depends on the skin type and placement area on the body.
  • Cost for a 10g TKTX numbing cream tube you will pay $19.99 on reselling sites, and $12.99 when ordering directly from the TKTX store.
  • TKTX numbing cream has NOT been evaluated by the FDA!

Even though this cream works like a charm, we still need to emphasize that it is NOT safe for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, women who are expecting or breastfeeding, and people allergic to any of the aforementioned ingredients. It is also not recommended for people with diabetes, UTI, or thyroid diseases to use numbing creams like TKTX.

Best Vegan: Uber Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream With Vitamin E

UberScientific UberNumb Tattoo Lidocaine Numbing Cream How-to and Review

Made in the USA and 100% vegan, Uber Numb anesthetic cream enriched with anti-inflammatory Vitamin E will help minimize swelling. It will also help prevent the itchy skin flaking that often follows during the healing process.

After wiping away, the non-sticky, water-based cream will not leave a greasy residue on the skin. It is the consistency that makes it suitable for pre-tattoo applications.

While Uber Numb says the numbing action will last for one hour, many users report up to 4-5 hours of effective pain relief under the needle after application.

To ensure you achieve the maximum level of pain relief, apply the tattoo numbing cream in a thick layer, cover well with plastic wrap and allow to soak for 40-45 minutes. Remove the wrap and repeat the same process. After two applications, you should be able to sit for even the most elaborate rib or stomach tattoos without punching the wall.

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Everyday Medical Numbing Cream 4% Lidocaine

Experience a deep penetrating numbing sensation that is guaranteed to help relieve pain and sore muscles with our breakthrough numbing cream formula. This amazing cream works in just minutes to deliver fast, long-lasting numbing relief that is ideal for athletes and those who have a backache.

This formula features a 4% lidocaine topical anesthetic for faster and more effective pain relief. Ideal for those who suffer from arthritis and back pain. The lidocaine topical anesthetic is combined with natural ingredients such as clove oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and jojoba to help soothe and ease muscle pain. This formula also contains no animal products or artificial colorings.

This is a medical-grade cream that is used for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains. The ointment is non-greasy and has a cold sensation when applied to the skin, which assists with pain reduction by numbing the nerves. The cream is usually applied to the skin four times daily up to twenty minutes before surgery or dental procedures.

It works on the nerve endings of the skin by stimulating nerve endings and blocking them from sending signals to the brain, thus reducing pain signals being sent to the brain. Here are some best natural tattoo concealer of 2022

Zensa Tattoo Numbing Cream 5% Lidocaine

Heres the product you need if youve ever experienced a cut or a burn, or even a string. Zensa is a quick-acting, long-lasting numbing cream that provides instant relief. It works within seconds of application and provides non-irritating pain relief that lasts for hours.

This Lidocaine cream is effective over the counter and will not affect your skin texture or color settling and retention. Allergic reactions are rare with this product, so if you have sensitivity to numbing creams, read the label first. Long-lasting pain relief from Lidocaine .

Zensa Tattoo Numbing Cream contains lidocaine 5% for soothing pain. Contains no Benzocaine, a leading cause of allergic reactions. Zensa Tattoo Numbing Cream relieves the itching sensation, swelling, and redness associated with tattoos. Here are some best glow in the dark daint Of 2020.

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Preparing For Your Appointment

I recommend fortifying yourself with a meal in advance of your appointment. I also highly recommend 4% lidocaine topical anesthetic cream to take the edge off of the tattooing process, especially for highly sensitive areas. It is often sold as Aspercreme or Curacaine or is generically labeled and can be found locally at most drug stores, including Walgreens & CVS.

Step 1An hour before your appointment time, gently dry exfoliate the area to be tattooed until the skin is rosy.

Step 2Apply a thick layer of 4% LIDOCAINE topical anesthetic cream to the area you are having tattooed. Cover the skin completely in a thick layer of cream.

Step 3Wrap the entire area in plastic wrap , TAPING IT DOWN SECURELY. This is VERY important.

Step 4

Once the topical application has been absorbed into the skin for roughly 70-90 minutes, the tattooing area will be ready to go! This anesthetic takes the edge off of being tattooed considerably.

Please bring a clean, comfortable and warm change of clothes to your appointment as well as a personal face mask. In addition to coronavirus precautions, the recently installed HVAC system in the building is overactive and can sometimes make the space quite chilly. Please note that wearing a face mask will be required for the entire duration of the appointment.

When To Seek Medical Attention

10 Best Tattoo Numbing Creams [ 2021 ]

While some side effects are mild, numbing creams can cause severe damage if used improperly. Severe toxicity includes seizures, hallucinations, and even death, cautions Gee. “Lidocaine toxicity at high doses can be fatal. If you are experiencing tingling of the mouth area and or any symptoms as listed above you need to seek immediate medical attention. In fact, many cases of tattoo removal and laser hair removal that have caused in severe disability and death do not involve the laser but rather lidocaine toxicity,” shares Gee.

Side effects that may be indicative of numbing cream being absorbed systemically leading to lidocaine toxicity include irregular heartbeat, numbness or prickling around the mouth or tongue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, agitation or muscle twitching, says Zubritsky. Rabach agrees and adds that fast, slow, irregular heartbeat, passing out, dizziness and seizures, changes in mood or awareness, and changes in breathing are all symptoms that warrant evaluation by a doctor.

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Best Strongest Numbing Cream For Tattoos In 2022

Today we introduce you to the best numbing cream for the tattoo of 2022. In this guide, we discuss why we believe numbing creams will be the new trend to look out for in the future.When it comes to choosing a tattoo treatment cream youve got two major choice s: traditional creams and homemade remedies.

When it comes to the science of tattoo treatments, traditional creams dont deliver the best results, but homemade remedies can be just as effective, if not more so. This guide will help you choose the right tattoo treatment cream, and save yourself money at the same time.

Want to know why those painful needle marks on your favorite cartoon characters dont heal? For those who want to give their bodies the escape they deserve, use the best numbing cream for a tattoo.


Ice Packs For Tattoo Removal Numbing

Ice packs are a surprisingly good option for clinics that do a low-to-moderate volume of tattoo removal treatments daily.

Easy and cost-efficient, ice packs simply work for numbing the skin. Within five or ten minutes of compression, your patients skin will be adequately numbed to significantly improve the tattoo removal treatment experience.

The only downsides to providing numbing with ice packs are that there is a lower perceived value relative to other treatment methods and it can be a hassle to keep ice packs cold if there is a larger volume of patients. Also, ice packs cannot numb the skin during the treatment only before and after.

Overall, ice packs are an inexpensive and convenient option for clinics especially those just starting out in the field.


  • Tedious for High Volume Clinics
  • Cannot Numb During Procedure
  • Lower Perceived Value

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Best On Amazon: Dr Numb Cream

Dr. Numb is a multi-purpose topical anesthetic cream. It is suitable for treating everything from burning to itching. However, this versatile product is widely used and recommended by tattoo artists thanks to its deep-numbing properties.

This product makes one of the best numbing creams for tattoos because it starts to take effect in as little as 15 minutes. It can offer up to 4 hours of blissful pain relief while under the needle.

Application is similar to most tattoo numbing creams wash the area, apply the cream, wrap well with plastic, and blot any excess product.

We have a top tip for those extra sensitive areas like the knees, elbows, and feet. When washing the area, swap regular soap for Dr. Numb 4% Lidocaine Foaming Soap and then follow with Dr. Numb Cream. You can thank us later.

How Numbing Cream Works


Numbing cream works by temporarily numbing the area of your skin where you’ll be getting the tattoo. It does this by blocking pain signals from your nerves to your brain. This means that you’ll still feel some pressure and discomfort while the tattoo artist is working, but the pain will be significantly reduced.

Most numbing creams contain lidocaine, which is a common anesthetic used by medical professionals. When applying lidocaine-based numbing cream to your skin, make sure to do a patch test first to ensure that you’re not allergic to the medication. It’s also important to follow the instructions on how long to leave the cream on your skin before getting the tattooif you leave it on for too long, it could cause serious side effects.

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Hush Cbd Healing Balm

Our CBD balm is the perfect choice for immediate relief during the healing process. We all know how tempting it can be to scratch an itchy or peeling tattoo but swipe on our balm rather than disrupt your new art. The healing balm supports the healing process while moisturizing and enhancing your tattoos color.

We combine soothing CBD with many different oils and extracts to get all the benefits of vitamins like E, A, and C with the rich moisture of shea butter and mango seed butter. Our botanicals help promote your skins natural properties to protect, soothe, and reduce swelling in your skin.

Base Labs Topical Anesthetic Cream

With 5% Lidocaine, Base Labs Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream provides a pain relieving numbing sensation that desensitizes your skin and reduces pain, discomfort and irritation associated with a host of nerve pain related symptoms and cosmetic procedures such as Tattoos, Laser Hair Removal, Brazilian Waxing, Microblading, Microneedling, Lip Injections, Tattoo Removal, Electrolysis and more.

Prepare your skin and body ahead of time with our cosmetic numbing cream. Our deeply penetrating formula works within 5 to 10 minutes when applied and peaks in around 30-60 minutes, to ensure a pain free session that lasts up to a couple of hours. Safe for sensitive skin and areas on the body, our medical numbing cream has a proven formula with 5% Lidocaine plus natural soothing ingredients, such as Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Chamomile for an effective anesthetic and skin calming experience. Together these anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients work synergistically to calm the skin to reduce itching, burning and stinging while helping your skin heal faster.

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